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Meeting with GM/CFA/ East held on 14/02/2018 at Salt Lake—-It was an introductory meet after assuming his charge as GM/CFA/East.  A general discussion was held on service matter, business viability and constraints in human resource to run the show. GM expressed serious concern over declining business and staff constraint in operational area. Association expressed on lack of established system to consolidate business and make the brand occur. The pressure exerted by authority, indeed increase services to customers but fails to preserve long term objective. The policies framed are acting to the detriment of BSNL and mere hard work cannot be a lone substitute to turn around the company. Work in haste, sometimes makes officials vulnerable to scrutiny for not adhering to laid down rules. Every organisation has to have a system secured, functional and feasible to deliver effectively. 

GM expressed, the time is critical and to balance by rationalizing the system and also deliver our product in time is turning out to be challenging.  He expressed on his constraint and compulsion for pulling human resource in area of acute shortage from among the existing pool and sought cooperation in this regard. 

 Association also discussed on absentee records being asked for the strike days on 12th & 13th of Dec 2017 and on severe inconvinience faced by some executives for being posted far away from residence. He informed to consider the requests soon there is a little improvement in situation.  

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E), Com Prasanta Ray Org Secretary, Com Sajal Chatterjee Zonal Secretary, Com D Poddar CE Member, Com Shyamal Chowdhury and Com M Dasgupta represented SNEA/CTC



SNEA/CTC welcomed a large and enthusiastic group of young JTOs at CTO/building who are poised to infuse huge energy in the activity of the association. This group had innumerable queries and suggestions in their mind for clarity and welfare of the organisation. There were suggestions to include some new entrants for inputs on E2/E3 payscales for JTO/JAO &SDE/AOs and other equivalent cadres, seeming observation of decline in intense of struggle with respect to E2/E3 payscales, keeping confidence in SNEA for ultimate deliverance and revealing the vested groups who are deliberately misinterpreting, inculcating confusion and derailing the process. CPSE Hierarchy is on the anvil and by virtue of consistent struggle the target of 30% superannuation benefits is closing its gap, gradually. Com Shivdhar, Com Debasis Mullick Com Hare Krishna Fouzdar, Com Anjan Bhattacharya, Com Biswajit Biswas, Com Sujoy Mahinder, Com Sanjay Yadav, Com Abhijit Biswas and others with all honesty had put forth their queries, sought clarifications, extended suggestions on issues recorded.  

Com Dilip Saha, CS explained in details the causes for delay in achieving our demands and how CHQ is relentlessly working to see it happen. The case of E2/E3 payscales has been deliberately sent to DoPT /DoE instead of DPE to see it gets delayed further. Inspite of negative intent of DOT, association is playing a commendable role by keeping keen watch on its progress. It ought to be kept in mind that large disparity in pay among JTO/JAO is also to be settled without further delay. Now, coming to promotion, CPSE Hierarchy is awaited for Board’s scrutiny before final approval. It has to be ensured that DOT and independent representatives in Board are thoroughly detailed by BSNL before its consideration. Many executives are awaiting promotion for last more than 18 years and any further delay in its implementation will be highly demoralizing. The target for 30% superannuation benefit is well on the course. It took a lot of time to consolidate the issue among all stake holders. Irrespective of profit/loss of the organisation, association did force its way in increasing the contribution. This apart, it would not be wise act to keep silent on 3rd PRC. Its a well known fact that BSNL, being a 100% CPSE is defined to meet social obligation at subsidized rates. It is mandatory for BSNL to serve NOFN, LWE and other non viable projects in meeting government’s objectives. The core business of BSNL is getting overlooked. The entire obligation is bound to make the organisation profitless. So, citing profitability cause to deny the benefits of 3rd PRC to BSNL employees is nothing but a mockery of interpretation and a travesty of justice. Its time to ride over petty differences and face the hostility with sheer grit and determination. It is this young force that will keep the flame of BSNL burning. In matter of local issues, there were suggestions to make quarter allotment online and enroll executives in JETCCS having permanent residence in other states. Association informed to take up the issue with the concerned platform.

Association conveys its unqualified appreciation to the young and spirited members who made this congregation to happen and come out with pertinent views on various unresolved issues.  It also feels proud to learn that many who could not turn up was badly engaged with office related work. This speaks of the sense of responsibility among the young members and how it enlightens an association. 

Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E), Com Prasanta Ghosh Organising Secretary, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Tapan Chakraborty, President addressed the house.  


Forum of All Unions and Associations/Calcutta Telephones observed Satyagraha on 5th of Feb 2018 at Telephone Bhavan. AUAF/CHQ held five days of Satyagraha from 01/02/2018 to 05/02/2018 at Corporate Office. Forum of Calcutta Telephones decided to observe the  first and the last day of Satyagraha at Telephone Bhavan to draw the notice of Circle Head on sheer injustice being meted out to employees of BSNL by denying the benefits of 3rd PRC, pension revision and by forming tower subsidiary company. Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) and Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the gathering, criticizing the decisions of DOT/management for depriving the entitled dues and forcefully taking away a large chunk of business by way of  formation of tower subsidiary company. 


Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met GM/HR & Admin to remind him on promotion of left out stenographer to the cadre of PA in accordance to Corporate Office order. Association expressed displeasure on such inordinate delay and made cogent demand to settle the matter without further delay. GM acknowledged the delay occurred and requested for further time as he is busy with some critical court related cases. 

In regard to introduction of bio metric system for attendance, association had a preliminary round of discussion on some constraints/clarification, particularly in respect of those who work in fields. GM informed that the registration exercise is  not yet completed. Around 560 officials have registered till day and left out is expected to get completed soon. The system of attendance has been started in Telephone Bhavan and shall be implemented in other main buildings soon. The matter of relaxation or unscheduled duty shall be discussed after its trial run.  


All Unions and Associations Forum of Calcutta Telephones observed the first day of Satyagraha at o/o CGM/Telephone Bhavan. A large gathering sat through the day. Representatives of constituents unions and associations while addressing the assembly exposed the government/management’s evil strategy to collapse BSNL. They remonstrated against formation of tower subsidiary company, non implementation of 3rd PRC, etc. Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS deliberated on behalf of  SNEA/CTC.  Next observance of Satyagraha shall be held on 3rd Feb 2018 at Telephone Bhavan.


To, All Zonal Secretaries, Office Bearers and Activists—make extensive preparation for the Satyagraha and Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018, in coordination with the leaders of all Unions/Associations. Conduct door to door campaign and joint meetings in all the Exchanges/offices and make all the employees to participate in this do or die battle to protect the company, settle 3rd revision and other issues.


SATYAGRAHA for 5 days from 30.01.2018

Indefinite Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018

March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018 

Charter of Demands—–

(1) Settle:-

(a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.

(b) Settle pension revision.

(c) Settle leftout issues of the 2nd PRC.

(2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(3) No reduction in the retirement age to 58 and no VRS.



All Unions and Associatons of CTD met on 10/01/2018 to review the present position of CTD  and took the following decisions–

  1. On 24.01.2018 a copy of notice of ensuing agitation programme called by AUAB/CHQ will be served to CGM/CTD.

  2. A letter signed by all CSs of AUAB / CTD will be given to GM (Hr & Admin) regarding  the information of status of attendance of employees during 12-13 December,2017 strike.

  3.  On 30.01.2018 and 03.02. 2018 (beginning and end day of Satyagraha at New Delhi) Satyagraha will be observed at CTD. In the intervening period  demonstration programme will be arranged at work spots in CTD.

  4.  Work to rule will be strictly followed . No extra initiatives will be taken beyond office hours.


A meeting at a short notice was called by South Zone at Russa Telephone Exchange. Com Dhiraj Biswas, Zonal Secretary/South Zone could not attend due to sad demise of his father. Members expressed on severe inconveniences faced in absence of periodical interaction among members. Some local issues could not be attended or resolved due to lack of information and coordination. A section of members expressed deep frustration and annoyance at being humiliated and maligned by Circle Head for not being able to meet targets. They cited that all areas are not equally potent in respect of commercial business and so it has become a herculean task to sustain unbearable pressure. The overall ambience is discouraging for all to fight back. 

Association assured to take up the issue with the management very shortly. and deliberated on latest developments at CHQ. Com Dilip Saha CS , Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Biswajit Basu Vice President attended the meeting.