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Archive of : Aug, 2014

Com Dilip Saha CS, and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met CGM/CTD  to express concern on gherao of DGMs  by contractual labours, almost on monthly basis  for non payment of wages in time. i.e by 7th of every month. Association expressed resentment on delay of arrival of fund resulting in stoppage of work during the period of gherao. CGM informed to be aware of the matter and that the CO is not forthwith with fund allocation given the performance of the circle. He also requested the association take up the issue at CO too. Association requested CGM to write in to the Corporate Office on the issue, so that it helps the association too, to pursue at their end. CGM readily accepted the proposal.

Association reminded CGM  to prevail upon Corporate Office to retain the 54 nos of LDCE qualified JTOs  and 302 nos of eligible JTOs of CTD under seniority cum fitness quota on their promotion to the cadre of SDE. CGM agreed to the proposal and said that he would communicate with Corporate Office in this matter.

Endorsement of inter circle transfer order- CGM expressed serious reservation since CTD is already deficient of executives. He is looking forward to substitutes since none has joined till date. Association said to be aware of the issue but unfortunately court litigations are coming in the way of promotion/allotment. It is not that association is demanding at the cost of CTD’s performance but then transfer order issued by Corporate Office must hold some reason.  CGM added that the recent release of large number of SDEs through ERP has not been substituted. The vacuum left behind due to sudden release is yet to stabilize and moreover, in the meeting with field management, it was informed that field executives are not accepting additional charges. Association, reminded CGM that these allotment of executives in CTD, about two years back was not expected of and was not posted  as substitutes. It occurred due to bulk promotion for vacancies that got accumulated over the years due to stays in various courts of law. It was unprecedented.  Association spoke of incorrect information regarding refusal to take charges of the executives’ released through ERP. All the charges have been taken over, inspite of several difficulties with many. Association, had pleaded earlier too, for strong persuasion at corporate level for further allotment of executives in CTD. CGM said, the situation hasn’t stabilized yet following the release of large number of SDEs in recent past. However, he would see to the matter after things settle for a while and substitutes posted. He also requested for associational intervention at corporate office for posting of executives. Association continued by requesting CGM to explore some means by taking up the issue with Corporate Office on their release and posting of substitutes. 

Association requested to see that the TTAs, those who stand a chance to qualify in recently held LICE for promotion to the cadre of JTO, are considered for undergoing training in RTTC/Kalyani. CGM replied to take up the matter with GM/HR &Admin and that he would also consult with GM/HR in this regard.



EMERGENT CEC MEETING HELD ON 18-06-2016 at TI HALL/CTO BUILDING-The meeting commenced with usual welcome address by Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, followed with briefing on organisational and service oriented issues pertaining to Circle.The house welcomed Com K Sebastin, GS amidst slogan and applause. There was all round cheer and indomitable eagerness with the executives to hear to the latest developments from beloved GS.  Com Dilip Saha, CS/CTC  reported on the plight of services under different verticals affecting Calcutta Telephones and how the lack of infrastructural development over last many years have taken a toll on both customers and revenue. It has been observed that numerous public utility agencies are on the roads for infrastructural developmental works pertaining to both national and state projects resulting in damage to underground assets of BSNL. This might be true with other circles too, but then, given the city’s landscape and topography, the problem here is of unique nature. The matter stands further aggravated since no infrastructural developments has taken place due to non availability of cables, BTSs, Trans equipment etc for last many years .It is often heard that Corporate Office is unwilling to hear to any demand or requirement placed by circle since CTD is a non performer; means the circle is incurring so much loss that it is telling upon the overall performance of BSNL. It is incomprehensible as to why the Corporate Office is failing to bring about changes in terms of management’s role. Successive, head of circles retired yet nobody could bring noticeable change. Does the cause lie with the field executives alone or something has gone haywire with management and policies adopted? Herein, CS informed on acute scarcity of manpower and how the same is posing a hurdle in rendering satisfactory service by the executives in the fields. The attempt to bring about cosmetic changes with an eye to little improvement compared to predecessor, perhaps led to lack of real motive in fortify the infrastructure. The number of BTSs  covering the CTD’s jurisdiction is about 1900 including 2G,3G whereas that of Airtel, Vodafone it is close to 5000, including 2G,3G & 4G. The statistics clearly tells that CTD is having lesser BTSs than other leading telecom operators. The lack of Trans equipment and optical fibre cable had deprived the circle from providing stable service, particularly in respect of Broadband, GPON and Enterprise Business. Mere marketing can never fetch permanent result unless technical aspects are equally taken care of. It’s only now that about 1000 nos  of both 2G and 3G BTSs and about 100 STM equipments are on the cards for deployment. Unless the equipments, BTSs gets commissioned, CTD cannot reap the benefit out of it. It’s all a matter of time.

 Over the last two and a half year, more than 300 executives retired and that no substitute has reported till date inspite of release of large number of executives in recent past. Obviously, the existing executives are being compelled to take additional charges much to their displeasure. On the other hand, the executives who are under inter circle transfer are virtually pleading for release since they are at the fag end of their service life and faced with family/health problems too. CS urged upon CHQ to see that substitutes are posted and intervene at Corporate Office in matter of release of executives on transfer.

CS pointed to late allotment of fund from Corporate Office for payment to contractual labours and how the same has become a cause of gherao of DGM’s on almost every month. CS requested for intervention at corporate level to ensure the funds are sent in time.. The reversion of JTOs belonging to Assam Circle in view of court verdict is very unfortunate. CS requested to take up the matter for relief to the affected candidates.  In conclusion, CS thanked the house and appealed GS to touch all the points on E1/E2 payscales, CPSE Hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefits to BSNL recruitees, pay protection for officiating, various court cases holding up the promotion, case pertaining to officiating JTOs pay fixation,3rd PRC etc. He wished, the house gets enlightened on various issues following the address of GS.

Com K Sebastin, GS elaborated on latest position pertaining to E2/E3 payscales, CPSE Hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefit, pay protection for officiating, court stays on promotion etc. He dwelt at large on the role of SNEA since its inception and how it shaped the basic cadre from the very beginning. SNEA did not lose sight on upliftment of JTO/JAO’s basic payscales and is fighting tooth and nail to restore the position. Various outfits are out to derail the process since they find they are not affected. The demands that do not sound feasible at this stage are being raked up to scuttle the process for once and all. The payscales and CPSE recommendations have already moved to DOT with information on expenditure that would get incurred on implementation. The sudden change of course demanding for cascading effect in CPSE hierarchy had caused a flutter for a while. However, Association had stuck to moving the issue simultaneously on two parts; one with changing the payscales of JTO/JAO & SDE/AO to standard payscales of E2 & E3 and the other with cascading effect. Any delay in settling the E2/E3 payscales will adversely impact in drawing recommendation from 3rd PRC. Moreover, the  helluva of controversy on staying in E3 payscales for 10 years  is nothing but a planned distraction from the core issue. The 10 years stay in E3 IDA payscales  without any financial loss or increment loss within the five standad IDA payscales as approved by DOT should not be a cause of apprehension; rather, a section is making it an issue to fish in troubled waters.   In regard to 30 % superannuation benefit, CMD had committed to grant extra 6%. However, lately, it has been said the Esst section has worked out the post retirement benefit expenditure at 13% approximately which sound incredulous. CMD said that after verifying the amount arrived at, superannuation benefit of 6% would get considered.

Court cases- too many court cases are hindering the progress of DPCs/promotion. In LDCE case,  the association could ensure for declaration of results but then cases at Ernakulam and Chandigarh are yet to lift the stay. Association could convince the management to employ a senior lawyer for final hearing at Ernakulam. The matter is in progress. The case pertaining to JTO offtg is to come up in mid of July 2016 and GS believes that it could be the day for verdict. In case of reversion of JTOs from Assam Circle of which one belongs to CTD, GS said the case had gone to Supreme Court and based on its verdict the JTOs in Assam Circle had faced reversion long back. However, the association is extending all kinds of logistic and financial support to the group who are on the case.

In matter of 3rd PRC, NCOA, where SNEA is a leading constituent had given a call of trade union program for constitution of 3rd PRC in 2015. But, the Govt was dilly dallying on the issue inspite of communication from DPE. Ultimately, on further notification of TU program, Govt acceded to the demand for constitution of 3rd PRC. Already the notification has taken place. This PRC is of utmost importance since all PSUs are of the opinion that recommendations should be delinked from the issue of profitability. This is due to the fact that many PSUs, being  loss making establishment, are continuing with 1st PRC payscales . Moreover, the issue of pension revision should be in terms of reference. This demands are in consonance with Central Pay Commission. Lastly, he spoke on membership verification and appealed to all comrades to gear up for the grand finale.

Veteran Com Rupak Sen expressed pride in being a part of this association for long and narrated the crusade the association had undertaken to go for justified demands, It’s SNEA that had looked after interest of basic cadres and left no stone unturned to clinch justified payscales, 30% fixation benefit during 2nd PRC, in struggling to merge 50% IDA preceding 2nd PRC, thwarting the temptation of Rs 2000/- advance to lure the employees into absorption, fighting cases in court of law for spelling out the terms and condition before absorption. In all these cases, the association emerged victorious.

Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WBTC thanked GS for making effective headway for treating WBTC as tenure circle so that willing executives can opt from other circles. Acute scarcity of staff punctuated with unwillingness to serve in remote areas has prompted to take such decision. He also pointed to discrimination being followed in Telecom Factory for conducting DPC for the cadre of SDE and AGMs. The process is delayed deliberately whereas prompt action is taken by management in matter of promotion in higher cadres. He expressed concern for pay fixation of JTO offtg and requested GS to see to the case.Com Nirmal Sarkar, President concluded meeting by expressing thanks to GS , participants and invitees and appealed  all to strengthen SNEA to strengthen BSNL. 




Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary, Com Dilip Ghosal, Zonal President, Com Kousik Bhowmik Org Secretary (Zone), Com Manjushree Bhattacharya and Com S Varathan met Shri Om Prakash Mishra, GM/NWO-I to convey strong resentment on periodical heckle of DGM/NWO/SRMP for delayed arrival of fund meant for payment to contractual labour. It has almost become a regular phenomenon and is going beyond the limit inspite of the fact that the DGM is in no way responsible for such delay. Association strongly demanded to put an end to such harassment and resolve the issue for once and all. GM assured to look into the issue and  ensure  recurrence of such incident do not take place henceforth.

Association pointed to acute scarcity of staff in area Srirampur, particularly in the cadre of JTOs, SDE and DE. Too many additional charges are being undertaken by executives leading to unjustified burden and mental worry. The matter needs to be reviewed on immediate basis for rationalisation of staff and deployment . GM said to review the matter and find out some means to provide relief to over burdened executives.

In matter of working on holidays and Sundays as part of SWAS programme, association suggested to conduct a meeting with all staff and executives to put across the message of such requirement. Bringing staff on holidays entails providing compensatory leave and depleted manning on week days. GM said that entitlements cannot be stopped but then depending upon the situation, staff may be employed judiciously so that work on week days stay unhindered. Association pointed to the staff desire for an open meeting to which GM said to have made aware of the issue to all unions and association as and when the meeting with respective unions/association took place.

Problem in regard to water supply in Triveni—- Association reminded on this issue to which GM said to be aware of it. It is learnt that Civil wing had floated tender twice but it failed on both occasions. The part of work pertaining to electrical wing cannot take place unless the work meant for Civil wing is completed. GM said, he would take up the matter with CE/Civil to resolve the issue.

In matter of repair of building and electrical installations, GM assured to review the issue in consultation with both Civil and Electrical Wing. He is aware of immediate repair in some buildings and assured to resolve in right earnest.


CS writes to CGM/CTD on retention of 54 nos of JTOs who stand qualified in LDCE from CTD held on 21/06/2015 and 302 nos of  JTOs in CTD who are eligible and under purview of promotion to the cadre of SDE respectively. This retention, in reality, would not increase the executives’ strength since most are already working as SDE/LA. It could only help in posting few in severely needed units for the time. The situation warrants to place a strong requisition to Corporate office for further allotment of JTOs, SDEs, DEs,&DGMs followed with constant persuasion for materialisation.. In last two and a half year, nearly 313 nos of executives superannuated. The vacancy in the cadre of SDE and JTO are 796 and   970 (approximately) respectively as on 31st May 2016. This apart, all effort must be taken for early publication of results of LICE held on 22/05/2016 for promotion from TTA to JTO.

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Com Dilip Saha, CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar President met GM/Finance to draw his attention to a long pending issue on non payment of leave encashment to executives in HQ within reasonable time. It is reportedly learnt, a few rounds of discussions had taken place with HR & Administration but it seems the matter is still dragging. Association strongly wanted to end the impasse without further delay. GM said to have received some information on record and would be considering  the issue to find out some remedial measure and asked for the list of executives affected.

Association reminded on  shortage of accounts officer in many sections and the situation warrants for some redistribution. This apart, some request transfer cases are pending for long and requested to address the concern. GM said that he would review the position and would give a consideration to the request/s made in due time. 


Notice for emergent CEC. Please click here for the notice


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR & Admin to discuss and address the following points.

Association reminded the case pertaining to release of six DEs whose transfer orders got issued about three months back. There is a need to get the order endorsed with a definite date of release so that respective GMs can plan out in advance to make some local arrangement on interim basis till new incumbent joins on further allotment.. Moreover, it will always be prudent to preclude any attempt of release through ERP from Corporate Office. Association also reminded of some left out cases of forwarding of prayers for intercircle transfer in respect of SDEs and particularly about DEs who are having less then two years of service left. These requests were made in view of likely final round of hearing in court of law, scheduled  to come up in mid of June and July’16  to vacate stay/s for promotion from JTO to SDE etc. This will pave way for promotion, both under LDCE and Seniority cum fitness quota. Association, strongly suggested to take up the issue of posting of SDEs/DEs with Corporate Office keeping in view the ensuing promotion and retain the executives promoted from CTD both under LDCE and Seniority cum fitness quota. 

GM informed that since CGM would be leaving for Corporate Office today, he would take up the case in right earnest at the earliest convinient schedule. 

Results are awaited in respect of  those who would qualify in the  LICE held recently  for promotion from TTA to JTO. Association requested to ensure that the exercise for issuing promotion order and sending them for Phase-I training at RTTC/Kalyani takes place without delay and within a stipulated time frame. Moreover, the TTAs who qualified in view of review of answer keys as per corporate office guidelines also be send to  Phase I training alongwith JTOs recruited under SRD. 

GM said to keep in consideration the proposal provided while deciding on the issue.

Sending of VC for promotion from JTO to SDE– Since the hearing on stay at Ernakulam High court is to come up soon, it becomes unavoidably necessary to send the VCs  in time to Corporate Office, so that, in the event the stay/s get vacated, it would smoothen the exercise to conduct DPC and issue the promotion order. Unfortunately, CTD fails to send VCs in time in almost all occasions. Association strongly prevailed upon GM to send the VCs without further delay.

GM said to have obtained the status from Vigilance but the some administrative information is required in respect of those who are under purview of promotion. He said to have initiated the work and hope some progress will be made  shortly.

Association once again requested to resolve the stalemate on which unit would process for leave encashment. Quite a number of retirees from HQ are yet to receive their leave encashment and the matter is getting dragged for a long time. The situation cannot afford to wait further and demands an immediate solution since non payment is resulting in huge loss of interest amount too.  

GM said to be aware of the matter and also had a discussion with the former CGM and GM/Finance too. He is waiting to see the observations noted to decide upon the issue at the earliest. 


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(East), Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Prosanta Ghosh Organising Secretary congratulated and welcomed Shri Sitala Prasad on his assuming charge as CGM CTD. Following a brief introduction with the office bearers, CGM spoke of the challenges that need to be taken by horn to overcome the hurdles being faced by CTD. He said to be aware of some of the basic issues and requested for necessary support and cooperation as is expected of an executives’ association. Association, on its part assured of unqualified support for the growth of CTD and wished all success under the stewardship of the new head of circle. Association also conveyed that cosmetic repair and short term policy would no longer fetch the desired result; rather, the situation calls for fortifying the basic infrastructure to provide stable service. Association believes and is also confident that his experience and esteem would not take much time to understand the crux of the state of affairs and will take all kinds of steps to develop CTD into a profit making Circle.

CS writes to Shri Sitala Prasad welcoming him as CGM/CTD.  please click here for the letter