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Archive of : Aug, 2014



Forum of CTD held its fourth meeting on 23/12/2015 at Abanmahal, CLT, Dhakuria on improvement of sevices in CTD. Representatives of unions and association explained the present situation to the august house and deliberated on exigent need to turn around CTD. The interactive session largely pointed to deficiencies in store materials, need to train the contractual staff to render quick broandband service, to have tab on repeat faults, a better supervision and coordination amongst the team members, timely payment of wages to contractual labours, a visible marketing campaign, availability of telecom products in easy reach of customers etc.

Com Dilip Saha CS represented SNEA/CTC. He briefed on the cause for such assembly and felt causes are quite known but remedy is what sought for. Some issues pertain to administration for which Forum should ensure to resolve the same at the earliest. There are others that require a renewed look to overcome the stalemate notwithstanding several limitations. He felt, the base unit should have a efficient cohesion and coordination and should also escalate the problems to the higher order. Every hierarchy of  administration is responsible to make way out for better services.

Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II and DGM/NWO/ Jadavpur attended the meet. GM briefed the house on observations that came to his notice and assured for all kinds of support needed to bring about the necessary changes in services. 


As part of ongoing program, Forum for CTD held its interactive session with executives and non executives of Area Bidhhannagar at P&T Hall/Salt Lake on improvement of services in Calcutta Telephones. Besides, representatives of service unions and association, Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II and DGM Bidhhannagar addressed the house pointing to both weakness and strength CTD is made up of and the need to turn around this organisation. From SNEA/CTC, Com Prasanta Ray, Org Secretary shared with the house on various deficiencies faced by the field representatives but felt there still remains room for further improvement. He added, there is no short cut solution to improvement and the process require constant assessment of the lacuna followed with continual remedy of the same.  


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC Member and Com Subhra Nath Das Zonal Secretary/Central city Zone met GM/Finance to discuss on some unresolved issues. Association pointed to deduction of pay on superannuation due to revised fixation based on audit objection in respect of executives whose upgradation under EPP was preponed due to revised payscales of 2nd PRC. The fixation was made in accordance to provision contained in EPP and the audit observation is untenable. The matter is being pursued since last more than six months but unfortunately there no redressal in sight. It was also informed that about 199 nos of executives fall in similar category working in various establishment and if the issue is not addressed in time, it would unjustifiably affect large number of officers concerned. GM/F acquiesced to the delay and informed to look into the matter without further delay.

Association also brought to notice the hardship being faced by field units due to incomplete and nonchalant attitude in implementing ERP. Non payment due to ERP has led to stoppage of maintenance work in some areas and there are reports, the bills forwarded through legacy system is yet to be uploaded in system resulting in inordinate delay in payment. GM assured to see to the problem for early resolve. Association also drew attention to the system of seeking pay order twice from respective AOs resulting in redundant routing of bills pertaining to private parties. It suggested to rationalize the system as the files already contains the financial concurrence while being processed through legacy system and same should get forwarded to settlement unit. GM responded to study the issue and has no qualm in accepting it if the same can cut down on time fulfilling the mandatory requirements before final payments.   


As a part of ongoing programme, Forum held its meeting on 01/12/2015 at Jogesh Dutta Mime Hall with executives and non-executives of Area South. Besides CSs of constituents unions/associations, Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II and Shri N Rangarajan, DGM/NWO/South was present.

The interactive session revealed of lack of punctuality, shortage of store and want of supervision. It also identified shortage of regular line staff and how in some subdivision, work is being conducted by workforce deployed byvendors.

There were suggestions to merge BITS, provide dropwire and train field staff/workforce on modem configuration and other small technical handlings so that faults could restored expeditiously.

This again was a first hand assessment and further meeting would be required to gradually help in finding remedies and thus improvement in quality of services.


Circle Executive Meet of Calcutta Telephones Circle was held on 28/11/2015 at Telephone Bhavan.

Executives had a detailed updates on issues related to CHQ and the plight of Calcutta Telephones in matter of huge surrender of Landline and Broadband connections, poor quality of service in CMTS and Trans, etc. Circle Secretary briefed on steady fall of revenue in Calcutta Telephones and how poor quality of service on various front has put the circle in red alert. As was already informed, CGM had requested Forum to have a look into the causes and find a way out from this catastrophic situation. Forum has already started candid interaction with field staff in presence of respective GMs and DGMs and is trying to ascertain the causes afflicting the field units and also bring out some remedy amidst scores of limitation.

Jt Secretary(E) informed on how various court cases is coming in the way of promotion from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO, SDE/AO to DE/CAO,etc inspite of proactive role taken by the association. Association is strongly pursuing to implement CPSU Hierarchy to steer clear off litigations blocking promotion. It is also ensuring to finalize the the payscales of E2/E3 for JTO/JAO and SDE/AOs respectively to avoid hurdle in getting recommendation of standard payscale from 3rd PRC.  The issue of formation of 3rd PRC has gained momentum after NCOA started agitation for its constitution. After a prolonged silence, it is learnt, govt is seriously considering to form 3rd PRC. CS pointed to reevaluation required for vacancies in the cadre of JTOs under departmental quota and verify the model adopted for arriving at vacancy in the cadre of PS.

It has become imperative on all our part to ensure better delivery of service to see BSNL turn around and we be in a position to demand implementation of recommendations that would be made by PRC in due course of time. There is a great prospect lying before us since BSNL for the first time after five years have made a operational; profit of 672 crores.

In organisational issues, Circle Secretary informed all Zonal Secretaries to hold monthly meetings and update subscription and diary 2015 dues, if any. Based on report presented by various Zonal Secretaries, CS requested all, particularly Central City Zone and South Zone to clear all dues by Dec 15.

The House unanimously decided to inform Zonal Secretaries to hold AGBs as per new constitution, within two years from the date of last AGB. Any zone that crossed the stipulated period may hold the same in a short period of time. Any delay, due to unavoidable reason may be intimated in writing to CS and Circle Body would take a decision within the frame work of the constitution and convey the same to the concerned Zonal Secretary.

The House decided to publish diary for 2016 and formed a sub committee with terms of reference to publish the same by end of Dec15. The sub-committee is constituted as under.  

  • Bidyut Ghosh-Convenor 2) Soumendranath Ghosh- member, 3) Aparesh Ghosal-member   4) Prasanta Mazumder-member and 5) Subhranath Das- member.

The Sub-committee should ensure to hold meetings with the members and inform on the development to CS.

The house discussed on shortcomings in ERP for the time and how non payment to vendors is badly affecting the work in fields. Hosting of information in ERP in respect of staff benefit and claims needs to be addressed in view of lack of trained staff and shortage too. It also recorded acute shortage of staff in some areas due to superannuation in large numbers and how the existing staff is struggling to cope the situation. This is particularly poignant in Area Sreerampur, BKP etc. Payment against diary in ERP also needs to be ascertained.

The House expressed interest to hold CWC and decided to get a first hand information on venue and expenditure before the matter is placed to CHQ.