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Archive of : Aug, 2014

It is learnt 79 eligible SDEs were there for promotion to the cadre of DE in CTD. Only 12 of such candidates appeared in the list. In early morning, CS/SNEA/CTC spoke to GS  enquiring on why  so many officers of CTD are missing from the list of promotion. He regretted over the missing names but informed that since the exercise was completed in very short time, perhaps cross checks could not be done. He however assured to look into matter by Monday and ensure the missing names appear in the promotion list. CS/SNEA/CTC  cross checked with CTD administration in regard to sending of screening report and VC. It is informed that few part CRs not available initially in respect of some candidates was updated and sent in time. CS pressed upon GS/SNEA to ensure all efforts is given for issuance of promotion at the earliest.

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met CGM CTD and urged upon him to intervene at his level with Corporate Office to enquire on the reasons for missing names in large number and ensure the promotion order in respect of such candidates comes out by next Monday. CS/SNEA/CTC pressed for instructing the concerned units to once again update by including all the missing information in respect of missing names, if any and same be sent by today. This apart, CS strongly suggested to send some responsible officer of staff section to Corporate Office on next Monday with all the information sought by Corporate Office. Its unfortunate that SDEs waiting for more than 15 years for promotion are facing such unexpected consequences. 

CGM informed to have already spoken to GM/Pers at Cprporate Office and pressed upon to look into the matter and  requested to do the needful for issuance of promotion order of missing candidates without delay. DGM/HR also reportedly spoke to Joint GM Pers to seek the reasons for such situation. CGM said to have already instructed DGM/HR and AGM/Staff-I/SDE/Staff to reach Corporate Office with all documents duly completed by next Monday. Association thanked CGM and  requested further to keep tab on the progress.  


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E) met GM/Finance and apprised him on promotion order issued by Corporate Office in the cadre of AO. 2226 nos of JAO got promoted to AO all across BSNL. Association requested GM/Finance to ensure the order is endorsed and VC obtained on immediate basis so that the JAOs can join by today. The urgency has been pressed, apprehending court stays that could derail joining thus promotion.  GM/Finance assured  to take care of the issue. 

In view of this large number of promotion, association requested to fill up the units with acute shortage of AO. GM stated to review the position and act accordingly.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met CGM/CTD to draw his attention on some pressing issues that calls for immediate intervention and also convey the constraints faced by executives in discharging their duties and meeting targets, particularly in external and marketing wings.

At the outset, association informed of the extensive work undertaken by Corporate Office for completion of CPC within a stipulated time frame for promotion in the cadre of AGM/AO/SDE etc. This exercise needs to be completed in a very short time as notification for CPSE Hierarchy is to come soon. Moreover, preparatory work is also on for further promotions in the cadre of  SDE/AO/AGM etc, close on the heels of the said notification i.e CPSE Hierarchy. In this regard, association requested for his personal intervention to ensure that all information sought in respect of executives under purview of promotion is sent immediately to Corporate Office.

CGM informed to have already instructed to the concerned units and confirmed the work is being executed expeditiously, so that information sought can be sent at the earliest.

Association drew attention on constraints faced by executives in discharging their duties efficiently and in fulfilling targets, particularly in marketing and external wings. The market has become fiercely competitive and inconducive too for disruptive network, mainly caused by utility agencies/local authorities, etc. Executives across all age groups are out in the field to take up the challenge. But unfortunately, there is a growing discontent and a sense of scare among many for the raw deal being meted out to them in not being able to meet targets on which they have no control.  According to them, it is very difficult, in fairly large number of pockets to fetch new customers—be it in mobile or landline or broadband or FTTH. They are not against hard work but they need to be heard of the difficulties they face and look forward to its redressal too. To some, who always believe to have worked honestly and sincerely in their respective career—the sound of dies-non put them in utter ignominy. Association is not against mild rebukes for betterment of the organisation; but then, genuine constraints need to be realised and addressed and all, perhaps cannot be assessed by the same yard stick. It is indeed a fact that executives under all verticals are getting overstressed in keeping with the increasing demands of the time. To add to the woes, a sense of humiliation has gripped many for the scare of being pulled up or ill treated on days meant for evaluation by the administration. Association feels, it’s time to put words of encouragement and give some space to individuals to prove their worth. Association extended its support for the drive taken to keep CTD in contention but requested to assess the situation on ground reality and for a cordial deal.

CGM gave a patient hearing and said, in his view there is a need to distinguish between good and bad performer. Given the stiff competition, there is hardly any room for relaxation. All the targets are set by Corporate Office after exercising due diligence and it’s our duty to meet the set targets, He is said to be aware of the stiff targets and the strenuous tasks being undertaken by executives under different verticals. His objective is not to humiliate or malign anybody but to keep up the pressure and evaluate the performances. However, if he finds some to be habitual non performer or  those who indulge in laxity, he comes down heavily on them. He also confessed to have reprimanded some executives without properly assessing the exact figure and felt sorry for it. He stated to be knowing many, including women executives who are doing wonderful job in marketing. He also admitted of the tough burden , the executives are shouldering nowadays and that in no way he wishes to be uncordial to them.

Association informed of the brewing irritation among the executives for staying in constant state of tension and their inability to bear further. Association reiterated that it is not against hard work but believes encouragement and empathy go a long way to induce positivity and vigour.

CGM assured to take into account the propositions made in right perspective and wish for best of relation between management and executives. He believes, the responsibility to save BSNL must rest with all and the sense of duty should be spontaneous rather than being pushed on daily basis. He thanked association for bringing to his notice the grievances of the executives and assured to look into it and extend decent deal.


A meeting was called by CGM/CTD with all unions and association of Calcutta Telephones to discuss on developmental plans and targets for the year 2018-19. SNEA/CTC was represented by Soumen Ghosh ACS and Tapan Chakraborty, Vice President. The details of discussions held shall be uploaded shortly. 


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Joint Secretary(E) made a courtesy call on Smt Sujatha T Ray, Director/HR on 21/06/2018 at Corporate Office/New Delhi. SNEA/CTC conveyed its special thanks to Dir/HR for being instrumental in bringing CPSE Hierarchy in BSNL. CS desired to know when could it get implemented given 1st of July 2018 being the last date as approved by BSNL Board. She informed to do it shortly but in the intervening period she is keen to see some promotions come up in various cadres. CS requested Dir HR to look into the issue of E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO respectively. She informed that the case is lying with DOT and would enquire on it. She expressed her appreciation on performance of Calcutta Telephones and wished the trend continues. CS expressed his desire to see she pays special attention to Calcutta Telephones, particularly in respect of human resources and allotment of fund for maintenance. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the meeting ended in a cordial note.


Smt Sujatha T Ray,Dir HR & Finance is in Kolkata, heavily preoccupied with her business schedule. It was conveyed that unions/associations could meet her around midday. However, due to some unforeseen engagement, Circle Secretary, SNEA/CTC requested for a meeting by day end to which she agreed. SNEA/CTC profusely thanked her for providing time in discussing some important issues and being instrumental in making CPSE Hierarchy see the light of the day. Association further thanked her for giving effect to promotion in the cadre of SDE under LDCE quota and according approval for promotion under seniority cum fitness quota too.

CPSE Hierarchy– Association conveyed its gratitude to Dir HR for bringing in CPSE hierarchy for the executives career prospect in BSNL. A complex promotional system fraught with court cases got rationalised. A system that had opinion from diverse groups and multiple stake holders has come to an end. Beginning of CPSE Hierarchy is as good as effecting uniformalization and eliminating discrimination across cadres. Association also pointed to her prompt initiative in effecting promotion in the cadre of SDE under LDCE quota and according approval for seniority cum fitness too. 

Dir/HR- reciprocated with same warmth and wish CPSE hierarchy will provide requisite boost to the entire cadre of executives in BSNL’s growth. As the revenue has gone down by about 18% in FY 2017-18 compared to FY 2016-17, it has become imperative for all to contribute towards growth of BSNL. At present, BSNL is facing cash crunch. There is a pressing need to earn revenue inspite of the fact that telecom business is on the slump. Disruptive and predatory pricing has wreaked havoc in last two years. She thanked Com K Sebastin GS/SNEA for his dogged persuasion in implementing CPSE Hierarchy. In fact none other had wanted the way SNEA did. On the contrary, diverse opinions from sundry groups with or without stakes were acting as stumbling blocks in its implementation. SNEA was very much over her to see the promotion in the cadre of SDE, both under LDCE and SCF quota comes through and is continuing with its pressure for promotion in other cadres too. viz, in accounts, electrical, etc. She is of the opinion that upgradation of posts in respect of some cadres is very necessary to effect promotion in one phase. But then, the committee framed by DOT, meant for evaluation of manpower is yet to submit its report. There is a likelihood of submitting the same by July 2018 wherein new verticals ( transmission, cmts, ftth, etc) are to be included for the purpose of evaluation of manpower. Since the work done by consultancy is not up to the mark, it is incumbent upon us to evaluate the manpower more precisely. So, based on report that would be submitted, management can take a call for upgradation, if needed. 

E2/E3 IDA Pay Scales for JTO/JAO– Association pointed to its significance and how years are passing by without any result. The logicality for the said pay scales has had been elaborately presented on several occasions but the management/DOT had turned down the demand on one plea or other. By today’s position there is very little financial implication, yet the administration is dilly dallying on the matter. 

Dir/HR- Its true SNEA is up with the issue since long. BSNL is very much in tune with the demand. In fact, the Board has endorsed the same. It’s unfortunate that the file had moved from one nodal ministry to another without much reason. BSNL is keeping tab in its progress and at present the issue is lying with DOT. GS/SNEA had spoken in this regard and he is also tracking the file so that it reaches its finality. She is very positive of the issue but requested us to pursue the same with DOT.   

3rd PRC–Association reminded Dir/HR on 3rd PRC. In this competitive market, BSNL is struggling hard to survive. All employees are giving their best, irrespective of age, in keeping BSNL in the competition. It’s unfortunate, the officers under deputation are enjoying the benefits of pay revision while the executives/non executives are being deprived inspite of working in the same organisation. 

Dir/HR- is of the opinion that there is no reason to get demoralised. Hon’ble Minister of communication is having a positive gesture in this regard. At present the matter is lying with internal finance of DOT. What is surprising is that, very recently, DOT had sent some questionnaire on financial implication with respect to non executives and plans to generate revenue. She could not devote much time on the queries as she had scheduled programme in Kolkata. However, CMD had requested her to study the queries and submit a reply soon she returns to Corporate Office. She is of the view, such queries at this stage is not going to augur well since telecom business, as a whole is in down trend. She assured to do her best in this regard.

There were other issues to be discussed but could not take place due to her pressing engagement. She wished all the best for SNEA.

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) represented SNEA/CTC in the meeting.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met GM/HR & Admin and discussed the followings–

Sending of VC for promotion to the cadre of SDE under seniority cum fitness quota–Association explained the urgent need for clearance since many JTOs are waiting close to 17 years to get promotion. GM/HR replied to received most of the cases and instructed the AGM/Staff-I to send latest by tomorrow.

Rule 8 cases in the cadre of JTO—While few Rule 8 cases got approved in recent past, yet it is observed, some deserving cases are pending for a long time. Association requested to include those few cases, including those on medical ground and complete the list. GM agreed to consider the cases after consulting with CGM.

Phase-III training for JAOs–Some JAOs are to undergo Phase III training and it is learnt that they could be allotted to training centers in other circles. Association requested to accommodate the batch in NSCBTTC taking into consideration the inconveniences the trainees face at outstation centres. GM/HR accepted the suggestion and informed to explore the possibility by July 2018.