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Archive of : Aug, 2014

On 12/05/2014 Tamilnadu Circle Secretary Com.M.Gopinathan, Circle President S.Sundarakrishnan along with District Secretaries of  Civil and Electrical wings and other office bearers met Shri. Major Mohammed Ashraf Khan, CGM, TN Circle in his Chamber and extended greetings and best wishes on his promotion as Executive Director (New Business).
A memorandum consisting of Civil and Electrical issues has also been submitted by the Circle Secretary Com.M.Gopinathan.
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Meeting with Sri M. F. Farooqui, Secy/DOT

Com G L Jogi/CHQ President and Com K Sebastin/GS met Secy/DOT on 15.05.2014 and had a detailed discussion with him on the issue of awarding installation/ maintenance of OF project in North Eastern Circles to be funded by USOF exclusively to BSNL:

This Association reliably learnt that Telecom Commission is mulling the option of inviting bids for execution/maintenance of Optical Fibre project in North Eastern Circles to be funded by USOF exclusively. Generally, govt. so far has had been awarding such projects funded by USOF exclusively to BSNL on nomination basis for very formidable, rational and obvious reasons.

In this connection, on learning about such serious development, we met Secy/DOT to request him to continue with the existing practice of awarding such projects to BSNL alone for very strong and justifiable reasons like BSNL has already made massive capital investments towards laying of telecom infrastructure in remotest areas from where it got no returns and the fact that BSNL has been the highest contributor towards the USOF. Against the backdrop of these facts, we made an impassioned plea to Secy/DOT to award this project also to BSNL. However, our pleading before Secy/DOT evoked very sharp reaction from him because of following reasons.

A)      Secy/DOT emphatically stated that BSNL has lost its appetite to execute projects funded by USOF and in this context he made pointed reference to NOFN project which continues to be a virtual non starter as on date and LWE (Left wing extremist) project in CHG, MP, OR, WB MH etc. which also has made no headway. Secy/DOT felt that while the govt. is very keen and is making best efforts to revive BSNL and has been unfailingly awarding USOF funded projects to BSNL, the response from BSNL to execute such projects to say the least has been extremely disappointing and quite tardy in terms of meeting timelines and other important project requirements.

B)        Another important fact mentioned by Secy/DOT is that BSNL is under wrong impression that govt. has a compulsion to award such projects to BSNL alone and that there are no takers for execution of such projects. BSNL must dispel this impression and understand that there are   “N” numbers of takers for execution of such projects.

C)      Secy/DOT conveyed in very clear terms that total lack of enthusiasm and interest on part of BSNL to undertake and execute such projects is driving govt. to consider the option of inviting bids for execution of such projects.

However, from our side, we also apprised in detail Secy/DOT about the constraints that BSNL is also facing in execution of such projects and pleaded with him to give BSNL opportunity to execute this pretigious project in Nort East. Secy/DOT mentioned that BSNL Management must approach DOT and in very clear terms convey its willingness to execute this project on terms and conditions like transfer of Network to BSNL after installation etc and hence BSNL will not get any capital from USOF for execution of this project. Secy/DOT assured that DOT would be always willing to give first preference to BSNL provided BSNL is ready to abide by terms and conditions decided for the project and execute the project within stipulated timelines.        

In the meantime Smt Annie Moreas, Member(Finance)/DOT also joined the discussions and she too very clearly indicated that DOT would be always ready and keen to listen to BSNL on such issues.

We also requested Secy/DOT and Member(Finance)/DOT to expeditiously resolve long pending issue of merger of 78.2% IDA with basic in respect of all those having retired from BSNL prior to 10th June 2013.Both Secy/DOT and M(F)/DOT responded very positively and quickly by reiterating that the issue is virtually on the final stages of resolution as far as DOT is concerned and very shortly will be sent to DOE for its concurrence. All the queries raised by DOE in this regard are being responded to by DOT on a very positive note.

Meeting with GM(FP): Com K Sebastin, GS and both AGSs Com Arvind Dahiya and Com Vivek Wankhede met GM(FP) on 15.05.2014 and discussed:

a)  Promotion from JAO to AO: GM(FP) informed that the reply from DoT is still awaited. However preparatory work is going on but the progress is not good. So far the assessment sheet and details received from five or six Circles only.

b)   AO/Sr AO to CAO (Adhoc) promotion: The proposal to divert MT quota of about 165 posts for CAO(Adhoc) promotion is sent to MC for the approval. Once divertion is approved, further acton will be taken.

c)  AO/Sr AO/ to CAO (Adhoc) to CAO (Regular) promotion: Necessary action is already initiated for regular promotion:

d)   CAO to DGM(Adhoc) promotion: The DPC is over and the minutes are submitted for the approval of competent authority. It is expected that about 160 Executives will be covered by this promotion of which VC for about 25 cases are pending.

e)  CAO/DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Regular) promotion: The DPC work is already initiated for about 150 posts.