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Archive of : Aug, 2014
Circle Secretary writes to CGM/CTD on EARS

The CEC Meet on 7th & 8th of Feb 2015 at Deulti/Howrah was held with usual fanfare and solemnity. The spirit would have reached further heights had General Secretary and president/CHQ could have made it to the occasion. But for ensuing DPC from JTO to SDE and dealing the court stay at High Court/Kerela they got stuck.  

The programme started with hoisting of flag by Com Nirmal Sarkar, President followed with assembly of participants in the conference Hall.

The house observed a minute silence to pay homage to the departed souls followed with self introduction.

The house discussed in details the items notified and deliberated effectively to bring about positive changes in services and HR related matters in Calcutta Telephones.

The fact that Calcutta Telephones is dented with poor services and revenue has been observed unanimously by the house. It analysed the reasons in broad category namely the policy decision, shortage of materials/stores and lack of attitude among employees etc

CEC shared the pulse of thousands of JTOs who stand deprived of promotion  to SDE cadre even after serving for more than 15 years. Association is actively pursuing the promotion and also intervening in courts to get the stay lifted at the earliest.

CEC deliberated on the role played by the association in holding the last LDCE and intervening in court cases to ensure the candidates qualified in LDCE gets promotion. Soon after, Association took proactive role to ensure sending of APAR and VCs for promotion to SDE Regular under seniority quota. Inspite of active involvement, the lackadaisical approach of Pers section delayed the exercise to obtain VCs and APARs and complete the DPC leading to stay from Kerela High court. However, the LDCE slated for Feb 2015 will be held as usual.

CEC recorded the work accomplished by association to include JAOs (SC & ST) of 2010 for promotion to AO. Association is also strongly pursuing for diversion of CAO posts from management quota and for promotion to CAO regular. It also is keeping a keen watch and pursuing the issue of option related to JAO of 2010 and five increments for 2013 batches.

The promotion from DE/Regular to DGM/adhoc got delayed due to verdict pronounced by Apex court to uphold list No 6 & 7 in accordance to Rule 206. The direction entails for revision of list for the said promotion.

CEC fully support the Trade Union Programme call given by Forum of Executives’ and Non-Executives Associations and unions and called upon members to participate in Parliament March on 25th of Feb 2015 and indefinite strike from 17th of March 2015.

The house unanimously advocated for immediate finalization of various tenders, namely transport, microtunnelling, rigour, repair of power module etc for smooth development and maintenance of network/services. It also resolved to convey the CMTS authority to form at least two divisions for RF optimisation and expedite the exercise of ZTE BTSs along with redeployment of old BTSs. It also was critical on frequent local changes in staff deployment in CMTS set up without any efficacy. Rather, the staff and executives deployed are void of meticulous planning. The same gets evidently proved when one observes the plummeting revenue from CMTS over the months.

In matter of Transmission, the house decided to take up the matter with CHQ for procurement of ADM eqpt and optical fibre cable for overhauling the Transmission network. It also decided to strongly pursue with CGM/CTD for procurement of measuring instruments and evolve mechanism to restore faults at the earliest. The house also noted the constraints in seeking permission from civic bodies in and around Kolkata for laying cables and indiscriminate damage being inflicted to cables of Calcutta Telephones by various utility agencies. The situation calls for high level intervention to stem the rot.

The house took strong note of indiscriminate damage to copper cables too and how services are getting badly affected leading to surrender of connections. It resolved to convey the management to come out with alternate plan of cable laying to extend uninterrupted service to customers. The steep decline in Broadband connections and poor progress for GPON connection calls for immediate revamping of Trans network to bring the DSLAMs in ring topology and provide adequate fibres for GPON connection. However, the house expressed to urge upon CGM to implement AMC for GPON/RPR maintenance.

To add to the cart for complete maintenance, immediate availability of stores, viz TSF-1,2,3, 5, 6 ,7, higher pair cables etc  should get high priority.

In HR related matter, the acute shortage of staff/executives in various Areas was discussed elaborately and the house felt to float option to record the willingness of staff, If any, for further redeployment. The habitual delay in sending of APAR and VC needs to be rationalized. The house urged upon to make the administration sit periodically with concerned custodian of APAR and service book for quick disposal.

Members expressed concern at absence of cashless treatment in any major hospital for BSNLMRS beneficiaries. Management is to take extra initiative to include hospitals agreeing upon cashless treatment and thereafter reimbursing the same from BSNL.

In matter of attendance through EARS, it is concluded that punctuality in attendance is pre requisite to first step towards discipline. However, given the varied kind/nature of work involved, where a large number of staff is involved in outdoor work, final shot in matter of attendance should also rest with controlling authority. Moreover, since there are not enough computers/access to Medha  at various locations, particularly in remote RLUs, it is suggested to ensure such availability before full blown introduction. The house is of the opinion to do away with departure registering and make it for all hierarchy for uniform implementation. Till the matters are reconsidered or taken care of the intervening period may be made optional.

 The association will urge upon management to ensure the new equiptment reaches and installed in time so as to cut down on expenditure on AMC for old equipments. Quite often, it is observed, by the time new eqpt/battery reaches the site, the expiry date remain very close resulting in myriad kind of problems to seek redressal from vendors.

 A part of free calls  from the limited number of free calls in BSNL network  as envisaged in various plans may considered for calls to other network,

 One BTS at Club Town/Dumdum that got closed due to rent related problem needs to be reopened to cater to high traffic in that area.

 Immediate meeting with KMDA authority needs to be taken up for containing damage to optical fibre cable along Kalyani Expressway.

 Immediate work to be undertaken to save Dankuni Exchange on National Highway.

 A process be made to intimate the association representative on latest status on availability of APARs in various Areas/DGM establishments.

 BSS and optimization team should be under one DE and requires decentralization.

 Tender for AMC for battery under 200 AH be considered on Area basis since wide difference in quoted rates have come to notice on various occasion that could lead to objection from audit.

 The scrap committee assessing scraps and thereon submitting report should abide by standing guidelines to avoid future complication. Signatories to committees’ report should contain members from units other than the one where scrapping is taking place.

 Com Sankar Sanyal AGS addressed the house on various issues plaguing BSNL and SNEA India and Forum that had taken a call for revival of BSNL.


Due to work associated with DPC for promotion from JTO to SDE and to deal with stay granted by High Court Kolkata, General Secretary and President / CHQ have expressed their inability to attend the GB meet schedule to be held on 6th February 2015. So under unavoidable circumstances the said GB meeting stands postponed until further notice. Inconvenience caused to members and invitees is highly regretted.

04/02/2015 Meeting held with CGM/CTD.

From Association’s side,      Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Prasanta Ghosh and Com Prasanta Ray Organising secretaries, Com Tapan Chakraborty Vice President and Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC Member.


from Management’s Side,   Shri K K Sapra CGM/CTD, Shri Amit Bhattacharyee PGM/HQ, Shri S K Samanta GM/HR & Admin, Shri Biswajit Pal GM/CMTS, Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II, Shri A K Sinha, GM/S&M, Shri Kujur GM/finance, Shri M M Naskar DGM/Admin, Shri L.K Baidya AGM Staff-I, Shri R Sinha AGM Staff-II, Shri A K Chowdhury AGM/DPC and Shri M Sood SDE/Staff were present

In accordance to items submitted by association on various deficiencies in service in CMTS, Trans, Broadband, GPON, etc. discussion was initiated by GM/HR and Admin after a bout of self introduction. Here is a brief of discussion.

Management side elaborately pointed to the constraints and how inadequate no of BTSs are hampering the service. Moreover the recent swapping by ZTS has encountered some teething problems that need to be solved. Association pointed to the dismal action on optimization and that more divisions are needed to be taken care of. This has become more pertinent for complaint since BTS outage has gone down considerably and with no dearth of signal. Management side acknowledged the observation and directed to concerned GM on the proposition made in this regard.

In matter of Trans, Management expressed dissatisfaction on delay for optical fibre restoration. CGM informed of putting up requisition for ADM-16 equipment and optical fibre cable to overhaul the Trans network. Association pointed to bringing DSLAM and BTSs in linear chain and for purchase of instruments badly needed for field units.

The alarming decrease in Broad band connection was raised by association to which GM/NWO-II pointed to statistics of 40% of faults that are due to poor service and 30% of faults for Trans failure. CGM expressed displeasure and pointed to why the services that can be restored are lying for days. Of course the cause of trans failure is also an area to be taken care of.

In regard to GPON the target set is far beyond achievement. The promising area for high return is not taking off as planned due lack of optical fibre access. However, about 57 nos of housing complexes have been identified where GPON connection can be extended.

Association pointed to the precarious condition of Dankuni Exch due to widening of NHighway. The cable damage along a long stretch have disrupted the services in the area resulting in substantial surrender of connections. The matter assumes importance given the customers mainly belong to industries. Management assured to look into the position but pointed to non finalization of tender for Microtunneling.

Association reminded for rationalization of process for obtaining VCs and APARS to cut on perennial delay.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC Member attended the monthly meeting of South Zone. Members made queries on services, BSNLMRS particularly in matter of no information on hospitals being removed from cashless provision and inordinate delay in reimbursement, latest version on staffing norms, attendance issue etc. Zonal office bearer briefed on the unit meeting held during the period to increase members and cited how zone dealt the critical case of intimidation to one of the JTOs besides other matters.

Com President expressed content for having an opportunity address before the members after a long period. He advised to hold such meeting on regular basis to have close interaction with the members as it helps both sides to get familiar with the members and their problems. He urged upon members not to bend under pressure and strive to provide better service.

Com ACS also exhorted to hold meeting on regular basis and deliberated on the issues taken up by the Circle Body.

Com Circle Secretary gave a brief clarification on delay in reimbursing the medical expense and assured to look into cause on absence of notification before a hospital is withdrawn from cashless agreement. He explained the organisational hierarchy in regard to interaction with different tier of administration and reminded that almost all the cases pertaining to the zone has been dealt by the Circle Body. He informed the House that zone had attempted to hold the meeting on two occasions but the same couldn’t be held for unavoidable reason. However, it is always preferable to have periodical assembly to the extent practicable. He noted the zonal role for their effort to increase member and advised in such drive the circle office bearers can be harnessed to reach out to various units.

CS briefed on staffing norms , membership verification, shortages in attendance system, latest position on JTO to SDE DPC under seniority quota, how the association is striving hard by intervening in court cases for early lifting of stay, agitation called by Forum etc. He appealed to members to attend the GB meet and on schedule of holding CEC meet on 7th and 8th of Feb 2015.


Com Dilip Saha, CS , Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, Com Sankar Sanyal, AGS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Prasanta Ghosh, Organising Secretary, Com Ketan Hazra, Zonal Secretary/HWH, Com S Samanta/HWH, Com Gautam Patra, Zonal Secretary/SRMP and Com Swapan Batabyal, Zonal President/SRMP had an elaborate discussion with Shri S. Banerjee GM/NWO/I on the deteriorating plight of both Area Howrah and Sreerampur. The work of various utility service/agencies have indiscriminately damaged both copper and optical fibre cables in these areas leading to severe disruption of service and mass surrender of phones.

The plight of Dankuni has been specially cited given the locality serves large number of industries and where due National Highway expansions the cables have been damaged. The situation calls for immediate laying of cables through alternative ways.

In matter of maintenance of AC/Apparatus, the same is being horribly ignored by Electrical Wing due to reported lack of fund. Immediate consultation with Electrical wing is required to sort out problems to save the Main Exchanges/RLUs etc. Association suggested for obtaining a comprehensive report from various DEs before proceeding for finalization. So also with Civil works.

The CMTS service also got badly affected due to damage to optical fibre cables. The matter is further worsened, since there is no tender for transport and microtunnelling impeding the work for smooth maintenance. This apart, Area Srirampur is under severe staff crunch due to large scale superannuation. Every month executives are retiring from field posts resulting in lookafter of multiple charges by existing executives who are indeed inadequate in number to manage the show. This obviously is telling upon quality of service. Association suggested for calling of option for Area Srirampur to meet the severe deficiency of staff on interim basis.

Association suggested integrating the DSLAMs that are scarcely loaded and save on energy and avoidable expenditure.


Com Dilip saha, CS and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS attended the monthly meeting of Howrah Zone. Asst Secy informed the members on ensuing General Body Meeting and CEC Meet at TI Hall/CTO Building and at Deulti/Howrah respectively and appealed all to be present in general body meeting to hear to latest developments on BSNL’s service and HR related matter.

CS expressed concern of unabated decline of mobile and broadband connections. He alarmed the house that unless a pledge is taken to reverse the situation, CTD will be in doldrum. He acknowledged that deficiencies and constraints being faced the field officers in respect of store and various tenders, yet appealed to go whole hog to reverse the trend of surrenders.

CS also appealed to be present in the general body meeting scheduled to be held on 6th of Feb’2015 at TI Hall/ CTO Building/Kolkata-1 by 3 pm to hear to GS and president of CHQ on burning issues related to BSNL and its survival. CGM/CTD has also been invited in pre GB session to inform on latest status and plans in the anvil of CTD.