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Archive of : Aug, 2014

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Secretary(E) and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met Smt Sujatha T Ray, Dir HR at Convergence Hall/Ballygunge Place/Kolkata. Before association could initiate discussion, Dir/HR congratulated us on being the Recognised Executives’s Association following 1st Membership Verification for Executives in BSNL held on 7th of Dec 2016. Association conveyed  sincere gratitude for her commendable role in completing the exercise to a conclusive end. Dir/HR expects that as a recognized association, it will display more maturity and poise to include all in pursuit to achieve common goals. Association pointed to hold the same view and is reflected in the memorandum. She appreciated the gesture and firmly believe that losing or winning should not be cause for turmoil or unwanted tantrums. Association assured to continue with its constructive role true to its tradition and expressed a sense of content to emerge victorious against combined force. But then, there is no grievances in respect of MV as  it abide by the REA/2014.

Regarding the issues, association reminded the rationality behind the demands inspite of the fact the agenda are being taken care at CHQ level. Smt Ray said, she is aware of the issues and held Com Sebastin GS and Com A A Khan as able leaders and she has confidence in their ability to guide and resolve the issues.



The strike against formation of Tower Subsidiary by BSNL was thorough and successful. The call given by Forum of Executives and Non Executives witnessed overwhelming participation in strike sending a clear message that Forum, under any circumstances, will not allow formation of tower subsidiary to disintegrate BSNL. The move would be the first step towards dis-investment of the new entity leaving BSNL high and dry. Association conveyed its thankfulness to all participants for their spontaneous response and the sense of responsibility they exhibited to save BSNL. 


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt secy(E) met GM/HR & Admin and profusely thanked once again for conducting the 1st Membership Verification for executives in BSNL smoothly and successfully. Association also complimented for administration’s  alertness to quash any action of stay from court of law. It informed on discussion held with CGM the day before and conveyed of CGM’s agreeance on the long pending issues related to release of DEs/SDEs, forwarding of prayers for inter circle transfers, sending the JEs qualified in LICE for training and considering the long pending Rule 8 cases. GM said to be aware of the issue and also had a discussion just prior to Membership Verification. He would initiate the file soon CGM returns from HOCC meeting.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met CGM/CTD and thanked him for ensuring smooth conduct of 1st Membership Verification process for executives in BSNL. CGM in turn congratulated SNEA for becoming the first Recognised Executives’ Association for executives in BSNL. Associaton also recorded the commendable role of GM/HR & Admin, DGM/HR & Admin and the whole team associated with the exercise for its complaint free and timely completion. Association informed to take up issues pertaining to service and development at the earliest convenient slot and reminded on the long pending issues pertaining to release of B Nagaendra DE/BDN, release of 5 nos of DEs and 6 nos of SDEs whose orders stand issued for close to one year, forwarding of prayers for intercircle transfer in respect of both DEs and SDEs including the option exercised for WBTC as per Corporate Office Order. Association reminded of his assurance given to the association in the meeting held on last occasion. 

CGM agreed to consider the cases and said to have conveyed to GM/HR & Admin. Association thanked CGM and suggested to have a discussion on manpower planning at the earliest.

Association also discussed on JEs who qualified in LICE for promotion to the cadre of JTO and the urgent necessity to send them for training. It also categorically suggested to consider the long pending Rule 8 cases of CTD against the new lot of JTOs. All other Circles already materialised the Rule 8 cases with JTOs who joined in recent past. CGM, in principle accepted the proposal and assured to take it into consideration. Association appeals to JTOs who sought transfer under Rule 8 to submit the details without delay to Soumen Ghosh/ACS.   




One Day strike on 15.12.2016 against Tower Subsidiary formation:

Make extensive preparations at all levels for the successful conduction of the Strike. FNTO also joined the strike. Tower subsidiary formation will lead to disintegration of BSNL and disinvestment through backdoor.

As per the call of the Unions and Associations of BSNL, rallies are to be conducted throughout the country, at Circle and SSA levels on 14.12.2016 as part of mobilization for the Strike on 15.12.2016. CHQ requests all Circle and SSA Secretaries to effectively organise these rallies, in coordination with other Unions and Associations. 



 Congratulations!!!                                                              Congratulations!!!                                                                      Congratulations!!!

We profusely thank  executives across CTD for their support to make SNEA the Recognised Association in 1st MV for Executives in BSNL. We express our sincere gratitude to all executives for their forbearence  amidst attempt to derail and delay the process by way of court cases by some associations. Perhaps, we wouldn’t have witnessed and be a part of this significant event of Membership Verification for executives in BSNL after sixteen years of formation of BSNL— had not the management been keen and proactive to conclude the process by filing caveat in various CAT and High Courts. Our special thanks to CGM/CTD and GM/HR & Admin for their timely intervention to avoid  court stays. We honour the judgement of every individual and continue to seek your support and solidarity to turn BSNL into a commercially viable entity and protect the interest of executives. 


We Express our sincere gratitude to all executives across Calcutta Telephones District for casting their votes on 1st Membership Verification for executives in BSNL. All major issues are at advanced stage and the time assumes further significance since 3rd PRC is knocking at the door. It is time to strengthen BSNL and see a conclusive end to the justified and long pending issues affecting the executives. Wishing you all the best for a better future.


Membership verification on 07.12.2016:


My Vote for

a) Financial Viability of BSNL and protecting BSNL from vested interests

b) Immediate replacement of E1A and E2A scales with Standard pay scales of E2 and E3 before 3rd PRC

c) Success of SWAS programme

d) 30% Superannuation Benefits, Term Insurance and social security

e) Opposing Tower Subsidiary formation and protecting BSNL from disinvestment and disintegration

f) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy upto AGM Grade as per the recommendations of Khan Committee

g) Struggle against corruption and to protect our members fighting against corruption

h) Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL and upgradation of remaining pay scales upto E7

i) 1st TB promotion after 4 to 5 years

j) E1A and E2A pay scales from 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect/ Arch/TF/PA/PS wings

k) Officiating pay protection and pay anomalies

l) Unity of all the Executives in BSNL. More than one Association will aide and suits the management, not the Executives

m) Getting upgradation of pay scales of JTO cadre in 1987 (from 1400-2700 to 1640-2900), in 1996 (from 5500-9000 to 6500-10500) and in 2002 (from E1 to E1A) through historic and sustained struggles of SNEA(then JETA/JTOA/TEOA).

n) Rejecting the adhoc payment of Rs 2000 (when all other Assns [AIBSNLEA] were ready for absorption just for Rs 2000 and tried to sabotage the agitation of SNEA) and finalising the terms and condition for absorption in BSNL like E1A, E2A, — E6 pay scales, 5 TB promotions after every 5 years and point to point fixation, before absorption.

o) Group B gazetted status for JTO cadre facilitating absorption as an Executive in BSNL.

p) Protecting BSNL from disinvestment and copper cable unbundling, Struggle for ADC and USO subsidy, procurement etc.

q) 12% EPF Contribution without the ceiling of Rs 6500 (now Rs 15000) for BSNL directly recruited employees

r) Struggle against cancellation of 45.5 M GSM tender, for refund of Rs 6752 Crores as BWA spectrum Refund charges, filing Writ Petition by SNEA in the Delhi High Court challenging 3G roaming and ICR pact, finalization of tenders, CDR, ERP etc

s) Five TB Promotions policy with liberal attendance condition ensuring 100% promotion to the Executives.

t) Concluding ITS absorption issue through Cabinet decision.

u) BSNLMS RR 2009 ensuring direct promotion from SDE/AO to AGM/CAO.

v) Opposing BSNL and MTNL merger

w) resolving the issues of Civil/Elect/Arch wings like counting of residency period from 01.10.2000 for the 1st TB promotion, 1stand 2nd ACPs, relaxation for Accounts examination, ending the discrimination in promotions for Diploma holders by issuing clarification.

x) Amending the BSNLMS RR to increase the regular quota from 50% to 75%.


Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL


An appeal to the undecided Executives —–

In matters, it matters much more than you realize.


Every unpolled vote renders the cadre weak.

Every unpolled vote is for the Administration.

Every vote against the majority Association is for the Administration.

And every vote for a weak Association is a vote against the bargaining strength of the recognised Association.

Every vote against the Association that fights for the Oneness and Unity of the Executives is for the Administration.

Every Vote for the Association that cannot fight for the Executives is for the Administration.

Go along and vote the best.

Vote for Unity.

Vote for highest bargaining strength for the Executives.

Select the best, Elect the best.