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Archive 2014
Letters on EARS

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Soumen Ghosh , ACS met Shri Amit Bhattacharya PGM/HQ/CTD to discuss the shortcomings of EARS( Employees Arrival Reporting System) in view of its reintroduction from 15/12/14. Association narrated the circumstances through which it got introduced in 2010 and how the unresolved inadequacies/deficiencies made the system falter and ultimately non-functional by mid of 2011. Association cited that since it is a reintroduction of the system, it is highly imperative to take into consideration the proposal/ suggestions extended to the then CGM to implement the same uniformly and take care of employees engaged in varied nature of work. Association expressed its firm belief in improvement of punctuality and categorically opine for an immediate meeting to take into considerations the shortcomings and find a justifiable solution before reintroduction of EARS in CTD.


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal AGS met Shri K K Sapra CGM/CTD and Shri S K Samanta GM/HR & Admin to convey the constraints faced by Trans and CMTS Wing and how the same is affecting the quality of service and growth. Association also drew his attention on deferring the CEC programme due to some unavoidable reasons.

 Association pointed to immediate need of ADM eqpt Optical Fibre Cable for stabilising CMTS, DSLAM, and other network. The day to day maintenance is also getting hampered badly due to unwillingness of vendors to deploy men for restoration for non-payment of long pending bills. There is no mechanism to rationalise/monitor the progress of files in respect of work done leading to unwanted backlog and rise of grievances of all concerned.

CGM informed to be aware of the matter and that all efforts are being made to procure eqpt/cables. In his opinion, fund crunch is not that critical and means shall be made to ensure payments. In his observation, staff/executives need to gear up more to address the problems.

Association cited the infrastructural constraints and how projects pertaining to various agencies have resulted in frequent and unrelenting faults. It also requested to resolve the fund availability for works accomplished till the beginning of new tender for OF maintenance. CGM responded positively to see to it.

 Association brought to notice the decline in BTS faults over a short period, particularly the static faults and expressed dismay over quality of service inspite of BTSs being on air. Earlier also, association was very much pressing to make new divisions for RF testing and believe the same would address the problem substantially. There are other reasons too viz inadequate numbers of BTSs, power module, battery backup linear chains etc but this remains untested even after several reminders.

It also pointed to alarming situation occurring due to non-finalization of transport tender.

CGM substantiated the requirement of RF optimization team and intimated the matter is under active consideration. He however felt the trans back bone needs to be strengthened. In regard to transport tender, CGM informed to have made a progress and expectedly would get settled soon.

 The matter pertaining to litigations are getting inordinately delayed in critical cases and it has become utmost necessity to post one independent DGM/legal to overhaul the system. There is acute scarcity in the cadre of JTOs and SDEs in Areas, particularly in Sreerampur, Barrackpore, Alipur etc and requires immediate postings to meet the shortage to the extent feasible at present.

CGM replied to consider the proposition while deciding upon the deployment of those who joined recently.

 Association projected on not so satisfactory performance in operation Vijay and Uddan. It suggested to bring the newly posted staff under direct control of marketing SDEs/DEs to keep a fruitful monitoring over the work to CGM responded to see to it. But then he felt making the staff work lies under the control of executives irrespective of units that control. Association disagreed and cited to the experience gained to this day is not encouraging and is of the opinion of posting staff under right controlling unit.

 In matter of Health Care Unit, cashless hospitalisation has become a nightmare. Save a few hospitals meant for treatment of eye, there is none where one could seek cashless hospitalisation. Highest priority needs to be accorded to bring more number of hospitals under cashless purview to mitigate the problems of BSNLMRS beneficiaries.

CGM said to have already discussed the matter with HCU unit and efforts are on to rationalise the payments to hospitals, in time. This would pave way to enlist hospitals in a large way. He informed to have identified the points where the bills were getting clogged and wants to do away with the delay forthwith.


Circle office bearers’ meeting held on 03/12/14 at Telephone Bhavan discussed on the ensuing CEC meet and other organisational items and following decisions were taken.

 Due to unavoidable circumstances, the house unanimously decided to defer the CEC meet scheduled to be held on 13th and 14th December 2014 at Deulti/Howrah. The next date of the said meeting shall be announced shortly in consultation with CHQ.

Due to personal preoccupation/engagement, Circle Secretary will not be able to deal organizational activities on day to day basis. Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS shall lookafter the organizational activities of Circle Secretary hence forth till first week of January 2015. The President and both the Organizing Secretaries will assist Com. Soumen Ghosh in discharging day to day organizational activities.

Meeting with Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II on 01-12-2014

Com Dilip Saha, CS, , Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Soumen Ghosh met Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II to complain on disruption of service in Srirampur Area due expansion of Highway. Over a period, many cables got damaged and the field executives are facing enormous difficulty to keep the service working resulting in surrender of landlines and Broadband connections. Some temporary measures are being adopted but system requires total overhauling by laying new cables in substantial proportion. Since, the tender for microtunnelling has expired, it has become urgent to finalise new tender centrally or at least in Area level to address the situation. GM assured to take care of the matter on immediate basis.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President met Shri S Kujur, GM Finance/CTD to convey strongly to stop recovering from those of opted for CDA pay scales till next promotion during absorption in BSNL. The point was raised by audit and stands clarified in DOT’s Endorsement No-1-5/2004-PAT(BSNL)Pt.II dated 12/2010. GM replied to be aware of the matter and requested to submit the name of the optees to address the issue.

Association pointed to the stalemate in respect of payment for optical fibre maintenance work that became exigent during the validation of the last agreement and urged upon to take some measure to end the impasse. GM expressed to discuss the matter with GM/TX for progressing with the issue.

Association cited to some cumbersome and complex routing of files resulting in unjustified delay and requested to evolve a structure in consultation with concerned GM and IFA and based on category/nature of case/files to cut down on time. GM responded positively and asked for opinion in this regard. Association would compile the matter to make a consolidated submission.

We appreciated the effort on his part to contain billing problem of Broadband with optimistic result and to deal matters of HR and Admin in accounts with equal focus and fairness. Association firmly believe that account executives, particularly the youngsters, if managed properly and unbiased can deliver unbelievable result and so require to be given free interactive session to air the constraints/ hindrances impeding the system and opinion/suggestions/thereon. GM expressed agreeance to the observation and assured to look to it shortly

We also reminded to clear the backlog of medical bill pending with the committee constituting GM/HR & Finance and GM/Finance.

 The executives, those who have opted for CDA payscales till the next promotion during absorption in BSNL may kindly send their names/HR No to Aparesh Ghosal 9433400222 without delay..


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and com Soumen Ghosh ACS met Shri Amit Bhattacharya, PGM/CTD to discuss on EB and CFA.

PGM expressed optimism in realising close to the target of Rs112 Cr approx. The inclusion of business associated with PSU Banks could fetch Rs 116 Cr as Funnel Target. Till Oct’14, around Rs 30 Cr has been realised but due to variable kind bill, viz monthly, quarterly, and annually the exact realisation coul get assessed after the end of financial year. In as much as cct installation of 1050 approx is concerned the achievement has reached beyond 1350 nos.

PGM expressed concern in steep decline of BB connections and poor revenue from GSM service. In recent visit of CMD, CTD could convince that around 600 3G BTS and 1200 2G BTS is not adequate enough to provide full network coverage with seamless service. The service quality of BB is poor and customers are getting thoroughly dissatisfied leading to surrender of connections.

PGM however expressed hope on positive trend in GSM revenue and substantial decline in BTS and Transmission faults. Hopefully, a better position could get achieved in near future with active positive attitude down all levels.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS, Com S Bikshapathi, ACS and Com A. Nagaraju CEC/NE Zone met Shri A.N. Rai CMD/BSNL on his visit to Kolkata for promotion of business interface. Association expressed its gratefulness to CMD for sparing a brief time slot in his busy schedule to present some of the long pending cadre and service related issues. Association requested to settle the case of E2 and E3 IDA pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and equivalent cadres at the earliest since DPE has already cleared the deck by not acceding to intermediate payscales. In matter of 30% superannuation benefit, Association demanded as per DPE guidelines to make it a statutory provision. This will definitely provide the social security in decent form to BSNL recruitees. CMD responded that both the above matters is under active consideration.

Association emphasized for reconsideration of vacancy till 2014 for inclusion of JAO 2010 to the extent permitted and recalculation of vacancies of CAO regular to include left out CAO adhoc and Sr AO who stands eligible. In matter of promotion from JTO to SDE under seniority quota, we demanded to come out with the order as soon as the court passes its final observation. Let not it happen for want of further APAR/VC the progress get struck. We noted that, JTO of around 16 years are awaiting promotion. Both LDCE and DPC for seniority quota be held year on basis.

Association strongly protested against making of subsidiary for tower business. Besides other policy issues, it pointed out to scarcity of cables, Trans/CMTS Eqpt, instruments, battery and power modules for growth and stable service in CTD. It also demanded for increased allotment in maintenance fund since a substantial portion is utilized for payment to contractual labour wages.

The SDEs those who joined from AP Circle on promotion under LDCE quota requested to consider their prayer for transfer to their native circle on completion of tenure as per BSNL guidelines. To this, CMD responded very positively and asked to submit the prayers in time as per guidelines, so that, as and when the turn comes the same shall be considered for materialisation.

We could not put every one of the issues, yet did the same to the extent practicable. For detail, please view the memorandum.

  [video width="320" height="240" mp4="http://sneactc.in/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/20141121_175310.mp4"][/video] Click to open Memorandum to CMD 


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar President met Shri S K Samanta GM/HR & Admin expressing severe resentment among members for inordinate delay in issuing NOC for purchase of immovable property, for going abroad etc. The inordinate delay is putting the executives in extreme inconvinience in complying with the deadline of agreement and drawal from GPF. The matter of disposal of medical bills is also getting extremely delayed causing huge accumulation of files.

GM informed that certain queries were sought in respect of competent authority eligible to sanction NOC for immovable property and for going abroad. All the relevant orders have been placed for final approval of CGM. In matter of medical bills, CTD has discontinued with employing medical consultants for certain clarification/s and or removal of ambiguity for settling bills as the same is not envisaged in BSNLMRS. So the bills, pending at HQ are being sent back to respective areas, Association recalled the reason for which the medical consultants were employed and how it helped in settling disputed bills and saving Calcutta Telephones from extra payments to hospitals/nursing home on several occasions.

 Association also expressed severe dissatisfaction for not deploying SDEs/JTOs in Srirampur and North Area besides others where large number of SDEs is retiring every month. The executives are overburdened with multiple charges and immediate relief is sought for them.

GM .spoke of acute shortage in almost all sectors and reiterated that the same is under active consideration. In regard to EPP, GM informed that the matter is in final stage and would be taken up at the earliest.

Association requested to consider the correction of DOB of the spouse of A K DAS retd SDE to avoid complications that may arise in nomination.

Wish you all happy Diwali & Kali Puja


kali2        kali


A festive congregation of executives from engineering and accounts at TB

The day marked a gala assembly of executives at TB, representing both engineering and accounts wing of both CTD and WBTC. Those present, exchanged greetings and good wishes amongst each other, exuding the ongoing spirit of joy and delight of the festival of Durga Puja and Dussehra that still holds in the heart of millions of denizens of Bengal and beyond..

 A bout of introduction was followed with presenting the difficulties, constraints and injustices faced by the executives, particularly those representing accounts. The delay on achieving the payscales of E2 & E3 for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO, granting 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, expediting the process of granting 5 increments to JAO of 2013 recruitees, holding of DPC for JTOs to SDE(Regular) messed up in court cases, to tackle the conspiracy of DPC from JAO to AO inspite of large number of vacancies existing, to push up the exercise for Adhoc CAO & AO to CAO(regular), the left out SDEs for DE(regular), to expedite the finalisation of DPC from CAO/DE to DGM(F)/DGM were felt in proper perspective and put forth before the gathering in a categorical and demanding manner.

The crowd was appalled to hear the shoddy dealing of the case pertaining to option exercised by executives of 2010 JAO batch and the prolong episode since holding the exams to completion of training resulting in deep complexity.  

 But then, the hallmark of the gathering reflected intense fellow feelings for each other and a resolve to go ahead with the struggle to achieve justice.

 The conspiracy of a section to scuttle the benefits to the younger generation—be it stalling the operation of list No-6&7 for DPC from SDE to DE or depriving the senior JAOs for promotion to AO in time nor including the JAOs of 2010 till this day---- the motley assembly demonstrated appreciable maturity and magnanimity by not engaging themselves in lowly accusations and counter accusations; rather resolved to go ahead with the programme for benefit to all.

SNEA India welcomed new enrolments from accounts and assured to continue striving to resolve the issues and bring justice to deprived lots.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Prasanta Ghosh. Org Secy, Com Dilip Ghosal and Com S K Mondol of Sreerampur Zone met Shri K C Ghosh GM NWO-II to present the acute condition prevailing in Area Sreerampur in view of wide spread cable cuts due to road expansion and reconstruction of bridge. GM immediately advised to take up the urgent restoration work affected due to construction of bridge and the file approval may be obtained from him immediately. In regard to change of 3 km of cables at Dankuni, the estimates have been approved. Now, requisition for MT may be made to GM/Tx to include the same in the tender following which the cable needs to be laid. In matter of rebate in broadband for customers who were not confirmed before withdrawal of night charge, GM instantly enquired and reported to have cleared the file. GM also assured to visit Area Sreerampur next week.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Subhra Kanti Das, Z/S/Central City Zone and Com Gautam Chakraborty met GM/CMTS to opine on improvement in mobile services. GM briefed on segment of services that are weak and explained the need to deploy suitable staff to handle the same efficiently. Association pointed out, too many changes would not bring out desired efficacy, rather there are quite number of young executives who are willing to take up challenges in any section, viz RF MSC/Core, BTS Mntce, etc and may be considered in the light of theie spirit. Association emphasized, besides considering the fitness of individuals, none should be considered indispensible too. This is because; staying for too long a period give rise to monopoly in dependency and it is not just and fair for any organisation. GM assured to keep in consideration the views expressed by the association.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Shankar Sanyal, AGS amd Soumen Ghosh ACS met Shri Ghosh, GM/NWO-II to discuss on alarming decline of Broad band connection. GM, as a measure to arrest the downtrend asked the DGMs of respective area to speak to the customers. He also pointed to instability in Trans network. Association, emphasized to deploy the staff in a manner such that Broad band and marketing can be taken care of, besides others. GM also spoke of holding Road shows as tool to publicity and awareness of BSNL products and also get to the grievances to ascertain the deficiencies in service.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Shankar Sanyal, AGS amd Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR&Admin to remind him on pending EPP and requested to expedite the same. Once again Association emphasized to deploy DEs joining from other Circles in most judicious manner so that Areas under acute scarcity could be taken care of on priority. Association also pointed to some posting and transfers where the executives have been subjected to, much inconvenience and requested to reconsider the same on merit basis.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Shankar Sanyal, AGS amd Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR&Admin to remind him on pending EPP and requested to expedite the same. Once again Association emphasized to deploy DEs joining from other Circles in most judicious manner so that Areas under acute scarcity could be taken care of on priority. Association also pointed to some posting and transfers where the executives have been subjected to, much inconvenience and requested to reconsider the same on merit basis.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Shankar Sanyal, AGS amd Soumen Ghosh ACS met Shri Ghosh, GM/NWO-II to discuss on alarming decline of Broad band connection. GM, as a measure to arrest the downtrend asked the DGMs of respective area to speak to the customers. He also pointed to instability in Trans network. Association, emphasized to deploy the staff in a manner such that Broad band and marketing can be taken care of, besides others. GM also spoke of holding Road shows as tool to publicity and awareness of BSNL products and also get to the grievances to ascertain the deficiencies in service.

SNEA India/ Calcutta Telephones Circle convey its best wishes on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami and Dussehra. Let the divine blessings bestow peace, happiness, prosperity and health to one and all.



Com CS Dilip Saha, President Com Nirmal sarkar and AGS Com Nirmal Sarkar met Shri Amit Bhattacharya, PGM/CTD on incomplete and   erroneous filling of APAR  of an executive due to the  same officer assessing as both  reporting and reviewing authority. The candidate is in no way responsible, yet he stands vulnerable for any immediate consideration for DPC or else.  PGM assured to look into the matter for early resolve of the case. Association informed of quite a good number of DEs joining CTD from other Circles and requested to consider placing the officers in area of acute shortage on priority. PGM acknowledged for giving a consideration to the matter. In regard to BB disconnection, fields units are facing problem for delay from the receipt of modem set and approval from GM for disconnection, since customers ask for complete removal of any kind of charges from the date of receipt of modem set. The matter needs to be rationalised and clarified too, keeping in consideration both-- the customers justified demand on one hand and exerting best effort to convince customers for retention of service. Association opined, in such cases, a consolidated list be put up after thorough exit interview, with order for disconnection with retrospective date i.e from the date of receipt of modem. But then, during the intervening period the service should be stopped with modification in CDR in consultation with ITPC. PGM conveyed to study further and speak on the issue.  

26/09/2014 [CHQ NEWS]

Meeting with ED(Finance): GS, CHQ President and Com M. Gopinathan, CS/TN Circle met Smt Sujata Ray and discussed the following issues:

a)30% superannuation benefits to BSNL Recruits. Assn requested Madam to finalize the proposal at the earliest keeping in mind, the welfare of the employees as this is the only social security measure for them after retirement so that Management can take a decision on the matter at the earliest.

b)DPC from JAO to AO: Assn requested to expedite the DPC for all the vacancies:

It is understood that yesterday, there was a big demand from BSNLEU and NFTE in the National Council on the issue of 30% superannuation benefit in which CMD assured them an early action. In addition to the persuasion by ourselves, we are in touch with BSNLEU and NFTE on this crucial issue. 

25/09/2014 [CHQ NEWS]

After detailed Discussion with CMD, the Indefinite Fast deferred. Details will be uploaded soon.

The indefinite fast started from 10:00 hrs of 22-09-2014 and ended at 18:15 hrs on 25-09-2014 after 80 hours, 15 minutes of continuous Fast.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the Employees of BSNL for their wholeheartedly support for the Agitation.

Details of Discussion with CMD

1. No salary cut will be implemented now. If any SSA already implemented, supplementary bill will be prepared to refund the same.

2. No vindictive actions hereafter, CMD will ensure the same. 3. A senior officer above CGM will be asked to review all the actions taken by CGM. SNEA has to give the details by tomorrow. 4. The transfer of officers will be reviewed and they will not be forced to join the new place.



Howrah Zone held its AGB on 24/09/2014 at Shibur Telephone Exchange in a colourful and befitting manner. The host zone exuded warmth and cordiality and welcomed the Circle Office bearers, CS & Treasurer of WBTC and other invitees.

The meeting was filled with discussions and queries on services, checking on customers’ information and future of BSNL. Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WBTC addressed on improvements in services to be undertaken by association in the fields of CMTS, Marketing etc. Com Shankar Sanyal, AGS informed on the ensuing agitation related to justified demands for E2 and E3 pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL recruitees, etc and appealed all to take proactive role in membership verification. Com Jayanta Mitra, Treasurer seconded the opinion for role of association in big way for improvement in quality of services. Com Prasanta Ghosh, Org Secretary/CTC, briefed the short comings in orders in regard to surrender of BB and listed the cable breakdowns for the cause of interrupted services. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS/CTC held out the conspiracy by certain section of accounts to derail the process of DPC for about 1800+ AO posts in one go. He cautioned to be alert in Accounts HR matter and assured the association would fight the issue in just and proper manner. Com Dilip Saha CS/CTC shared the view that since CS would be attending all subsequent meetings, it would be proper to brief for the day and elaborate on services and developments in the next meeting. Howeever, CS reminded of the role of the association in demanding E2/E3 payscales, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, disparity in pay of JTOs recruited in 2007/08, etc. He emphasized to ponder on services to make BSNL viable which in turn would convenience in materialising the demands. He informed the decision taken in CSs’ meet held on 5th and 6th Sept 2014 at New Delhi to work extra one hour on foundation day of BSNL.i.e on 1st of October 2014 and appealed to all to remain alert for membership verification. The august house unanimously elected Com Arup Kundu, Com Ketan Hazra and Com Himangshu Biswas as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the next term.


Comrades, I call upon the members of Calcutta Telephones Circle to understand the gravity of the situation prevailing in Kerela Circle. Comrades of Kerela Circle had been in agitation for last two months following which CGM/Kerela, under intervention from Corporate office made a settlement to withdraw all arbitrary charges viz dies-non, vindictive transfer orders etc. The agitation was postponed at the request of BSNL’ management to provide time to honour the commitment made by CGM/Kerela Circle. However, much to our surprise and dismay, instead of withdrawing the arbitrary and unilateral decisions, CGM/Kerala continued with his perpetration on our members, resorting to choose and pick transfers, deleterious and punitive actions to scare away members from participating in trade union agitation. There are plenty of reasons to believe in a section of vested groups colluding with the Kerela administration to corner our association. The matter becomes further apprehensive to witness management’s severe apathy to resolve the issues inspite of continued hunger strike by CHQ office bearers at Corporate Office from 22/09/2014. The calculated silence can well be construed as indulgence to CGM/Kerela to continue with his arbitrary, unilateral actions unabated.

Comrades, we are to empathise the situation in Kerela and show our resilience to hit back and compel CGM/Kerela to come to term, to honour the written commitment made. Or otherwise, the sanctity of institutional commitment comes at stake, the very platform on which institutions and stake holders run to end impasse and instil the tenets of trust and confidence.

It’s not a matter to be thought restricted to Kerela Circle; rather it tantamounts to contempt and disdain to the entire association. If we are to continue with dignity and not mauled by oppressive measures of management, then let us pledge to fight resolute and without any let up.

It’s true that in recent time we are in agitation on one or other issues. Yet, given the critical situation, it becomes responsibility of all to be by the comrades of Kerela to hold aloft the dignity of the Association we belong to. So, let us pledge for unity and forge ahead with your fight to defeat the sinister design of the management by participating in the programme notified by CHQ. For programme to be observed, CS will intimate the Circle office bearers and Zonal Secretaries who in turn would inform the members.

25/09/2014 [CHQ News]

In order to extend support to the agitation, the following programmes shall be observed at Circle and SSA level. All Circle/SSA Secretaries to make all out preparations. Each and every Comrade of SNEA(I) must participate with toughest determination to defeat sinister attack to destabilize SNEA(I).

26th, 27thSept: 2014: Massive Lunch hour demonstration at all Circle and SSA HQs.

29th, 30thSept and 01st October, 2014: Massive Relay Hunger strike at all Circle HQs.

The Indefinite fast at BSNLCO and CO/Trivandrum will continue.


Howrah Zone held its AGB on 24/09/2014 at Shibur Telephone Exchange in a colourful and befitting manner. The host zone exuded warmth and cordiality and welcomed the Circle Office bearers, CS & Treasurer of WBTC and other invitees.

The meeting was filled with discussions and queries on services, checking on customers’ information and future of BSNL. Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WBTC addressed on improvements in services to be undertaken by association in the fields of CMTS, Marketing etc. Com Shankar Sanyal, AGS informed on the ensuing agitation related to justified demands for E2 and E3 pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL recruitees, etc and appealed all to take proactive role in membership verification. Com Jayanta Mitra, Treasurer seconded the opinion for role of association in big way for improvement in quality of services. Com Prasanta Ghosh, Org Secretary/CTC, briefed the short comings in orders in regard to surrender of BB and listed the cable breakdowns for the cause of interrupted services. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS/CTC held out the conspiracy by certain section of accounts to derail the process of DPC for about 1800+ AO posts in one go. He cautioned to be alert in Accounts HR matter and assured the association would fight the issue in just and proper manner. Com Dilip Saha CS/CTC shared the view that since CS would be attending all subsequent meetings, it would be proper to brief for the day and elaborate on services and developments in the next meeting. Howeever, CS reminded of the role of the association in demanding E2/E3 payscales, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, disparity in pay of JTOs recruited in 2007/08, etc. He emphasized to ponder on services to make BSNL viable which in turn would convenience in materialising the demands. He informed the decision taken in CSs’ meet held on 5th and 6th Sept 2014 at New Delhi to work extra one hour on foundation day of BSNL.i.e on 1st of October 2014 and appealed to all to remain alert for membership verification. The august house unanimously elected Kundu, Ketan Hazra and  as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the next term.

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After getting feedback from the Circles, slight changes are made in the next programmes:

01.10.2014, BSNL Day: It will be observed by performing 1 hour extra work.

14.10.2014 : Lunch / closing hour demonstration at Circle/SSA HQs.

28.10.2014 : One day Dharna at Circle/SSA HQs.

10.11.2014 to 14.11.2014: Relay hunger strike at Circle/SSA HQs.

We sincerely hope that BSNL Management will listen to the burning issues of the Executives and resolve them without further delay. If the issues are not resolved, then we have to go ahead with the agitation programmes as declared and even to further intensify the agitation by 15th December, 2014 till the issues are resolved.

Make extensive preparations by conducting Branch/ SSA level meetings and meeting each and every Executive one by one and make them to join the struggle.


Com Dilip Saha, CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar, President met Shri S.K. samanta, GM/HR & Admin/CTD to once again remind of acute shortage in the cadre of DE and SDE besides others. Since, quite a good number of DEs are to join on promotion from other Circles and few SDEs promoted under LDCE are yet to join, Association requested to meticulously post these incumbents to mitigate the acute shortage. All Areas are under staff shortage, yet Serampore, Barackpore, Howrah, Alipore and North Areas require special emphasis. Many of the executives are looking after multiple charges leading to intense stress and weariness. The situation, if allowed to continue is definitely going to affect their efficiency too. So, immediate placement may be made to mitigate their hardship.

Some of the executives have applied for NGN Circle through exercise of option. A quick decision may be taken in this regard to forward these cases so that it comes under the consideration of corporate office for final posting.

Association requested to expedite the DPC for EPP in E2, E3 and E4 and to ensure renewal of look after comes in time. The matter of renewal has become a case chronic delay and therefore the system calls for rationalisation to put an end to such recurrence.


Hordes of members and enthusiasts/activists, converged at Telephone Bhavan to participate in Dharna. Fierce slogans, condemning the Management’s apathy towards settling the long pending demands of payscales, superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, hobnobbing on promotion from JTO to SDE etc rented the building throughout the day. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS anchored the programme, Com Tarak Dutta Vice President delved into the history of evolution of JTO cadre and its payscales. Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, criticized the vested interests for adopting unfair method in depriving the promotion of JAO of Recruitment Year 2010. He also alerted members to be serious enough in responding calls of agitation.

Com Shankar Sanyal, AGS elaborated on the role of this association in developmental activities and informed of meet with senior officers of BSNL. He also made a discourse on the history of the cadre and sniffed conspiracy in depriving the JAOs from promotion. Concern was expressed in the status of BSNL recruitees for not having justified superannuation benefit and deprivation of standard payscales to JTO/JAO and SDE/AOs.

Com Prasanta Ray, Asst Circle Secretary highlighted the demands and justified the necessity for the struggle, given the deprivation since long, particularly in matter of standard payscales, superannuation benefit, DPC from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO etc.

Com Dilip Saha, Circle Secretary, expounded on the demands and stressed on the importance of punctuality, discipline and spontaneity of members that gives half the victory before it actually begins. CS also warned of the time being critical, since Govt could come out with plans to disinvest loss making PSUs wherein we need fight hard to stave it off. Since the demands have reached a point where the constitution of 3rd PRC is not far away, it is high time to exert immense and justifiable pressure on management to settle the issues. Or otherwise, the whole gamut of demands may go haywire. He appealed to all, irrespective of Associations to unite in clinching the deal to our favour and work toward development of BSNL.

  18092014250          18092014251   18092014246          18092014241 18092014258


The Dharna to be staged tomorrow, i.e on 18/09/2014 from 11 am at Telephone Bhavan in continuance of our struggle to achieve the legitimate and justified demands. The cold blooded robbing off of standard payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO on one pretext or other, making the deprived lots to wait for unlimited period cannot justifies for further patience. The matter assumes further contempt when we witness thousands of JTOs recruited in 2007 & 2008 stands to lose around Rs 4000/- for non-implementation of standard payscales.

We are equally worried about safety net in terms of terminal and pensionary benefit for BSNL recruitees. In accordance to DPE guidelines, statutory provision should be made for 30% superannuation benefit as compensation to decent pension for dignified livelihood besides others on superannuation.

The inert and indifferent approach to address the promotional aspect of executives has made executives(especially the JTOs under seniority cum fitness quota) to languish for years in the same post for decades. Though association took a prime role to either act as intervenor or as co respondent in myriad court cases to ensure early resolve of litigations yet it is of the opinion that management is dragging its feet in all such cases quite oblivious and unconcerned of the fate thousands of JTOs who are superannuating every year. Equally important is the promotion from JAO to AO upto 2010 and holding of LDCE for promotion to SDE to provide youngsters with opportunity to meet their aspiration.

First EPP after four years for all executives and to put an end to condemnable discrimination in respect of RRs of executive engineers of Civil/Electrical at par with telecom wing.

Comrades, this struggle connects the grudge and anguish of all section of executives. Rising above parochial concern, its incumbent upon us to appeal all executives to participate in Dharnan tomorrow from 11 am at Telephone Bhavan. Further wait would not be worthwhile, given constitution of pay revision committee not so far away. Rationalisation of all the issues calls for immediate attention. Timely strike by one and all can harness things to our contentment. We look forward to participation by one and all. 

Mass Dharna on 18th Sept, 2014

Mobilize all the Executives.

Make extensive preparations for the Mass Dharna on 18th Sept 2014 demanding E2, E3 pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit, Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy, JTO to SDE promotions, Pay anomalies, Civil / Electrical issues, First TBP after 4 years, Filling the vacancies on DE Regular promotions etc. Mobilize all the Executives and Make it a great success.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar ACS, Com Shankar Sanyal AGS and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met Shri S.K. Samanta GM/HR & Admin to discuss on posting of SDEs in divisions where acute shortage exists. CS informed, few more SDEs are likely to join in CTD and requested GM to consider them for posting in fields, in Area North, Area Alipur, Area Serampur besides others. Regarding posting of DE/Regular, GM informed to consider the postings as per convention and the SDEs who have joined as DE/Regular will be posted taking into consideration requisition from GMs or individual’s prayer etc.  Association informed that quite a number of DEs from other circle are likely to join very soon and they may be considered for postings where DE/Intls are taking huge workload besides others. GM gestured to favourably review the proposals for deployment of DEs in Areas as was discussed.


Circle body welcomed the members who have joined from other circles as SDEs and DEs as well as young incumbents at Telephone Bhavan. Circle body held a very frank and informative interactions with these new incumbents and a good number of youngsters who spontaneously attended the gathering. Com Nirmal Sarkar President presided over the meeting. Com Soumen Ghosh  ACS anchored the event.  Com Prasanta Ray Org Secy, Com Prasanta Ghosh, Org secy , Com Tarak dutta Vice President, Biswajit Basu, Vice President, Com Vhikshapati  ACS, Com NNV Prasad ACS, Com P Sahi Prasad ACS, Com Aparesh Ghosal  CWC Member, Com Subhra Kanti Das Z/S Central City zone, Com Ketan Hazra Z/S Howrah zone, Com Dhiraj Biswas Z/S South Zone, and others were present to grace the occasion. The discussion revolved around the deficiency in services, justified demands on payscales, superannuation benefits, etc.  Members also reciprocated the experience they have imbibed while working in CTD and expressed their content in support and cooperation they received to cope the new ambience. DEs present addressed the house on their long term connection with the association and how this association struggled over the decades to uplift the cadre of JTO. They also shared on rich cultural heritage of Kolkata. Members requested for disburse of transfer grant pending since long in Plg and Area South to which CS assured to resolve the issue at the earliest. Circle Secretary made a brief address on the rich cultural heritage of the city and excuded warmth and goodwill gesture to one and all. He also briefed on glorious history of the Association and its achievements which goes down in the annals of history. He appealed to all to live up to its reputation in future too.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Bidyut Ghosh Treasurer attended the monthly meeting of Howrah Zone held on 19/08/2014 at Shibpur Telephone Exchange. Members expressed grievances on unbearable burden one has to shoulder for shortage of staff in various units. They appealed to provide Gr C staff, more categorically TTAs to tide over the crisis, at least partially. In matter of restoration of faults, members are putting in their best inspite of scarcity of resources/fund and staff. In Transmission, it will be ensured to provide TTAs to maintain systems at remote locations in Uluberia and provide relief to highly engaged staff at main stations too. The Optical fibre route Mntce team needs to be strengthened to ensure preventive as well as prompt restoration as the case may be. So also the CMTS network needs equal attention.

Com Soumen Ghosh ACS , briefed on how this association came through various stages in up lifting the cadre of JTO and that the time has come to enlighten one and all in executive cadres to bring them into our fold.

Com Nirmal Sarkar. President presented the facts in practical perspective to the house. He informed that the issue of dearth of staff is very true and the hassle is being faced by all zones to varying extent. Unless recruitment takes place on regular basis the scarcity cannot be taken care of to the extent required. However, all efforts are made to deploy staff within limitations. Com Sarkar also pointed to credentials of this association and how SNEA addresses to all kinds of grievances; be it at individual level or policy based. He criticised those who tries to hang on posting information on website without getting involved to resolve of grievances in reality. For them, it is more of an impression of being involved rather than real involvement.

Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the house on resolutions adopted in last CWC meet in matters of E2 & E3 payscales for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent executive cadre, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, First Time Bound promotion uniformly after four years, removal of anomaly in pay, full pension option, promotion from JTO to SDE under seniority cum fitness quota/LDCE , CPSU Hierarchy, etc. He appealed to gear up for membership verification and condemned the anti employee Deloittes’s recommendations on restructuring to BSNL.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Shankar Sanyal AGS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met Shri A.K. Sinha GM/S&M to have review of the progress made since May 2014. GM repoted to have made a marginal increase in retailers’ nos but the FRC activation is still hovering around 1800. On last occasion, we had suggested to increase it to at least 10,000 Retailers with a sizeable chunk be encouraged for FRC. It is reported, the staff meant for Project Vijay is not exclusively dealing with marketing/ sales in Areas and the recently posted DR/ TTAs earmarked for S&M have been posted with functional control of S&M establishment but the administrative control remains under Area. This dual reporting system hinders control over conduct of staff for effective working. Moreover, lower level staff, meant for FOS should also be provided to have composite working team. Association suggested bringing the staff posted in recent past, under S&M control to have a proper surveillance over execution of day to day work assigned to staff. The recent finalization of the tender could appoint 17 nos of Primary franchisees for equal number of Areas. Out of 22 Areas, ALP-III & II, North I & III and BKP-II are under legal consideration. For Howrah-III and Jadavpur-II, new tenders have been floated. Association pointed out to penalties paid for CAF to which GM informed that the amount paid for penalty for deficient/erroneous CAF got reduced considerably over the period. Yet, a part could still be reimbursed, if the rejection of voter’s identity card due to unavailability of the same in commissioner’s website is considered by TERM cell. Association cited the achievement of 3000 nos( approx )new connections as very low compared to target of 16000 nos approximately per month. GM attributed it to unstable network in many pockets responsible for customers’ disenchantment with services. Immediate revamp of network is required to roll out better service to customers. In matter of infrastructure sharing, association categorically reiterated to share the non-remunerative BTSs to earn revenue. Association also sought the figure for high, medium and low traffic handling BTSs so as to take up the matter with concerned GMs to ensure stability in network performance. GM reported to have obtained feasibility report for 22 nos of sites sought for infrastructure sharing.


Dilip Saha CS, Shankar Sanyal AGS and Nirmal Sarkar met Shri Biswajit Pal GM/CMTS to obtain the latest status in respect of services in CMTS network. i.e 2G & 3G. Association reminded of the discussions held in the last meeting and the proposals mooted on increase of data speed, replacement of batteries, close coordination with Tx wing to bring the linear chains of BTSs into Ring topology, etc. GM informed of change in configuration from 2+1 to 3+0 in Node Bs connected to RNC. Effort is on to connect the sub=hubs directly to RNC for which ADM eqpts are needed. With the availability of Trans eqpt, having FE port, data speed could easily reach over 14 mbps and the new ZTE BTSs the provision exist to increase to more than 21 mbps. GM informed that almost 100 batteries have been replaced and a requisition of 300 nos of 400 Amps has been made to Corporate Office for fund allocation. The change of configuration mentioned increased the volume of traffic quite significantly. Association stressed to deploy more staff in RF optimizing teams and decentralize the activity to ensure better results. GM shared that the steps taken has reduced BTS faults and now it is overing around 100 BTSs. It will take some time bring about perceptible change. Association pressed for bringing the BTSs and DSLAMs in Ring to stabilise the services.


Forum for executives and non-executives association/Calcutta Telephones held lunch hour demonstration today at all Area Offices, Telephone Bhavan etc to protest against damaging recommendations made by Delloites Consultancy’s to BSNL for restructuring of the concern. Various circle secretaries and office bearers of constituent associations and unions addressed the gathering, condemning the report submitted and made scathing attacks against BSNL management for hatching conspiracy to destroy BSNL. Forum pledged to prevent tooth and nail against any attempt to implement Deloittes’s so called preaching on profitability and staff curtailment.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sakar President, Com Prasanta Ray Organising Secretary and Com Prasanta Ghosh Organising Secretary attended the monthly meeting of North suburban zone on 11/08/2014 at Barackpore Telephone Excg building. Members expressed severe resentment against multiple charges they are made to handle besides acute shortage of staff in various units. They queried on delay for providing fresh SDE & DE/LA. Members also complained about poor maintenance of AC units and battery module and how due to prolong power cut in many areas, the batteries are unable to take the load leading to exchange shut down. There is no active response from Electrical wing for maintaining satisfactory service. The matter in regard to closing of Access network has added to confusion as to whether the AC units are to be closed down or allowed to run. In both circumstances, the access network would remain vulnerable to fire or damage to eqpt , etc.   President Nirmal Sarkar deliberated on staff strength informing the same condition exists in other zone too. He also appealed to gear up enrol new members to face the ensuing membership verification. Prasanta Ghosh Organising Secretary, echoed the sentiments of the members by informing how the members of Serampore Zones are suffering alike NS Zone. The huge dearth of staff following retirements is causing excessive pressure to our field units. He also emphasized on membership verification and assured the house to address the problems to the extent possible. Prasanta Ray, Organising Secretary, reminded on next day’s lunch hour demonstration against recommendations made by Delloite’s Consultancy on BSNL restructuring and how the same if implemted is surely to make the staff/executives redundant.

Dilip Saha CS elaborated on staff strength and how acute shortage of staff is pushing the executives to handle multiple charges and unbearable pressure. The delay is mostly attributable to delay in arrival of filled in CVO proforma and APARs. Association is consistently pressing hard to administration to deploy executives in judicious manner given some executives are joining from other Circles in twos and ones. In absence of executives, new recruited TTAs may be deployed. In matter of closing of Access Network, the lines get integrated to some main exchange before taking any decision on shut downs. The Electrical wing, normally runs short of fund leading to non-payment of bills for months. The vendors’ apathy to quality maintenance is visible making the executives of Electrical Wing vulnerable to blame and hostile action. But then, the maintenance of electrical apparatus responsible for proper functioning of exchange cannot be compromised. The Area can only take up the job of maintenance, if only the administration takes such decision as policy matter. In that way, it will definitely cut down the delay in sanction for estimates followed by execution of work. Circle body will take up the issue with the administration for early resolve.

CS appealed members to work toward development of BSNL overcoming all kinds of shortcomings. Or otherwise, we will not be able to draw the benefit from the 3rd PRC in the offing. Profitability only can ensure early materialisation of demands, namely E2/E3 payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AOs respectively, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, reinstatement of perks/LTCs etc, implementation of recommended payscales by 3rd PRC thereby benefit to pensioners, better career prospect etc. CS informed to attend the next days lunch hour demonstration to protest against Deloittes Consultancy’s anti employee recommendation made to BSNL. He appealed to all to gear up for membership verification and remains focussed for BSNL’s progress.

11/08/2014 LUNCH HOUR DEMONSTRATION on 12/08/2014.

Forum for executives and non-executives/Calcutta Telephones Circle decided to demonstrate against recommendations made by Deloittes Consultancy on restructuring of BSNL. The recommendations are bent upon to cut staff strength by half besides other sinister moves. Calcutta Forum is to lauch lunch hour demonstration decentrally i.e at all Area Offices besides Telephone Bhavan , TBZ, etc. Zonal Secretaries, Circle and Zonal office bearers are informed to make sure members participate in lunch hour demonstration on 12/08/2014


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS and Com Nirmal Sarkar President met PGM/CTD to provide DE/LA at various vacant positions so as to provide relief to those who are burdened with additional charges. PGM reported that the matter is under active consideration. Some SDEs and DEs are joining from other circles; association made a point to deploy the executives judiciously to meet the acute scarcity in Areas and other establishments. It also pointed to proper allotment of TTAs based on field/office situation. The sorry state of affairs in respect of renewal of LA and EPP in the cadre of JTO/SDE/DE has no words to express dismay due to non-availability of filled-in CVO proforma /APAR. The delay has become a regular feature and association strongly insisted to bring about a change in mechanism for early receipt of the above inputs and prevent recurrence of such events henceforth.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS, Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC Member had extensive discussions with Shri Pradip Gupta, GM/Tx on maintenance aspect of Trans network, latest updates on eqpt and cables, etc. The frequent damage to cables over last few years often threw the network in complete disarray and in some pockets the incident has become a recurring subject. GM/TX informed about projects being undertaken by various public utility agencies and Pvt Telecom Operators resulting in frequent damage to cables. Many chains connecting BTS , sub-hubs and hubs are required to be brought in Ring topology besides stabilising the DSLAMs connectivity. Requisitions for ADM/STM eqpts and cables have been made to Corporate Office following which DSLAMs shall be brought in Ring and increase in speed in data in BTSs. Now, since NGN is in the offing, procurement of Trans eqpt in full hog will make the items redundant in near future. So, an optimum nos need to be worked out. OLT terminals needs to be increased to increase demand in GPON connections besides increase in data speed at 3G BTSs. GM further pointed to how insufficient staff is hamstringing formation of new OFC Route Teams. Association, pressed upon GM to ensure posting of new recruited TTAs and SDEs joining from other Circles. Association also informed to pursue at Corporate Office for early allotment of Trans eqpt.


Members gathered at Telephone Bhavan, Ground Floor vehemently protesting the despotic and vindictive action of CGM/Kerela Circle. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS briefed on the continuance of struggle and why the ongoing perpetration committed by CGM needs to be thwarted immediately.

Com Shankar Sanyal AGS, elaborated on the unwarranted, arbitrary and unilateral actions of CGM/Kerela and how it pose a threat to trade unions/association.

Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary and Com Tapan Chakraborty Vice President condemned the activities of Kerela administration in no uncertain terms and urged upon members to give a fitting lesson to the perpetrators.

Com Dilip Saha CS began by quoting ‘ injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere’. He conveyed a word of gratefulness and appreciation to AIGETOA and AIBSNLEU for extending solidarity and support to the comrades of Kerela Circle and condemned those who are hand in glove with the administration. He appealed to members to be prepared for further agitation and resolve to give a fitting reply to CGM/Kerela. It is SNEA as a whole is fighting against the wicked moves to victimize our members.

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Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC member met GM/HR & Admin to convey severe resentment of the executives for non-renewal of SDE/LA pending since last more than three months, non consideration for further DE/LA given crucial posts of DEs are under additional lookafter charge, inordinate delay in sending duly filled in CVO proforma for consideration in DPC for either regular/lookafter/EPP promotion, etc. Association clearly demanded to rationalise the system and ensure the CVO proforma/ renewal takes place in time, henceforth. GM/HR assured to focus seriously on the issue. Association queried on the latest position in respect of LICE held for promotion to the cadre of JTO in which none qualified. GM informed the concerned section to put up the file and conveyed while taking any decision the points mooted by this association shall be contemplated upon. Association emphasized on ascertaining the questions that were not in compliance with the syllabus then come up with the suggestions made thereon. In many areas in field, be it CMTS or Trans or GPON/BB/Extl there is shortage of technical hands. Keeping in consideration the above, association requested to posts technica;l assistants in these areas to increase efficiency in services thus increase in revenue.

GS writes to CMD regarding the Casual approach of CGMT, Kerala Circle in de
CS/CTD Writes to GM/HR & Admin/CTD on LICE Examination for promotion to JTO

Lunch/closing hour demonstration at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQ on 09.07.2014.

In total solidarity and support to our Kerala Comrades who are on indefinite hunger strike for the last 14 days from 25.06.2014 and Work According to Rule from 07.07.2014, against the CGMT who destroys the good work culture and systems prevailing in Kerala Circlea and for protecting the Circle, lunch/closing hour demonstration will be held at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs on 09.07.2014. Make all preparations for making the programme a grand success in support of our comrades.

Irrational approach and motivated decisions of CGM/Kerala pushing an exponentially growing and highly emulating Circle to point of disaster. Immediate and strong intervention needed to rein in arbitrary and unwarranted actions of CGM to spoil a very healthy and congenial prevailing working environment so as to arrest fast decline of Circle. Concerned CGM’s complete lack of commitment and interest towards growth of BSNL well established. Our comrades in Kerela are agitating to see early resolve of contentious and core issues like a) creating a healthy environment in Kerala circle by stopping large scale demoralization and humiliation of executives, b) shortage of store, and man power for operation and maintenance work c) reduction of posts in the name of rationalization against staffing norms which falls beyond the jurisdiction of CGM, d) non settling of important HR issues in the Circle, e) Transfer of Executives from SSAs having acute shortage in the name of so called long stay simply for the sake of transfer against the provisions of policy of BSNL CO and thereby creating further shortage, e) Large scale displacement of Executives from SSAs against the transfer policy etc etc.  The highly provocative and vindictive actions of CGMT/Kerela Circle are only adding to further aggravation of the ground situation and destroying the circle to its root. As members of responsible association, it becomes incumbent upon us to put an end to such irrational dominance and restore normalcy in greater of BSNL. SNEACTC call upon members to join lunch hour demonstration on 09/07/2014 at Telephone Bhavan/Ground Floor.  

02/07/2014 - Meeting with GM/HR and Admin/CTD

Following the meeting with CGM/CTD, Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar President met GM/HR & Admin to convey CGM’s positive gesture in regard to the plight of the TTAs who had appeared for LICE for promotion to JTO but unfortunately none could qualify due to stiff standard of questions not compatible to syllabus set for the purpose. Association requested to identify such questions and award full marks against each irrespective of attempt made by the candidates. Or otherwise, committee so formed must categorically conclude on standard of questions set against the syllabus provisioned in R/R. This will grant justice to these candidates in retaining their seniority with respect to the candidates who qualified in the same exam in other circles. Association drew attention in regard to the serious incident of collapse of staircase in P&T Qtr SaltLake, yesterday. It is fortunate that occupants were rescued and are safe. It is also informed that there is always a paucity of fund to undertake repair and renovation of these buildings thereby endangering the lives of the occupant. GM/HR & Admin spoke of forming a committee with representatives of Civil & Electrical Wing; first to indentify the buildings completely unsafe to reside and then abandoning the same on immediate basis. Queried about fund for repair, GM conveyed the same shall be taken up with GM/finance. Association expressed serious concern about these ramshackle buildings and reminded on how the matter was seized with former CGMs too. The matter should have got utmost priority by now to avoid incidents of collapse, injury to occupants etc in future. Association looks forward to the action taken by the committee till now. Association once again reminded about postings in some critical area in the cadre of DE/SDE.

Subho Rath Yatra Greetings to all.


Welcome to the website of Calcutta Telephones Circle of Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association. India. A new Circle of SNEA India, born on 27th February 2014 out of bifurcation of West Bengal State Branch.

West Bengal State Branch of Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association India was unique in its composition and territorial jurisdiction. It covered the recruiting Circles of Calcutta Telephones District and West Bengal Telecom Circle including non-recruiting units that exist within the boundary of the state of West Bengal and Sikkim. Needless to mention, WB State Branch was exemplary in associational activities and was in forefront of many a historic struggle. It pursued the objectives enshrined in the constitution of SNEA India, in letter and spirit and doggedly followed the resolutions adopted in various forums to ensure its achievement and early implementation. It lived a long tenure of shining glory and etched out its mark in the annals of history of SNEA India and beyond.

However, in recent past, with the notification of New Recognition Rule on 6th Jan 2014, WB State Branch had to contemplate on more inclusive, extensive and high octane associational activities, given the plight of BSNL and imminent membership verification. After having delved into the issue and inviting opinion from all quarters, WB State Branch in its State Executive Meeting held on 25th of January 2014 at CTO Hall, Kolkata adopted a unanimous resolution to bifurcate West Bengal State Branch into Calcutta Telephones Circle and West Bengal Circle. Calcutta Telephones Circle conforms to Calcutta Telephones District in all matters of associational activities. The resolution was finally vetted and approved in a premature XXVth State Conference of WB State Branch of SNEA India held on 27th Feb 2014 at CTO Hall/Kolkata giving formation to two new Circles, namely Calcutta Telephones Circle and West Bengal Telecom Circle.

Calcutta Telephones Circle is in its nascent stage. Yet, it is resolute to live upto the glory and reputation of WB State Branch. In doing so, it would never be possible without the support and cooperation of you all. We would be trying our best to make the website informative in matters of association, services, developments and other news pertaining to world of telecom. We regret for not being able to fill up/ activate the icons/links in the website due to time constraint and would request all to bear with this temporary inconvenience. The association is on the job and hopefully over a short period of time will be able to accomplish the aforesaid task.

We also plan to host an e-mail address to receive suggestions/information and work upon it for betterment in all respect.

With all best wishes, we inaugurate open the website to all our beloved members and well-wishers’ and hope it augur well to one and all of Calcutta Telephones Circle/ SNEA India and unfold a new chapter of activism and achievements. Even though today is the beginning of launching of new web site yet, we are hosting the activities that had taken places since the formation of SNEACTC.

With best wishes once again….

02/07/2014 - Meeting with CGM/CTD

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar President of SNEACTC met Shri K K Sapra CGM/CTD to place a brief observation collated from various terminals and fields in respect of CMTS and Transmission Network. Association placed a brief account on root causes responsible for overall decline in quality of service and suggested to strengthen the existing BTS mntce and Transmission Route teams and also form new ones in both the wings. These wings require deployment of additional staff to maintain services at optimal level to the satisfaction of the customers.

Association conveyed to CGM about some commendable initiatives taken by executives of CMTS in consultation with GM/CMTS to provide increased bandwith in Node Bs bypassing the HUB and making Node Bs in 3+0 configuration. This resulted in increased data usage by over 100 GB/day. However, it is observed that large number of BTS faults take place every day, of which a substantial number gets restored automatically due to Mains (i.e Power Supply), Rest happens to be due to equipment or Trans/optical fibre cut. In matter of cable cuts, the situation warrants to convert large and critical linear chains of BTSs into ring topology with network management system.

CGM expressed grave concern over weak transmission mntce and felt the units in CTD must first identify the works to be executed and then rationalize the system for maintenance. He informed of reintroducing fault docketing system in Transmission and provisioning of daily report of faults to all concerned so that the staff can commence the work for restoration at the earliest. At this point, association intimated how executives in CMTS introduced a software mechanism to generate report of faults and sms the same over 24*7 to executives concerned.

Association intimated about myriad projects undertaken by KMDA, KMC, RVNL, Reliance JIo, NHA(I) that are underway in Calcutta since last couple years and would likely to continue for few more years. The execution of the projects lead to very frequent and indiscriminate damage to optical fibre cables resulting in major faults to CMTS network, Trans systems, DSLAMs etc. CGM acknowledged the factors but appealed to continue to work in the face of limitations as challenge to turn around Calcutta Telephones with grit, determination and optimism. He felt the necessity for Trans Eqpt (ADM-16 & others) and informed to have taken up the matter with Corporate Office. This will very well address to bring the DSLAMs in ring besides CMTS resulting in catering stabilized service and thus increase in revenue.

Association drew attention in regard to inoperative tender meant for optical fibre mntce work and how the field officers are facing severe constraints in taking up O F cable restoration work on urgent basis. Also work for diversion of cables due to RVNL projects is unable to get underway for same reason and there is every likelyhood of existing cables getting damaged soon RVNL starts piling work given they have already paid the claim raised by Calcutta Telephones. CGM informed that the matter is already under intimation and stated to address the matter on priority within the provision of the rules.


The Competent Authority has approved the entrustment of additional charge of the post of Chairman & Managing Director, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to Shri.A.N.Rai, Director(Enterprise), BSNL for a period of three months w.e.f. 01.O7.2O14 or until further orders, whichever is the earliest.
SNEA(I) Congratulates him and wish him all success in his new assignment. GS and AGS met Shri.A.N.Rai, and congratulated him on assuming the charge as CMD, BSNL.

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01-07-2014 Test Notice

Wish you all very Rath Yatra.

27/06/2014 Meeting with GM HR & Admin/CTD

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar President met GM HR & Admin/CTD to discuss on scarcity of officers at various levels of executives. The officers who are looking after additional charges are getting overstressed and demand to hold immediate DPC to provide look after arrangement to these posts on immediate basis. Administration responded that the process for postings in critical positions on priority is under active contemplation and inputs have been asked for EPP also. The matter of inordinate delay in receiving filled in CVO proforma was once again raised and requested to rationalise the system so as to cut on the delay on every occasion.

25/06/2014 Meeting with GM Finance/CTD

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Shankar Sanyal AGS met GM Finance to discuss on non-availability of fund for TA/DA grant in Planning Establishment. Quite a good number of executives who joined from AP about 7 to 8 months back are yet to receive their payment quite contrary to those working in Areas. Association requested for immediate intervention to which GM Finance responded positively. Discussed on the stalemate in Tx mntce due to non-extension of tender. Requested to explore some means to allow the field officers to take up cable restoration job that require urgent attention.

17/06/2014 A General Body meeting of Central City Zone was held at Telepho

A General Body meeting of Central City Zone was held on 17/06/2014 at Telephone Bhavan. Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary,Circle President Com Nirmal Sarkar and Com Soumen Ghosh Asst Circle Secretary attended the said meeting. After Zonal session, in which Com Shubra Nath Das Zonal Secretary replied to queries raised by the members on service and transfer matters, Circle representatives addressed the House. ACS informed on notification for membership verification and appealed to gear up to increase membership strength. President appealed to all to think practical in respect of transfer and posting. Due to large scale retirements, it is increasingly becoming difficult to accommodate as per individual’s choice. Circle Secretary elaborated the causes on poor service to the customers and acknowledged that Transmission, CMTS and Broadband wing is badly hit. Whatever is in the ambit of the executives must be done within limitation also to improve upon the service. CS reported on CWC meet held on 26/05 & 27/05/2014 at Jaipur highlighting the demands of E2 & E3 IDA payscales for JTO/SDE and equivalent cadres, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, Centralized EPF, First EPP after 4 years, DPC for JTO/SDE and equivalent cadres, removal of pay anomalies, regularisation of JTO offtg in JTO RR, generalisation of FR 22 1(a)1 for all JTO offtg etc. Appealed to all to turn around CTD, keeping in view the future of BSNL and 3rd PRC.

13/06/14 General Body meeting of North East zone was held at Cossipore T

General Body meeting of North East zone was held at Cossipore Telephone Exch Building. Members raised issues on HR and service matters, highlighting about acute shortage of staff in field units resulting in poor service. Zonal Secretary clarified/replied to the queries raised by the members and informed that zone would try its best for deployment of staff in critical areas. ZS appealed to work within limited resources for development to turn around the company. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS clarified on some contentious issue.

Com CS acknowledged on shortage of staff but cited the root cause of such situation is due to non recruitment in feeder cadre viz JTO/JAO. The position improved slightly in view of recruitment in TTA cadre and some SDE/DEs joining from other Circle; mainly from AP and Chennai. On the other hand, in absence of recruitment, large number of executives are retiring every month.

CS reported on recently held CWC meeting held on 26/05 & 27/05/2014 at Jaipur. The meeting duly once again resolved to struggle for E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO & SDE/AOs respectively. It reiterated its stand on 30% superannuation benefit to those recruited in BSNL, making provision for JTO offtg in JTO RR, Centralized EPF, Full pension, to remove disparity in pay of those recruited in 2007 & 2008, antedating for removal of pay anomaly etc. He briefed on financial position of CTD and its services in various wings. CS appealed to the members to gear up to revive CTD keeping in consideration the stakes of thousands of staff/executives . Since 3rd PRC is just about three years, it becomes imperative on all to increase revenue substantially to realise the fruits of recommendations by one and all.

12/06/2014 Meeting with Shri Biswajit Pal GM/CMTS/CTD

Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary, Nirmal Sarkar President, Soumen Ghosh ACS, Prasanta Ray & Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy met Shri Biswajit Pal GM/CMTS/CTD to discuss on plight of CMTS network and suggest ways for its improvements. Some of the representatives of CMTS were also present besides Com Shubra Das/ Zonal Secretary/Central City Zone.

In matter of manning MSC/OMCR , Association reminded that the units are already manned for extended hour and any generation of report is made available round the clock automatically. Moreover, unless, BTS oriented faults could be maintained at odd hours, the very concept of manning OMCR will not fructify, particularly in the face of acute shortage of staff.

Here are some of the highlights of the discussions and technical suggestions made by the association. Although actions have been initiated on a number of items mentioned hereunder yet quite a number of issues require further focus for effective implementation. It may be noted that the technical suggestions cited are from the executives of CMTS based on their expertise and experience.

  1. Rearrangement of Hub, Subhub and Node B planning.
  2. Enhancement of bandwidth ( Presently 2e1 used and 1 e1 standby , expanded to complete utilization 3E1 capacity -> further expanded to 4E1s)
  3. Operational meeting on monthly basis with BTS maintenance team
  4. Complete IP-fication of Nodes at the earliest.

Other Major suggestions to ward off BTS AND N/W FAULT:

  1. Proper RF monitoring with daily basis KPI analysis for both 2G and 3G, Removal of Spotty Coverage Zones. This minimizes the call drop, handover issues & congestion.
  2. De-centralization of RF monitoring into 4 zones
  3. Proper BTS battery backup and extension of alarms of all 2G and 3G BTS.
  4. Maintenance and repairing of Rectifier module
  5. Issues with Electrical vendor- Periodic maintenance of ACs, early replacement or rectification of faulty AC.
  6. Arrangements to replace Faulty cards of Node B and BTS at the earliest.
  7. Free mobile connection with set to TTA/TM for BTS maintenance.
  8. Vehicles, Laptop and other proper amenities for BTS maintenance.
  9. PCM support in early restoration of fiber cut issues and PCM error/ fault.
  10. Equipment and store management for BTS maintenance, to keep cards in advance to deal with failure
  11. Cordial relation and full cooperation between teams at CMTS, PCM and Electrical for early restoration of any fault.
  12. Technical support by Vendor
  13. Fault reporting system and analysis

Major area of problems to be covered by RF

  1. Coverage: Coverage issues may include
    1. Overlapping cells
    2. Overshooting
    3. Blind spot

Procedure of checking: Power control measure, neighbour Cell measures, Cell performance measure.

Probable solutions: Adjust network parameter, adjust antenna and feeder, increases power of TRX, Add a new site

  1. Interference reduction: Interference issue may include
    1. Bad voice quality
    2. High Call drop

Procedure of Checking: Regulation of interference band, RX power measurement, Frequency hopping, Spectrum Scan measure, call drop measurement, Signal quality distribution, Checking equipment

Probable solution: Increase the distance of co channel cells, reduce BTS power level, Avoid external interference frequency, adjust frequency reuse plan, narrow beam-width antenna, use frequency hopping technique.

  1. Congestion prevention: Congestion may cause
    1. Difficulty to place a call
    2. Low call success rate

Procedure of checking: Access parameter, SDCCH frequency setting, LAC setting , Antenna height direction and tilt checking, BTS power check.

Probable solution: Open traffic based handover, Expand TRX, adjust Cell access selection and handover parameter, Increase SDCCH

  1. Handover Definition
  2. Call drop prevention

09/06/2014 Meeting with Shri S K Samanta, GM/HR & Admin

Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary, Sankar Sanyal AGS/CHQ, Nirmal Sarkar President, Soumen Ghosh ACS, Prasanta Ray & Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy met Shri S K Samanta, GM/HR & Admin on 09/06/2014 to discuss on acute shortage of staff in field units and how the executives are stressing themselves out catering to multiple charges. It is observed, the working strength is half that of sanctioned strength in various executives’ cadre. Given the situation, some fillings could be done by posting executives, particularly in the cadre of SDEs and DEs who joined from other circles on promotion and the newly recruited TTAs. Association proposed to judiciously post staff and executives joining on promotion and on transfer and listed some of the posts in the cadre of SDE and DE that require immediate postings. The external units, Transmission Wing/CMTS are suffering badly to maintain the systems. JTOs too are in shortage. The lookafter arrangement is merely promoting with extra charges and the situation would not change unless there is recruitment in feeder cadre. i.e JTO/JAO.

In regard to sending of CVO proforma for VC, it is observed inordinate delay occurs at every instant resulting in delay of DPC at both Circle and Corporate Office level. Association proposed to either centralise the system or ensure the service book holder and controlling officers send the duly filled in CVO proforma in time.

Association raised the issue of reporting/reviewing officers leaving mandatory entry vacant unconcerned. The matter needs to viewed seriously and such cases deserves to be set right so that the executives do not suffer for no fault on their part.

Administration assured to look into the issues and necessary steps shall be taken to address the concern expressed by the association.

09/06/2014 Halfday Executive Committee’s Meeting of CTC.

Halfday Executive Committee’s Meeting of CTC was held on 09/06/2014 at Ranigunge Coal House to report on recently held CWC meeting on 26/05/2014 & 27/05/2014 at Jaipur. Com President addressed on various issues listed in the agenda. Com Dilip Saha C/S reported on subjects extensively, discussed and debated in the house and concluded on the decisions/resolutions adopted in the said meeting. Important issues ranged for demand of E2 & E3 payscales for JTOs/JAOs and SDEs/AOs and equivalent cadres respectively, 30% superannuation benefit to those recruited in BSNL, Centralized EPF system, DPC for JTO/JAO to SDE/AO , SDE/AO to DE/CAO and DE/CAO to DGM promotion, Antedating for pay anomalies, uniformalisation of FR 22 1 (a) 1 to JTOs officiating, to make pensioners contribution on actual basic etc. Much concern was expressed on inordinate delay in JTO to SDE and SDE to DE promotion due to endless court stays.

In regard to HR matter, zones informed of acute shortage in the cadre of JTO, SDE and DE. In absence of recruitment in feeder cadre i.e JTO/JAO, it is becoming increasingly difficult to man various stations/services. However, the meet noted some areas where immediate filling is required.

Some suggestions for curtailing of expenditure in BKP Area in regard to shifting of CSC working on rented premises. It was decided to pursue the matter with appropriate authority to shift the same in departmental building against one time expenditure paving way for further savings in rent in future.

It was decided to fix a further date for discussion on developmental issues.

CWC meet on 26/05/2014 & 27/05/2014 at Jaipur

Dilip Saha CS/CTC, Aparesh Ghosal and Nirmal Sarkar CWC members attended the CWC meet on 26/05/2014 and 27/05/2014 at Jaipur to deliberate on resolutions adopted in Circle and on issues pertaining to CHQ. Circle Secretary/CTC prior to departing for Jaipur attended the constitutional amendment committee meeting held on 24/05/2014 at New Delhi as one of its member.

Shri A N Rai Dir HRD/BSNL addressed the gathering apprising members of the state of affairs of BSNL by elaborating on shortage/deficiencies in various services in cluding HR issues and held forth the challenges the BSNL”s workforce need to meet to turn around the company before the 3rd PRC. He expressed optimism and assured all sorts meaningful and efficacious action shall be taken..

Important decisions of CWC Jaipur held on 26th & 27th May, 2014.

1. The CWC resolved to focus fully on the revival of BSNL in the next two years keeping in mind the next pay revision for the BSNL Executives due from 01.01.2017. The Management and all the employees should work in tandem to achieve this goal. Efforts should be made to ensure that “pension revision” also becomes one of the terms of reference of the next PRC.

2. The shortage of materials like OF cable, 5 pair cable, EPBTs, Modems and UG cable in Circles and MPLS ports are severely affecting the development and maintenance of the network. BSNLCO should ensure the availability of all essential materials in the field units for operation and maintenance activities.

3. The standard pay scales of E2, E3, -----, E7 should be implemented from 01.01.2007 without further delay. In case pension contribution issue is not getting resolved in a reasonable time, the possibility of extending relief to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 especially the 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs may be explored.

4. The CWC demanded full 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL Recruited employees as it is a social security measure. The Management should consider the matter sympathetically. CWC decided that Association shall have further discussions with the Management to settle the issue at the earliest.

5. The CWC decided to explore the possibility of extending “Full Pension” option to the Executives and employees recruited directly by BSNL as a onetime measure as EPF pension with “Full Pension” option is equivalent to Govt pension. BSNL Corporate office should take up the matter with EPF authorities at appropriate level. Further the CWC demands centralized EPF payment.

6. The CWC decided to extend total solidarity and support to the agitating comrades of SNEA(I), Kerala Circle and stand with them wholeheartedly and unitedly for seeking settlement of their issues with the CGMT who works with a pre-determined mindset to destabilize the exemplary work culture existing in the Circle which has taken it to the heights of productivity and profitability.

7. Membership verification among Executives’ Association needs to be expedited. Meanwhile the issues raised by the Association are to be addressed by the Management to have meaningful membership verification. The subscription deduction through check off system to be demanded in case the membership verification is getting delayed further.

8. CWC outrightly rejected the draft proposal on CPSU cadre hierarchy as it is again linked with the availability of posts and seniority. Further CWC felt that by proposing very stringent attendant conditions, the Management is trying to take away even the minimum promotional avenues, today the Executives are having in BSNL. Time Bound Functional Promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy is to be pursued in the Joint Committee under the banner of United Forum.

9. For conducting the next All India Conference, 6 Circles namely Andhra Pradesh, Delhi (BSNLCO&NTR), Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and UP(West) Circles came forward. The CWC directed the concerned Circles to submit the required data by 15th July, 2014 and final decision on the AIC venue will be taken by a Committee comprising of Com GS, Com CHQ Treasurer, Com Arvind Dahiya/AGS(HQ) and Com H Muthu/AGS.

10. CHQ Quota/Building Fund/Legal Fund payment: All defaulting Circles should clear the pending Building fund and Legal fund at the earliest. The CWC discussed the pending CHQ Quota/Building Fund/Legal Fund payment by Gujarat Circle. Circle Secretary, Gujarat Circle assured the CWC that GUJ Circle will pay maximum Building Fund, Legal Fund and all the pending CHQ quota by the first week of July, 2014.

11. Circle Conferences of Punjab, Jharkhand and NE II Circles are to be held within 3 months.

12. The constitution amendment committee submitted its report and the CWC after detailed deliberations approved the proposals. It will be placed before the next AIC for approval.

13. The CWC resolved that the pay anomalies like a) fixation of pay on officiating promotion and pay protection, b) Antedating of increment or implementation of uniform increment date and c) Senior drawing less pay than the Juniors etc are to be settled by BSNL.

14. First TBP after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 to be pursued separately.

15. Many Circles reported very poor quality of Type II modem supplied by M/s Terracom. The range is hardly 2 to 4 meters in many modems supplied. It shall be taken up with BSNLCO.

16. As per the existing rules, immunity is not applicable for promotions. Accordingly for future promotions, immunity will not be extended. Genuine medical cases like cancer, mentally retarded cases, physically handicapped cases etc for the self and family members only should be taken up for retention in the Circle. Association should ensure that long standing Executives in the Circles should not be posted to the non recruiting Circles and nearby Circles to avoid long standing transfers to tenure circles.

17. CWC demands complete uniformity in the BSNLMS RR for promotion to EE cadre in Civil/Electrical/Arch wings like Telecom /Finance wing.

18. CWC decided to further take up the generalization of “notional date of promotion” for the Executives promoted in 2004 in LDCE quota once Hon Supreme Court gives a judgment in this regard.

19. The CWC demands generalization of FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation benefit to all the Officiating JTOs and Officiating JTOs regularised upto 2007.

20. FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation benefits and DNI option for the promotions from JTO to SDE made in May, 2000 shall be taken up with BSNL, DoT and DPE.

21. CWC decided to demand “Notional date of promotion” for the JTOs who could not join in March, 2011 promotion order due to stay on promotion orders.

22. CWC decided to repair and occupy the building at Dehradun, Uttarakhand. CHQ decided to provide loan to UKD Circle for the same.

20/05/2014 Meeting with Shri A.K Sinha, GM/Marketing/Sales

Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary, Sankar Sanyal AGS/CHQ, Nirmal Sarkar President, Soumen Ghosh ACS, Prasanta Ray & Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy met Shri A.K Sinha, GM/Marketing/Sales on 20/05/2014 to discuss on latest status and strategies to be adopted for increasing retailers/DSA etc. Out of 20 zones in CTD, the ones that were looked after had fresh tender and work order for primary franchisee already issued. Of about 8000+ retailers, endeavour is on to increase the number of retailers who could activate FRC, i.e more means to sell new SIMs. The report of delay between purchase of SIM and its activation is being taken care of by generating sms to both marketing/sales staff and franchisee concerned so that CAF could be collected in time for immediate activation.

It is felt in most cases, staff meant for project Vijay remains engaged with work assigned by Areas, resulting in poor concentration in sales domain. Staff exclusive meant for sales/marketing under direct control of GM/Sales/Marketing needs to be posted. GM/Sales & Marketing had proposed for newly recruited/promoted TTAs to meet the situation. In order to revamp project Vijay, close monitoring is required over franchisees/ retailers/FOS. Areas also should put best effort to increase DSAs to have extensive reach out to customers.

The penalty amount slapped in preceding years for non-availability/deficiencies in CAF has got drastically reduced due to serious checking of CAF and providing samples of CAF for checking to TERM cell based on actual activated nos. Effort is on to ensure hundred percent error free CAF to avoid penalties in future

In as much as sharing of infrastructure is concerned, BTSs at 5 nos of BSNL sites stand shared. Another around 30 nos are in pipeline. The pvt operators who are opting/showing interest for sharing are Vodafone, TTSL, Reliance Jio etc.

Both sides exchanged positives gesture & vibes and assured to meet shortly to review further developments, if any. Association assured for all sorts cooperation to meet the targets.

16/05/2014 Meet Shri S K Samanta, GM/HR & Admin/CTD

Com Dilip Saha CS met Shri S K Samanta, GM/HR&Admin/CTD to request for early sending of VCs in respect of JTOs, SDEs and Des for promotion to the cadre of SDE(under seniority cum fitness quota), DE and DGM respectively. Also informed SDEs who are yet to join on promotion under LDCE quota from AP. It is reported learnt quite a number of them are to loin CTD soon. CS requested for considering posting of these officers in BB, GPON,Tx, CMTS on priority and exigency basis. GM was also intimated on complex and time consuming system of obtaining 15 point VC proforma resulting in delay in EPP, renewal of lookafter arrangement and regular promotions too. CS requested to explore some means to rationalize the system.

08/05/2014 Meeting with Shri Gautam Kar, PGM(O)

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Shankar Sanyal AGS/CHQ met Shri Gautam Kar, PGM(O) for posting of official joined in CTD on completion of tenure. Also requested to send the VCs for JTO to SDE regular promotion under seniority quota, SDE to DE( Regular) and DE to DGM (Regular). Since the hearing in Ernakulam CAT is in its final stage, the VCs for JTOs be sent early. The I/A in Apex court is also expected to give some decision soon. Keeping in view the same, VCs for SDEs also required to be sent immediately.

07/05/2014 Meeting With Shri K. C. Ghosh GM/South ( NWO-II/CFA)

Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary, Sankar Sanyal AGS/CHQ, Nirmal Sarkar President, Soumen Ghosh ACS, Prasanta Ray & Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy met Shri K. C. Ghosh GM/South( NWO-II/CFA) to discuss on the plight of Entreprise Business, Broadband and GPON. Threadbare analysis was made on constraints that hamstrung the new connections and how instability of Trans and CMTS network is affecting the services and new connections. GM presented the targets and excuded confidence on future of GPON.

GM EB held lots of hope in EB and informed of revenue earned in 2013-14 is 78Cr. GPON service holds a bright future and CTD targets 3000 GPON customers for 2014-15. Landline target and BB target is set for 26000 and 32000 respectively. Association expressed concern for absence any fault complaints redressal system in GPON to which GM replied the matter is already under active consideration. Association emphasized on bringing DSLAM in stable trans network and focus on RLUs which are commercially unviable and calls for integration with adjoining or main exch. As there is general trend in decline of landline service, the revenue loss ought to be compensated from GPON/EB/BB/CMTS services. GM informed of availability of MLLN Modem.

06/05/14 AGB of Central City Zone

AGB of Central City Zone was held on 06/05/14 at TRC Hall/CTO Building. Com Dilip Saha CS/CTD, Com Shankar Sanyal AGS/CHQ, Com Tapas Ghosh CS/WBTC, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS/CTD, Com Prasanta Ray Org Secy/CTD, Com Prasanta Ghosh Org/Secy/CTD along with other Circle office bearers of both CTD and WBTC attended the august gathering. Zonal Secretaries of adjoining zones also attended the meet. Com Nirmal Sarkar Z/S presented the report depicting the events/organisational activities taken up in last tenure and shared the constraints that held back some achievements. Com Dilip Saha, Shankar Sanyal and Tapas Ghosh addressed the house elaborating on the developments to be undertaken on CMTS, BB and GPON. All emphasized the need to turn around given the poor show the Circle is showing last couple of years in terms of revenue. Members were urged to become active in their daily role to save the organisation. The House unanimously elected Com Ashok Kundu, Com Subhra Kanti Das and Com Biswanath Jana as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the next term

03/05/2014 Meeting with Shri B N Dhar GM/CMTS/CTD

Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary, Sankar Sanyal AGS/CHQ, Nirmal Sarkar President, Soumen Ghosh ACS, Prasanta Ray & Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy met Shri B N Dhar GM/CMTS/CTD to take stock of the plight of CMTS network and discuss on its improvements. DE/CMTS Bijay Karmakar, Koiri, Jagabandhu Ray, Sisir Chatterjee SDE/CMTS Biswanath Mukherjee, Gautam Chakraborty, Subhra Nath Das and others were present to provide inputs/suggestions.

Around 1100 2G BTS and 574 3G BTS is quite inadequate to provide optimum network coverage. The service is getting further aggravated due to faulty AC units, battery and power plant module module. Work has started to replace old AC units and faulty battery module at critical tmls. The tender for power plant module is under process. Association suggested to bring the high end BTSs in ring topology alongwith upgradation in Trans eqpt. Faster IP fication is required. Some of the points identified for better service is hereunder.  

1) Node B supplied in Ph V could not be IP fied.

2) The Node Bs are working on Hub/Sub Hub concept and whenever any hub /sub hub goes down due to fibre cut, huge nos of Node B goes down alonwith causing poor availability of data.

3) Reviewing the connectivity of Ph VII through MADM.

4) shifting of Hub/Sub hub from non-BSNL sites to BSNL sites where infrastructure availability is very good

5) RETU Bypass.

Association suggested for more effective BTS maintenance team along with RF optimization. The matter of AC maintenance should be strongly taken up with Electrical Wing. A better 3G network is required

On 12/05/2014 Tamilnadu Circle Secretary Com.M.Gopinathan, Circle President S.Sundarakrishnan along with District Secretaries of  Civil and Electrical wings and other office bearers met Shri. Major Mohammed Ashraf Khan, CGM, TN Circle in his Chamber and extended greetings and best wishes on his promotion as Executive Director (New Business). A memorandum consisting of Civil and Electrical issues has also been submitted by the Circle Secretary Com.M.Gopinathan.  View Memorandum, view photos

Meeting with Sri M. F. Farooqui, Secy/DOT

Com G L Jogi/CHQ President and Com K Sebastin/GS met Secy/DOT on 15.05.2014 and had a detailed discussion with him on the issue of awarding installation/ maintenance of OF project in North Eastern Circles to be funded by USOF exclusively to BSNL: This Association reliably learnt that Telecom Commission is mulling the option of inviting bids for execution/maintenance of Optical Fibre project in North Eastern Circles to be funded by USOF exclusively. Generally, govt. so far has had been awarding such projects funded by USOF exclusively to BSNL on nomination basis for very formidable, rational and obvious reasons. In this connection, on learning about such serious development, we met Secy/DOT to request him to continue with the existing practice of awarding such projects to BSNL alone for very strong and justifiable reasons like BSNL has already made massive capital investments towards laying of telecom infrastructure in remotest areas from where it got no returns and the fact that BSNL has been the highest contributor towards the USOF. Against the backdrop of these facts, we made an impassioned plea to Secy/DOT to award this project also to BSNL. However, our pleading before Secy/DOT evoked very sharp reaction from him because of following reasons. A)      Secy/DOT emphatically stated that BSNL has lost its appetite to execute projects funded by USOF and in this context he made pointed reference to NOFN project which continues to be a virtual non starter as on date and LWE (Left wing extremist) project in CHG, MP, OR, WB MH etc. which also has made no headway. Secy/DOT felt that while the govt. is very keen and is making best efforts to revive BSNL and has been unfailingly awarding USOF funded projects to BSNL, the response from BSNL to execute such projects to say the least has been extremely disappointing and quite tardy in terms of meeting timelines and other important project requirements. B)        Another important fact mentioned by Secy/DOT is that BSNL is under wrong impression that govt. has a compulsion to award such projects to BSNL alone and that there are no takers for execution of such projects. BSNL must dispel this impression and understand that there are   “N” numbers of takers for execution of such projects. C)      Secy/DOT conveyed in very clear terms that total lack of enthusiasm and interest on part of BSNL to undertake and execute such projects is driving govt. to consider the option of inviting bids for execution of such projects. However, from our side, we also apprised in detail Secy/DOT about the constraints that BSNL is also facing in execution of such projects and pleaded with him to give BSNL opportunity to execute this pretigious project in Nort East. Secy/DOT mentioned that BSNL Management must approach DOT and in very clear terms convey its willingness to execute this project on terms and conditions like transfer of Network to BSNL after installation etc and hence BSNL will not get any capital from USOF for execution of this project. Secy/DOT assured that DOT would be always willing to give first preference to BSNL provided BSNL is ready to abide by terms and conditions decided for the project and execute the project within stipulated timelines.         In the meantime Smt Annie Moreas, Member(Finance)/DOT also joined the discussions and she too very clearly indicated that DOT would be always ready and keen to listen to BSNL on such issues. We also requested Secy/DOT and Member(Finance)/DOT to expeditiously resolve long pending issue of merger of 78.2% IDA with basic in respect of all those having retired from BSNL prior to 10th June 2013.Both Secy/DOT and M(F)/DOT responded very positively and quickly by reiterating that the issue is virtually on the final stages of resolution as far as DOT is concerned and very shortly will be sent to DOE for its concurrence. All the queries raised by DOE in this regard are being responded to by DOT on a very positive note.

Meeting with GM(FP): Com K Sebastin, GS and both AGSs Com Arvind Dahiya and

a)  Promotion from JAO to AO: GM(FP) informed that the reply from DoT is still awaited. However preparatory work is going on but the progress is not good. So far the assessment sheet and details received from five or six Circles only. b)   AO/Sr AO to CAO (Adhoc) promotion: The proposal to divert MT quota of about 165 posts for CAO(Adhoc) promotion is sent to MC for the approval. Once divertion is approved, further acton will be taken. c)  AO/Sr AO/ to CAO (Adhoc) to CAO (Regular) promotion: Necessary action is already initiated for regular promotion: d)   CAO to DGM(Adhoc) promotion: The DPC is over and the minutes are submitted for the approval of competent authority. It is expected that about 160 Executives will be covered by this promotion of which VC for about 25 cases are pending. e)  CAO/DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Regular) promotion: The DPC work is already initiated for about 150 posts.