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Archive of : Aug, 2014

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS and Com Nirmal Sarkar, President  held a meeting with GM/ HR &Admin to discuss and seek redressal to some of the pressing issues affecting the executives.

GM, at the outset, briefed on ERP implementation and its status and how the same would rationalize the entire mechanism of account and HR to draw the benefits henceforth.

Thereafter, association drew his attention to sending of VCs for JTOs who are under purview of promotion to SDE under seniority cum fitness quota. Hundreds of JTOs are languishing in the same post for more than 16 yrs and many of them retired during the intervening period of unending court litigations. Association is taking a proactive role to see the stays get vacated at the earliest and wants to ensure nothing remains pending from Circle that could affect the issuance of promotion order on immediate basis soon the stay get vacated. GM said to be aware of the issue and already conveyed the section concerned to send the VCs in time.

It pointed to put up the list of longest stayees in different cadre on intranet to avoid confusion and also bring to notice any error that could give a wrong consideration for transfer. Association pointed to few request transfer cases pending since long and requested to consider the cases against mutual applicant, if any or following general practice. These executives are working in CMTS/Tx and other establishments for many years and deserve some change. Association also requested for few redeployment.

GM requested the association to see if mutual applicants for the posts are available and responded to consider the cases soon some substitutes are available. He also informed of seeking clarification from Corporate Office pertaining to circle stay concept..

In regard to forwarding of prayers of SDEs and DEs, those who joined from other circles, association requested to adopt a policy that ensures consideration based on longest stayee criteria. Many prayers from different GMs are yet to be forwarded inspite of the fact some executives working under the said establishment had joined long before the others whose prayers already reached the staff/Hq. The forwarding of prayers with proper substitutes would keep a high possibility of posting of substitutes from among the executives under promotion from both seniority cum fitness quota and LDCE qualified candidates. Association also requested to deal the cases on medical ground and those on the verge of retirement on priority.

GM conveyed the compilation of the prayers is under process and that a decision would be taken in consultation with CGM. However, longest stayee criteria would be considered.

Association pointed out for immediate review of delegation of financial powers for approval of amount related to medical expenses. The old criteria of reckoning on basic pay be changed to either on basic pay + IDA or consolidated amount so that a substantial number of cases gets settled under respective Area Managers and GMs within a stipulated time period. Association also requested to explore further means to rope in more number of hospitals under cashless scheme.

GM informed to have already sent the file on enhanced amount for delegation of financial power for medical expenses to CGM. In matter of including hospitals under cashless scheme, GM requested association too, to put some effort in this direction.

In matter of executives working as lecturer on promotion without DPC being held, association since long had have been advocating for grant of training allowance to these executives since they are discharging the duties of a lecturer. The concept of DPC, not held in time or the necessity of continuing with these lecturer were necessitated for administrative reason, Therefore, disallowance of training allowance tantamount to injustice. On the contrary, administration should ensure holding of regular DPC for such posts, well in advance. This association had earlier also cited instances in other training centres, where allowances are granted to such similarly placed lecturer. Moreover, the practice of granting training allowances for six months with further renewal on expiry of current term must be done away with. Given the deficit of manpower and the potential to earn revenue, the allowance be granted uninterrupted and without the rider for renewal.

GM agreed on the argument made and informed the grant faltered at the last instance since the noting of renewal was not in the file. The then CGM had asked for a redraft. Now the matter is settled. On doing away with the practice of renewal, GM said, he would discuss the matter at appropriate level.

Association informed GM of the ensuing AIC of SNEA/India from 04/09/15 to 07/09/2015 at Jaipur/Rajasthan and that this association would bring to fore the issues hamstringing the growth of CTD.



Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS and Com Tapan Chakraborty attended the general body meeting of Sreerampur Zone. Zonal body started with the issues related to members of the zone. Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary briefed on the development of zonal activities and highlighted the staff crunch and shortage of store that is badly affecting the works and how the existing executives are burdened with additional load. Zonal Secretary informed the house of the ensuing AIC of SNEA(I) at Jaipur from 4th 0f Sept to 8th of Sept 2015 and elected the delegate/s. Com Soumen Ghosh and Com Tapan Chakraborty informed about the latest developments on promotion to SDE under seniority cum fitness quota and how continuous court cases are eating into our time depriving many executives of their promotion. It was also informed how association is playing a proactive role to prepone the hearings to ensure the stay get vacated. Association also updated on the development following the agitation called by SNEA in May 2015 and that of Forum in April 2015. It dwelt on the restructured committee recommended on E2 and E3 pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and equivalent cadres and how other issues of uniform RRs of Civil and Electrical in the cadre of EE, anomaly in pay,CPSU are under consideration. It explained the misgivings in matter of MT recruitment and that SNEA was the only association since beginning to protest against External MT recruitment. It appealed to the member to focus on services and capitalize on free night calls and roaming charges. 


Com Dilip saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal. AGS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS, Subhra Nath Das, Z/S, Com Dipankar Chowdhury, Com K K Barua, Com Sisir Chatterjee, Com Gautam Chakraborty as representatives from CMTS met Shri Biswajit Pal, GM/CMTS to discuss on HR issues affecting work in CMTS, particularly in outdoor activities, service related matter, particularly in respect of non-finalization of tender for repair of power module, formation of more than one RF division, bifurcation of BTS maintenance South division, permitting the eligible executives for undergoing physical training to appear for online EPP exam, congenial interaction with the executives and management to instil confidence and better understanding , etc.

CS, after a formal brief on the aforesaid issues continued with the discussion, itemwise for early resolve.

Association pointed to overstressed workload for BTS maintenance team and suggested to rationalise it by providing extra manpower. GM contended that each team is consisting of SDE, JTO, TTA and TMs in which composition of numbers may vary slightly from team to team. He however acknowledged, a few more SDEs/JTOs would have been better but dearth of such executives is tying him down. However he assured to keep it in consideration. He added the internal team too also remain under work pressure. Association pointed to the acute necessity for one SDE in task force team involved with mini-link installation. He assured to deal on priority. In matter of BTS maintenance Division South, the division require immediate bifurcation given its large geographical jurisdiction. GM spoke of dearth of DE but agreed to the point raised and informed to see to the issue on priority.

Association pointed to 24X7 maintenance of OMCR which in all practicability does not serve the purpose of restoring service at odd hrs, particularly for faults pertaining to external domain. In maintaining OMCR for 24 hrs, the manpower being utilized is not getting effective return. Rather, a staggered duty could free some manpower to be deployed where it is required most. GM conveyed of constraints due to services like LI etc that call for immediate response and that, it is to be transformed into 24 hr NOC that entails many more services to be maintained. Association was in disagreeance and conveyed that since it is a requirement from BSNL CO, the matter would be taken up in the meeting with CGM.

Association reminded of the BSNL CO order regarding dissociating CDMA from GSM and bringing CDMA under CFA vertical. Though CDMA continues to work under CM vertical, co sharing the outdoor infrastructure for maintenance of BTSs, yet association is of the view, the implementation be strictly adhered to Corporate office order in this respect. GM conveyed – would discuss the issue with appropriate authority before taking any further decision.

The issue of non-finalization of tender for repair of power module leading to failure for recharging of battery was brought to GMs notice. GM informed that after a number of attempts, the tender is at its final stage and once it becomes effective the power module would get repaired bringing the service to further improvement. He added, meanwhile, new batteries got installed and further installation is in pipeline.

The leave applied by executives in maintenance, sometimes are not considered for pending critical faults. It’s true; presently the exercise of implementation of ERP, CDR, asset evaluation has further increased the workload pushing the executives to further stress. Yet, it is expected, consideration is given to deserving cases. GM asked for specific cases for consideration. Association, however suggested to delegate the discretion for grant of leave for down level rank and file and officers of the rank of DGM also should be alert and considerable too while granting leave. GM informed, executives do take leave and leave applied in time is normally considered. Association conveyed to be aware of the constraints but requested further in the light of work pressure.

Association raised the instances of not permitting the executives to undergo physical training for EPP on line exam. The executives remain badly busy with work and hardly get time to pour over training material. The physical training helps a lot to get the outline of the subjects involved.           GM responded positively to consider such cases.

In matter of forming more than one RF Division, association highlighted the necessity once again. It is always better for any organisation to develop alternative work force and make small divisions for efficient maintenance. The constraint of DEs and infrastructure is well known but keeping in view the future, the domain requires immediate priority for forming of at least one more division for the time. GM pointed to dearth of DE but informed that he is on the job to make more subdivisions for effective monitoring of RF optimization. Association informed to take up the matter at appropriate authority to discuss its merits and demerits and pointed there are executives with technical acumen who could handle RF division with active cooperation, if required, from present incumbent who is/are experts and possess enough experienced in this domain.

Association requested to forward the prayers of the executives in phases who joined from other circles and completed or  are nearing completion of two years in the present circle. Since, promotion to the cadre of SDE, both in seniority cum fitness and LDCE quota is to take place soon– forwarding of prayers in time to Corporate office would definitely get consideration for posting of substitues. The practice once implemented would definitely bring trust on new incumbents to join their new assignment without hestitation or delay.

GM responded to consider the cases as is required.

The meeting ended with exchange of goodwill gestures and plan for further meetings on service matter.


CS and President met GM/Finance to discuss on ERP implementation and Asset verification.The discussion also dwelt on CTDs revenue and expenditure for the financial year 2014-15. GM informed that inspite of several constraints, CTD has decided to for ERP within deadline and appreciated all those involved in it for their contribution. He said, every aspect have been taken care of before its implementation. However, deficiencies/discrepencies, if any shall be resolved at the earliest following the implementation. Association also reminded the case pertaining to deduction from terminal benefit for refixing the 1st EPP of JTOs whose entitlement had got preponed  due to payscales of 2nd PRC from 01/01/2007. The deduction has taken place based on untenable audit’s objection. Association requested to resolve the issue since it will have wider implication over the time. GM assured to look into the matter at the earliest.

In regard to CSC and Claim Office, association proposed to explore means if it could housed in the same location belonging to the department, preferably in administrative premises at a vantageous location, to convenience office work/transaction etc.


A meeting of Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members, Zonal Secretaries and Zonal Presidents was held on 02/07/2015 at Telephone Bhavan to discuss on ensuing AIC at Jaipur from 4th September 2015( Pre-AIC) to 7th Sept 2015 at Jaipur and other issues cited hereunder.

The meeting updated on latest debate raging on MT recruitment, preparedness for Forum’s T U programme for reminding the authority for revival of BSNL as was assured following two days strike call on 21st and 22nd April 2015, monitoring the progress of the reconstituted committee for addressing E2/E3 std payscales for JTO/JAOs & SDEs/AOs and equivalent cadres, removing anomalies in pay, uniform recruitment rules for executives of Civil/Electrical , implementation of CPSU Hierarchy, proactive role taken by SNEAIndia to implead in JTO to SDE promotion linked stay in Ernakulum high Court for early hearing and disposal, effecting promotion to those who would qualify in LDCE. etc

The meeting informed the zones to participate in post card campaign for revival of BSNL from 10th of Aug 2015. It expressed serious concern on inordinate delay due to litigation for promotion from JTO to SDE under seniority quota and resolved to convey CHQ to ensure the promotion comes through as early as possible given hundreds of JTOs retiring every month. The meeting reiterated to recruit MTs from among internal candidates.

The zones expressed serious discontent in services related to CMTS, Trans and BB. Thousands of customers are surrending for poor service and appealed Circle body to take up the matter with CGM for stabilising the services. It took note of staff deficiencies in many units and called for review of HR  to provide manpower to the units most required on priority basis. The association also took appreciable cognisance for the progress on implementation of ERP.

In HR matter, besides deploying staff/executives in units required most, the executives, who had joined CTD from other Circles and completed two years of service should have their prayer forwarded to Corporate Office to make sure the they come into consideration for transfer against promotion/DPC that would take place in near future, Moreover, prayers on medical ground should be given special priority for out of turn consideration.

AIC/Jaipur– Zones are to send the names of the elected delegates by 15th of July 2015 following the rules as provisioned in the constitution of SNEA India. It is also requested to keep to the deadlines so as to enable Circle Body to apply for special casual leave in time for the period of AIC.

Quota/ payment due for diary and legal fund may be sent to treasurer SNEAIndia/CTC by 31st of July 2015.