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Archive of : Aug, 2014
Letters on EARS

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Soumen Ghosh , ACS met Shri Amit Bhattacharya PGM/HQ/CTD to discuss the shortcomings of EARS( Employees Arrival Reporting System) in view of its reintroduction from 15/12/14. Association narrated the circumstances through which it got introduced in 2010 and how the unresolved inadequacies/deficiencies made the system falter and ultimately non-functional by mid of 2011. Association cited that since it is a reintroduction of the system, it is highly imperative to take into consideration the proposal/ suggestions extended to the then CGM to implement the same uniformly and take care of employees engaged in varied nature of work. Association expressed its firm belief in improvement of punctuality and categorically opine for an immediate meeting to take into considerations the shortcomings and find a justifiable solution before reintroduction of EARS in CTD.


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal AGS met Shri K K Sapra CGM/CTD and Shri S K Samanta GM/HR & Admin to convey the constraints faced by Trans and CMTS Wing and how the same is affecting the quality of service and growth. Association also drew his attention on deferring the CEC programme due to some unavoidable reasons.

 Association pointed to immediate need of ADM eqpt Optical Fibre Cable for stabilising CMTS, DSLAM, and other network. The day to day maintenance is also getting hampered badly due to unwillingness of vendors to deploy men for restoration for non-payment of long pending bills. There is no mechanism to rationalise/monitor the progress of files in respect of work done leading to unwanted backlog and rise of grievances of all concerned.

CGM informed to be aware of the matter and that all efforts are being made to procure eqpt/cables. In his opinion, fund crunch is not that critical and means shall be made to ensure payments. In his observation, staff/executives need to gear up more to address the problems.

Association cited the infrastructural constraints and how projects pertaining to various agencies have resulted in frequent and unrelenting faults. It also requested to resolve the fund availability for works accomplished till the beginning of new tender for OF maintenance. CGM responded positively to see to it.

 Association brought to notice the decline in BTS faults over a short period, particularly the static faults and expressed dismay over quality of service inspite of BTSs being on air. Earlier also, association was very much pressing to make new divisions for RF testing and believe the same would address the problem substantially. There are other reasons too viz inadequate numbers of BTSs, power module, battery backup linear chains etc but this remains untested even after several reminders.

It also pointed to alarming situation occurring due to non-finalization of transport tender.

CGM substantiated the requirement of RF optimization team and intimated the matter is under active consideration. He however felt the trans back bone needs to be strengthened. In regard to transport tender, CGM informed to have made a progress and expectedly would get settled soon.

 The matter pertaining to litigations are getting inordinately delayed in critical cases and it has become utmost necessity to post one independent DGM/legal to overhaul the system. There is acute scarcity in the cadre of JTOs and SDEs in Areas, particularly in Sreerampur, Barrackpore, Alipur etc and requires immediate postings to meet the shortage to the extent feasible at present.

CGM replied to consider the proposition while deciding upon the deployment of those who joined recently.

 Association projected on not so satisfactory performance in operation Vijay and Uddan. It suggested to bring the newly posted staff under direct control of marketing SDEs/DEs to keep a fruitful monitoring over the work to CGM responded to see to it. But then he felt making the staff work lies under the control of executives irrespective of units that control. Association disagreed and cited to the experience gained to this day is not encouraging and is of the opinion of posting staff under right controlling unit.

 In matter of Health Care Unit, cashless hospitalisation has become a nightmare. Save a few hospitals meant for treatment of eye, there is none where one could seek cashless hospitalisation. Highest priority needs to be accorded to bring more number of hospitals under cashless purview to mitigate the problems of BSNLMRS beneficiaries.

CGM said to have already discussed the matter with HCU unit and efforts are on to rationalise the payments to hospitals, in time. This would pave way to enlist hospitals in a large way. He informed to have identified the points where the bills were getting clogged and wants to do away with the delay forthwith.


Circle office bearers’ meeting held on 03/12/14 at Telephone Bhavan discussed on the ensuing CEC meet and other organisational items and following decisions were taken.

 Due to unavoidable circumstances, the house unanimously decided to defer the CEC meet scheduled to be held on 13th and 14th December 2014 at Deulti/Howrah. The next date of the said meeting shall be announced shortly in consultation with CHQ.

Due to personal preoccupation/engagement, Circle Secretary will not be able to deal organizational activities on day to day basis. Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS shall lookafter the organizational activities of Circle Secretary hence forth till first week of January 2015. The President and both the Organizing Secretaries will assist Com. Soumen Ghosh in discharging day to day organizational activities.

Meeting with Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II on 01-12-2014

Com Dilip Saha, CS, , Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Soumen Ghosh met Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II to complain on disruption of service in Srirampur Area due expansion of Highway. Over a period, many cables got damaged and the field executives are facing enormous difficulty to keep the service working resulting in surrender of landlines and Broadband connections. Some temporary measures are being adopted but system requires total overhauling by laying new cables in substantial proportion. Since, the tender for microtunnelling has expired, it has become urgent to finalise new tender centrally or at least in Area level to address the situation. GM assured to take care of the matter on immediate basis.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President met Shri S Kujur, GM Finance/CTD to convey strongly to stop recovering from those of opted for CDA pay scales till next promotion during absorption in BSNL. The point was raised by audit and stands clarified in DOT’s Endorsement No-1-5/2004-PAT(BSNL)Pt.II dated 12/2010. GM replied to be aware of the matter and requested to submit the name of the optees to address the issue.

Association pointed to the stalemate in respect of payment for optical fibre maintenance work that became exigent during the validation of the last agreement and urged upon to take some measure to end the impasse. GM expressed to discuss the matter with GM/TX for progressing with the issue.

Association cited to some cumbersome and complex routing of files resulting in unjustified delay and requested to evolve a structure in consultation with concerned GM and IFA and based on category/nature of case/files to cut down on time. GM responded positively and asked for opinion in this regard. Association would compile the matter to make a consolidated submission.

We appreciated the effort on his part to contain billing problem of Broadband with optimistic result and to deal matters of HR and Admin in accounts with equal focus and fairness. Association firmly believe that account executives, particularly the youngsters, if managed properly and unbiased can deliver unbelievable result and so require to be given free interactive session to air the constraints/ hindrances impeding the system and opinion/suggestions/thereon. GM expressed agreeance to the observation and assured to look to it shortly

We also reminded to clear the backlog of medical bill pending with the committee constituting GM/HR & Finance and GM/Finance.

 The executives, those who have opted for CDA payscales till the next promotion during absorption in BSNL may kindly send their names/HR No to Aparesh Ghosal 9433400222 without delay..