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Archive of : Aug, 2014

Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and com Soumen Ghosh ACS met Shri Amit Bhattacharya, PGM/CTD to discuss on EB and CFA.

PGM expressed optimism in realising close to the target of Rs112 Cr approx. The inclusion of business associated with PSU Banks could fetch Rs 116 Cr as Funnel Target. Till Oct’14, around Rs 30 Cr has been realised but due to variable kind bill, viz monthly, quarterly, and annually the exact realisation coul get assessed after the end of financial year. In as much as cct installation of 1050 approx is concerned the achievement has reached beyond 1350 nos.

PGM expressed concern in steep decline of BB connections and poor revenue from GSM service. In recent visit of CMD, CTD could convince that around 600 3G BTS and 1200 2G BTS is not adequate enough to provide full network coverage with seamless service. The service quality of BB is poor and customers are getting thoroughly dissatisfied leading to surrender of connections.

PGM however expressed hope on positive trend in GSM revenue and substantial decline in BTS and Transmission faults. Hopefully, a better position could get achieved in near future with active positive attitude down all levels.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS, Com S Bikshapathi, ACS and Com A. Nagaraju CEC/NE Zone met Shri A.N. Rai CMD/BSNL on his visit to Kolkata for promotion of business interface.
Association expressed its gratefulness to CMD for sparing a brief time slot in his busy schedule to present some of the long pending cadre and service related issues.
Association requested to settle the case of E2 and E3 IDA pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and equivalent cadres at the earliest since DPE has already cleared the deck by not acceding to intermediate payscales. In matter of 30% superannuation benefit, Association demanded as per DPE guidelines to make it a statutory provision. This will definitely provide the social security in decent form to BSNL recruitees.
CMD responded that both the above matters is under active consideration.

Association emphasized for reconsideration of vacancy till 2014 for inclusion of JAO 2010 to the extent permitted and recalculation of vacancies of CAO regular to include left out CAO adhoc and Sr AO who stands eligible.
In matter of promotion from JTO to SDE under seniority quota, we demanded to come out with the order as soon as the court passes its final observation. Let not it happen for want of further APAR/VC the progress get struck. We noted that, JTO of around 16 years are awaiting promotion. Both LDCE and DPC for seniority quota be held year on basis.

Association strongly protested against making of subsidiary for tower business. Besides other policy issues, it pointed out to scarcity of cables, Trans/CMTS Eqpt, instruments, battery and power modules for growth and stable service in CTD. It also demanded for increased allotment in maintenance fund since a substantial portion is utilized for payment to contractual labour wages.

The SDEs those who joined from AP Circle on promotion under LDCE quota requested to consider their prayer for transfer to their native circle on completion of tenure as per BSNL guidelines. To this, CMD responded very positively and asked to submit the prayers in time as per guidelines, so that, as and when the turn comes the same shall be considered for materialisation.

We could not put every one of the issues, yet did the same to the extent practicable. For detail, please view the memorandum.


Click to open Memorandum to CMD 


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar President met Shri S K Samanta GM/HR & Admin expressing severe resentment among members for inordinate delay in issuing NOC for purchase of immovable property, for going abroad etc. The inordinate delay is putting the executives in extreme inconvinience in complying with the deadline of agreement and drawal from GPF. The matter of disposal of medical bills is also getting extremely delayed causing huge accumulation of files.

GM informed that certain queries were sought in respect of competent authority eligible to sanction NOC for immovable property and for going abroad. All the relevant orders have been placed for final approval of CGM. In matter of medical bills, CTD has discontinued with employing medical consultants for certain clarification/s and or removal of ambiguity for settling bills as the same is not envisaged in BSNLMRS. So the bills, pending at HQ are being sent back to respective areas, Association recalled the reason for which the medical consultants were employed and how it helped in settling disputed bills and saving Calcutta Telephones from extra payments to hospitals/nursing home on several occasions.

 Association also expressed severe dissatisfaction for not deploying SDEs/JTOs in Srirampur and North Area besides others where large number of SDEs is retiring every month. The executives are overburdened with multiple charges and immediate relief is sought for them.

GM .spoke of acute shortage in almost all sectors and reiterated that the same is under active consideration. In regard to EPP, GM informed that the matter is in final stage and would be taken up at the earliest.

Association requested to consider the correction of DOB of the spouse of A K DAS retd SDE to avoid complications that may arise in nomination.