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Archive of : Aug, 2014

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) met GM/HR and Admin to once again remind him over acute staff shortage in areas, There is a need to post executives in CMTS and Transmission for the huge project of installing over 1000 BTSs across CTD but then some areas like Srirampur , Barackpur are bleeding for want of staff. Association requested to give a holistic consideration before deciding on further posting.

In matters of releasing the executives whose transfer orders got issued, association reiterated on its earlier proposal to work out some arrangement in consultation with the association/s to consider their release. It’s already close to six months and further delay would be utterly improper. Moreover, since the Corporate Office is already contemplating release through ERP. it would be highly prudent to give a fresh rethink on the issue. This apart, there are few, who have completed two years of stay and have prayed for transfer. Such cases be forwarded without discrimination. Those who are having less than two years of service left may be considered as special cases. 

GM feels, if release of more than 50 nos executives without any substitute doesn’t have any impact then perhaps Corporate office would construe that CTD can run for itself. Association pointed out that many transfers on promotion under similar category had taken place all across BSNL and by now most of the circles have released the executives. The argument that CTD is unable to do so sends an untenable message. As association, we are also equally worried of manpower given the largescale retirements over the months. So, it becomes incumbent to prevail upon Corporate Office to requisition substitutes from the promotion/recruitment in close offing. 


SNEA served notice for trade union actions as per the decision of the Kolkata CWC: 

Charter of demands:

  1. Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on:

  2. a)    Standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A,

  3. b) Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy,

  4. c)   Uniform TBP between 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

  5. 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees.

  6. Officiating pay fixation, pay protection – withdrawal of wrong clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010.

  7. Promotions in different wings from JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to DE/EE, AAO to CAO and DE to DGM.

  8. Membership verification among Executives Associations by addressing the issues raised. Restoration of trade union facilities and deduction of subscription from Salary till membership verification is conducted.

  9. First Time Bound Promotion after 4 years from Lateral JTO and Sr SDE grades as done in the case of AAO and Sr AO grades.

  10. Notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect wings w.e.f 01.10.2000.

Programme of Trade Union actions:

Massive Dharna at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs: 11th May, 2016

Relay Hunger Strike at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs: 18th, 19th and 20th May, 2016. 

If the issues are not resolved, more vigorous trade union actions will be resorted to from June, 2016.

Notice for Trade Union actions

All members of Calcutta Telephones Circle/SNEA are hereby informed to remain prepared for observing the trade union programme as notified by CHQ. Circle Office bearers, CWC members, Zonal Secretaries and Zonal Presidents and all other office bearers of respective zones are requested to keep the members informed on the latest developments  by holding meetings and ensure participation of all. You all have surely come to know that how some outfits are trying to derail the demands that are almost finalized and how badly the same is going to affect the executives at large. Non-finalization of standard payscales will have a serious impact on 3rd PRC;s recommendation. CPSE Hierarchy, if not implemented in time will only delay further promotion, since the old rules are embroiled in myriad court litigation with serious impact on career progression.  30 % superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees requires implementation without further delay. There are other issues that calls for immediate attention. So, comrades are requested to remain aware and prepared to stage a strong protest against the management for dragging the issues beyond reasonability.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy (East) met Shri S K Samanta , GM/HR & Admin  and reminded on the controversy over  the LICE held in 2013 had let down the TTAs  for facing questions that had either erroneous answer keys or were set out of syllabus. It may please be reminded that for except one, none qualified in the said exam. Calcutta Telephones lost a major opportunity to fill a part of the acute vacancy unlike other circles. The situation worsened over the years due to large scale retirements in the cadre of executives. Now that the Corporate Office has come out with an order for re evaluation based on certain guidelines in respect of the unsuccessful candidates, association urged upon to resolve the issue in right spirit and fair justice expeditiously. Association requested to complete the exercise of reevaluation before the commencement of the next LICE i.e on 22nd May 2016. Moreover, since the aforesaid exam is being held after delays due to court litigation and some clarification, association emphasized to exercise utmost caution for holding the exam without any hassle

GM acceded to the observation made and assured to see to the issue. Association further pointed out that the candidates who had appeared in LICE 2013 already made submission citing the anomalies in provisional/final answer key and substantiated the same by providing authentic documents and references in this regard. GM informed that a committee will to look into the issue as per the guidelines laid down by Corporate Office.

Association reminded of processing the DPC for the cadre of PS. GM informed, the work pertaining to roaster is reportedly over and that the work for DPC is on the anvil.

The matter of forwarding the prayer for transfer in respect of those executives who have completed two years in CTD  was raised by the association. GM stated that inspite of several reminders to Corporate Office not a single substitute has been posted, so the situation stands grim. Association pointed out that administration has no means to discriminate amongst executives since the preceding batch’s transfer were forwarded on completion of two years. The non response from corporate office should not come in the way of those who stand entitled. Moreover, the transfers that already stand issued for more than six to seven months cannot be allowed to languish for indefinite period. Association reminded GM that the results of LDCE and promotion on seniority cum fitness quota for the cadre of JTO got delayed due to court litigation.  Sooner or later, the same is going to take place. It is highly proposed to impress upon the management to provide substitutes and simultaneously make local arrangement to take care of the crisis, since some are going to get released through ERP soon. Let not injustice is meted out to the executives waiting for release. Association, categorically pressed for forwarding of prayers of those who completed two years of service in the cadre of both SDEs and DEs in CTD .

GM said, since the management has taken some view on the issue,  he would  discuss the matter raised by the association at the appropriate level.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Sankar Sanyal  Jt Secy (East) met GM/Finance to express severe grievances on inordinate delay in payment of retirement benefits. There are cases of over one year wherein it is observed the leave encashment hasn’t taken place. On enquiry, it is reportedly learnt concerned sections, inspite of absence of formal order are bickering over the issue. Association pressed for immediate policy decision and settlement of long pending cases. GM assured to look into the matter and the  association  will shortly submit the lists unsettled cases alongwith  long pending medical cases.


It is hereby informed that Circle Secretary/ SNEA/CTC  will be proceeding on leave w.e.f  06/04/2016. During his absence, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS in coordination with Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Prasanta Ghosh Organising Secretary and Prasanta Ray Organising will look after the charge of Circle Secretary till his joining. All office bearers and members are requested to cooperate in this regard.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Sankar Sanyal  Jt Secy (East) met GM/HR & Admin to discuss on scarcity of staff and release of executives whose order stands issued since more than five months. Association strongly pressed to evolve some mechanism on urgent basis for uniform deployment of executives/staff due to large scale retirements and keeping in view the release of executives who are under transfer since long.  Management should simultaneously take up the issue with Corporate Office to provide substitutes to a reasonable extent for the time. Enough time has elapsed and it is time to take serious view of the matter.  GM responded to take up the matter with CGM without further delay.

Association pointed to inordinate delay in paying terminal benefits to retirees. There are cases of more than a year where the executives are yet to receive the leave encashment. GM pointed to some confusion on who would settle the cases of SDE/LA  since on the day of retirement they are relegate to their substantive grade i.e JTO. All these while, a section of accounts use to handle it. Now that the ERP has come in force, the cases of SDE/LA who becomes JTO on the last day of their service are being sent back to AGM/Staff-II without and formal policy decision. Association pressed for policy decision on immediate basis and that the management has to act. The maze of interpretation cannot be a cause for harassment to the executives.

Association reminded to commence the DPC for PS for the financial year 2015-16. GM informed to have received some queries on the formula applied to calculate the vacancies and that concerned section has asked to process the file.