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Membership verification on 07.12.2016:


My Vote for

a) Financial Viability of BSNL and protecting BSNL from vested interests

b) Immediate replacement of E1A and E2A scales with Standard pay scales of E2 and E3 before 3rd PRC

c) Success of SWAS programme

d) 30% Superannuation Benefits, Term Insurance and social security

e) Opposing Tower Subsidiary formation and protecting BSNL from disinvestment and disintegration

f) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy upto AGM Grade as per the recommendations of Khan Committee

g) Struggle against corruption and to protect our members fighting against corruption

h) Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL and upgradation of remaining pay scales upto E7

i) 1st TB promotion after 4 to 5 years

j) E1A and E2A pay scales from 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect/ Arch/TF/PA/PS wings

k) Officiating pay protection and pay anomalies

l) Unity of all the Executives in BSNL. More than one Association will aide and suits the management, not the Executives

m) Getting upgradation of pay scales of JTO cadre in 1987 (from 1400-2700 to 1640-2900), in 1996 (from 5500-9000 to 6500-10500) and in 2002 (from E1 to E1A) through historic and sustained struggles of SNEA(then JETA/JTOA/TEOA).

n) Rejecting the adhoc payment of Rs 2000 (when all other Assns [AIBSNLEA] were ready for absorption just for Rs 2000 and tried to sabotage the agitation of SNEA) and finalising the terms and condition for absorption in BSNL like E1A, E2A, — E6 pay scales, 5 TB promotions after every 5 years and point to point fixation, before absorption.

o) Group B gazetted status for JTO cadre facilitating absorption as an Executive in BSNL.

p) Protecting BSNL from disinvestment and copper cable unbundling, Struggle for ADC and USO subsidy, procurement etc.

q) 12% EPF Contribution without the ceiling of Rs 6500 (now Rs 15000) for BSNL directly recruited employees

r) Struggle against cancellation of 45.5 M GSM tender, for refund of Rs 6752 Crores as BWA spectrum Refund charges, filing Writ Petition by SNEA in the Delhi High Court challenging 3G roaming and ICR pact, finalization of tenders, CDR, ERP etc

s) Five TB Promotions policy with liberal attendance condition ensuring 100% promotion to the Executives.

t) Concluding ITS absorption issue through Cabinet decision.

u) BSNLMS RR 2009 ensuring direct promotion from SDE/AO to AGM/CAO.

v) Opposing BSNL and MTNL merger

w) resolving the issues of Civil/Elect/Arch wings like counting of residency period from 01.10.2000 for the 1st TB promotion, 1stand 2nd ACPs, relaxation for Accounts examination, ending the discrimination in promotions for Diploma holders by issuing clarification.

x) Amending the BSNLMS RR to increase the regular quota from 50% to 75%.


Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL


An appeal to the undecided Executives —–

In matters, it matters much more than you realize.


Every unpolled vote renders the cadre weak.

Every unpolled vote is for the Administration.

Every vote against the majority Association is for the Administration.

And every vote for a weak Association is a vote against the bargaining strength of the recognised Association.

Every vote against the Association that fights for the Oneness and Unity of the Executives is for the Administration.

Every Vote for the Association that cannot fight for the Executives is for the Administration.

Go along and vote the best.

Vote for Unity.

Vote for highest bargaining strength for the Executives.

Select the best, Elect the best.


Central City zone and Circle Office bearers approached executives under various verticals on its last leg of campaigning before 1st membership verification for executives in BSNL. There was overwhelming response from all quarters and executives have started realising the realistic stand of SNEA on various unsettled issues and how others are playing foul to scuttle it. Association appealed to liberate themselves from the stifling ambience and usher in an era of fairness and equity.


A massive turn out of members and welwishers at Telephone Bhavan, East Gate right on the eve of 1st Membership Verification. The premises filled to its  corners and had presence of stalwarts like Com G L Jogi, Chairman and Com K Sebastin GS. The august gathering had presence of Com Tapas Ghosh CS/SNEA/WBTC, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) and Com Dilip Saha CS/SNEA/CTC. The meeting was presided over by Com Nirmal Sarkar, President/SNEA/CTC. Com Jogi deliberated on the priority, a responsible association should follow and spoke on the need to make BSNL viable. He also reminded of Govt’s detrimental move to destroy the Nation Institutions like BSNL and others. The evil motive was identified further, when we saw govt unwilling to constitute 3rd PRC. It was SNEA, as part of NCOA  struggled to compel the govt constitute the committee. He narrated the eventful history of this organisation and how it stood firmly against any attempt to demote the cadre of JTO.

Com K Sebastin, spoke of the contradictory stand taken by other associations in matter E2/E3 payscales, CPSE Hierarchy and 30% SAB with motive to botch up the issues. He spoke of stalemate on promotions under various verticals due to various court cases and how further delay in implementing CPSE hierarchy will affect the prospect of many executives. The status on E1+5 for 2013 JAO and LICE batch is stated to be pending with board  and referred to examine for final approval. In matter of court case with respect to fixation of pay for offtg JTOs, he confessed the matter got delayed due to unavoidable circumstances at court of law. The lawyer deputed by BSNL   for the case could not turn up on a particular day of hearing resulting in delay. Association spoke to management to so see the matter gets settled at the earliest. In regard to pay disparity with respect to 2007/2008 JTOs belonging to BSNLrecruitees, GS categorically stated todeal the issue on priority to its conclusion at the earliest.

Com Tapas Ghosh spoke on the need of membership verification and dwelt at large on basic issues of pay, carrier prospect, 30% SAB. Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) addressed the house on basic issues dogging the executives and the nasty means adopted by other association to tarnish the image of the association. Com Dilip Saha CS spoke of SNEA’s high tradition and its golden principle of struggle to achieve the justified demands. He condemned the attempt by adversaries to dent the image of BSNL by circulating fake screen shot purportedly showing pre scripted chats of office bearers of CHQ with an evil motive to defame the organisation. He appreciated CHQ, on throwing a bold challenge to the perpetrators to identify themselves and prove it. It also decided to initiate criminal proceedings against the culprits.

Com Nirmal Sarker, President, while calling it close, appealed to all– to be present on 7th of December 2016 and cast their vote in favour of SNEA at Sl-9.  He assured, the support and solidarity from executives will see SNEA as majority association.  


Membership verification on 07.12.2016:


My Vote for the Unity of all the Executives in BSNL. More than one Association will aide and suits the management, not the Executives. Whether my vote is to strengthen the management and its divide and rule tactics or for a strong Executive Association functioning in a democratic manner? Are you for resolving your issues by selecting and electing a strong recognised Association with huge margin?


Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL


Circle Office Bearers and Zonal Office Bearers had approached executives at stations in far off buildings under N E Zone jurisdiction. It was a session of one to inteactive session and clarity was extended on controversial interpretation of various issues. The association emphatically stated its pro verification stand to filter out small outfits and consolidate on one big association. Unlike others, SNEA did not approach court of law to obtain stay. It explained the association’s objective and its belief in principle of struggle to achieve the demands. It is focused  on all the unresolved issues till those get settled.


North East Zone  extensively toured the main buildings under its jurisdiction on 02/12/2016. It reached out to executives under different verticals and updated on vision and mission of SNEA. The burning issues on E2/E3 payscales, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, CPSE hierarchy was discussed at large besides other issues, like pay disparity in respect of JTOs belonging to 2007/2008 BSNL recruitees, status on officiating JTOs court case for FR22 1 a 1 etc etc. Circle Office Bearers and Zonal Office Bearers formed the team. 


All Executives gathered in line,

Saying SNEA is Mine, SNEA is Mine.

Let us get united to Make BSNL Fine.

Work hard to build the lost Shine.

To be on cloud Nine, My Vote for Sl No 9.

Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL

Membership verification on 07.12.2016:


My Vote for constitution of 3rd PRC and implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL.


Every unpolled vote renders the cadre weak. And every vote for a weak Association is a vote against the bargaining strength of the Representative Association and it will strengthen the management.

Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL



Central City Zone continued with its thumping presence in TBZ building. It had a door to door interaction and there was significant presence of executives recruited in BSNL. The wild rumours and wrongly conceived notions in regard to pay disparity for post 2007 recruitees, the hypocrisy of not being in contest yet canvass for others without any locus standi, left no room for doubt and identify the game spoiler. Circle Office Bearers and Zonal Body explained at large on tradition SNEA holds and why it is confident to emerge victorious.


Srirampur Zone is on extensive campaign. Executives had the opportunity to know what is transpiring at both corporate and local level. The hype of MT recruitment to stave of other issues, the stifling ambiance in which executives of a particular vertical works, transparency in adopting resolution and decision were discussed in a candid way. Association updated on  unsettled issues like E2/E3 payscales, CPSE hierarchy etc etc and dwelt at large on uneven load at various corners at local levels. Circle Office bearers and Zonal Body formed the team.