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Archive of : Aug, 2014

Many Congratulations to Dilip Saha DE/TM and

CS/SNEA(I)/Calcutta Telephones


Dilip Saha, DE/TM, more widely familiar as the Circle Secretary of SNEA(I)/Calcutta Telephones Circle has been awarded with the first prize, as an individual contestant, in the essay competition conducted by Vigilance Wing of Calcutta Telephones on PREVENTIVE VIGILANCE AS A TOOL OF GOOD GOVERNANCE”. The competition was held as part of “vigilance awareness week” that was being observed all across the nation.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Secy(East), Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Bidyut Ghosh, treasurer exchanged Bijaya greetings with Shri Amit Bhattacharya, CGM, Shri A K Kundu, PGM and Shri S K Samanta GM/HR & Admin. While discussing on services and revenue, CGM expressed strong discontent on rapid surrender in BB and LL connection. Even though, a meagre par increased in GPON but in resultant effect CTD is witnessing further fall in revenue compared to last year. It is a matter of great concern and Corporate Office is also  heavily coming down on CTD citing comparison with other circles. He observed, delay in provisioning in BB connection and faults in thousands lying pending for more than fortnight.

He appealed to us to take some proactive action to arrest the ongoing downtrend.          

We inform all our members that the recent free calls offer by BSNL from 9 pm to 7 am the next day and free roaming is seeing a rise in connection all across the country and stood out to be quite an encouraging trend to capitalise on this offer. The statistics of increase of revenue by one percent or little above had been intimated on websites of our association and elsewhere too. BSNL is also embarking on various promotion and we could see ads and hoardings as part of marketing endeavour that was conspicuously missing for quite a long time. Compared to other circles, it’s true; few circles like CTD, WBTC etc are unable to deliver to requisite level. It’s also true that there could be various constraints, quite unique to our working environment unlike other circles, in delivering services. Yet, with whatever resources available, we ought to deliver for improvement and expansion in services. The other circles would not stay liable for the massive loss being incurred by few circles. A positive contribution to BSNL’s coffer would go a long way to achieve in ensuing PRC and restore a lot many unpaid entitlement due to company’s financial health. It will be a home to work for generations to come for long. So, let us put our hard work, diligence and sincerity in this hour of crisis.

The constraints faced in delivering quality services may be brought to the notice of both the administrative hierarchy and to the association to take care and address the same to the extent feasible at a given point of time and prevailing circumstances. The unresolved part, if any, could well be brought in further planning.

23/10/2015 (Vijaya Dasami & Laxmi Puja)


Vijayadashami-2015-SMS-Images lakshmi_puja_004



Circle Secretary writes to GM/Finance/CTD to hold in abeyance the deduction of arrears from the pay of JAOs of 2010 till a clarification is obtained from Corporate Office on amount forgone as non executive for 2nd PRC till the date of promotion as JAO for netting and that the need for due and drawn statement requires to be examined since the order dated 24/07/2015 allowing option for JAOs 2010 is prospective. Click here for letter


SNEA(I)/Calcutta Telephones Circle was intensely pursuing the case with CHQ for pay fixation in  FR 22-1(a)1 for those who are officiating/and had officiated in the cadre of JTO. We are all aware that final hearing of the case filed by SNEA(I) on the issue is over and the direction from Hon’ble Court is expected at any moment. GS informed to have discussed with the lawyer to see the verdict comes out at its earliest. He believes justice would prevail on all similarly placed officials officiating in the cadre of JTO. CS thanked CHQ for its concern and unprejudiced involvement for all categories officiating in the cadre of JTOs that stand affected.


Com Dilip Saha CS, com Nirmal Sarkar and com Soumen Ghosh ACS attended the meeting called by Forum of Unions and association of CTD to invite suggestions/proposals/observations for improvement of services in CTD. This is in continuance of the development meeting wherein the Forum sought time to submit its proposals.

SNEA(I)/CTC pointed to the deficiency in Trans infrastructure viz OFC and ADM-16 eqpt and the need to install BTSs that could optimally cover the entire network area. The high capacity DSLAM and high revenue fetching BTSs require ring stabilisation. It pointed to the need for clean and friendly CSC with ACs, printer, computer working without glitches and single window to update the status to customers. The hoarding of plans should be visible and CSC conversant enough to convince customers. It suggested for outdoor plant upgradation and to replace paper core cable with jellyfilled cable. It also pointed to the shortages of staff in many pockets.

It suggested to provide emphasis on GPON and BB since it fetches high revenue. Since, cable pairs, in many routes are not conforming to parameters required for efficient working of NGN, it would be preferable to install 256/512 capacity LMG in BTSs location to shorten the cable pairs reaching the subs premises. This will not only conform to technical parameters but also give customer a wide end service of voice and data with adequate bandwidth. But the constraint is that all 256/512 etc. capacity shelf are of same dimension; so, if BSNL CO is asked to provide shelf at par capacity then small capacity of LMG could be easily installed in BTS’s site. However, the aspect of ACs, Battery, Power Module has to be taken care of for uninterrupted services. Moreover there is no provision for BRI card in NGN.

In matter of ERP, association pointed to the inefficient handling of cases in Central Settlement Cell and lack in evolving a system with accountability.

In matter of working in Sundays and Holidays, association is of the opinion that during critical period all should take initiative to reduce faults, even if that require coming on holidays. But then, it cannot be considered as a regular practice. Rather, working to the best on weekdays would give better efficieny. Requested Forum to take up the issue since it is learnt Area SRMP, Howrah, North and BKP were asked to come on consequtive holidays without any discussion.


Com Dilip Saha CS, com Nirmal Sarkar, President and com Shankar Sanyal/ Jt Secy(E), com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Comrade Subhranath Das Z/S, com Gautam Chakraborty , Com Jagabandhu Ray, Com Karun Kant Borua and Dipankar Chowdhury met Shri Debasis Sarkar, GM/CMTS welcoming him to his new assignment and assured to extend unqualified support to ensure improvement of mobile services. Com CS introduced the office bearers and representatives and briefed him on the existing state of affairs in matter of establishment and services. The meeting, largely being an introductory one, association informed to take up service issues after consolidating information from field ends. GM shared the constraints plaguing CMTS and felt for a radical change in modalities for working. Association assured to cooperate and strengthen the services.