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Archive of : Aug, 2014
27/06/2014 Meeting with GM HR & Admin/CTD

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar President met GM HR & Admin/CTD to discuss on scarcity of officers at various levels of executives. The officers who are looking after additional charges are getting overstressed and demand to hold immediate DPC to provide look after arrangement to these posts on immediate basis. Administration responded that the process for postings in critical positions on priority is under active contemplation and inputs have been asked for EPP also. The matter of inordinate delay in receiving filled in CVO proforma was once again raised and requested to rationalise the system so as to cut on the delay on every occasion.

25/06/2014 Meeting with GM Finance/CTD

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Shankar Sanyal AGS met GM Finance to discuss on non-availability of fund for TA/DA grant in Planning Establishment. Quite a good number of executives who joined from AP about 7 to 8 months back are yet to receive their payment quite contrary to those working in Areas. Association requested for immediate intervention to which GM Finance responded positively. Discussed on the stalemate in Tx mntce due to non-extension of tender. Requested to explore some means to allow the field officers to take up cable restoration job that require urgent attention.

17/06/2014 A General Body meeting of Central City Zone was held at Telephone Bhavan.

A General Body meeting of Central City Zone was held on 17/06/2014 at Telephone Bhavan. Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary,Circle President Com Nirmal Sarkar and Com Soumen Ghosh Asst Circle Secretary attended the said meeting. After Zonal session, in which Com Shubra Nath Das Zonal Secretary replied to queries raised by the members on service and transfer matters, Circle representatives addressed the House. ACS informed on notification for membership verification and appealed to gear up to increase membership strength. President appealed to all to think practical in respect of transfer and posting. Due to large scale retirements, it is increasingly becoming difficult to accommodate as per individual’s choice. Circle Secretary elaborated the causes on poor service to the customers and acknowledged that Transmission, CMTS and Broadband wing is badly hit. Whatever is in the ambit of the executives must be done within limitation also to improve upon the service. CS reported on CWC meet held on 26/05 & 27/05/2014 at Jaipur highlighting the demands of E2 & E3 IDA payscales for JTO/SDE and equivalent cadres, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, Centralized EPF, First EPP after 4 years, DPC for JTO/SDE and equivalent cadres, removal of pay anomalies, regularisation of JTO offtg in JTO RR, generalisation of FR 22 1(a)1 for all JTO offtg etc. Appealed to all to turn around CTD, keeping in view the future of BSNL and 3rd PRC.

13/06/14 General Body meeting of North East zone was held at Cossipore Telephone Exch Building.

General Body meeting of North East zone was held at Cossipore Telephone Exch Building. Members raised issues on HR and service matters, highlighting about acute shortage of staff in field units resulting in poor service. Zonal Secretary clarified/replied to the queries raised by the members and informed that zone would try its best for deployment of staff in critical areas. ZS appealed to work within limited resources for development to turn around the company. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS clarified on some contentious issue.

Com CS acknowledged on shortage of staff but cited the root cause of such situation is due to non recruitment in feeder cadre viz JTO/JAO. The position improved slightly in view of recruitment in TTA cadre and some SDE/DEs joining from other Circle; mainly from AP and Chennai. On the other hand, in absence of recruitment, large number of executives are retiring every month.

CS reported on recently held CWC meeting held on 26/05 & 27/05/2014 at Jaipur. The meeting duly once again resolved to struggle for E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO & SDE/AOs respectively. It reiterated its stand on 30% superannuation benefit to those recruited in BSNL, making provision for JTO offtg in JTO RR, Centralized EPF, Full pension, to remove disparity in pay of those recruited in 2007 & 2008, antedating for removal of pay anomaly etc. He briefed on financial position of CTD and its services in various wings. CS appealed to the members to gear up to revive CTD keeping in consideration the stakes of thousands of staff/executives . Since 3rd PRC is just about three years, it becomes imperative on all to increase revenue substantially to realise the fruits of recommendations by one and all.

12/06/2014 Meeting with Shri Biswajit Pal GM/CMTS/CTD

Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary, Nirmal Sarkar President, Soumen Ghosh ACS, Prasanta Ray & Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy met Shri Biswajit Pal GM/CMTS/CTD to discuss on plight of CMTS network and suggest ways for its improvements. Some of the representatives of CMTS were also present besides Com Shubra Das/ Zonal Secretary/Central City Zone.

In matter of manning MSC/OMCR , Association reminded that the units are already manned for extended hour and any generation of report is made available round the clock automatically. Moreover, unless, BTS oriented faults could be maintained at odd hours, the very concept of manning OMCR will not fructify, particularly in the face of acute shortage of staff.

Here are some of the highlights of the discussions and technical suggestions made by the association. Although actions have been initiated on a number of items mentioned hereunder yet quite a number of issues require further focus for effective implementation. It may be noted that the technical suggestions cited are from the executives of CMTS based on their expertise and experience.

  1. Rearrangement of Hub, Subhub and Node B planning.
  2. Enhancement of bandwidth ( Presently 2e1 used and 1 e1 standby , expanded to complete utilization 3E1 capacity -> further expanded to 4E1s)
  3. Operational meeting on monthly basis with BTS maintenance team
  4. Complete IP-fication of Nodes at the earliest.

Other Major suggestions to ward off BTS AND N/W FAULT:

  1. Proper RF monitoring with daily basis KPI analysis for both 2G and 3G, Removal of Spotty Coverage Zones. This minimizes the call drop, handover issues & congestion.
  2. De-centralization of RF monitoring into 4 zones
  3. Proper BTS battery backup and extension of alarms of all 2G and 3G BTS.
  4. Maintenance and repairing of Rectifier module
  5. Issues with Electrical vendor- Periodic maintenance of ACs, early replacement or rectification of faulty AC.
  6. Arrangements to replace Faulty cards of Node B and BTS at the earliest.
  7. Free mobile connection with set to TTA/TM for BTS maintenance.
  8. Vehicles, Laptop and other proper amenities for BTS maintenance.
  9. PCM support in early restoration of fiber cut issues and PCM error/ fault.
  10. Equipment and store management for BTS maintenance, to keep cards in advance to deal with failure
  11. Cordial relation and full cooperation between teams at CMTS, PCM and Electrical for early restoration of any fault.
  12. Technical support by Vendor
  13. Fault reporting system and analysis

Major area of problems to be covered by RF

  1. Coverage: Coverage issues may include
    1. Overlapping cells
    2. Overshooting
    3. Blind spot

Procedure of checking: Power control measure, neighbour Cell measures, Cell performance measure.

Probable solutions: Adjust network parameter, adjust antenna and feeder, increases power of TRX, Add a new site

  1. Interference reduction: Interference issue may include
    1. Bad voice quality
    2. High Call drop

Procedure of Checking: Regulation of interference band, RX power measurement, Frequency hopping, Spectrum Scan measure, call drop measurement, Signal quality distribution, Checking equipment

Probable solution: Increase the distance of co channel cells, reduce BTS power level, Avoid external interference frequency, adjust frequency reuse plan, narrow beam-width antenna, use frequency hopping technique.

  1. Congestion prevention: Congestion may cause
    1. Difficulty to place a call
    2. Low call success rate

Procedure of checking: Access parameter, SDCCH frequency setting, LAC setting , Antenna height direction and tilt checking, BTS power check.

Probable solution: Open traffic based handover, Expand TRX, adjust Cell access selection and handover parameter, Increase SDCCH

  1. Handover Definition
  2. Call drop prevention

09/06/2014 Meeting with Shri S K Samanta, GM/HR & Admin

Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary, Sankar Sanyal AGS/CHQ, Nirmal Sarkar President, Soumen Ghosh ACS, Prasanta Ray & Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy met Shri S K Samanta, GM/HR & Admin on 09/06/2014 to discuss on acute shortage of staff in field units and how the executives are stressing themselves out catering to multiple charges. It is observed, the working strength is half that of sanctioned strength in various executives’ cadre. Given the situation, some fillings could be done by posting executives, particularly in the cadre of SDEs and DEs who joined from other circles on promotion and the newly recruited TTAs. Association proposed to judiciously post staff and executives joining on promotion and on transfer and listed some of the posts in the cadre of SDE and DE that require immediate postings. The external units, Transmission Wing/CMTS are suffering badly to maintain the systems. JTOs too are in shortage. The lookafter arrangement is merely promoting with extra charges and the situation would not change unless there is recruitment in feeder cadre. i.e JTO/JAO.

In regard to sending of CVO proforma for VC, it is observed inordinate delay occurs at every instant resulting in delay of DPC at both Circle and Corporate Office level. Association proposed to either centralise the system or ensure the service book holder and controlling officers send the duly filled in CVO proforma in time.

Association raised the issue of reporting/reviewing officers leaving mandatory entry vacant unconcerned. The matter needs to viewed seriously and such cases deserves to be set right so that the executives do not suffer for no fault on their part.

Administration assured to look into the issues and necessary steps shall be taken to address the concern expressed by the association.

09/06/2014 Halfday Executive Committee’s Meeting of CTC.

Halfday Executive Committee’s Meeting of CTC was held on 09/06/2014 at Ranigunge Coal House to report on recently held CWC meeting on 26/05/2014 & 27/05/2014 at Jaipur. Com President addressed on various issues listed in the agenda. Com Dilip Saha C/S reported on subjects extensively, discussed and debated in the house and concluded on the decisions/resolutions adopted in the said meeting. Important issues ranged for demand of E2 & E3 payscales for JTOs/JAOs and SDEs/AOs and equivalent cadres respectively, 30% superannuation benefit to those recruited in BSNL, Centralized EPF system, DPC for JTO/JAO to SDE/AO , SDE/AO to DE/CAO and DE/CAO to DGM promotion, Antedating for pay anomalies, uniformalisation of FR 22 1 (a) 1 to JTOs officiating, to make pensioners contribution on actual basic etc. Much concern was expressed on inordinate delay in JTO to SDE and SDE to DE promotion due to endless court stays.

In regard to HR matter, zones informed of acute shortage in the cadre of JTO, SDE and DE. In absence of recruitment in feeder cadre i.e JTO/JAO, it is becoming increasingly difficult to man various stations/services. However, the meet noted some areas where immediate filling is required.

Some suggestions for curtailing of expenditure in BKP Area in regard to shifting of CSC working on rented premises. It was decided to pursue the matter with appropriate authority to shift the same in departmental building against one time expenditure paving way for further savings in rent in future.

It was decided to fix a further date for discussion on developmental issues.

CWC meet on 26/05/2014 & 27/05/2014 at Jaipur

Dilip Saha CS/CTC, Aparesh Ghosal and Nirmal Sarkar CWC members attended the CWC meet on 26/05/2014 and 27/05/2014 at Jaipur to deliberate on resolutions adopted in Circle and on issues pertaining to CHQ. Circle Secretary/CTC prior to departing for Jaipur attended the constitutional amendment committee meeting held on 24/05/2014 at New Delhi as one of its member.

Shri A N Rai Dir HRD/BSNL addressed the gathering apprising members of the state of affairs of BSNL by elaborating on shortage/deficiencies in various services in cluding HR issues and held forth the challenges the BSNL”s workforce need to meet to turn around the company before the 3rd PRC. He expressed optimism and assured all sorts meaningful and efficacious action shall be taken..

Important decisions of CWC Jaipur held on 26th & 27th May, 2014.

1. The CWC resolved to focus fully on the revival of BSNL in the next two years keeping in mind the next pay revision for the BSNL Executives due from 01.01.2017. The Management and all the employees should work in tandem to achieve this goal. Efforts should be made to ensure that “pension revision” also becomes one of the terms of reference of the next PRC.

2. The shortage of materials like OF cable, 5 pair cable, EPBTs, Modems and UG cable in Circles and MPLS ports are severely affecting the development and maintenance of the network. BSNLCO should ensure the availability of all essential materials in the field units for operation and maintenance activities.

3. The standard pay scales of E2, E3, —–, E7 should be implemented from 01.01.2007 without further delay. In case pension contribution issue is not getting resolved in a reasonable time, the possibility of extending relief to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 especially the 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs may be explored.

4. The CWC demanded full 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL Recruited employees as it is a social security measure. The Management should consider the matter sympathetically. CWC decided that Association shall have further discussions with the Management to settle the issue at the earliest.

5. The CWC decided to explore the possibility of extending “Full Pension” option to the Executives and employees recruited directly by BSNL as a onetime measure as EPF pension with “Full Pension” option is equivalent to Govt pension. BSNL Corporate office should take up the matter with EPF authorities at appropriate level. Further the CWC demands centralized EPF payment.

6. The CWC decided to extend total solidarity and support to the agitating comrades of SNEA(I), Kerala Circle and stand with them wholeheartedly and unitedly for seeking settlement of their issues with the CGMT who works with a pre-determined mindset to destabilize the exemplary work culture existing in the Circle which has taken it to the heights of productivity and profitability.

7. Membership verification among Executives’ Association needs to be expedited. Meanwhile the issues raised by the Association are to be addressed by the Management to have meaningful membership verification. The subscription deduction through check off system to be demanded in case the membership verification is getting delayed further.

8. CWC outrightly rejected the draft proposal on CPSU cadre hierarchy as it is again linked with the availability of posts and seniority. Further CWC felt that by proposing very stringent attendant conditions, the Management is trying to take away even the minimum promotional avenues, today the Executives are having in BSNL. Time Bound Functional Promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy is to be pursued in the Joint Committee under the banner of United Forum.

9. For conducting the next All India Conference, 6 Circles namely Andhra Pradesh, Delhi (BSNLCO&NTR), Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and UP(West) Circles came forward. The CWC directed the concerned Circles to submit the required data by 15th July, 2014 and final decision on the AIC venue will be taken by a Committee comprising of Com GS, Com CHQ Treasurer, Com Arvind Dahiya/AGS(HQ) and Com H Muthu/AGS.

10. CHQ Quota/Building Fund/Legal Fund payment: All defaulting Circles should clear the pending Building fund and Legal fund at the earliest. The CWC discussed the pending CHQ Quota/Building Fund/Legal Fund payment by Gujarat Circle. Circle Secretary, Gujarat Circle assured the CWC that GUJ Circle will pay maximum Building Fund, Legal Fund and all the pending CHQ quota by the first week of July, 2014.

11. Circle Conferences of Punjab, Jharkhand and NE II Circles are to be held within 3 months.

12. The constitution amendment committee submitted its report and the CWC after detailed deliberations approved the proposals. It will be placed before the next AIC for approval.

13. The CWC resolved that the pay anomalies like a) fixation of pay on officiating promotion and pay protection, b) Antedating of increment or implementation of uniform increment date and c) Senior drawing less pay than the Juniors etc are to be settled by BSNL.

14. First TBP after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 to be pursued separately.

15. Many Circles reported very poor quality of Type II modem supplied by M/s Terracom. The range is hardly 2 to 4 meters in many modems supplied. It shall be taken up with BSNLCO.

16. As per the existing rules, immunity is not applicable for promotions. Accordingly for future promotions, immunity will not be extended. Genuine medical cases like cancer, mentally retarded cases, physically handicapped cases etc for the self and family members only should be taken up for retention in the Circle. Association should ensure that long standing Executives in the Circles should not be posted to the non recruiting Circles and nearby Circles to avoid long standing transfers to tenure circles.

17. CWC demands complete uniformity in the BSNLMS RR for promotion to EE cadre in Civil/Electrical/Arch wings like Telecom /Finance wing.

18. CWC decided to further take up the generalization of “notional date of promotion” for the Executives promoted in 2004 in LDCE quota once Hon Supreme Court gives a judgment in this regard.

19. The CWC demands generalization of FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation benefit to all the Officiating JTOs and Officiating JTOs regularised upto 2007.

20. FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation benefits and DNI option for the promotions from JTO to SDE made in May, 2000 shall be taken up with BSNL, DoT and DPE.

21. CWC decided to demand “Notional date of promotion” for the JTOs who could not join in March, 2011 promotion order due to stay on promotion orders.

22. CWC decided to repair and occupy the building at Dehradun, Uttarakhand. CHQ decided to provide loan to UKD Circle for the same.

20/05/2014 Meeting with Shri A.K Sinha, GM/Marketing/Sales

Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary, Sankar Sanyal AGS/CHQ, Nirmal Sarkar President, Soumen Ghosh ACS, Prasanta Ray & Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy met Shri A.K Sinha, GM/Marketing/Sales on 20/05/2014 to discuss on latest status and strategies to be adopted for increasing retailers/DSA etc. Out of 20 zones in CTD, the ones that were looked after had fresh tender and work order for primary franchisee already issued. Of about 8000+ retailers, endeavour is on to increase the number of retailers who could activate FRC, i.e more means to sell new SIMs. The report of delay between purchase of SIM and its activation is being taken care of by generating sms to both marketing/sales staff and franchisee concerned so that CAF could be collected in time for immediate activation.

It is felt in most cases, staff meant for project Vijay remains engaged with work assigned by Areas, resulting in poor concentration in sales domain. Staff exclusive meant for sales/marketing under direct control of GM/Sales/Marketing needs to be posted. GM/Sales & Marketing had proposed for newly recruited/promoted TTAs to meet the situation. In order to revamp project Vijay, close monitoring is required over franchisees/ retailers/FOS. Areas also should put best effort to increase DSAs to have extensive reach out to customers.

The penalty amount slapped in preceding years for non-availability/deficiencies in CAF has got drastically reduced due to serious checking of CAF and providing samples of CAF for checking to TERM cell based on actual activated nos. Effort is on to ensure hundred percent error free CAF to avoid penalties in future

In as much as sharing of infrastructure is concerned, BTSs at 5 nos of BSNL sites stand shared. Another around 30 nos are in pipeline. The pvt operators who are opting/showing interest for sharing are Vodafone, TTSL, Reliance Jio etc.

Both sides exchanged positives gesture & vibes and assured to meet shortly to review further developments, if any. Association assured for all sorts cooperation to meet the targets.

16/05/2014 Meet Shri S K Samanta, GM/HR & Admin/CTD

Com Dilip Saha CS met Shri S K Samanta, GM/HR&Admin/CTD to request for early sending of VCs in respect of JTOs, SDEs and Des for promotion to the cadre of SDE(under seniority cum fitness quota), DE and DGM respectively. Also informed SDEs who are yet to join on promotion under LDCE quota from AP. It is reported learnt quite a number of them are to loin CTD soon. CS requested for considering posting of these officers in BB, GPON,Tx, CMTS on priority and exigency basis. GM was also intimated on complex and time consuming system of obtaining 15 point VC proforma resulting in delay in EPP, renewal of lookafter arrangement and regular promotions too. CS requested to explore some means to rationalize the system.