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Membership verification on 07.12.2016

Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL

Vote for SNEA, Vote for Executives Unity




South Zone of SNEA/CTC held its monthly meeting on 27/10/2016 in Area Jadavpur. Members participated in large numbers and put forth their problems for redressal. Some expressed resentment on administration’s indifference to resolve the issue of payment through ERP for contractual labour and explained how the same could turn vulnerable while assessing in future. Members expressed grievances on non availability of vehicle for Broadband and cash deposit work. There were queries on inordinate delay in promotion from JTO to SDE under seniority cum fitness quota. Zonal Body clarified to queries pertaining to Zone. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS in his address reminded members of 1st executives’ membership verification to be held on 7th of Dec 2016 and appealed to all to be invariably present on that day to cast their respective votes. Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) dwelt on membership verification and detailed on the demand for E2/E3 payscales, CPSE Hierarchy and 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees. Com Aparesh Ghosal, CWC member made a brief address to the house and wished the best for South zone. Com Dilip Saha CS assured to discuss the issue on contractual labour payment through ERP. He spoke on intense pressure in field units to meet targets and increase revenue. However,  at times, the pressure being created seems infeasible to execute. Association is taking cogisance of the matter and would take up at the appropriate forum. In regard to DPC from JTO to SDE, association has taken a proactive role to deploy senior lawyer from Delhi but unfortunately due to one reason or other, it is getting postponed. CS set a clear instruction to all to be present on the day of voting and cast their respective vote detailed on the guidelines to be followed for 1st membership verification. He explained on the feats achieved by SNEA and appealed the members to convey among other executives to have an informed choice before casting his or her vote. 


Forum held Lunch hour demonstration Areawise/Buildingwise in CTD. Slogans rented the air against formation of tower subsidiary by BSNL. Representatives of various constituent association and unions addressed the gathering and alerted all to remain prepared for further round of trade union program. Forum categorically condemned the sinister move of BSNL management to form subsidiary and resolved to fight it out tooth and nail. SNEA was represented by Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) in addressing the assembly.


Com Dilip Saha, CS and Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Secy(E) met CGM/CTD to draw his kind  attention to some long pending HR issues. Association requested, to release Shri B Nagendra DE/BDN, since he is having less than two years of service left from superannuation. There are as many 4 nos of DEs and 5 nos of SDEs whose transfer orders were issued around a year back and are yet to be released. It was pointed out that a part of the list of the aforesaid transfer order has already been implemented  through ERP. This apart, quite a good number of executives, those who completed more than two years of service in CTD have prayed for inter circle transfer and the same needs to be forwarded. Moreover, there were as many as three executives who had submitted option for WBTC as per Corporate office order that expired on 31st Aug 2016. The logic for not forwarding the options due acute scarcity of executives doesn’t hold water since, the longest stayees would get transferred to tenure station shortly and CTD has no means to stop it. Then why not they be given a chance of their choice.

CGM agreed on B Nagendra’s case but requested to speak to GM/HR to discuss it with him. In matter of release of executives, he empathizes with the difficulties faced by these executives and decides to release them based on stayal senioriy in Kolkata, soon some joins. Association reminded that joining from other circle has taken a setback, since many feels, they would not be able to get transfer or release for long. The policy of ‘make them wait”–till release through ERP occurs has set a bad precedent.Moreover, the posts held by executives under transfer are being taken care of by existing staff and so there remains no hurdle to release them. As far as the stayal seniority in Kolkata from other circles is concerned, these executives are seniormost with respect to transfer order issued to this day. CGM requested to convey to GM/HR so that he can have a discussion to take a decision. In matter of forwarding of inter circle transfer CGM would consider it with positive view soon. CGM did not commit on options exercised for WBTC but said he would give a reconsideration.

Since, CGM often cites shortage of executives as prime reasons for non release of executives inspite of long pending transfer orders, association suggested to move a proposal to Corporate Office to declare CTD as a tenure station for two years or non tenue station for three years unlike hard stations but for the purpose of getting willing executives from other circles secured with assurance of return within a stipulated time frame. CGM felt the matter could be discussed before a final proposal is made.


Forum of executives and non executives of CTD met on 25/10/2016 at Telephone Bhavan to review over the meeting held by CGM with all unions and association. Forum observed that there is an attempt by management to allay responsibility in respect of some burning issues, especially the one related to payment to contractual labour through ERP. In its mad rush to retain revenue with respect to last year, management is accouting on theoritical concept instead of going by ground reality. The sudden and arbitrary decision to deploy staff from Plg, HR etc for sale of SIMs without taking into account the real scarcity of staff in field is not acceptable. Forum also noticed that the issue discussed are not getting implemented in spirit.It also expressed resentment over unilateral implementation of EARs for registering arrival/departure for staff working in Plg establishment and resolved not to register attendance in isolation i.e only in Plg. Its a fact that the performance of CTD is declining over the months and the same needs to be arrested, It becomes an incumbent duty on all to deliver their best, if required over the board  to ensure customers’ satisfaction, thus growth in revenue. At the same time management has to address the core issues of revamping the infrastructure rather than setting infeasible targets in the given situation. Forum had discussions on measures to be taken on improvement in services under various verticals. It is decided the points reviewed would be taken up soon with the CTD administration.



Com Dilip Saha,CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met GM/HR & Admin to discuss on increase of polling booths and publication of boothwise electrol roll for the 1st membership verification in respect of executives as per notification. It also discussed on submission of reply to court of law with respect to the case on 1st membership verification to be heard on 03/11/2016. GM/HR & Admin said to be aware of the issue and the work for finalizing boothwise electrol roll is in process. The issue of increase in number of polling booth shall be taken into consideration shortly.

Association brought to his notice the  order issued by DGM/NWO/Plg on registering attendance in Medha by all working under planning establishment. The order is contrary to the spirit of discussion held in the meeting with CGM with the representatives of unions/association and discriminatory too. Such order should not be meant for a particular establishment and requires a discussion before its implementation. It may be reminded that the concept of registering attendance in Medha had extensive discussions with the management on several occasions over a couple of years and was shelved for indefinite period without ever revoking. So, it needs further discussion before the same is implemented uniformly. GM requested to have a talk with GM/NWP and he on his part would also have a discussion in this regard.

Association pointed to the acute situation that has arisen in view payment through ERP for wages of contractual labours and medical bills to vendor. Though, one or two workshops were held but nothing tangible emerged so far. If the payment to contractual labour gets delayed, there is a likelihood of industrial unrest. The sudden stoppage by Kothari Medicals for cashless admission is also a cause of concern. As learnt, henceforth,  payment through ERP has become mandatory but staff are yet not aware of it and . 

GM replied that the matter is taken care of in consultation with GM/Finance. He acceded to the grim situation and assured to resolve the issue at the earliest.



CGM/CTD held a meeting on development pertaining to various services with all unions and associations on 17/10/2016 at  Telephone Bhavan. At the outset, Shri Tripathy, CGM, briefed on the performance of CTD under various verticals and on the revenue deficit of around 6%  compared to last financial year. Suggestions were solicited from all representatives unions/association to improve upon the services and thereby increase revenue earnings. 

All unions and associations spoke of staff shortage and that management should take into confidence from the unions before taking any major decisions. The representatives inquired on poor service in CMTS and Tx network and brought to notice on shortage of store materials in various divisions. They also highlighted on poor marketing services and suggested to strengthen the customer service centres. These centres requires to be open on holidays/Sundays and should be manned from 8 am to 8 pm. Unions/association also suggested to go for hoardings and ads in both print and news media to create awareness of BSNL’s lucrative and affordable products. SNEA reminded that lot many suggestions were made on earlier occasions too but to no avail. It agreed on shortage of staff and apprehends the same cannot be filled to the desired extent. But then, some basic deployment cannot be avoided  and for this, GM concerned should in consultation with unions/association start the process for near uniform deployment. It also observed that Trans and CMTS network are backbone to all kinds of services and unless the network is stabilised, retaining customers will be a difficult task. However, given the position of CTD with respect to other circles, it is time to for aggressive marketing  to increase revenue and overcome the shortfall while the work for strengthening the network continues.  

CGM spoke of constraint in providing staff since there is hardly any recruitment/ promotion. However, he suggested to deploy staff from existing work force to strengthen the marketing team. Given the success of SWAS, Corporate office has sent fiat to hold road shows to sell BSNL products and  accordingly CTD has started off with encouraging results. He decided to hold such fair at every 2 km on the face of several constraints and would pull in staff from Plg and Administration at HQ. In matter of inadequate number of BTSs compared to other private operator, he is of the opinion that govt organisation requires to follow mandatory procedures unlike pvt operators for which certain delay occurs in taking final decision, be it in procurement or other policy decision. Despite such handicaps, existing BTSs provide close to 90% coverage and under such situation, we cannot sit back; rather, we should put our best effort to maximize our sell. He requested the unions and associations to extend their support and cooperation to help CTD turn around. 

SNEA/CTC was represented by Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President and Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Secretary(E).



Com Dilip Saha CS  and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt aecretary(E) met Mr S. Kujur  GM Finance/CTD and exchanged greetings on Dussehra and Bijaya Dashami. Association conveyed grievances amongst executives in quite a number of units where payments are getting beyond reasonable time limit. Most of such cases pertains to medical bills and other entitlements. The matter in regard to encashment of leave in HQ is yet to be settled. The case of Sujit Chakraborty, Ex SDE(LA), retired in Dec 2015 is yet to receive leave encashment inspite of constant persuasion at various level by the retiree concerned. Moreover, the issue of payment of insurance amount also needs to settled. Association also pointed to acute shortage of staff in some units and requested to fill in such posts at the earliest.

GM informed to have instructed the unit concerned to settle the issue with respect to long pending cases till a policy decision is taken in this regard. He further informed to have conveyed the matter to GM/HR & Admin and assured to resolve the cases at the earliest. Meanwhile, he requested association to bring a consolidated list of such cases, pending since long.


Com  Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal sarkar President, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) and Com Ashok Kundu President Central City Zone met Shri S P Tripathy  CGM/CTD and exchanged festive greetings on the occasion of Bijaya Dashami and Dussehra. CGM expressed his awe struck experience at the splendor and magnitude of Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata. The spirit and joy surrounding the occasion knows no bound. The note ended with exchange of pleasantries with expectation of better future in both individual and organisational domain..