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Archive of : Aug, 2014

ONE DAY STRIKE ON 27.07.2017

00 Hrs to 24 Hrs of 27.07.2017

The preparations are in full swing in all the Circles. All BSNL employees realised the fact that unless and until we are starting the agitations immediately, doors for 3rd PRC will be almost closed for the employees. All are joining the strike, leaving the Assn affinity, showing the Unity among the employees on 3rd PRC implementation and other demands.

Make all out preparations for the success of the strike ensuring participation of all the employees and 100% participation of our members.

CSs and SSA Secretaries may ensure that correct report is sending by the management to Circle and BSNL HQ regarding the participation. 




3rd PRC implementation

STRIKE ON 27.07.2017

ALL Members belonging to SNEA/CTC are to participate in the agitational programme to be held on 27/07/2017 called by all unions and associations in protest against recommendations of 3rd PRC, denying pension revision , 30 % Superannuation for DR recruits and not permitting to stage trade union program in BSNL;s premises.




Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy (E) met GM HR & Admin on following agenda–

VC clearance in respect of LDCE & Seniority Cum Fitness quota candidates in the cadre of JTO for promotion to the cadre of SDE.-GM informed, following 135 clearances already obtained in Seniority Quota, many more have arrived. and are to be sent to Vigilance section. Next week, another meeting shall be held with service book custodian, if required, for completion of the exercise. In regard to LDCE quota, all VCs have already been sent to Vigilance section for further disposal.

Rule 8 pending cases- GM informed to have already sanctioned the file. It is learnt that about 13 nos of candidates have been considered and rest are to be considered in next phase. Association expressed its resentment for not considering all probables in one phase. GM informed, all efforts have been made to include maximum number of candidates and further consideration shall be undertaken at appropriate time. 

Information on number of executives who would become eligible for 1st EPP after 4 years--It has been informed that due to work related to DPC, which are time bound in nature, the information on above item could not be collated in time. However, the work is going on to complete the task.

Case of Stenographer I who were erroneously left out for upgradation to Stenographer II( inspite of vacancy existing then) thus missing the opportunity for promotion to PA –-GM said to have perused the matter and would soon take a decision . Association reminded of submitting the copies of such promotion order that had taken place in other circles.

Case of confirmation in respect of  Siben Mazumder SDE–Association expressed its disappointment for resolving the case for years together. The confirmation in the entry cadre had not taken place due to administrative reasons and the executive is in no way responsible. In absence of confirmation, the officer is being deprived of his entitlements. Moreover, if the matter is not settled in time, it will have irreversible ramification during superannuation too.  GM took serious note of the issue and would study the case following the work of sending VCs to corporate office.

Association reminded of SDEs joining from other circles in ones and twos are being not considered against  executives who had prayed for transfer long back. If this pattern continues then the long pending prayers will never get considered and such decisions are against the spirit of transfer and posting. GM informed that shortage of staff is in almost all Areas and for the time it has been decided to post in green field areas where developments are underway. Association expressed its strong protest for not considering the cases on medical ground too. GM assured to look into proposals.


North Suburban Zone held its AGB on 15/07/2017 at Barrackpore Telephone Exch Building. The meeting was presided over by Com Misson Dey. Following adoption of Z/Secretary and Treasurer’s report, the august house was addressed by Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E), Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com P. K Ghosh Org Secretary, Com Tapan Chakraborty Vice President and Com Dilip Saha CS. Com Sankar Sanyal spoke on the untenable logic of some association for not participating in struggles for E2 &E3 payscales, implementation of 3rd PRC etc. He feels, such opportunistic force not only derails but delays the achievement. Com Soumen Ghosh, Com P K Ghosh and Com Tapan Chakraborty informed on the role played by SNEA in matter of promotion, CPSE Hierarchy, the initiative to send the VCs and APARs in time etc Com Dilip Saha, spoke of changing scape in today’s organisational activities. How the staff are getting reduced and how on every tit bit of issues we are being forced to go on struggle. He spoke on some pending cases related to Zone and informed most of these would get resolved soon. CS apprised of the undue privilege being extended to Reliance Jio and the regime of free calls are destroying the other telecom operators’ viability. The intention is to emerge as monopoly in near furure. He appealed to all to remain alert and united. Zonal Body, in its true tradition gifted souvenir to retired members as mark of their love and long association with this organisation.  Com Tapan Sarkar, Com Pulak Dasgupta and Com Gautam Sarkar were elected as Zonal President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively.


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met GM/HR & Admin to demand for immediate release of Rule 8 cases in the cadre of JTO. GM said to have received the file and would discuss on the extent to be considered since entire pending list cannot be taken up in one go. Association reminded of recent induction of JTOs on promotion from the cadre of JEs and about those who are undergoing training. Given the sheer number, pending list of Rule 8 cases need to be considered in one phase. GM said, he would make a point of it while discussing the issue with CGM and would try to consider to the maximum extent possible.                                                                                        

Association pointed to the unjustified delay in sending VCs for promotion from JTO to SDE both in LDCE and in Seniority Quota. GM informed that out of 50 nos of  VCs against LDCE candidates 49 nos have been received. In regard to VCs relating to seniority cum fitness quota, out of 241 VCs proforma, 135 have been returned due to minor mismatch/deficiency in ERP to that in Service Book of each individual. The same is being taken care of and assured to complete the exercise in a weeks time. Association pointed to the information sought by Corporate Office on number of executives who had their 1st TBP in 4, 5 and 6 yrs to calculate the financial implication, if 1st TBP is uniformly adopted after 4 yrs. GM informed to clear the VCs on priority basis and thereafter he would take up this case. HE also said, AGM/Staff-I is already involved with the exercise.


Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Subhra Nath Das Z/S Central City Zone and Saikat Das CS of AIGETOA/Calcutta Telephones met GM/CMTS on lookafter charge in the cadre of SDE and overall shortage of staff in CMTS. JF pointed to the anamoly in extending lookafter charge to juniors ignoring the seniors. When asked on what rational the same was provided, GM accepted the fact and assured to remove the anamoly in this regard at the earliest.  GM/CMTS pointed to the deficiency in staff, particularly in the backdrop of BTS expansion. Around 800 nos of new BTS are getting installed but staff at the level of JEs are in shortage. This is due to large scale promotion in the cadre of JTO from JE and the deficiency could not be substituted to the extent required. The matter would be raised with the appropriate authority for requisition of staff.


Meeting with GM (HR & Admin) CTD: – As decided earlier Joint Forum Met GM (HR & Admin) CTD to discuss various HR issues pertaining to the executives of CTD. The meeting continued for almost one and half hour. The following matters were discussed in detail.

  1. Clarification regarding Job Contract Tender: – We expressed our serious resentment about the way the management is pressurising the executives for floating JCS Tender. It was informed that once CGM CTD has clarified regarding the modalities of floating tender at DGM office level of different areas, the same needs to be communicated to all the concerned GMs properly. It was agreed by GM (HR & Admin) CTD and he assured to communicate the same (if required in writing also) to the concerned GMs.

  2. Regarding VC for DPC and LDCE for promotion to different cadre: – We expressed our serious concern over the pendency of VC status particularly in SCF. In case of SCF quota out of almost 250 cases only 50% VC proforma was received by Circle Office and out of those 115 is returned to AGM (Staff-I) HQ for several discrepancies. In case of LDCE it was found that only 4/5 VCs were pending out of 50 cases and those will be cleared in a day or two. For SDE to DE DPC the status of VC is miserable as there is no direction from CVO and BSNL CO. GM (HR & Admin) CTD immediately asked AGM (St-I) CTD and DGM (Vigilance) to expedite the process and assure that he will personally monitor the cases for early completion. For SDE to DE the case was referred to CHQ for persuasion at BSNL CO and to issue necessary instruction.

  3. The report for number of executives who got their first TBP in 6, 5, and 4 years for the resolution of the long pending demand of uniform first TBP in 4 years: – The JF expressed their concern for not starting the process still now. GM immediately instructed to AGM (St-I) HQ and asked to complete the process in time bound manner.

  4. Regarding end of temporary deputation for the employees working in EZBC and ETR: – It was informed that already letter has been issued to WBTC to release them immediately. It was agreed to issue another reminder to release them. Even after that if they are not released then unilateral order will be issued to join them to the parent unit in phased manner.

  5. Immediate processing the case of Rule-8:- It was informed that presently the process reconciliation of the waiting list in light of the latest BSNL CO order is going on. The cases will be put up for decision of the competent authority very soon.

Due to time constraint various other issues couldn’t be discussed. JF will meet GM (HR & Admin) CTD to discuss the other pending issues very soon. Friends, it’s a beginning of new era. The positive atmosphere created within the forum will definitely pave the path for resolution of the long pending HR issues of all the executives in BSNL.

Jt Forum was represented by Dilip Saha CS/SNEA, Saikat Das CS/AIGEOTA and Soumen Ghosh ACS/SNEA.


As per decision of JF/CHQ, an informal meeting of Joint Forum was held at Telephone Bhawan on 28.06.2017 in presence of CS SNEA CTD Sh Dilip Saha, CS AIGETOA CTD Sh Saikat Das and AGS AIGETOA CHQ Sh Deepak Kumar Sahoo. In that meeting, different issues related to executive cadre was discussed and it was resolved that from now onwards the Joint Forum will move together for resolution of common issues pertaining to Joint Forum. Since all relevant office bearers of respective associations could not be informed for time constraint, another round of informal meeting is felt necessary.  It was also decided that the Joint Forum Leadership will sit together regularly at Circle Level, and area level to strengthen the bonding within the forum at all level. Beside these it was also decided to hold Joint CEC of CTD and WBTC in near future. The date of the Joint CEC will be decided soon after discussing with the JF counterpart of WBTC. The meeting was held in a very congenial atmosphere and both the association has agreed to resolve the local issues of common interest of both the association and extend necessary support to resolve the issues of members of individual association as a whole. In the meeting the status of VC for SCF and LDCE was analysed and found that the pendency of VC status is huge particularly for the case of SCF. The matter of Tender for Job Contract Scheme was discussed elaborately in light of the recent meeting with CGM CTD. Both the CSs were in receipt of complaint from field units and some clarification needs to be issued from circle office immediately. It decided to meet GM (HR & Admin) CTD on the very next day to discuss various issues related to the executives of CTD.