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Archive of : Aug, 2014

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Soumen Ghosh ACS met Shri Amit Bhattacharya CGM to discuss on acute shortage of staff and how the same would further impact when the executives posted to native circle would get released. Association emphasized that since transfer order issued cannot be held for long, situation calls for immediate reorganisation of human resource. Association also suggested to release on first join basis and without further delay. There are many Rule 8 cases pending and the same also needs to be considered. In view of such predicament, it is incumbent upon the administration to send requisition to Corporate Office to deal with such grim situation. CGM agreed to the alarming situation and informed to take stock of the situation at the earliest.

Association expressed resentment on recent order to Principal Employers to resolve the cases pending, if any at the earliest. Since Principal Employer is a delegated post, all issues cannot get resolved at their level. Rather, a mention of higher officers would have helped to address the situation. 

Non payment of leave encashment, GPF in time is causing widespread resentment among our members. This is beside inordinate delay in processing medical bills. Even after an elapse of one year,there are cases where leave encasment has not been paid. CGM asked for some of the cases and assured to convey the same to the concerned unit/s.

Association reminded to some leftout cases of prayer transfer that are yet to be forwarded and strongly urged to demand for manpower from Corporate Office.  


North Suburban Zone held its AGB on 21/03/2016 at Lalkuthi Telephone Exchange/BKP. The house was teeming with members and quite a good numbers of retired executives attended the event that speaks off inseperable tie with the association. There is acute shortage of  executives in the area and the demand for deployment from outside did not materialise inspite of several requisition from the area. There are few who stand transferred to Training Centre, others, whose orders are out to other circles and continuing trend of  retirements is taking heavy toll on the performance. The teething problems in ERP is also delaying lot of activities. The effort to improve upon the services would not meet the desired result unless some mechanism is adopted to leverage the work. Executives expressed their helplessness being overburdened by multiple charges.

Com Dilip Saha CS categorically acceded to the acute shortage of staff and briefed the house on how retirements and transfers are robbing us off of vital manpower. The matter worsens further when we executives retiring in large hordes but without any recruitment at the other end. This critical situation add to woes when executives are asked to improve upon services. The benign consideration to release officials on transfer is not the crux but to run the show has become the real challenge. The halt in promotion due to numerous court cases is exacerbating the situation. CS addressed on CPSE Hierarchy, E2/E3 payscales, pay protection, delay in constituting 3rd PRC, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitee, the need for automatic pension revision in line with pay commission, pay fixation benefit to offtg JTOs , court cases in respect of promotion from JTO/JAO to SDEAO etc

Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Prasanta Ray Org Secretary, Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC member, Com Bidyut Ghosh Treasurer, Com Sajal Chatterjee Z/Secretary NE Zone attended the meet and graced the occasion.

Com Misson Dey, Com Tapan Sarkar and Com Pradip Biswas were unanimously elected as Zonal President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the next term


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Bidyut Ghosh Treasurer, Com Ketan Hazra Z/S HWH Zone, Com Navendu Samanta and Com Tanmay Maity  met Mr Om Prakash GM/NWO-I. At the outset, CS introduced  the office bearers attending the meet and presented the constraints being faced by the field officers in maintaining LL, BB and at the same time continue with promotion of services on holidays. CS also pointed to the downtrend in connection across all circles and areas in CTD. On the contrary, it is observed, Howrah and Sreerampur are still commanding better statistics. GM spoke of smses he makes and agreed to granting compensentary leaves for those who work on holidays. He, rather emphasized that such granting of leaves are in order since long. Association pointed to holding up of leaves applied by officers until the last moment resulting in utter inconvinience,  He assured to pay attention to the issue and that genuine cases are considered in time. Association pointed to severe deficiency in infrastructure viz absence of cable laying since long, installing trans equipment, installing BTSs and battery, poor state of ACs and how the same is affecting the services in a big way. Mere new connection would not suffice unless back haul is made strong. GM agreed to the observation made and assured to look into the matter.

It was agreed that such meeting would be taken up for Sreerampur and Area North also.


Annual General Body Meeting of North-East Zone of SNEACTC was held on 19/03/2016 at Cossipore Telephone Exchange. Inspite of intermittent rainy splash, members attended the event in hordes and presented to the dais , the problems being faced by the field officers in maintaining LL and BB besides upkeep of BTSs . The issue of  acute scarcity of executives and non executives, the constraint of working on holidays to promote ‘SWAS’, frequent and prolong disruption of gateways, etc was discussed extensively.

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Tapan Chakraborty Vice President, Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary, Com Prasanta Ray, Org Secretary and Com Bidyut Ghosh Treasurer graced the occasion. Com CS addressed the house on the status of E2/E3 payscales for JTO/JAO & SDE/AO,, CPSE Hierarchy, pay protection for the who had drawn the extra fixation for officiating, intervention in court for early hearing of cases in respect of promotion from JTO to SDE( both at Ernakulam and Chandigarh CAT), pay fixation under FR 22 1(a)1 for officiating JTOs , membership verification,etc. CS also informed on the critical situation in respect of acute shortage of human resource stemming from large scale retirements and transfers to other circle. The situation calls either  for immediate rationalisation of staff( uniform deployment) or evolve some alternative means to come over the crisis. The executives whose transfers orders stand issued would get released but then some means for substitute also stands immediate priority.  

In regard to working on holidays to promote SWAS, the staff should be judiciously used and compensentory leave should be extended whereever required. The matter has been taken up with CGM too.

The house unanimously elected Com Sajal Chatterjee, Com Amar Ray and Com Anup Das as Zonal Secretary, Zonal President and Treasurer respectively for the next term. The House also placed Com Samar Ash as adviser to the body.         


Forum met CGM/CTD to review the position following series of meetings/ interactive sessions in various areas except with GM/CMTS and GM/Tx. SNEACTC was represented by Com Dilip Saha CS, Com P. K Ghosh, Organising Secretary and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS.  Convener of Forum briefed on the exercise under taken since Nov 15 through which the message for improvement in service could involve 40 to 50% of the work force. It observed,  the management lacked the seriousness in many fronts and that the exercise of evaluation on improvement of services was not undertaken during this intervening period. Senior officers should have been proactive to participate in the interactive sessions. The recent directives on SWAS calls for aggressive marketing. Though Forum is taking initiative to participate in road shows etc yet there is no clear standing from management to allow the field representatives to participate. It pointed to absence of clarification for working on Sundays and holidays. This is more so with the establishment of GM/NWO-I. No employee can put service without break nor the management could ask to do so. 

Working on Sundays did show noticeable increase in restoration of LL and BB services but field staff faces dearth of store that hinders fault restoration. Moreover, there is no effort on the part of management to communicate with high ups of the state administration to prevent cable cuts by multiple agencies besides the need for licence/permission to lay cables. 

It also pointed to undue delay in payment of GPF advance/or on superannuation, leave encashment, and the hassle being faced for wrong pay fixation resulting in deduction from leave encashment. This is despite no fault on the part of the employee. Forum expressed concern on whether  seemingly serviceable stores lying idle for many years in office compound are getting auctioned under price in Samudra Manthan. In matter of HR, Forum cited the recent order of DOPT based on Apex court judgement that envisages for waiver of excess payment due to fixation where neither the employer or employee is at fault and where the same had got drawn for several years.Many such cases qualifies for waiver in accordance to the clause envisaged in the order. There is widespread grievances in payment of medical bills and that the same require immediate attention for early disposal. Bills of several months are pending for payment.

CGM briefed on the status of services under various verticals and that there has been marginal improvements in many areas. However, he is concerned with the alarming decline of BB connections. He confessed on lack of stable infrastructure since many years but was glad to declare that 1000 BTSs have been allotted to CTD. About 300 kms of OFC is to arrive with over 100 MADM and about 700 nos of ADM-I. This will definitely go a long way to stabilize the network. The situation has worsened due to numerous cables cuts by multiple agencies involved in project work. A re planning is required to take care of the situation. There is steady growth in mobile connections. This could be achieved, partially due to installing minilinks in peripheral areas where bandwidth would not pose much problem.

In matter of GPF and leave encashment, as suggested by Forum, it will be seen if the same can be paid on the day of retirement. Forum had cited that such practice is already prevalent in many circles. As suggested,by Forum, circulars will be made to alert the section concerned for processing the bills including medical in time bound manner. 

GM/HR and Admin informed to have circulated letters for timely submission of service book for retirees. But unfortunately, on every occasion the o/o of GM/HR has to pursue the cases at the final stage. GM/Finance replied that the items under Samundra Manthan undergoes electronic bidding following circulation for requirement of the same in other section/office/circle. It is a three stage process and that the likelihood of underpricing is remote. Yet, he will see to the issue raised in the meeting.

Forum suggested GM/HR to call meetings with custodian of service books every three months for those retiring six months later. This proactive role will definitely mitigate the problem of undue delay in processing the cases related retirement benefits. Besides, some mechanism needs to be involved to know the status of the bills/files, particularly those related to medical for expeditious disposal.

Due to time constraint, CGM would provide a date soon to discuss the service related issues that remained incomplete.