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Archive of : Aug, 2014

SREERAMPUR ZONE held its AGB on 22/09/2017 at UTP Telephone Exchange Building with much pomp and fanfare. As the legacy of the zone goes, it always showed its solidarity and participation in such solemn event but observed with festive spirit. It was encouraging to watch the young and new members thronging the assembly with keen interest on the activities that transpired in august house. Following the adoption of Zonal Secretary and Treasurer’s report, the house unanimously elected  the new office bearers for the next term. The zone also felicitated the members who retired during the intervening period and who forms a source of inspiration for the new generation to take up activity for the cause of others. Com Prasanta Kumar Ghosh Org Secretary/Circle in his ever familiar style and sense of responsibility conducted the event to its conclusion. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President. Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E), Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Subhra Nath Das Zonal Secretary Central City Zone and Com Pulak Dasgupta Zonal Secretary North Suburban Zone addressed the house on various developments, both at circle and central level. Com Bidyut Ghosh, Treasurer and Com Tapan Chakraborty Vice President graced the occasion.

Com Bidhan Mullick, Com Kousik Bhowmick and Com Samir Chakraborty are   elected as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the next term. About half of the office bearers are being represented by young  JTOs.


Joint Forum of Calcutta Telephones comprising SNEA and AIGETOA met Smt Sujata T Ray at Ballygunge Place on the sidelines of her official engagement. JF raised some crucial issues affecting the cadre of executives over a prolong period and yet there is no sign of settlement to come through soon. JF had a very warm and candid discussion itemwise, clearing some of the nagging doubts misconceived impression resulting in better understanding for expeditious settlement. 

Long pending promotion in the cadre of SDE/DE/DGM and other equivalent cadres—-Joint Forum brought to her notice the ordinate delay in according promotion to the cadre of SDE/AO CAO/DE etc. Neither the promotion is taking place as per existing R/R nor the CPSE Hierarchy is getting finalised. There are JTOs & SDEs waiting for more than 17 to 18 yrs for promotion to the cadre of SDE/DE respectively. The plight in other cadres is not as bad as it is under engineering vertical. Dir HR retorted on who is responsible for such court cases. Its the executives within the fold of associations who had gone to the court of law, thereby delaying the whole process. However, she is keeping tab with legal cell and lawyers to see that directives/clarification could be sought from Supreme Court at the earliest, in respect of pending judgement at Kerela High Court and with respect to reservation pertaining to Nagaraja case. She assured to effect the promotion under existing system soon the hurdles get cleared at Apex Court. Or otherwise, she is confident to push through the CPSE Hierarchy through the Board but DOT would take its own time to make its comprehensive study into the details of recommendations that would be recommended by BSNL . Dir/HR said to be very much associated with the work and requested not to embrace uncalled anxiety and worry. She further added that given the intricacies of CPSE Hierarchy, sometimes, the work is getting delayed and distracted due to last minute submission of divergent views from some stake holders. He appealed to keep faith in management. She also expressed her discontent over write ups in associations’ website where she felt the work accomplished by HR is not getting properly reflected. JF clarified that websites carry the facts and sentiments of the members too. However, it gave words to convey it to CHQ for better understanding of both stakeholders. JF also expressed its gladness in learning the fact that the activities of the constituent associations as posted on websites are under her attention.

E2/E3 IDA payscales for the cadre of JTO/JAO & SDE/AO and other equivalent cadres DIR/Hr informed that the file is pending with Hon’ble Minister and that she would see to the issue for its early clearance.  

Basic Pay of Rs22820/- DIR/HR categorically stated on its legitimacy and that the issue would be taken care of when the case pertaining to E2/E3 is settled.

3rd PRC– JF expressed concern over uncertainty in implementing 3rd PRC’s recommendations. Its a paradox that deputationsts working in BSNL are enjoying the benefits of 7th CPC whereas the absorbees and BSNL recruitees, working in the same organisation are being deprived of their entitled benefit. Dir HR is absorbee and expressed her concern over implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL. She had bouts of discussions with DOT and Hon’blr Minister but they seek concrete plans and accounts to meet the additional expenditure required for its implementation. For now, BSNL M/C has recommended with 15% fitment over basic plus IDA with freeze on allowances from 31/12/2016. This itself will be a hard task to convince DOT but she believes to come with some tangible solution. JF thanked Dir/HR and look forward to meet her on her next trip to Kolkata.  

SNEA was represented by Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) and AIGETOA was represented by Com Saikat Das CS and Com Deepak Sahoo AGS



Forum of unions and associations held lunch hour demonstration in all Area Offices and at Telephone Bhavan. Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers addressed the gathering on ill motive of the govt to form tower subsidiary and how the same will bankrupt BSNL further from revival. When BSNL is showing upward trajectory amidst fierce competition, then where is the necessity to mutate it further. The hidden motive is to disinvest the subsidiary in due course of time and destitute BSNL. Besides other office bearers of unions and association, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E) addressed the gathering on behalf of SNEA/CTC


In true tradition of Central City Zone of SNEA/CTC, a vibrant and colourful Annual General Body Meeting was held on 13/09/2017 at TI/Hall, CTO Building. Following adoption of Zonal Secretary and Treasurer’s report, the house was addressed by Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secrertary(E), Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/SNEA/WBTC and Com Dilip Saha, CS on various issues pending at BSNL and DOT’s level. Com Sanyal briefed on stagnation of promotion, CPSE Hierarchy, etc. Com Sarkar deliberated on discipline and the need for solidarity to keep the association active. Com Tapas Ghosh emphasized on new generation and appealed for greater involvement in associational activities. Com CS touched upon the govt’s sinister design to outsource tower business and how the same will  dent BSNL from its core business. He also briefed on 3rd PRC and urged upon all to fight for its implementation without delay. 

The august house elected  Com Ashok Kundu, Com Subhra Nath Das and Com  Bisnupada Jana are elected as  Zonal President, Zonal secretary and Treasurer respectively.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) met GM/HR & Admin to remind him on pending Rule 8 cases, case pertaining to Stenographer I to PA, entitlement of training allowances to lecturers in NSCBTTC/Kalyani and confirmation of Siben Majumder SDE, lecturer/NSCBTTC in substantial grade. GM informed that he was engaged with Minister and CMD’s recent visit to Kolkata and would soon take up the issues for consideration.


Joint Forum of Calcutta Telephones, represented by SNEA/CTC and AIGETOA/CTD met  Shri Manoj Sinha , Hon’ble Minister of Telecom on the margins of his engagement in inaugurating E-Wallet at Rabindrathirtha/New Town and briefed him on some major and crucial issues that demands for immediate resolve. The minister was apprised of deprivation pertaining to payscales of JTO/JAO & SDE/AO and equivalent cadres and how DOT degraded from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2 instead of upgrading it to E2 & E3 as was recommended by BSNL Board. Forum also raised the issue of 3rd PRC and requested for his intervention for treating BSNL out of profitability clause and make way for its early implementation. Since BSNL caters to social service without any subsidy from government, it should not get bracketed with other commercial establishment. Minister said to be aware of all these issues but feels BSNL should go more proactive to increase its revenue. Govt has accorded number of projects, namely NFS, NoFN etc to BSNL and it is quite expected that it should turn into a viable organisation. Its time, BSNL be focussed in increasing revenue and market share from 9 to 15%. He reposed confidence and believes the demands can well be resolved.

The meeting was represented by Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Sankar Sanyal from SNEA/CTC, Com Saikat Das CS and Com Deepak Sahoo AGS from AIGETOA and Com Tapas Ghosh CS from SNEA/WBTC.


A meeting with executives under CMTS vertical was held to take account of various aspects of services and  hurdles being faced by CMTS mainly in the backdrop of staff shortage.

Installation-– working strength- SDE-3 Nos; JTO-4 nos, JE-3 nos. Retirement- SDE-2 nos by Oct’2017. Proposed at least, SDE-1, JTO/JE-3 to 4 nos required to execute the pending work. Constraint-(1) acute shortage of staff (2) Site acquisition-Indus Infra is not forthwith with support for providing new sites. However, presently, Reliance Infratel is providing new sites. Though it is coping to some extent but not adequate enough to meet the target.

MSC- Total MSC-5 nos. Out of 5, 2 nos of MSCs, namely Chittaranjan and Dumdum is being manned by 2 nos of JTO and one JE. Given its expanse, one SDE needs to be posted in DmDm or one JTO may be given the charge of SDE LA.

CC & IP Lease- Even in recent past, it was two separate wings. On release of the then DE to hard tenure station, CC was allotted to DE/IP lease cct. In the intervening period, 2 nos of SDEs retired, one SDE got  transferred and one JTO got reverted.CC- existing strength–SDE-1 no, TM-1 no, JE-1 no, Peon-1no. JE- 1 no. undergoing training, Sr TOA-1 no. transferred. TCCR- no staff. At least one JTO is required on immediate basis. Herein the work involved is unpredictable and it has been observed, online grievances goes high on many occasions. Since the work is time bound, it requires dedicated staff to handle the work.

IP Lease In- existing strength– SDE-nil, JTO-1 no, JE-nil. IP Lease Out –existing strength- SDE-2 nos, JTO-nil, JE-1 no. Herein also, there is acute shortage of staff. Moreover, another SDE, Utpal Rajak is also retiring soon. JTO/SDE needs to be posted.

BTS MntceTotal-14nos of zones; existing strength-DE-3 nos. Zone North- 5 nos of sub zones;  Zone West-3 nos of sub zones and Zone South- 6 nos od sub zones. In accordance to norms, there is shortage of 40 nos executives and 40 nos of non executives. Given such grim shortage, it is difficult to maintain BTSs as per specified standard. Further, following installation 12 nos of RNC and 12 nos of BSC, the added volume of work will automatically come under BTS Mntce. This apart, the work pertaining to look into  lack/absence of signal by customers are being assigned to BTS team. 250 nos of CCNs are there to resolve customers grievances. Existing Strength–DE-1 no, JTO-1 n0,  JE-2 nos transferred to other sections The work entails visiting the CCNs and providing report keeping with the timeline of TERM cell.

Suggested- HWH and JDP BTS Mntce Division needs to be bifurcated for better maintenance alongwith deployment of executives and non executives.

RF–Existing Strength- DE-1 no, SDE-1 no, JTO-5nos and JEs-7 nos. It covers  entire jurisdiction of CTD and includes cluster drive test, new site drive test, road drive test, railway track drive test etc. all drive test or no signal cases are being diverted to SDE/RF by BTS Mntce. In matter of no signal, the item had got discussed with GM/CMTS to define the methodology to address the issue.     It is not feasible for one SDE to look after the entire jurisdiction. So, the jurisdiction may be bifurcated and one Sr JTO may be provided with look after charge of SDE/RF

Overall, it is concluded that there is acute shortage of staff cutting across all sections and priority must be given for posting of JTOs from batches who are undergoing training besides some technical requirement for rendering efficient service to the customers and rationalisation of work and its jurisdiction.

The meeting was attended by Com Dilip Saha CS and  Soumen Ghosh ACS