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Archive of : Aug, 2014

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar, President met GM/ HR and Admin to bring to his attention on anomaly in number of vacancies in the cadre of JTO under promotional quota. He informed to be aware of the issue and that there is no error in calculation of vacancies. Association pointed to the anomaly and requested to have further look into the matter. Association would further meet him shortly on this issue.

In matter of vacancies in PS cadre, he informed that the vacancies have been recalculated as per Corporate Office guidelines.

Association requested for postponing release of some tenure transfer cases on medical ground

 It also requested to consider the cases of Rule 8 transfers.

Association pointed to acute shortage of TTAs and JTOs in some Areas, more particularly in BKP and Srirampore and requested to provide in this areas at the earliest opportunity. 

There is some glitches in mapping of hierarchy in ERP for which payment to vendors is completely stalled. Association queried on whether the same could be done by HCM unit. GM replied to be aware of the issue and that the same kind of problem is with HQ too. The problem has been referred to core team.




Pursuant to the meeting of Forum with CGM on 31/10/2015, Forum had its first meeting with executives and non executives of Area SRMP in presence of Shri Varathan, DGM/NWO/SRMP and Shri Om Prakash GM/NWO-I. Convenor of Forum briefed on the reason for such meeting is being held and appealed to members of all associations and unions to become part of service management and development. 

Audience were allowed to let out grievances, if any, in matter of men and material or lack of planning and also share their experiences while working at various levels and let know the root cause of such poor service in CTD. Representatives of various unions and associations deliberated on the plight of CTD and highlighted the factors jeopardizing the quality of service and growth. 

While analyzing the deliberations made by various speakers from the audience, it is observed—-                                

  1) customers of SRMP Area are discontent with telephone set. The sets that get repaired often go faulty in a short period. The work of vendor should get scrutinized but then the most of the sets have outlived its life. 

2) Scarcity of drop wire- Even though it is learnt that the store is available in CTD yet in many sub dvisions there is scarcity of dropwire for which LM have to face lots of difficulties to restore faults. Herein in, it has also been informed that certain query on number of pairs working in a cable and the wire that could get retrieved on surrender should also be taken into account. 

3) Very low BB speed for which customers are utterly dissatisfied. Moreover, Citi cable in Nabagram is providing BB service at much lower rate with better quality of service. Connections suffered due to lack of dropwire. 

4) In Bandel, there is an instance where 7 nos of faults out of 12 nos got restored by recovered cable but then due to scarcity, the rest could not be done.

5) In Rishra too, reports of scarcity of cable registered. Instances of faults lingering over 7 months due to lack of 200 mts length of cable came to notice. 

6) The SIM provided to LM for Rs 200/- talk value is grossly insufficient. There were complaint of not being able to call numbers of other operators and also because of poor network. 

7) The expansion of highways have badly damaged the cable and a thorough overhaul is required.  

These are few of the grievances let out by the staff working in field besides the general observation of lack of planning in advance, proactive role and initiative in some of the sub divisions. 

It must also be remembered that Sreerampore Zone happens to be one of best maintained area in CTD in terms of parameter of services. The observation recorded shall be looked into to ensure delivery of better quality of service and provisioning.

GM/NWO-I emphasized on advance planning, both long and short term and better interaction with customers to dissuade them from surrendering and also get to know their need. He felt for marketing and sales of products.

SNEA(I)/CTC was represented by Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar, President. CS, in his interaction, emphasized on continuous effort and that there is no shortcut to obtain profit. Forum could work as enabler but the units have to develop cohesiveness to work for betterment. Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary of SNEA(I)/CTD had reported on cohesiveness of  teams in Sreerampore Area in the meeting  on 31/10/2015 with CGM for which Srirampur is continuing to perform well. But then, further improvement is required to arrest disconnections and decline of revenue. 

Forum would meet again in the ongoing process.





Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Prasanta Ray, Organising Secretary/Circle, Com Samar Ash, Zonal Secretary, Com P Sahi Prasad Org secretary, Com D M Poddar, circle executive, Com Sajal Chatterjee, Zonal treasurer and Com Shyamal Chowdhury, Organising Secretary/Zone had a meeting with Shri K.C.Ghosh GM/NWO-II and DGM/NWO/Bidhannagar at Salt Lake Telephone Exchange.

After initial exchange of Bijaya greetings, discussion followed on condition prevailing in Area Bidhannagore in respect of services under each vertical. GM expressed concern on declining connections and how it is impacting the revenue. Association pointed to acute shortage of staff due to large scale retirement and how the same is affecting in delivering services. This is beside shortage of store and other constraints that affects the services.

GM expressed his inability to fetch staff from HQ, even though he had put up requisition for staff to GM/HR & Admin. He hopes, with the introduction of ERP, some staff in planning could get redeployed to meet the deficiency to an extent.

Association pointed to the subdivisions where immediate relief is needed. GM appealed to ensure better provisioning in LL and BB. CTD is alarmed at the steep decline of BB connections and statistics say, CTD fairs very poor compared to other Circles in East Zone leave alone other Zones. He categorically stated to executives to shed all kinds of inhibition and not be choosy on nature of job and responsibility. Given the shortage, it is time to work smart over and above the constraints. He assured to provide necessary support to help executives serve better and also protect for any unjust harassment or victimisation.

Association assertively conveyed that as part of management, it is incumbent on the part of administration to give due cognisance to the observation reported and suggestions made  by the local representatives of the association in arriving at any decisions or shaping up policies. GM responded positively.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Secy(East), and Com Prasanta Ghosh Organising Secretary represented Forum in its meeting with CGM.

CGM made a brief outline on the status of various services and how the same has resulted in steady decline in revenue. He regretted over the poor services in almost all fronts and how it affected CTD’s revenue drawing reprimand from Corporate Office. He sounded alarm on LL and BB since drastic surrender is taking place.

Forum, wanted to know what obstacles administration is facing in rendering quality service? It highlighted on deficiency in store, lack of availability of cable pair, damage to cables by external agencies, no planning for upgradation of pillars and DP box, replacement of paper core cable etc.

CGM pointed to inordinate delay in provisioning and fault clearance of LL and BB and mooted for merger of BITS and subdivisions.

Forum pointed to deficiency in staff in fields. As a constituent, we suggested to explore if there is any possibility to customize the rack size to mount LMG/NGN in BTSs so that lines could get extended from there to customer premises to reduce on faults and also brought to attention the poor cable condition that is affecting the working of NGN and there is no provision for BRI. We also pointed to increase in minilinks to sustain services of GSM since optical cable damages has become frequent and cannot be avoided given the city’s infrastructure. The concept of extending services through BB also need to be shifted to mobile data usage since in urban areas, customers are more savvy using mobile. It pointed to the inbuilt deficiency in nos of BTSs and Node Bs compared to other operators. Acute shortage of OFC and ADM-16 eqpt added to woes for not being able to stabilise the network and large capacity DSLAM. A suggestion was also put forth to form few groups with representatives of Forum and with endorsement of management to keep a tab on day to day fault clearance and ascertain the pockets and reasons for any hold back.

CGM expressed his inability to procure small size rack for NGN, He however informed to have taken up the issue of ADM-16 eqpt, OFcable and minilinks and batteries with Corporate Office and is quite hopeful to get the same soon.

Forum pointed to poor condition of ACs, battery and power plant module and how the same is causing faults.

It also emphasized for daily clearance of LL and BB faults to the best possible means and suggested to overhaul marketing and road shows. For this a sense of discipline needs to be ensured. Forum also pointed to shortage of megger, multimeter and asserted against outsourcing and vendor dependence.

It suggested for centralized fault complaints for Transmission and Area level BTS and RF optimisation team. Forum felt for better cohesion amongst staff and executives to render quality service and suggested for monthly meeting on development with management. This would ensure fast dispersal of work and in undoing problems.

CGM appealed to Forum to look into the causes of such poor service and come out with suggestions without further delay. He expressed confidence to turn around if cooperation comes forth from Forum to stem the rot.