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Archive of : Aug, 2014

In continuing pursuit to interact with executives under CFA vertical, Joint Forum/Calcutta Telephones comprising SNEA and AIGEOTA held a meeting with DGM/NWO/ALP alongwith executives under CFA vertical. Joint Forum brought to fore, the unpalatable news of steep decline in revenue from LL and BB and how the services are getting surrendered uncontrollably. It informed of CGM’s concern and how he is in desperation to arrest the declining trend. CGM sought the support of associations and at the same time warned to take action against non performers.

Association exhorted all to put in their best effort and make it recordable. The call for one LL/BB per day and substantial GPON connections is the target set by CGM/CTD. In many sub divisions, it could be a tough task but there is no room to stare and allow fall of revenue without showing any resilience to fight back. Reliance Jio’s freebies has shaken the major operators but then we are not in a position to close our shop.  Association gave a clarion call to shed old mindset and go for effective action. Association assured to protect any uncalled or improper victimization by CTD administration in matter of performance.

DGM/NWO/ALP is having a vast jurisdiction and some areas have high potential to draw GPON/LL customers. In remote areas, the scenario is not the same. However, after interaction, it is understood that hard effort can bring good number of customers. The window for rendering effective work is low. want of proper initiative and inept administrative control are also affecting the growth.

Division/ALP-—Sub Divisions-5 nos. OD-1( new LL Av-10/month; restoration on 1st day-prompt), OD-2,3&5( new LL av-30; restoration on 1st day-prompt) and OD-4(new LL av-25; restoration on 1st day-prompt)

Constraints expressed-besides LL & BB, the staff stay engaged in leased ccts, ISDN/PRI, Samudra Manthn, Asset Verification, Cable Inventory System, AC/building maintenance of RLUs. Cabinet, pillar, DP upgradation on daily basis, bill collection from home. This apart, in OD 2,3 & 5, a large network of PCUT cable needs to be replaced. Delay in arrival of fund for wage payment to contractual labour cause unrest thus affecting service. Huge volume of file work involved for payment of wages, acute shortage of permanent executives and non executives and hurdle in managing excess but non dispensible  manpower are some impediments in progress.

Div/Behala-I:-   Sub Division (East)(new LL-12-15 nos, restoration-prompt); Sub Div (East-2)–( new LL-12-15/month; restoration-80%)  Sub Div South-( new LL-7-8 nos; restoration <20%), Sub Div West-(new LL-12-15 nos; restoration 25%)

Div/Behala-II: Total LL-15100: Sub Div/New Alp( new LL-10-12 nos; restoration-prompt),   Sub Div/Parnashree-( new LL 5-8 nos; restoration -35 %),   Sub Div/Dakghar-( new LL 9-10 nos; restoration-not up to the mark),    Sub Div/BuBu-(new LL-5-6 nos; restoration 25%), Sub Div/Sarsuna-(new LL-7-9 nos; restoration-25-30%)

Div/Joka–:  Total LL-9000: total sub divisions-4 nos.  Sub Div/Joka-(new LL10-12 nos; restoration 28-30%),   Sub Div/Haridevpur-(new LL-6-8nos; restoration 25%),  Sub Div/Amtala-(new LL-4-6 nos; restoration-40%), Sub Div/Nodakhali-(new LL-7-9 nos, restoration-40%)

FTTH-  AVERAGE MONTHLY CONNECTION-25-30 nos. TARGET SET BY CGM- 100 per month, if fibre available. The limitation of purchasing 4 fibre cable within Rs 50,000/-(as concurred by CGM in last two months ) could provide 3.4 Km only per occasion. It wasn’t sufficient to meet the demand. However, now PGM/CFA is processing to purchase centrally for entire CTD. Executives working in GPON are of the view that there is enough market for GPON in industrial areas and encouraging elsewhere. However, shortage of men and material is one of the  the main cause behind poor performance. This apart, due to paucity of OFC, Tx is also unable to provide fibre in all corners. Despite constraints, GPON team is putting their best effort. However, the team is of the view to go for better marketing. 

The aforesaid statistics are merely a glimpse of the effort undertaken by the field level executives. The areas showing low land line connections are due to various reasons. After discussion, it is understood that  though a large number of sub divisions are not so promising for LL connections yet extensive marketing and road shows can fetch encouraging results. All felt to increase the effective working hour to meet the target. Association assured to provide support and bring to notice of CGM, if things are not happening due to reasons attributable to administration. 


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy (E) and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR & Admin and discussed on following points. 

Rule 8 transfer— Association informed that some candidates have declined to go on transfer on personal reason and few left out are yet to be considered for transfer under Rule 8. Association requested to consider all under purview of transfer soon the new batch/es of JTO joins. GM replied to take into account, both the unwilling and left out cases and  would discuss the matter with CGM/CTD.

Case of Siben Mazumder- GM informed to sought CRs from ETR. In the event, it is not available, he would proceed based on available documents and assess accordingly to resolve the case. 

Case of Stenographer-I– GM had asked for some specific  query and sought the file from the concerned section. He assured to settle it at the earliest. 

Association apprised of acute shortage of staff, particularly in the cadre of SDE/DE and few request transfer pending over years. It listed out some positions which direly warrants for posting of either SDEs or DEs. GM said to have brought the matter to the notice of Dir HR  and requested her to post executives in CTD at the earliest. It is reportedly learnt, Corporate Office may decide to provide executives to CTD. If it materializes, administration would deploy on need basis.


Joint Forum/Calcutta Telephones, consisting of SNEA and AIGEOTA staged vehement protest at Telephone Bhavan against repressive measures being adopted by management to subdue the right to protest. Its hitting the very foundation on which the unions and associations stand to voice concern and press for legitimate and justified demands. The assembly, thoroughly condemned the vindictive actions being taken against General Secretaries and resolves to fight to the last, till the draft for such hostile actions are withdrawn unconditionally. We have witnessed struggle through decades but never came across such inept handling of associations by any board of management. It only speaks of parochial outlook in containing the growing indignation among executives for being deprived of promotions, 3rd PRC, E2 & E3, 30% SAB etc. The failure on the part of the management is being covered up by taking recourse to repression. An action to muzzle the rights on which the unions/associations firmly stand. Slogans rented the facade of Telephone Bhavan, condemning management in no uncertain term. Com Dipak sahoo AGS/AIGEOTA and Com Dilip Saha CS/SNEA/CTC addressed the gathering. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS/SNEA conducted the protest program. 

As was decided, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E)/SNEA, Com Deepak Sahoo AGS/AIGEOTA, Com Saikat Das CS/AIGEOTA and Com Dilip Saha CS/SNEA met CGM/CTD and submitted a memorandum addressed to CMD/BSNL, severely criticizing the action on general secretaries and demanding to withdraw the same unconditionally. Or otherwise, Joint Forum would be compelled to go for harder line of trade union action. CGM gave a patient hearing and said to forward the memorandum to CMD. 




Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Saikat Das CS/AIGEOTA met DGM/NWO/BKP alongwith executives under CFA vertical . CS SNEA briefed on dismal performance under CFA vertical all across BSNL, in general and CTD in particular. The steep decline in BB and LL connection is eating into the revenue very badly. Concerned, CGM/CTD sought support of association to put across the message among executives and warned to take action against consistent non performers. Association rejected such untenable view and stated that until it takes stock of the situation prevailing in various areas, it would not present its view. 

It is appreciable that CGM has started strict vigilance over one LL/BB connection per day with due emphasis on GPON connections too. But then, after meeting field executives, it is learnt, lots of bottlenecks/ hurdles are impeding from rendering efficient service in some sub divisions. Some of the problems require intervention from higher level for early solution. CGM is of the view that out of 130 sub divisions, hardly 60 to 70 sub-divisions bring connections in accordance to target set. Many sub divisions, inspite of having feasibility are unable to provide new connections. He is ready to take the responsibility for providing material/instrument, if not available and said the same should be brought to his notice. He also said, he is open to suggestions from field units to frame competitive tariff to stay in competition. Association is of the view that many units are performing but given the market trend and the legacy of infrastructural shortcomings is telling upon the performance. But to keep BSNL/CTD viable, all executives are needed to provide extra initiative. The way of working needs to be changed with renewed vigour. There must be sincere and recordable effort to meet the target. Association will definitely take care on sincere effort made and prevent from undesired/unmerited reprimand. 

BKP/Area has 13 sub divisions. BKP-2: PHT-4: BHT:-3       Total connections provided in July 17- LL-195 & BB-102. Though it is not meeting the target but the trend is improving. PHT Division has a wide network of PCUT cable and needs to be replaced. Large tract of area is still non feasible. Agencies like PWD, CESC are not granting permission to lay cables. 

BRS Division is without DE. DE/BKP looks after BRS, a task hard to maintain. Both the divisions cover wide area and its not feasible to pay requisite attention given its distance.

DE/BHT, besides his normal work, has to visit retailers for selling BSNL products. This work should have been with executives exclusively meant for marketing.

DE/Admin is assigned with the work of DE/Marketing, AGM/Commercial, AGM/Plg and DE/GPON. So much so is the overloading that no officers stand in a position to deliver.

GPON connection as on date is 58 nos. There is market for GPON but due to unavailability of fibre from Tx, quite a number of connections could not be executed. Moreover, the field executives have been burdened with the job for procurement of 4F cable. GPON unit should be tasked with the job for procurement.

Shortage—100 pr CT box; 10 pr & 20 pr DP; 10 pr cable.

Short comings- GPON connections provided are scattered over a large area. Given the scarcity of staff, it will not be possible to maintain the same within the stipulation. The situation will further worsen as the GPON grows and scarcity of staff continues. 

CS appealed to all to put their best and maintain a record of the same. 



SNEA CTC held lunch hour demonstration wearing black badges in protest against non implementation of 3rd PRC. The affordability clause introduced as part of 3rd PRC notification is depriving more than 2/3 rd of PSUs from the benefit of pay revision. NCOA, in its meeting held on 05/08/2017 at Chennai, decided to hold the program nation wide. SNEA is the only executives’ association in BSNL that forms part of NCOA.

Com Soumen Ghosh briefed on the cause for going into trade union struggle and elaborated on how the govt policies are bent upon to perish the PSUs. Com Saikat Das CS/AIGEOTA extended his support for the cause and informed how AIGEOTA and SNEA under the banner of Joint Forum is struggling with management on various issues pertaining to basic pay scales for JTO/JAO, SDE/AOs, CPSE Hierarchy, promotion in the cadre of SDE/AO and DE/CAO , 30% superannuation benefit etc. Com Das extended solidarity for such program in future too.

Com Dilip Saha CS enlightened the assembly on performance of various PSUs across the nation and how the same is contributing in building the nation. Even today, the net profit of all PSUs stand at 1,15000 crore approximately besides an astronomical amount of more than 2 lacs crore being paid to govt as tax, dividends, loan component, etc. So, the concept, that PSUs are born to die is absolutely incorrect. As far as BSNL is concerned, the organisation has not been provided a level playing field since its formation. It has been used as an institution for meeting govt’s social objectives without regard to profitability. BSNL under any circumstances should not be equated with other commercial establishments. Moreover, the impediment faced for equipment procurement, inferior spectrum, paying unjustified tax etc has handicapped the organisation to grow since long. So, being a sector meant for social objectives, the clause of affordability should not be applied for PSUs furthering govt objectives, including BSNL. CS called upon all to stay prepared for further struggle as non implementation of 3rd PRC will have huge impact on pay and pension in the days to come.  


Wearing black badges and holding Protest demonstration on 17.08.2017 against the DPE OM linking affordability for 3rd Pay Revision.

The NCOA meeting held at Chennai on 06.08.2017 decided to wear black badges and hold Lunch Hour demonstration in protest against the affordability clause for 3rd Pay Revision. According to NCOA, more than 160 CPSUs will not be eligible for 3rd Pay Revision due to the affordability clause. NCOA demands that Pay revision should be implemented without the affordability clause.

All Branch/SSA/Circle Secretaries, Office bearers at all levels and activists are requested to make the programme successful.



Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR and Admin to obtain the latest status on VCs for SDE to DE and JTO to SDE for both LDCE and seniority cum fitness quota. Only one VC is pending with respect to SDE to DE promotion. Under LDCE quota, all are cleared but few are pending under seniority cum fitness quota. 

Rule 8 cases- association apprised of some candidates(JTOs) who have declined their Rule 8 transfers. CS requested to consider the next lot of candidates in lieu of forgone cases and include the last few left out JTOs too. GM replied to discuss the matter with CGM and inform accordingly.

Scarcity of executives, both in fields and administration—- Some AGMs/SDEs in administration are over loaded and the situation demands posting of executive on immediate basis. Its not mere overloading by way of looking after additional charges but the posts are sensitive and calls for time bound dealing of cases. In regard to executives working in field and stores many had prayed for transfer since long—– due consideration should be given to redress their grievances. GM informed that Corporate Office is to issue transfer order for executives from other circles soon. The cases would be taken into consideration as and when the executives join.

Association requested to resolve the of Stenographer I at the earliest. 


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E) and Com Soumen Ghosh met CGM/CTD to discuss on declining revenue under CFA vertical and the steps taken by the association following the meeting with CGM/CTD on 03/08/2017. Association had conducted meeting with respective DGM/NWOs alongwith field executives and urged upon all to be serious in stemming the decline and take extra initiative for bringing new LL and BB connections Association heard to all and conveyed the same to CGM, including some constraints and difficulties being faced by field units. Some cases need to be heard with all seriousness and the impression that decline in connections are mostly due to SDEs and DEs is absolutely not correct. 

Association appreciated the strict monitoring  but expressed its resentment against indiscriminate and inappropriate treatment to executives. They should be given a chance to be heard before any hasty reaction is expressed. Association cited the case of DE/PHT, wherein the executive was wrongly pulled up . CGM had instructed the DGMs to bring those who could not meet the targets. DE/PHT was requested by DGM/NWO/BKP to accompany him even though the executive had come on different assignment.  Association feels, the DGM/GM concerned should have presented the fact instead of staying silent. Association conveyed its displeasure  to CGM in this regard.

As already said, all executives should put in their best effort to bring LL & BB connections. Daily activities must get recorded and retained. Association will definitely take care of the executives reprimanded inspite of  putting in their sincere efforts. Any difficulty faced by the executives may be conveyed so as to bring the same to the notice of CGM. However, please ensure the matter/s are taken up with DGM/GM before it gets escalated to  CGM.

While discussing about the shortcomings in rendering efficient service, association suggested to lower the price of telephone instrument to Rs 300/-. This was suggested since the customers believe BSNL, to be a preferred service provider and being loyal customers for years, feels, telephone set should be provided by BSNL. The instruments are often going faulty inspite of repair and it speaks on its quality. CGM readily accepted to consider the  proposal . Association pointed to the freebies being given by Reliance Jio and how the same is eating into our customers. He categorically replied that in such situation we cannot close our company.   Either, all should work to our target or bring suggestions to be in competition.  CS asked whether the rates provided by Reliance Jio can be matched to extend our services. He replied that suggestions should come from fields and officers must visit the markets/areas for at least two hours. If it happens so, he has no reservation adopt plans with competitive tariff.

CS informed that association is continuing meeting with DGM/NWOs alongwith field executives under CFA vertical and would soon return with market driven suggestions