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Twitter campaign Today 27.01.2022
Dear Comrades,
As part of the ongoing agitation programs, Twitter Campaign will be today, 27.01.2022 between 12.00 Hrs to 15.00 Hrs with the Hashtag #BSNL_Executives4Justice. All BSNL Executives and Employees of BSNL are requested to mobilize each and every one and Tweet/Retweet messages in support of: Time Bound Functional Promotion upto AGM Grade, standard pay scales of E2 & E3 for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent, DGM Regular Promotion and other demands of the Executives in the Notice with proper language with the following Hashtag to raise our voice for Justice.

Twitter accounts to be tagged:
@CMDBSNL @AshwiniVaishnaw @devusinh @Secretary_DoT @DoT_India @arvind9963 @sneachq @gssnea @aftab_khan68

In addition above, Tweet to the Twitter account of the respective CGMs, BA/SSA Heads also by the activists from respective Circle/BA/SSA.


Join Mass C/L on 07.01.2022.
Dear Comrades and Friends,

Join the Mass CL program on 07.01.2022 for:
i) Time Bound promotions strictly following the Reservation Policy of Govt instead of post based promotions.
ii) E2 & E3 pay scales instead of E1 & E2 scales.
iii) DGM regular promotions etc. It is high time to oppose the hidden agenda of Management against the career progression of the Executives.

Your support and participation by taking one day leave will definitely mount pressure on the management to address your issues. This one day sacrifice is for your better future, to protect your promotions, to protect your pay scales, for your better career progression.

RR amendment is not to give any benefit to the Executives, it is just to make the promotions with more stringent conditions in the name of merit and to drop maximum Executives in every DPC/Promotion. It is another move just like Restructuring order and drastic cut in posts, further to take away the benefits of Executives.   
The 12 year condition is not going to change to 5 years simply through discussion. 

If management is successful in implementing this, they will definitely touch residency period for the financial upgradation also, this is the hidden agenda. 

We appeal to all the Executives Associations to support the programs for the welfare and career growth of the Executives.


 Congratulations to all executives of CTD/BSNL for their whole hearted participation in the whats app quitting program called by CHQ/SNEA. 

 Our next program is to make  the call of  MASS CASUAL LEAVE ON 07.01.2022 a grand success. 


Sanchar Nigam Executives Association (SNEA) decided to continuing with the agitation with slight changes in the programs already notified vide letter dated 30.11.2021:

1. Mass Casual Leave changed from 03.01.2022 to 07.01.2022. However Leaving Official What’s App Group and Work According to Rule instead of non-cooperation starts from 03.01.2022 onwards, without any change.

2. Indefinite Hunger Fast instead of Indefinite Dharna at BSNLCO from 10.01.2022 onwards till settlement of the issues.


Com Dilip Saha AGS, Com Soumen Ghosh, Com Sankar Sanyal C/President and Com Sudeshna Pal ACS met GM/HR & Admin to discuss on the followings--

Renovation of staff quarters at Manicktala and Baishnabghata-- The cases of Somnath Biswas  for Manicktala and that of Debasis Mullick and Nitesh Rajak at Baishnabghata are long pending issues. The estimates have been prepared and awaiting for sanction. GM/HR immediately spoke to concerned EE engineer who assured to expedite the case.

Scarcity of executives in various operational areas--- Over the months, large number of executives are superannuating rendering the areas with acute deficiency in manpower. Among others, at present mainly, Area SMP, Area City direly require executives at the level of JTO/SDEs. Moreover, some executives are awaiting intercircle transfer. So, given the emerging situation, some postings has become very necessary.

GM/HR & Admin admitted on scarcity of staff in CTD .  He assured to keep the matter in his attention and would do his best to fill in the vacant positions. However, he requested us to accept the reality that not many staff would be provided in future by Corporate Office. Some kind of rationalisation is needed to address the situation.

Poor condition of toilets and acute scarcity of water at TBZ building --Association drew attention on shabby condition of the toilets and that most of the toilets are not useable at TBZ building. Very little repair work has been undertaken and the same is also being prolonged without any valid reason. To add to the woes, the building is also in severe scarcity of water. The staff are getting agitated over the time and the situation warrants for immediate resolve.

GM/HR spoke to CE/Civil and DE/building/TBZ to make for immediate arrangement of water and repair of toilets. He briefed on scarcity of fund but assured to prioritize the issue without further delay. The matter already has been taken up with KMC and demand note raised is awaiting for payment. Soon the payment is made, some concrete progress of permanent basis is expected.



Glimpses of the Strike 1) 1 2) 2 3) 3 4) 4 5) 5 6) 6 7) 7 8) 8 9) 9 10) 10 11) 11 12) 12 13) 13 14) 14 15) 15 16) 16


The third day strike reached its crescendo. AUAB/CTD whole heartedly thanked the strikers to make the struggle a grand success. Message has gone loud and clear across the nation that employees of CPSEs, in particular BSNL will no way allow DOT to liquidate it. Employees have shown unprecedented  solidarity to protest against the denial by DOT/BSNL to revive BSNL and extend the just demands of 3rd PRC, contribution towards pension on actual basic, unsettled issue of 2nd PRC etc 


There was overwhelming response on 2nd day of the strike. Strikers stayed away but all the office bearers at all levels picket at the gates of major buildings of Calcutta Telephones. Com Sankar Sanyal President addressed at Saltlake. Com Dilip Saha AGS addressed the the gathering at TBZ building. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS addressed at Telephone Bhavan and Com Harekrishna Fouzdar at Entally. Com Sanjay Das Secretary AIBOC WB and Com Subhojyoti Chattopadhay AGS SBIOA addressed the crowd at Telephone Bhavan in support of  the agitation and extended complete solidarity in future struggles.


AUAB/Calcutta Telephones observed the first day strike at all major buildings across the circle. Slogans followed with deliberation by all office bearers of constituent union and associations marked the day. The participation in the strike was very encouraging. Com Soumya Dutta Secretary General of AIPCOC addressed the gathering at Telephone Bhavan. 



Conduct door to door campaign in the remaining two days.

The revival of our company is the biggest challenge before us. All negative forces and vested interests joined their hand together against BSNL. The future of all, our young generation with 20 to 35 years of service left, at stake. The issues are so critical and common for all the employees, irrespective of Union/Assn affiliation. Since this agitation is for our survival, local and small issues should not come on the way of our unity. Join hands with each and every employee and make this strike a grant success. This strike is for our survival

Our Unity is our strength.

AUAB Circular?


Com Dilip Saha, Com Sankar Sanyal President and Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS met GM/Finance to discuss on the followings---

Association wanted to know the financial status in CTD and likelihood on arrival of Fund. The virtual shut down of work due to non payment of wages to JCL and vendors has come to an alarming situation. At least the fund for operational maintenance should be in flow to sustain the existing services.  GM/Finance echoed the version stating that there is no concrete information on fund. However, there is marginal increase in revenue under CM vertical arising out of SIM sale. Port-in cases increased substantially. But then, he is of the view, Calcutta Telephones has a legacy of earning high revenue in CFA vertical. Around 7-8 cr comes from CM vertical. In Broadband, 7 cr (approx) , FTTH-1 cr and LL 10 cr(approx).  Besides, EB and other verticals are also revenue based.  He also emphasised to focus on curtailment in expenditure, particularly through project OJAS (save fuel, electricity, etc.), terminating AMC as per corporate guidelines, etc. It may be mentioned that in 2015-16 the expenditure for electricity was 85 cr and now in 2017-18 it has come down to 56 cr. The target for 2018-19 is 45 cr. Association appreciated the outlook but feels mere reduction of expenditure cannot save such a large organisation. Rather, focus should be on to increase revenue, more importantly in CFA field, land monetisation, etc.

Association reminded of unsettled case related to medical bill of Pulak Dasgupta DE. This matter was elaborately discussed on previous occasions and as sought for—the officer submitted the bills afresh to the concerned unit. Till now, no progress has been made. GM/Finance immediately called up the concerned officer to process the case.

A crucial issue in respect of Partha Ghosh, SDE/CMTS is pending for long. His GPF contribution is still not being deducted from salary on the plea that the officer is recruited in BSNL. It is to be mentioned that he had appeared in the selection of JTO/telecom through proper channel ( earlier he was JE/Electrical). Similarly placed candidates are being treated as departmental absorbees , therefore qualifies for GPF deduction instead of EPF. GM/Finance requested for some time to take up the issue with appropriate authority.


Com Dilip Saha, Com Sankar Sanyal President and Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS met GM/HR & Admin to remind him on the followings---

EPP for recently promoted PAs with retrospective effect---GM stated that the documents related to the issue have been collected and the concerned unit is examining the same.   

JTO Phase –II training for the left out candidates-- Association thanked GM/HR for making arrangement for JTO Phase-II training from April 2019 at NSCBTTC/Kalyani  . This matter was constantly being pursued by SNEA/CTC. Now, it is observed that a group is still left out who are keen to undergo training in Data Communication, a stream that is not conducted in NSCBTTC.  SNEA requested to send the willing candidates to Training Centers where Data Communication is imparted.  GM/HR readily agreed to the suggestion and assured to take positive steps towards its resolve.   

Deptl Qtr Repair- the departmental quarter at Manicktala, occupied by Somnath Biswas , JTO/NWP/CM/TBZ  is in very bad shape and the condition warrants for immediate repair. GM stated to have forwarded to the concerned unit for repair. Coincidentally, AGM/Bldg was present in the chamber. GM instructed him to keep tab on the issue for early completion.  GM further said AGM/Bldg to allot a deptl quarter at Baisnabghata to Debasis Mullick, JTO/JDP/BP as has been requested by official subject to feasibility. 

Austerity measure for hired vehicle----As per corporate office guidelines, Calcutta Telephones is implementing  curtailment of rented vehicle by 50% of the total strength and the deficiency so created shall be replaced with OLA service. 



by NCOA, AIPCOC and AIBOC on 04.02.2019:

About 15,000 Officers/Executives from all the sectors, Banking, Telecom, Oil, Power, Insurance, Central Govt Officers etc are expected to participate in the March.

The main demands are:

1. Remove affordability clause for Pay Revision in CPSUs.

2. Wage settlement in Public Sector Banks.

3. Allot 4G spectrum to BSNL & MTNL.

4. Stoppage of all moves towards Privatization

5. Govt support for revival of CPSUs..

6. Ensure Assured Pension for all.

March starts from Model School, Barakhamba Road at 11 am.



Com Dilip Saha, Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS  and Com Sankar Sanyal President met GM/HR & Admin to remind him on the followings--  1)  EPP entitled to recently promoted PA is still pending for settlement. The concerned PAs have represented in this regard and DGM/NWP -II/Plg also issued a letter  to DGM/HR for early settlement.. GM/HR said that he is aware of the issue and directed AGM/staff to examine the same and put up the file accordingly. 

2) Occupants of departmental quarters are often complaining of complete absence of maintenance resulting in chunk of debris falling off from ceiling and walls peeling off . The condition is endangering the lives of the occupants and even after repeated reminder and representation, no action is being taken to process files for repair. GM/HR informed to have received representations from some of the executives and the same were forwarded to the concerned unit. He further assured to keep tab on the matter.                                                                                                                         

3) There is acute shortage of staff particularly in field levels. The situation warrants for posting of executives in Howrah, Hooghly, Bidhannagar under CFA and under Tx/CMTS verticals. GM acceded that there is deficiency of staff and all effort is being taken to post staff as and when they are joining on promotion or transfer. He  also expressed  concern over huge superannuation that is taking place over the recent months. However, he assured to look at the issue, rationally.                                                                                                                                                                 

4)  Two JAOs are functioning as lecturers as and when the account batches undergo training at NSCBTTC/Kalyani. Since they possess degree in engineering, they appealed to permit them to take technical classes on regular basis. The file is circulating over a long period but no categorical decision has been taken so far. It is requested to look into the matter and end the stalemate at the earliest. GM/HR assured to examine it once again and take a decision on it.

5) Association expressed concern over works getting badly affected due to non payment of wages to JCL. Very often, the executives are getting gheraoed on above issue even though the matter of allotment of fund is not within their power. Given the situation, the competent authority needs to take some proactive measure for obtaining fund from Corporate Office. GM/HR informed that there is acute shortage of fund for meeting the expenditure of wages meant for JCL. The trend is prevailing all across BSNL. However, the union leaders have been apprised of the fund status. Yet, CTD is trying its level best to acquire fund from Corporate Office.  

To, All Zonal Secretaries and Zonal Presidents, 

SNEA/CTC arranged for complimentary diary and calendar for the year 2019 for all members. All Zonal Secretaries and Zonal Presidents already had been requested through Whattsapp  to collect the same from Com Soumen Ghosh ACS at Telephone Bhavan without further delay. Zonal secretaries/Presidents may also contact Com Hare Krishna Fouzder, Org Secretary or Amaresh Raychowdhury  for convinience of timing and coming to collect the items.

Herein, it is worth mentioning that the picture depicted in the calendar is an award winning snap by com Ajit Kumar Majhi, one of our member in Srirampur Zone. He is an amateur photographer who has an intense fad to participate photography contest. He voluntarily shared this workpiece for the organisation.   


Com Dilip Saha CS attended Circle Conference of SNATTA at CTO Hall. The conference dealt on improving the services under various verticals and the need to be proactive in bringing corporate customers in this competitive market. CS/SNEA/CTC  called upon all to realise the bad patch the entire telecom industry is going through and how govt policies are systematically destroying BSNL. The time warrants for extra ordinary show of unity to combat such situation. He appealed to leave aside petty differences, if any, and work for larger inteest of BSNL. 


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal President, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Sudeshna Pal ACS and Com Hare Krishna Fouzder Org Secretary exchanged new year's greetings with Dr Biswajit Pal CGM/CTD and discussed on financial position of Calcutta Telephones vis a vis disconnection of services due to non payment of bills. This apart, association expressed serious concern on not crediting the GPF amount to employees account and for not paying the EMI amount in respect of Bank loan to the concerned bank though both the amounts were deducted from the salary of the employees. 

Association also suggested some points in regard to maintaining uninterrupted services and business development. 

CGM assured to take care of the situation and that Corporate Office is aware of the issue pertaining to GPF , etc. The loss will be made good soon. He urged upon the association to see that JTOs/SDEs working in field gets the best of out put from the JCL engaged under their respective sub divisions. He further said, the crisis is a temporary one and every one has to realise the ground situation. 

Association appeals to all to devote substantial time in maintaining the network/services and explore areas for development to keep Calcutta Telephones viable.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal President, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Sudeshna Pal ACS and Com Hare Krishna Fouzder Org Secretary exchanged new year's greetings with Dr Biswajit Pal CGM/CTD and discussed on financial position of Calcutta Telephones vis a vis disconnection of services due to non payment of bills. This apart, association expressed serious concern on not crediting the GPF amount to employees account and for not paying the EMI amount in respect of Bank loan to the concerned bank though both the amounts were deducted from the salary of the employees.

Association also suggested some points in regard to maintaining uninterrupted services and business development.

CGM assured to take care of the situation and that Corporate Office is aware of the issue pertaining to GPF , etc. The loss will be made good soon. He urged upon the association to see that JTOs/SDEs working in field gets the best of out put from the JCL engaged under their respective sub divisions. He further said, the crisis is a temporary one and every one has to realise the ground situation.

Association appeals to all to devote substantial time in maintaining the network/services and explore areas for development to keep Calcutta Telephones viable.



Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal President met GM/HR & Admin to draw his notice on dilapidated condition of departmental quarters and how the same is vulnerable to living condition. There are complaints of chunk of debris falling from the ceiling, scalped plasters, cracked pillars & walls, etc. At any point of time, accident may occur endangering the lives in occupancy. It is learnt, some had represented on the issue but the same are not traceable as far as its sanction is concerned. GM/HR perceived the plight of the occupants and requested to provide details of those who represented for repair. He assured to take care of the issue.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Subhranath Das Z/S Central City Zone and Com Biswajit Biswas Organising Secretary Central City Zone attended the demonstration and gate meeting held on 21/12/2018 by AIBOC at SBI/HQ/Kolkata. Com Soumya Dutta General Secretary AIBOC and Secretary General of AIPCOC welcomed the solidarity expressed by SNEA and other PSU outfits. Com Dilip Saha CS/CTC/SNEA addressed the gathering on governments move to privatize banking and public sector undertakings, depriving the organisations from justified wage settlements, merger and acquisition of banks in the name of consolidation, outsourcing of currency management and other related issues. This diabolical intentions needs to be stopped without further leverage. The situation warrants for fortifying the unity and solidarity among all the organisation to oppose such moves. AIBOC profusely thanked SNEA for extending solidarity all across the nation. 


All India Strike on 21.12.2018 by All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) on various demands:

As per the call of AIPCOC, SNEA extends support to the All India strike by AIBOC on 21.12.2018. For extending solidarity and support, our activists at various places should participate in the demonstrations wherever possible.



click here--administering oath to elected office bearers

Central city Zone held its AGB on 18/12/2018 at CTO Hall. Members from all across the Zone attended the meeting. Following adoption of Zonal Secretary and Treasurer's report, Com Sankar Sanyal President and Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the house on latest issues and informed on their status. The discourse revolved around E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO respectively, Group Term Insurance, E1+5 increments for JTO/JAO 2010 onwards, status of 3rd PRC, additional 3% for SAB by March 2019, delinking pension revision from PRC, allotment of 4G spectrum, contribution towards pension fund on actual basic instead of end basic, status on CPSE Hierarchy, pending promotions, etc. CS appealed to stay united at this hour of crisis when BSNL is going through rough patch. The cash has drastically gone down and BSNL is going ahead for loan to the tune of Rs1000 crore for the time. Therefore, over and above the justified demand, its our prime duty to extend best of services to the customers and ensure revenue inflow. The situation demands for grit and determination to stay afloat in the competition and out do the others.

The office bearers elected for the next term are as follows--

President-- Bishnupada Jana JTO/CRM/MPLS                                                                            Vice President-1) SudipJyoti Dhar DE/ID&OD/Entally  2) Asta Pal SDE/MIS  3) Ashim Pal/SDE/HCU  Secretary-- Basant Kumar Singh SDE/MSC/Central; Organising Secretary--  1) Amaresh Raychowdhury SDE/BB/TB  2) Amit Sarkar  SDE/TM/TB   3) Biswajit Biswas JTO/BB/Wi-Fi; Treasurer--Saumendra Mazumder AO/CS-II;  Assistant Secretary---1) Mahua Rakshit JTO/CC/CMTS  2) Syed Kirmani Karim JTO/OMCR/CMTS 3) Soumya Ranjan Kar JTO/EB-I 4) Narendra Singh JTO/TM/Central  5) Kavita Kumari  JTO/LEA-I/CMTS

Circle Body congratulate the newly elected office bearers for the next term and wish all the best..


Click here for glimpse

Meeting held on 13/12/2018

Of late, there has had been a lot of curiosity and confusion too, amongst young members to know on the latest plight in respect of E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AOs respectively, E1+5 IDA payscales from 2010 onwards BSNL recruitees in the cadre of JTO/JAO, additional grant extended on SAB, implementation of 3rd PRC, contribution towards pension fund on actual basic instead of end basic, allotment of 4G spectrum, pension revision, etc. It is learnt that some groups are trying to confuse and mislead the executives on facts and figures thereby causing unwanted unrest and a virtual chaos. Since, XXX AIC at Ludhiana/Punjab of SNEA was over on 1st of Dec 2018, it becomes an automatic duty on the part of Circle body to disseminate the decisions and resolutions passed in the said AIC. 

An informal meeting was called at the instance of young members on 13th Dec 2018 at Hare Street auditorium to put forth the facts and clear any confusion that might prevail in the minds of the members on the above issues.

E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO respectively-- The AUAB  meeting held on 3rd of Dec 2018 with Hon'ble Minister of Communication, Secretary/DOT and others showed positive indication in resolving the issue of pension contribution on actual basic, allotment of 4G spectrum, delinking pension revision from PRC and 3rd PRC. There were queries on as to why E2/E3 IDA payscales and demand for increased percentage in SAB are not finding place in the minutes issued by DOT. Needless to mention that the  issues of E2/E3 pertain to some cadres and the grant of increased entitlement in SAB is within the framework of BSNL. 3% additional declaration by 2019 has already been declared by CMD. In as much as E2/E3 is concerned, the matter was taken in confidence with the convener of AUAB and raised by GS/SNEA in the said meeting. Hon'ble Minister has categorically felt and expressed in presence of Secretary, Additional secretary and other senior officers of DOT that the case can be well be resolved within DOT and given the nod to proceed. Perhaps no amount of facts can ever bring content to all sections of executives and there always remain rooms for further scepticism and arguments. There could still be people who would look upon it as hoax and may continue to disbelieve until and unless the demands materializes. Such mindset may require some time to wait for the end result. But as far as SNEA is concerned, we cannot afford to live in disbelief and wait for heavenly magic to achieve it; rather it is our trade union dharma to for struggle as and when the situation warrants. Having said so, this time AUAB did a splendid job by making Hon'ble Minister agree to constitute an institutional mechanism led by Addl Secretary/DOT for periodical updates on various issues. It must be noted that AUAB as a whole and constituent associations were finding it difficult to meet Hon'ble Minister for communication, Secretary/DOT etc these days. The institutional mechanism set up for the purpose has definitely kept open the window for communication. Meanwhile, even before the institutional mechanism got set up GS/SNEA and President/SNEA met Addl Secretary/DOT on 13/12/18 to brief him on E2/E3 IDA payscales and the misrepresentation made by DOT in its decision for denial of the pay scales. 

In regard to contribution to pension fund, it must be noted that BSNL has already paid in excess of Rs 3500 crore for making contribution on end scales. Now, that DOT has in principle agreed to review the case and it is learnt a positive note in this regard has already been moved, we can very well hope to see the case settled. The amount that would get saved and the amount due for refund will strengthen the chances to fund 3rd PRC.

Now, some doubts have been raised on probability of getting 3rd PRC mplemented. AUAB has to be given the empowerment and autonomy while discussing across the board with DOT. for 4G spectrum, there is a liability of close to Rs 13500 crore. If half the amount is borne by the govt, then half of the balance half to the tune of Rs 3500 crore(approx) calls for down payment by BSNL. The recommendation for 4G allotment needs to be circulated and vetted by Interministrial Group before obtaining final approval from the cabinet. On the other side, if the proposition for 3rd PRC with a liability of around Rs 2800 crore(approx) are sent together and simultaneously, in all probability the cabinet may reject both the propositions, bringing the whole issue back to square one. It has to be realised that BSNL at present is in deep loss and AUAB would be shorn of tenable argument to clinch the deal. That doesn't mean, AUAB lost its sight on 3rd PRC. The meeting did mention on wage settlement with the BSNL board and we are up on the issue to settle it. Its a matter of time to relaunch struggle, if needed. Some degree of instant decision at the best discretion of the leaders present in the meeting, always needs to be left with them. It must also be noted that almost all executives associations were participant to the meeting. 

In regard to pension revision-the principle of delinking the revision of pension from PRC is a prudent step. Herein, BSNL has  nothing to lose. On the contrary, the pensioners would get secured. Then again question comes, where is the security for BSNL recruitees? As already said, today, the entitlement to SAB is at 25%. It is further going to increase by 3% by March 2019. Balance 2% is to come up by next financial year as stated by BSNL. If some says, it is yet to come, then it must also be accepted the revision of pension is also yet to come. Adding to it, one must ackowledge that through constant persuasion by SNEA, GTI could get notified which also forms an integral part of family security. Again, one might argue who brought about GTI? As a matter of fact, perhaps, it is well known that SNEA/MP circle was pioneer in introducing the system. The concept only got extended to Corporate Office for all round implementation. SNEA being the recognised association, it had the privilege of being a participant in the discussion with LIC and SBI Life at the behest of management. There are some queries as to why the premium in lower age group is high? LIC/MP had fixed the premium on zero death basis. LIC/HQ find it infeasible to replicate that of MP Circle. Therefore, we cannot afford to waste time in the alleys of negotiation further. SNEA felt wise to start the GTI and review the deficiencies/queries in next renewal. Commencing it without further delay will only ensure the security of the families belonging to BSNL  

The meeting had an interactive session with some queries on fund related to PRMB, recording the cadre based issue in the minutes issued by DOT, violation of right to equality for non grant of E1+5, etc. It is worth mentioning here that given the status of struggle of E2/E3 payscales, it would not be prudent enough to raise this issue at this point of time. It will only loosen the firm demand of E2/E3 pay scales. Let not it be misinterpreted as though the association is not serious enough on this issue. The fact is, E1+5 was awaiting for HR plan approval for a long time. One has to understand that, meanwhile the call of strike has provided due weightage to the issue of E2/E3 payscales. Therefore, the situation calls for a different take for the time being. Once again, it is to mention that many unresolved issues are there pertaining to both executives and non executives cadres. We believe, so do AUAB, that it is not feasible to take up all the issues in one go, that too at the highest forum. Therefore, the issues that largely concerns all, find priority in first instance. Inspite of such constraints, it is appreciable to know that the demand of E2/E3 found its place in the discussion. We hope and believe, the best would come up for all. So let's stay united and firm in our commitment towards the cause. 

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal President addressed the meeting.   


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal President and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR and Admin and discussed on--

1) release of Anil Kumar JTO/Central whose Rule 8 transfer is already approved-GM assured to intervene and provide substitute at the earliest. 

2) EPP in respect of recently promoted PAs, case of Gautam Karmakar and Dipankar Ghosh under planning - The PAs were accorded promotion from the cadre Stengrapher II on notional basis in accordance to Corporate Office guidelines. The pay fixation in respect of the said PAs also taken place. Unfortunately, the EPP entitled to the executives is yet to be effected. The executives have represented for their respective EPPs and DGM/NWO/Plg also brought the issue to the notice of AGM/Staff-I. Association provided the copies of fixation made in TN and Telengana circle in respect of similarly placed candidates as ready reckoner and requested for intervention for early resolve. GM/HR asked for some time to peruse the case and assured to settle the case.

3) The DEs who had joined CTD from other Circles and are close to completion of two years in CTD prayed for transfer to circles of their choice. It is learnt, the former CGM had sought some time to forward the cases. It is to be noted that most of these executives are on wrong side of 50 years and are finding it tough to look after the family and aged parents. The situation calls for early consideration of their prayers with intimation to corporate office to provide substitutes too. In view of the hardship being faced by these senior executives, the prayers may be considered and forwarded at the earliest. GM/HR intimated that he would take up the case with new CGM shortly.

4) It is learnt, a few number of SDEs and DEs are to join CTD. There is acute scarcity in many areas. Therefore, priority may please set in advance to avoid inappropriate deployment. It is also intimated that one DE in Area/SMP is in high need. This apart, almost all verticals are facing scarcity. GM/HR said to take up the issue with CGM/CTD and decide accordingly.



A delegation of SNEA/CTC met Shri Biswajit Pal to welcome and felicitate him on his new assignment as CGM/CTD. A brief discussion was held  on the present plight of CTD and how financial crunch and fierce competition in telecom sector is weakening BSNL. CGM expressed his confidence in BSNL as it is giving a stiff fight to its adversaries and continues to be in reckoning. He is optimistic to overcome the crisis with the support of all association and unions. Association, pledged its support and cooperation in reviving CTD and would go to last mile to secure the future of BSNL. Keeping in view the stake of large number of young executives besides others, it is incumbent upon all associations to put the best effort for survival. The delegation was led by Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Subhranath Das ZS/Central City Zone, Com Joydeep Sinha ACS, Com Asoke Kundu President/Central City Zone, Com K K Barua.


AUAB/CTD held demonstration and meeting on 26/11/2018  at 8, Hare Street office to protest against denial of 3rd PRC allotment of 4G spectrum. pension revision, contribution towards pension fund on actual basic pay and left out issues of 2nd PRC. The venue witnessed large gathering and representatives of constituent associations and unions addressed the crowd. SNEA/CTC was represented by Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS. 






Dr Manmohan Singh Auditorium

Punjab Agricultural University

LUDHIANA, 28th – 30th November, 2018