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Congratulations: The court case filed by SNEA at Hon PCAT, New Delhi for the pay fixation under FR22(1)(a)(1) without the restriction of FR 35  for the officiating JTOs come up for hearing today and we got favourable judgment. The benefit extended to SNEA members as in the case of others. We met PGM(Estt) and held further discussions on its immediate implementation. Once judgment copy is received, it will be immediately endorsed to the Circles, PGM(Estt) assured. Our Jt Sec Com Arvind Dahiya was present in the court to pursue the case.


To give a fresh impetus to SWAS and to enlarge the brand presence of BSNL and its product in a unique way, Forum/CTD with unqualified support from Sales/Marketing Wing of Calcutta Telephones held a Rally from Telephone Bhavan via New CIT Road, Central Avenue, Ganesh Avenue to R N Mukherjee Road crossing. Shri S P Tripathy, CGM/CTD was the chief participant to grace the rally. Hundreds of executives and non executives formed long queue and wound past the busiest thoroughfare of Central Kolkata, drawing attentions of onlookers and bystanders to BSNL’s product and stood amazed at the unique endeavour. At the end of the rally, CGM thanked all and appealed to continue with the same pursuit across Calcutta Telephones. Circle Secretary, Asst Circle Secretary, Zonal Secretary/Central City zone, Organising Secretary/Central City zone and others participated in the rally.

Rally 1



Rally 7

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Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) and Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy, Com Bidhan mullick Z/Secy/SRMP, Com Ketan Hazra Z/Secys/HWH, Com Ashis Das , Com  N Samanta and other zonal office bearers met GM/NWO-I on following matters–

Scarcity of executives and overloading of some in view of additional charges- the defiance by some to accept responsibilty and administration remaining silent in addressing the issue. GM assured to see to the issue for uniform distribution of work. Association strongly protested against GM’s over pressurisation on field level executives for rendering day to day work. Association is not against to make executives work but then GM also should be involved and address to the genuine constraints being faced by the executives. It must be a holistic effort from all levels. Association also pointed to some actions are being kept pending giving rise to impression of bias towards some executives. GM categorically ruled out such possibility and assured to to take stock of the situation in consultation with the DGMs including implementation of long pending orders.

Association submitted the chart of retirements so as to take measures in advance.

Integration of some RLUs catering less than 100 customers– GM accepted the proposal and assured to review it.

The constraints of limited assets in various divisions/subdivisions for payment to contractual labours–GM agreed to take up the issue with GM/Finance and CGM too. Association too would take up the same with the appropriate authority. 



Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President and Com Sankar Sanyal met GM/HR & Admin for sending of APAR, VC etc in respect of DEs under purview of promotion to Adhoc DGM within 30/01/2017 as sought by Corporate Office, failing which the the executives under purview would not be considered for DPC. GM immediately made a note of urgency to DGM/Admin to process the case.  

Association reminded GM to accomodate the JEs undergoing  Pre Basic & Basic training  for promotion to the cadre of JTO   at RTTC/Rajpura either at NSCBTTC/Kalyani or at CTTC/Saltlake for Phase-I training . GM agreed in principle and instructed AGM/R&E to communicate with concerned wings and work out  immediately to come to a decision for further process at this end.

CS reminded on forwarding the prayers for intercircle transfer on completion of two years in respect of  of Ghasti  and Srinivasan , both working as DE in CMTS. Association also reminded the issue of release of T Murugesan DE/TI/S-II since he is left with less than two years of service. GM informed that he would considering all the cases at the earliest.            




Circle Secretary  writes to GM/HR & Admin/CTD requesting him to take up the case with BRBRAITT/Jabalpur for reallotment of training centre for undergoing Phase-I training, preferably at NSBTTC/Kalyani and/or CTTC/SaltLake in respect of those who are undergoing Pre Basic training for promotiom from JE to the cadre of JTO w.e.f 26/12/2016 at Rajpura/RTTC. 

pl click here for the letter http://sneactc.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Reallotment-of-Trg-Centre-for-undergoing-Phase-I-trg-from-JE-to-JTO3.jpg


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) and Com Soumen Ghosh CS met GM Finance to highlight on scarcity of executives in some units  and on inordinate delay in processing medical, TA/DA and other bills in some of the establishment. GM, in first hand, congratulated the association for being accorded the Recognised Executives Association status and assured to deal the matters with logicality. GM also lookforward to a more matured and responsible role from SNEA in rendering better service to customers and earning revenue.

After hearing to demands in details, GM assured to look into and resolve the cases based on rationality. 


SNEA CTC wishes Happy New Year to one and all.



Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Secretary(E) and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met Smt Sujatha T Ray, Dir HR at Convergence Hall/Ballygunge Place/Kolkata. Before association could initiate discussion, Dir/HR congratulated us on being the Recognised Executives’s Association following 1st Membership Verification for Executives in BSNL held on 7th of Dec 2016. Association conveyed  sincere gratitude for her commendable role in completing the exercise to a conclusive end. Dir/HR expects that as a recognized association, it will display more maturity and poise to include all in pursuit to achieve common goals. Association pointed to hold the same view and is reflected in the memorandum. She appreciated the gesture and firmly believe that losing or winning should not be cause for turmoil or unwanted tantrums. Association assured to continue with its constructive role true to its tradition and expressed a sense of content to emerge victorious against combined force. But then, there is no grievances in respect of MV as  it abide by the REA/2014.

Regarding the issues, association reminded the rationality behind the demands inspite of the fact the agenda are being taken care at CHQ level. Smt Ray said, she is aware of the issues and held Com Sebastin GS and Com A A Khan as able leaders and she has confidence in their ability to guide and resolve the issues.



The strike against formation of Tower Subsidiary by BSNL was thorough and successful. The call given by Forum of Executives and Non Executives witnessed overwhelming participation in strike sending a clear message that Forum, under any circumstances, will not allow formation of tower subsidiary to disintegrate BSNL. The move would be the first step towards dis-investment of the new entity leaving BSNL high and dry. Association conveyed its thankfulness to all participants for their spontaneous response and the sense of responsibility they exhibited to save BSNL.