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Archive of : Aug, 2014

Forum meeting held on 28/01/16 at CTO Hall comprising HQ and LD wings. All the constituents of Forum were present. Though the establishment of GM HR & Admin is not directly related to services like BB and LL yet taking into consideration overall overhauling of CTD and update on the plight of CTD the constituent representatives of Forum addressed the house. It dwelt at large on revenue earned by BSNL and how the performance of CTD is having a telling effect on overall growth. CS spoke of contemplating of human workforce which has reduced to critical level and felt mere realisation is not enough but actual action is required. GM HR & Admin expressed regret on poor attendance at the finishing hours and spoke on the lack of commitment amongst staff to think of better services. He also felt that since there is virtually no scope to induct new staff, we need to form a trained asset of the staff existing instead of taking it as liability. SNEA/CTC was represented by Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Tapan Chakraborty VP and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS.


republic day 2016


Forum meeting held on 21/01/16 at Birendra Krishna Bhadra Hall, Bagbazaar. SNEA/CTC was represented by Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS. Convenor briefed the house on the need of such meeting and updated on the service conditions under various verticals in CTD. CS emphasized on delivering better service knowing well there are several limitations. He drew the attention of GM concerned to evaluate the staff and executives deployment and bring redressal to those who are utterly pressured while others are having better days. CS informed that such meetings are only a beginning of a continuous process.


Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Secretary(E) and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS attended the general body meeting of North Suburban Zone on 16/01/16. Members expressed severe grievances on scarcity of staff and non uniform distribution among various divisions. The authority is least bothered about outrageous refusal by some to take additional charges when some are already overburdened. Moreover, the present management seems to be pushing blindly for road shows, marketing even on holidays without considering the constraints faced by the executives, particularly matter related to disposal of accounts wing. The zone felt that inordinate delay is being made to release one JTO and shuffle a few at strategic posts, given the retirements and transfers from HQ taking place. Com Jt Secy(E) deliberated on issues related to CHQ viz E2 & E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy, LICE exam for the cadre of JTO, 3rd PRC etc. He also appealed to the house to commit ourselves to render better service to the customers so that CTD can earn revenue tiding over the consecutive losses.  Com Soumen Ghosh assured to take up the matter of staff and unjustified pressure with the appropriate authority. Association would ensure to hold a meeting with the administration at the earliest. However, due to ensuing CWC meet at Kolkata, the association is hecticly busy and appealed to all to contribute in their respective ways to make it a success.


Com Dilip Saha CS attended the CEC meet of WBTC on 09/01/16 at CTO TI Hall and addressed the house in brief. Thanked the house for inviting him on the occasion of CEC meet and dwelt at large on teething problems on implementation of ERP. CS pointed to large scale retirements and how the same is over burdening the executives with multiple charges. The situation calls for rationalization of human resource, evolving of justified norms for staff and commitment towards the objectives for rendering better services. He also shared that mere cosmetic increase of customers is not the ultimate process to retain, rather, the situation warrants for simultaneous development of infrastructure that forms the stability of any network. CS wished the CEC all success.


Circle Office bearers, CWC members along with Zonal Secretaries and Zonal Presidents held a meeting on 08/01/2016 at Telephone Bhavan to discuss on organising and planning to host CWC Meet on 08/02/16 & 09/02/16 at Rabindratirtha, New Town, Kolkata. Some activists of various zones also participated in the meeting. The meeting constituted four subcommittees for efficient functioning and better coordination.  The committees are as under-

Reception Committee-    Prasanta Ray, Convenor    9432001772       Samar Ash-  9432001583                    Manoj Dasgupta  9433000569    Ajay Sarkar- 9433000412   Sudip Dasgupta- 9433000145                      Tapan Sarkar- 9433000443   Dhiraj Biswas- 8902000053

 Accomodation Committee  Soumen Ghosh-Convenor 9433400431   P Sahi Prasad-9433000133            D M Podder-9432001313  Tapan Chakraborty-8902000396  

 Food Commitee–  Biswajit Basu-Convenor-9432001267    Bidyut Ghosh-9433945050                                Subhra Nath Das- 9433000142   Amaresh Raychowdhury-9433400435  

 Transport Committee- Prasanta Ghosh-Convenor-9432000962        Ashis Das- 9432000437                     Ketan Hazra- 9432000441 Gautam Patra-9433400558  Himangshu Biswas-9433400416                      Subhas Sinchan Pal-9432000282  Ashok kundu-9433000078                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Circle body may make minor alteration or inclusion for better functioning and representation in the subcommittees. Reception Committee may immediately go for  posters and making of banners for main gate, backside of dais, for Railway stations and airport within next 5 days. It is also responsible for stage decoration and other works discussed in the meeting.

Transport committee may plan to deploy our representatives soon after getting the arrival schedule of the CWC members and invitees. The may be requisitioned after consulting with CS at minimum required to transport the CWC members fro Railway station and airport to the venue. Since the distance from station to venue is a long one, prepaid taxis may be availed intermittently, whenever necessary. The members of the transport committee should retain number of copies of the venue address and landmark to handover to the CWC members whenever such circumstances arises. Transport Committee in coordination with Accomodation committee, should explore convinience for departure to the Railway station or airport to the extent feasible. 

Accomodation committee after getting the schedule of arrival may earmark the rooms of various circles and invitees and accordingly ensure to be present at the venue to convinience such activity. early arrivals and late departures from the time/stay notified in the notice, if any may be accomodated in IQs or by providing extra minimum booking at the same venue.

Food Committee may ensure entire fooding from dinner of 7th Feb 2016 to breakfast of 10th Feb 2016 as per the list submitted to caterer. also ensure for drinking water through out the session. rest as was discussed in the meeting.

The points enumerated under each sub committee are only on broad terms and other issues may be accomplished as is required. The convenor of all the subcommittees are to keep a close coordination with Reception Committee and CS,. 

On organisational matter the house expressed severe resentment over non finalization of fixation of pay under FR1(a)1 in respect of JTOs officiating. The dates in court are getting extended one after another without any result. Even though the association hasn’t taken any money for filing the case from any candidate, yet the unfortunate episode of inordinate delay in disposing of the litigation is not desireable. Association filed the case for parity of pay fixation with other similarly placed JTOs offtg and also ensures to deal the matter on a broarder base to extend benefit to those too who are now JTO regular but was officiating in the past. Since the case is subjudice, the house decided to convey CHQ to intervene immediately for final disposal.

In matter of transfer policy on longest stayee, the house decided to oppose integrating stay at same station but under two different recruiting circles.. The staffing norms need to be reviewed and multiple additional charges without any extra remuneration may be stopped. The called for immediate implementation of CPSE Hierarchy, EPF enhancement and including revised pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and revision of pension for BSNL absorbees as terms of reference in the ensuing 3rd PRC.


Com Dilip Saha, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy (E) met CGM to convey the concern of the executives and TTAs in Area Srirampur. Though CGM was already aware of it, yet the association briefed on how reportedly, while doing road shows at Uttarpara Railway Station, the TTAs were nabbed by the railway authority inspite of revealing the identity of being staff of BSNL. One of the SDEs, who happens to be one our member, while trying to free them from the authority was harassed and utterly humiliated. However, he did his best to release the concerned TTAs. It is learnt that GM concerned was also intimated.   Association informed to CGM of already having had a discussion with GM/West and demanded management to immediately intervene with the  appropriate authority to free the officials of  charges , if any and convey about the unacceptable bout of harassment extended to the executive. It also prevailed upon the administration to take up such meetings at the earliest to restore confidence amongst the staff and puts across a message  to govt establishments that staff of BSNL are government representatives and that a bit communication in time at officers level to mitigate such situation. It should be understood that the executives and staff, as part of ‘SWAS’ and marketing, had been taking initiative for road shows. 

CGM informed to be aware of the matter but was unaware of nitti gritty details since he was busy with Corporate Office affair. However, he had conveyed to the concerned GM and would look into the matter on immediate basis.



Com Dilip Saha, CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) met GM/HR &Admin on scarcity executives under various DGMs. Association once again reminded of some critical vacant posts which require immediate filing. This is beside the general shortage in the fields that is afflicting the services. GM informed of the recent meeting of GM/HRs of various circles and that there seems no possibility of sizeable introduction in various ranks. On the contrary, the existing strength is enough to meet the requirement is the message that got percolated. In CTD, the plight will further worsen when about more than 50 SDEs from other Circles would get released.

Association spoke of clubbing the posts of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO, DE/CAO is all for vertical career progression but as far as the work and responsibility is concerned, the same is not applicable since there is no redefining of norms. Moreover, large number of executives are continuously looking after additional charges without any extra remuneration. Such critical situation necessitates immediate review. It also once again reminded of new incumbents postings without further delay. 

GM informed of processing the case of new incumbents and said the matter would given due weightage while consulting with the appropriate authority.


Forum of CTD held its 5th meeting on 04/01/2016 at Shyamnagar. It was attended by executives and non-executives of Area BKP. Representatives of constituents making the Forum spoke on the need to improve services and suggested various means and ways to meet the objective of making Calcutta Telephones turn around. 

Some of the issues that came to notice in the process of discussion are- in general the condition of battery and E/A in various remote exchanges remains critical. A total overhauling/replacement of the same requires immediate attention. Even in main exchanges the standby E/A remains faulty inspite of several reminders to Electrical Wing. Soon the power goes off, many exchanges shut down since the back up for battery is absent or non functional. There is no healthy fibre network between Barasat-BKP. When the condition between Panihati-CSP worsens, the subsequent links of BRS-BKP goes down. There is abosulute need for GPON maintenance. 

Due to unavailability of battery backup and faulty power modules( requires AMC) exchanges, namely Barasat, Natagarh, Nonachandanpukur, H B Town etc stays vulnerable. Nonachandanpukur exch has more than 750 BB customers but unfortunately during power cuts the entire section of customers are deprived of services. 

It also pointed to absence of BTS at Halisahar Exch and Manirampur. The house pointed to slow decision making practice and that files remain untracked even for years. Executives, pointed to delay in accounts for payment for holding road fare and how several reminders to Electrical wing goes into vain. 

Comrade Dilip Saha CS, Com Misson Dey Z/S, Com Achin Basu, Z/President, Com Tapan sarkar and Com Anup Lahiri attended the meet. CS appreciated the suggestions to extend services of BB and GPON in Housing Complexes and laying of cables in non feasible areas but reminded on the responsibility of retaining the existing lines. A holistic approach is needed with strengthening of infrastructure. Since, it would take time, it become incumbent on all to work within existing resources. CS also pointed to delay in obtaining financial concurrences and in this matter GM must take proactive steps to cut on delays. Inordinate delay in  payment to vendors due to work getting held up while implementing through ERP is adding to our woes.

GM spoke of committment towards work and punctuality. The field staff are quite expert and each of them could well become promoter of BSNL services and product. He spoke to have plans before hand to repair the faulty cables instead of working in piecemeal basis. 



CS had a discussion with GM/HR on proper deployment of executives who joined CTD recently. As large number of executives are retiring every month and there are others who stand released to tenure station, it is practically becoming tough to manage the show in various units, particularly in field units, including CMTS, TX etc. In view of above, the situation warrants for judicious deployment of the new incumbents.

It also requested to initiate the process of DPC for the cadre of PS  against vacancies eligible till March 2016.