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Archive 2015



Forum of CTD held its fourth meeting on 23/12/2015 at Abanmahal, CLT, Dhakuria on improvement of sevices in CTD. Representatives of unions and association explained the present situation to the august house and deliberated on exigent need to turn around CTD. The interactive session largely pointed to deficiencies in store materials, need to train the contractual staff to render quick broandband service, to have tab on repeat faults, a better supervision and coordination amongst the team members, timely payment of wages to contractual labours, a visible marketing campaign, availability of telecom products in easy reach of customers etc.

Com Dilip Saha CS represented SNEA/CTC. He briefed on the cause for such assembly and felt causes are quite known but remedy is what sought for. Some issues pertain to administration for which Forum should ensure to resolve the same at the earliest. There are others that require a renewed look to overcome the stalemate notwithstanding several limitations. He felt, the base unit should have a efficient cohesion and coordination and should also escalate the problems to the higher order. Every hierarchy of  administration is responsible to make way out for better services.

Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II and DGM/NWO/ Jadavpur attended the meet. GM briefed the house on observations that came to his notice and assured for all kinds of support needed to bring about the necessary changes in services. 


As part of ongoing program, Forum for CTD held its interactive session with executives and non executives of Area Bidhhannagar at P&T Hall/Salt Lake on improvement of services in Calcutta Telephones. Besides, representatives of service unions and association, Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II and DGM Bidhhannagar addressed the house pointing to both weakness and strength CTD is made up of and the need to turn around this organisation. From SNEA/CTC, Com Prasanta Ray, Org Secretary shared with the house on various deficiencies faced by the field representatives but felt there still remains room for further improvement. He added, there is no short cut solution to improvement and the process require constant assessment of the lacuna followed with continual remedy of the same.  


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC Member and Com Subhra Nath Das Zonal Secretary/Central city Zone met GM/Finance to discuss on some unresolved issues. Association pointed to deduction of pay on superannuation due to revised fixation based on audit objection in respect of executives whose upgradation under EPP was preponed due to revised payscales of 2nd PRC. The fixation was made in accordance to provision contained in EPP and the audit observation is untenable. The matter is being pursued since last more than six months but unfortunately there no redressal in sight. It was also informed that about 199 nos of executives fall in similar category working in various establishment and if the issue is not addressed in time, it would unjustifiably affect large number of officers concerned. GM/F acquiesced to the delay and informed to look into the matter without further delay.

Association also brought to notice the hardship being faced by field units due to incomplete and nonchalant attitude in implementing ERP. Non payment due to ERP has led to stoppage of maintenance work in some areas and there are reports, the bills forwarded through legacy system is yet to be uploaded in system resulting in inordinate delay in payment. GM assured to see to the problem for early resolve. Association also drew attention to the system of seeking pay order twice from respective AOs resulting in redundant routing of bills pertaining to private parties. It suggested to rationalize the system as the files already contains the financial concurrence while being processed through legacy system and same should get forwarded to settlement unit. GM responded to study the issue and has no qualm in accepting it if the same can cut down on time fulfilling the mandatory requirements before final payments.   


As a part of ongoing programme, Forum held its meeting on 01/12/2015 at Jogesh Dutta Mime Hall with executives and non-executives of Area South. Besides CSs of constituents unions/associations, Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II and Shri N Rangarajan, DGM/NWO/South was present.

The interactive session revealed of lack of punctuality, shortage of store and want of supervision. It also identified shortage of regular line staff and how in some subdivision, work is being conducted by workforce deployed byvendors.

There were suggestions to merge BITS, provide dropwire and train field staff/workforce on modem configuration and other small technical handlings so that faults could restored expeditiously.

This again was a first hand assessment and further meeting would be required to gradually help in finding remedies and thus improvement in quality of services.


Circle Executive Meet of Calcutta Telephones Circle was held on 28/11/2015 at Telephone Bhavan.

Executives had a detailed updates on issues related to CHQ and the plight of Calcutta Telephones in matter of huge surrender of Landline and Broadband connections, poor quality of service in CMTS and Trans, etc. Circle Secretary briefed on steady fall of revenue in Calcutta Telephones and how poor quality of service on various front has put the circle in red alert. As was already informed, CGM had requested Forum to have a look into the causes and find a way out from this catastrophic situation. Forum has already started candid interaction with field staff in presence of respective GMs and DGMs and is trying to ascertain the causes afflicting the field units and also bring out some remedy amidst scores of limitation.

Jt Secretary(E) informed on how various court cases is coming in the way of promotion from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO, SDE/AO to DE/CAO,etc inspite of proactive role taken by the association. Association is strongly pursuing to implement CPSU Hierarchy to steer clear off litigations blocking promotion. It is also ensuring to finalize the the payscales of E2/E3 for JTO/JAO and SDE/AOs respectively to avoid hurdle in getting recommendation of standard payscale from 3rd PRC.  The issue of formation of 3rd PRC has gained momentum after NCOA started agitation for its constitution. After a prolonged silence, it is learnt, govt is seriously considering to form 3rd PRC. CS pointed to reevaluation required for vacancies in the cadre of JTOs under departmental quota and verify the model adopted for arriving at vacancy in the cadre of PS.

It has become imperative on all our part to ensure better delivery of service to see BSNL turn around and we be in a position to demand implementation of recommendations that would be made by PRC in due course of time. There is a great prospect lying before us since BSNL for the first time after five years have made a operational; profit of 672 crores.

In organisational issues, Circle Secretary informed all Zonal Secretaries to hold monthly meetings and update subscription and diary 2015 dues, if any. Based on report presented by various Zonal Secretaries, CS requested all, particularly Central City Zone and South Zone to clear all dues by Dec 15.

The House unanimously decided to inform Zonal Secretaries to hold AGBs as per new constitution, within two years from the date of last AGB. Any zone that crossed the stipulated period may hold the same in a short period of time. Any delay, due to unavoidable reason may be intimated in writing to CS and Circle Body would take a decision within the frame work of the constitution and convey the same to the concerned Zonal Secretary.

The House decided to publish diary for 2016 and formed a sub committee with terms of reference to publish the same by end of Dec15. The sub-committee is constituted as under.  

  • Bidyut Ghosh-Convenor 2) Soumendranath Ghosh- member, 3) Aparesh Ghosal-member   4) Prasanta Mazumder-member and 5) Subhranath Das- member.

The Sub-committee should ensure to hold meetings with the members and inform on the development to CS.

The house discussed on shortcomings in ERP for the time and how non payment to vendors is badly affecting the work in fields. Hosting of information in ERP in respect of staff benefit and claims needs to be addressed in view of lack of trained staff and shortage too. It also recorded acute shortage of staff in some areas due to superannuation in large numbers and how the existing staff is struggling to cope the situation. This is particularly poignant in Area Sreerampur, BKP etc. Payment against diary in ERP also needs to be ascertained.

The House expressed interest to hold CWC and decided to get a first hand information on venue and expenditure before the matter is placed to CHQ.


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar, President met GM/ HR and Admin to bring to his attention on anomaly in number of vacancies in the cadre of JTO under promotional quota. He informed to be aware of the issue and that there is no error in calculation of vacancies. Association pointed to the anomaly and requested to have further look into the matter. Association would further meet him shortly on this issue.

In matter of vacancies in PS cadre, he informed that the vacancies have been recalculated as per Corporate Office guidelines.

Association requested for postponing release of some tenure transfer cases on medical ground

 It also requested to consider the cases of Rule 8 transfers.

Association pointed to acute shortage of TTAs and JTOs in some Areas, more particularly in BKP and Srirampore and requested to provide in this areas at the earliest opportunity. 

There is some glitches in mapping of hierarchy in ERP for which payment to vendors is completely stalled. Association queried on whether the same could be done by HCM unit. GM replied to be aware of the issue and that the same kind of problem is with HQ too. The problem has been referred to core team.




Pursuant to the meeting of Forum with CGM on 31/10/2015, Forum had its first meeting with executives and non executives of Area SRMP in presence of Shri Varathan, DGM/NWO/SRMP and Shri Om Prakash GM/NWO-I. Convenor of Forum briefed on the reason for such meeting is being held and appealed to members of all associations and unions to become part of service management and development. 

Audience were allowed to let out grievances, if any, in matter of men and material or lack of planning and also share their experiences while working at various levels and let know the root cause of such poor service in CTD. Representatives of various unions and associations deliberated on the plight of CTD and highlighted the factors jeopardizing the quality of service and growth. 

While analyzing the deliberations made by various speakers from the audience, it is observed----                                

  1) customers of SRMP Area are discontent with telephone set. The sets that get repaired often go faulty in a short period. The work of vendor should get scrutinized but then the most of the sets have outlived its life. 

2) Scarcity of drop wire- Even though it is learnt that the store is available in CTD yet in many sub dvisions there is scarcity of dropwire for which LM have to face lots of difficulties to restore faults. Herein in, it has also been informed that certain query on number of pairs working in a cable and the wire that could get retrieved on surrender should also be taken into account. 

3) Very low BB speed for which customers are utterly dissatisfied. Moreover, Citi cable in Nabagram is providing BB service at much lower rate with better quality of service. Connections suffered due to lack of dropwire. 

4) In Bandel, there is an instance where 7 nos of faults out of 12 nos got restored by recovered cable but then due to scarcity, the rest could not be done.

5) In Rishra too, reports of scarcity of cable registered. Instances of faults lingering over 7 months due to lack of 200 mts length of cable came to notice. 

6) The SIM provided to LM for Rs 200/- talk value is grossly insufficient. There were complaint of not being able to call numbers of other operators and also because of poor network. 

7) The expansion of highways have badly damaged the cable and a thorough overhaul is required.  

These are few of the grievances let out by the staff working in field besides the general observation of lack of planning in advance, proactive role and initiative in some of the sub divisions. 

It must also be remembered that Sreerampore Zone happens to be one of best maintained area in CTD in terms of parameter of services. The observation recorded shall be looked into to ensure delivery of better quality of service and provisioning.

GM/NWO-I emphasized on advance planning, both long and short term and better interaction with customers to dissuade them from surrendering and also get to know their need. He felt for marketing and sales of products.

SNEA(I)/CTC was represented by Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Nirmal Sarkar, President. CS, in his interaction, emphasized on continuous effort and that there is no shortcut to obtain profit. Forum could work as enabler but the units have to develop cohesiveness to work for betterment. Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary of SNEA(I)/CTD had reported on cohesiveness of  teams in Sreerampore Area in the meeting  on 31/10/2015 with CGM for which Srirampur is continuing to perform well. But then, further improvement is required to arrest disconnections and decline of revenue. 

Forum would meet again in the ongoing process.




Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Prasanta Ray, Organising Secretary/Circle, Com Samar Ash, Zonal Secretary, Com P Sahi Prasad Org secretary, Com D M Poddar, circle executive, Com Sajal Chatterjee, Zonal treasurer and Com Shyamal Chowdhury, Organising Secretary/Zone had a meeting with Shri K.C.Ghosh GM/NWO-II and DGM/NWO/Bidhannagar at Salt Lake Telephone Exchange.

After initial exchange of Bijaya greetings, discussion followed on condition prevailing in Area Bidhannagore in respect of services under each vertical. GM expressed concern on declining connections and how it is impacting the revenue. Association pointed to acute shortage of staff due to large scale retirement and how the same is affecting in delivering services. This is beside shortage of store and other constraints that affects the services.

GM expressed his inability to fetch staff from HQ, even though he had put up requisition for staff to GM/HR & Admin. He hopes, with the introduction of ERP, some staff in planning could get redeployed to meet the deficiency to an extent.

Association pointed to the subdivisions where immediate relief is needed. GM appealed to ensure better provisioning in LL and BB. CTD is alarmed at the steep decline of BB connections and statistics say, CTD fairs very poor compared to other Circles in East Zone leave alone other Zones. He categorically stated to executives to shed all kinds of inhibition and not be choosy on nature of job and responsibility. Given the shortage, it is time to work smart over and above the constraints. He assured to provide necessary support to help executives serve better and also protect for any unjust harassment or victimisation.

Association assertively conveyed that as part of management, it is incumbent on the part of administration to give due cognisance to the observation reported and suggestions made  by the local representatives of the association in arriving at any decisions or shaping up policies. GM responded positively.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Secy(East), and Com Prasanta Ghosh Organising Secretary represented Forum in its meeting with CGM.

CGM made a brief outline on the status of various services and how the same has resulted in steady decline in revenue. He regretted over the poor services in almost all fronts and how it affected CTD’s revenue drawing reprimand from Corporate Office. He sounded alarm on LL and BB since drastic surrender is taking place.

Forum, wanted to know what obstacles administration is facing in rendering quality service? It highlighted on deficiency in store, lack of availability of cable pair, damage to cables by external agencies, no planning for upgradation of pillars and DP box, replacement of paper core cable etc.

CGM pointed to inordinate delay in provisioning and fault clearance of LL and BB and mooted for merger of BITS and subdivisions.

Forum pointed to deficiency in staff in fields. As a constituent, we suggested to explore if there is any possibility to customize the rack size to mount LMG/NGN in BTSs so that lines could get extended from there to customer premises to reduce on faults and also brought to attention the poor cable condition that is affecting the working of NGN and there is no provision for BRI. We also pointed to increase in minilinks to sustain services of GSM since optical cable damages has become frequent and cannot be avoided given the city’s infrastructure. The concept of extending services through BB also need to be shifted to mobile data usage since in urban areas, customers are more savvy using mobile. It pointed to the inbuilt deficiency in nos of BTSs and Node Bs compared to other operators. Acute shortage of OFC and ADM-16 eqpt added to woes for not being able to stabilise the network and large capacity DSLAM. A suggestion was also put forth to form few groups with representatives of Forum and with endorsement of management to keep a tab on day to day fault clearance and ascertain the pockets and reasons for any hold back.

CGM expressed his inability to procure small size rack for NGN, He however informed to have taken up the issue of ADM-16 eqpt, OFcable and minilinks and batteries with Corporate Office and is quite hopeful to get the same soon.

Forum pointed to poor condition of ACs, battery and power plant module and how the same is causing faults.

It also emphasized for daily clearance of LL and BB faults to the best possible means and suggested to overhaul marketing and road shows. For this a sense of discipline needs to be ensured. Forum also pointed to shortage of megger, multimeter and asserted against outsourcing and vendor dependence.

It suggested for centralized fault complaints for Transmission and Area level BTS and RF optimisation team. Forum felt for better cohesion amongst staff and executives to render quality service and suggested for monthly meeting on development with management. This would ensure fast dispersal of work and in undoing problems.

CGM appealed to Forum to look into the causes of such poor service and come out with suggestions without further delay. He expressed confidence to turn around if cooperation comes forth from Forum to stem the rot.


Many Congratulations to Dilip Saha DE/TM and

CS/SNEA(I)/Calcutta Telephones


Dilip Saha, DE/TM, more widely familiar as the Circle Secretary of SNEA(I)/Calcutta Telephones Circle has been awarded with the first prize, as an individual contestant, in the essay competition conducted by Vigilance Wing of Calcutta Telephones on PREVENTIVE VIGILANCE AS A TOOL OF GOOD GOVERNANCE”. The competition was held as part of “vigilance awareness week” that was being observed all across the nation.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Secy(East), Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Bidyut Ghosh, treasurer exchanged Bijaya greetings with Shri Amit Bhattacharya, CGM, Shri A K Kundu, PGM and Shri S K Samanta GM/HR & Admin. While discussing on services and revenue, CGM expressed strong discontent on rapid surrender in BB and LL connection. Even though, a meagre par increased in GPON but in resultant effect CTD is witnessing further fall in revenue compared to last year. It is a matter of great concern and Corporate Office is also  heavily coming down on CTD citing comparison with other circles. He observed, delay in provisioning in BB connection and faults in thousands lying pending for more than fortnight.

He appealed to us to take some proactive action to arrest the ongoing downtrend.          

We inform all our members that the recent free calls offer by BSNL from 9 pm to 7 am the next day and free roaming is seeing a rise in connection all across the country and stood out to be quite an encouraging trend to capitalise on this offer. The statistics of increase of revenue by one percent or little above had been intimated on websites of our association and elsewhere too. BSNL is also embarking on various promotion and we could see ads and hoardings as part of marketing endeavour that was conspicuously missing for quite a long time. Compared to other circles, it’s true; few circles like CTD, WBTC etc are unable to deliver to requisite level. It’s also true that there could be various constraints, quite unique to our working environment unlike other circles, in delivering services. Yet, with whatever resources available, we ought to deliver for improvement and expansion in services. The other circles would not stay liable for the massive loss being incurred by few circles. A positive contribution to BSNL’s coffer would go a long way to achieve in ensuing PRC and restore a lot many unpaid entitlement due to company’s financial health. It will be a home to work for generations to come for long. So, let us put our hard work, diligence and sincerity in this hour of crisis.

The constraints faced in delivering quality services may be brought to the notice of both the administrative hierarchy and to the association to take care and address the same to the extent feasible at a given point of time and prevailing circumstances. The unresolved part, if any, could well be brought in further planning.

23/10/2015 (Vijaya Dasami & Laxmi Puja)


Vijayadashami-2015-SMS-Images lakshmi_puja_004


Circle Secretary writes to GM/Finance/CTD to hold in abeyance the deduction of arrears from the pay of JAOs of 2010 till a clarification is obtained from Corporate Office on amount forgone as non executive for 2nd PRC till the date of promotion as JAO for netting and that the need for due and drawn statement requires to be examined since the order dated 24/07/2015 allowing option for JAOs 2010 is prospective. Click here for letter


SNEA(I)/Calcutta Telephones Circle was intensely pursuing the case with CHQ for pay fixation in  FR 22-1(a)1 for those who are officiating/and had officiated in the cadre of JTO. We are all aware that final hearing of the case filed by SNEA(I) on the issue is over and the direction from Hon’ble Court is expected at any moment. GS informed to have discussed with the lawyer to see the verdict comes out at its earliest. He believes justice would prevail on all similarly placed officials officiating in the cadre of JTO. CS thanked CHQ for its concern and unprejudiced involvement for all categories officiating in the cadre of JTOs that stand affected.


Com Dilip Saha CS, com Nirmal Sarkar and com Soumen Ghosh ACS attended the meeting called by Forum of Unions and association of CTD to invite suggestions/proposals/observations for improvement of services in CTD. This is in continuance of the development meeting wherein the Forum sought time to submit its proposals.

SNEA(I)/CTC pointed to the deficiency in Trans infrastructure viz OFC and ADM-16 eqpt and the need to install BTSs that could optimally cover the entire network area. The high capacity DSLAM and high revenue fetching BTSs require ring stabilisation. It pointed to the need for clean and friendly CSC with ACs, printer, computer working without glitches and single window to update the status to customers. The hoarding of plans should be visible and CSC conversant enough to convince customers. It suggested for outdoor plant upgradation and to replace paper core cable with jellyfilled cable. It also pointed to the shortages of staff in many pockets.

It suggested to provide emphasis on GPON and BB since it fetches high revenue. Since, cable pairs, in many routes are not conforming to parameters required for efficient working of NGN, it would be preferable to install 256/512 capacity LMG in BTSs location to shorten the cable pairs reaching the subs premises. This will not only conform to technical parameters but also give customer a wide end service of voice and data with adequate bandwidth. But the constraint is that all 256/512 etc. capacity shelf are of same dimension; so, if BSNL CO is asked to provide shelf at par capacity then small capacity of LMG could be easily installed in BTS’s site. However, the aspect of ACs, Battery, Power Module has to be taken care of for uninterrupted services. Moreover there is no provision for BRI card in NGN.

In matter of ERP, association pointed to the inefficient handling of cases in Central Settlement Cell and lack in evolving a system with accountability.

In matter of working in Sundays and Holidays, association is of the opinion that during critical period all should take initiative to reduce faults, even if that require coming on holidays. But then, it cannot be considered as a regular practice. Rather, working to the best on weekdays would give better efficieny. Requested Forum to take up the issue since it is learnt Area SRMP, Howrah, North and BKP were asked to come on consequtive holidays without any discussion.


Com Dilip Saha CS, com Nirmal Sarkar, President and com Shankar Sanyal/ Jt Secy(E), com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Comrade Subhranath Das Z/S, com Gautam Chakraborty , Com Jagabandhu Ray, Com Karun Kant Borua and Dipankar Chowdhury met Shri Debasis Sarkar, GM/CMTS welcoming him to his new assignment and assured to extend unqualified support to ensure improvement of mobile services. Com CS introduced the office bearers and representatives and briefed him on the existing state of affairs in matter of establishment and services. The meeting, largely being an introductory one, association informed to take up service issues after consolidating information from field ends. GM shared the constraints plaguing CMTS and felt for a radical change in modalities for working. Association assured to cooperate and strengthen the services.


Com Dilip Saha CS, com Nirmal Sarkar, President and com Shankar Sanyal/ Jt Secy(E) met Shri S.K. Samanta, GM/ HR & Admin to draw his attention to the erroneous longest stayee list in respect of SDEs sent to Corporate Office and requested for immediate intervention to correct the same. We expressed concern over wrong list, if operated upon by corporate office would lead to unjust transfer and lots of hassle for cancellation of the same. Association proposed to provide breakup   to which GM acquiesed and agreed to seek for clarification after discussing with CGM. Association requested to have a word with personnel section at Cor Office not to operate on the list till the matter is settled.

Association also raised the issue of sudden discontinuance of training in respect of EPP upgradation. GM contended that the order of CTD stands no more valid after issuance of order from Corporate Office envisaging training only for those who are 55 years and above. Association stated the of CTD was issued after due contemplation by the then CTD administration and is no way in conflict to Corporate office order.

CS writes to CGM on incorrect longest stayee list in respect of SDEs pl click here for the letter

CS writes to CGM requesting to continue with upgradation training for the executives of CTD.pl click here for the letter.

Letter to CGM on invoking training on EPP

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Shankar Sanyal AGS, Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secy, Com Manjushree Bhattacharya and Com A.K. Majhi met Shri S. Banerjee GM(West) to discuss on plight of services and HR issues. Com Prasanta Ghosh pointed to the initiative taken by the field executives to lay cables and make provision for connections. In matter of requisition of stores and its shortage, it is noticed that large number of surrenders stunts the justification for further requisition. Area Srirampur, being located on the fringe of CTD and covering a large expanse of area, it has become real tough to manage the show with acute shortage of staff. The principle of manning with resources available within the area, definitely calls for comprehensive planning for judicious deployment of manpower and other resources. Association has expressed severe resentment for non-compliance of orders leading to jeopardizing of services and setting detrimental precedents. Association assured to cooperate in this regard to its best extent without any prejudice.

CS pointed to the critical situation arising out for improper functioning of ERP allegedly due to computers of older versions. Association felt for immediate upgradation or new procurement to synergise the working on ERP platform. GM took cognisance of the issue and assured to do the needful on immediate basis.


GS, President, JtS(C) alongwith Chairman met ED(NB)/Chairman of the Jt committee and held discussions on the recommendations on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP after 4 years. GS/AIGETOA and other office bearers of AIGETOA were also present. More or less the recommendations on CPSU cadre hierarchy are to our expectations as reported in the AIC. Further, after discussion the residency period for first TBP able to bring down from 6 to 5 years for the future promotions.

On the 3rd agenda of first TBP after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2004 to address the anomaly, Chairman is of the firm opinion that this anomaly is rectified now and there is no anomaly when E2, E3 pay scales are implemented. On E2, E3 scales, a JTO will not reach minimum of E3 scale even in 6 years and so, no anomaly remains, according to the Chairman. Further Chairman added that when it will be implemented from 01.10.2000, huge financial implications will come which the management and DoT will not agree at all. After detailed discussions it was agreed to recommend to reduce the maximum residency period from 6 years to 5 years notionally w.e.f 01.10.2000. The Committee recommendations on both issues are signed by both the General Secretaries of SNEA and AIGETOA. Other members are to sign the recommendations.

Salient features are:

  1. a)Time Bound Functional promotion will be allowed from JTO/JAO à SDE/AO-à Sr SDE/Sr AO -à DE/CAO and equivalent cadres without linking with availability of posts and delinking from seniority with bench mark of “Good”.

  2. b)The residency period reduced from 6 to 5 years for the first TB promotion from JTO/JAO -à SDE/AO and equivalent cadres. In short the residency period for all the promotions will be 5 years. A JTO/JAO will become a DE/CAO in 15 years.

  3. c)DE/CAO to DGM promotion will be depending upon the availability of vacancies. However in case DGM promotion is not getting after 5 years due to non availability of vacancies, DGM scale will be offered with designation of “Jt DGM”.

  4. d)Further pay scale upgradation from DGM to JAG SG (E5 to E6) will continue with 5 years.

Comrades, this vital breakthrough was possible only due to SNEA struggle in April – May, 2015. In the discussion with SNEA on 06.05.2015, CMD agreed to reconstitute the Joint Committee with new Chairman and set a target of 15.08.2015 to complete the recommendations. Our demand for first TBP after 4 years also added as a new agenda. Further CMD directed the committee to meet atleast once in a fortnight.

Our struggle for standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, TB functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy and first TBP after 4 years are started getting positive response after so many years.


The delegates/ participants to XXIX AIC held from 4th Sept to 7th Sept 2015 at Jaipur, Rajasthan returned to their respective fields armed with information on BSNL’s state of affairs and resolute to turn around the vehemoth organisation to its former glory. The Open Session had glitterati of corporate honchos, senior officers of BSNL and invitees from other association/unions to grace the occasion. The star presence of CMD, Dir HR, Dir EB, CGM/Rajasthan Circles and others indeed lit up the occasion outstandingly befitting to the event. Thousands of delegates from all across the nation heard to these great leaders with rapt attention and echoed both concern and prospect deliberated by the guests. The house thundered commitment to turn around BSNL, the dais held out promises to address issues raised by the association. The issue of E2/E3 IDA payscales, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruitees, First TBP after 4 yrs, implementation of CPSU Hierarchy, immediate measure in court of law to go for JTO to SDE promotion under seniority quota, gearing up for publishing LDCE etc was comprehensively addressed conveying positive gestures to resolve the same Association pointed to its objection on formation of subsidiary of tower company , merger of BSNL and MTNL without taking care of HR issues and liabilities of MTNL in market. Association expressed concern on 60:40 ratio for payment of pension and demanded for pension revision. The house gave standing ovation to the guests who had helped out to draw a plan for future course of action and profusely thanked CMD for his concern and confidence too, to ensure extending benefits of the ensuing 3rd PRC to all concerned. The delegates of CTD deliberated on critical issues besides the general ones. It expressed concern on JTO offtg who are to be immediately granted fixation of FR 22 1a1 and issues plaguing accounts-pointing to unfair posting orders, bringing promotion to the cadre of CAO on line with engineering cadre by diverting the posts from MT quota. The delegates made a strong demand to put all out effort to make way for promotion from JTO to SDE in seniority cum fitness quota. CTD also expressed concern on reversion of JTOs who had their promotion from Assam Circle and demanded for immediate stay on the process.

Com Sankar Sanyal was elected as Joint Secretary East in the new body formed in the AIC.


Com CS, Com President and Com Jt Secretary (East) met CGM/CTD to protest against the committees report on transfer policy. Association find it completely ultravire to existing Corporate Office rules and there is enough provision to forward the cases of transfer prayer of those who completed two years of service within the review period as envisaged in corporate office rules. The local committee has no locus standi to reform on transfer rules pertaining to all india cadre. The concept of forwarding without recommendation holds no meaning since it gives utter negative impression of executives concerned. Association strongly demanded to forward the cases completing two years of service in CTD and suggested to put in strong note for substitutes to Corporate Office.


XXIX All India Conference of SNEA(I) at Jaipur, Rajasthan was inaugurated by Ms Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR), BSNL Board on 05th Sept, 2015. Sri Mohammed Ashraf Khan, Executive Director(NB) and Sri R. K. Mishra, CGMT, Rajasthan Circle also addressed the conference. The First day conference was held at Tagore NRI International School Auditorium, Jaipur.

 Assn brought to the notice of DIR(HR) the important HR issues to be resolved as early as possible to motivate the Executives. When BSNL management is trying to revive the company, motivation of the employees, especially the Executives is most important, Assn pointed out. Among the pending issues, standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, implementation of Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees, first TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 to address the anomaly in first TBP, pay anomalies (Pay protection/fixation of officiating promotion, senior drawing less pay than juniors, Antedating of increment etc) are the major ones. The promotion in various cadres held up due to court cases. These issues are to be resolved in a time bound manner, Assn requested. 

 DIR(HR) given a motivating address to the 1,200 delegates assembled in the auditorium. She outlined her vision on HR policies, HR plan, transfer policy, promotions, recruitment and above all the keen interest in resolving the long pending HR issues. She admitted that the HR issues were neglected in the past. DIR(HR) assured the house that whatever the positive recommendations made by the Joint Committee, it will be implemented in true spirit. Special rect in JTO cadre will be done for shortage Circles.

 Sri Mohammed Ashraf Khan, Executive Director(NB) in his address explained how the Joint Committee is trying to address the HR issues of the Executives. In the Jt Committee, SNEA has given valuable inputs which helped the committee to conclude the recommendations on two important issues, standard pay scales and CPSU cadre hierarchy, he said. Sri R. K. Mishra, CGMT, Rajasthan Circle also addressed the AIC. He explained the need for a transparent policy doing justice to all the employees which will motivate all of them.

A grand open session was held on the first day of the AIC, in the evening on 05.09.15 at Tagore International School Auditorium. More than 1,400 delegates across the country and comrades of Jaipur attended the open session. Shri Anupam Shrivastava, Chairman Cum Managing Director/BSNL was the chief guest. Shri I. K. Bhat, Director, NMIT, Jaipur, Shri N. K. Gupta, Director(CFA)/BSNL Board etc were the other guests. Revival of BSNL and the measures to be taken for the revival was the only point for discussion. GS Com K Sebastin made the key note address clearly outlining the measures required to be taken for the revival of the company. 

CMD in his address outlined the various initiatives taken by the Management and Govt in reviving the company. He mentioned that in 2006, BSNL was in no 1 position but due to non-procurement of GSM equipment, we lost almost the entire 2G market upto 2012 when the mobile sector growth was at its peak. After that, now Phase VII expansion almost completed. Potential western zone suffered due to RQ for M/s ITI. We are trying to address west zone issues also. We missed the 2G bus of voice but we should not miss the data bus. BSNL is going on a large scale on Wi-Fi hotspots to compete with other operators. Transmission network will be expanded especially for eastern zone. On Tower subsidiary, its merit and de-merits are to be evaluated and accordingly decision is to be taken. Recent initiatives of the management in “Night free call” and “free roaming” are to be given wide publicity and marketing. By this, BSNL got a good opportunity to bounce back. The landline, mobile and Broadband figures of July and August is very much encouraging. We should work together targeting 3rd PRC. All types of corruption, looting the company as well as shirking from the duties and responsibilities, are the major issues to be addressed, CMD opined.

Sri N. K. Gupta, DIR(CFA) in his address focussed on the initiatives taken by the management to streamline the procurement processes, modernization of switches, CDR and ERP implementation, tender for convergent billing, tender for Wi-Fi, etc. DIR(CFA) clearly told that quality of our service is going to decide our future. If BSNL and its employees able to provide seamless service to the customers, then we need not worry at all. But in this front lot of issues are there, we have to improve a lot.

Shri I. K. Bhat, Director, NMIT, Jaipur in his addressed mainly explained the requirement of the customers today. They want 24 hours connected, who is able to provide this service, customer will remain with them. Since competition is very much, the operator providing fault free service and 24 hours connectivity will survive and emerge as the leading company consolidating the customer base.

Eminent trade union leaders Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General/NCOA, Com Chandeshwar Singh, General Secretary/NFTE, Com Swapan Chakraborty, Dy General Secretary/BSNLEU, veteran leaders Com W. Seshagiri Rao and Com Namboodiri, Com V. K. Thomar, President/NCOA and General Secretary/MTNLEA, Com A. K. Kaushik, General Secretary/TEAM, Com Rajendra Khanna, President/SNATTA, Com R. P. Shahu, General Secretary/AIGETOA, Com Rakesh Sethi, General Secretary/AIBSNLOA addressed the open session.

Keynote address by the GS in the open session?


XXIX All India Conference of SNEA(I) at Jaipur, Rajasthan inaugurated by Ms Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR), BSNL Board. Sri Mohammed Ashraf Khan, Executive Director(NB) and Sri R. K. Mishra, CGMT, Rajasthan Circle also addressed the conference.

A grand open session was held in the evening at Tagore International School Auditorium. More than 1,400 delegates across the country attended the open session. Shri Anupam Shrivastava, Chairman Cum Managing Director/BSNL was the chief guest of the open session. Shri I. K. Bhat, Director, NMIT, Jaipur, Shri N. K. Gupta, Director(CFA)/BSNL board, Shri R. K. Mishra, CGMT/ Rajasthan Circle, Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General/NCOA, Com Chandeshwar Singh, General Secretary/NFTE, Com Swapan Chakraborty, Dy General Secretary/BSNLEU, veteran leaders Com W. Seshagiri Rao and Com Namboodiri, Com V. K. Thomar, President/NCOA and General Secretary/MTNLEA, Com A. K. Kaushik, General Secretary/TEAM, Com Rajendra Khanna, President/SNATTA, Com R. P. Shahu, General Secretary/AIGETOA, Com Rakesh Sethi, General Secretary/AIBSNLOA. 

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Details will be uploaded later.


Com Dilip Saha CS met Shri Amit Bhattacharya CGM/CTD to express concern on longest stayee list for the cadre of SDE/DE/DGM. The concept of Terrirorial Circle is being applied erroneously leading to numerous representations from executives for correct preparation the longest stayee list. Instances of executives who served out of territorial jurisdiction of Calcutta Telephones has been taken into consideration. On the contrary, the period served outside the jurisdiction of Calcutta telephones should not have been considered for calculating stay in the territorial circle of Cal;cutta Telephones. CGM informed that he would look into the matter and that the administration had already sought clarification in this regard from Corporate Office. CS insisted to make some senior officers to speak to Corporate office since the clarification is long awaited.

CS requested CGM to forward the prayers for transfer of those who joined from other Circles. A lot many SDEs and DEs, mostly from AP, TN and CHTd appealed for transfer on completion or near completion of two years. In accordance to latest order, if the forwarding are not sent by first week of Sept 2015 to Corporate Office, then there is all likelihood of not being considered for the review period of Oct to Dec 2015. CGM replied to be aware of the matter and would consult soon to consider the issue. However, he would be strict in getting substitutes.

CGM requested to see the association take active role in matter of services to turn around Calcutta Telephones. The revenue is dwindling day by day and it would not augur well for Calcutta Telephones. CS informed of the ensuing AIC from 4th Sept to 7th Sept 2015 at Jaipur/Rajasthan where the association would raise the issue plaguing CTD and would make CHQ to prevail upon management to consider the requirement of men and materials and fund to develop services in CTD.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS Com Sudeshna and Com Tarun Ray met GM/Finance on immediate implementation of Corporate office order regarding exercising of option for JAO 2010 Batch, This will help stem deducting pay; rather the executives would continue to get deserved pay for validating the option. The matter of arrears vis a vis due and drawn need s to be settled in the spirit of the order.

There are cases of accounts executives who worked on deputation in DOT. Though DOT is separate establishment, yet the posting period served by executives in DOT has been taken into consideration for fixing the longest stayee list leading to erroneous transfer order from Corporate office. It is learnt that a mention on period of posting in DOT has been inserted in the remark column but association insisted to seek clarification. If required.

Association sought information on revenues in different vertical and had a discussion on financial health of Calcutta Telphones.

In matter of audit objection raised on preponing the first time bound promotion of JTOs, thereby deducting the excess amount from terminal benefit of those who are retiring was explained once again. Association pointed to its wider implication since many have been fixed in the same manner. GM sought further time to look into the matter to resolve.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR & Admin for posting JTOs and SDEs in Areas where there is acute shortage, namely Srirampur, BKP, Central etc. Association also reminded of closure of some units for redeployment of executives in a judicious manner. Some cases were convincingly justified for posting of executives.

In matter of longest stayee list in the cadre of SDEs, many are representing on erroneous consideration of stay in Kolkata for the purpose of fixing the longest stayee list. Many executives had worked outside the jurisdiction of Calcutta Telephones yet the stays have been considered under Calcutta Telephones, Such reckoning will definitely inflict injustice to the concerned executives. GM replied to be aware of the issue and informed that clarification has been sought from Corporate Office, Association opined that such clarification normally takes a long time to come and requested to speak to officer concerned at Corporate Office.

In matter of forwarding prayers for transfer of those who joined from other circles, GM responded to have taken up the exercise and would soon take decision in consultation with CGM. Association, emphasized on time factor and reminded that- if the prayers are not forwarded by first week of Sept 2015 then there remains a likelihood of not getting considered for the review period between Oct – Dec 2015. GM nodded to the contention.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary met GM/West to discuss on service matter and laying of cables to render uninterrupted service. GM informed to take up the work at the earliest and said if any further approval is required the same may be obtained without delay. Association pointed to shortage of material and staff in some pocket and immediate deployment is required to run the units. GM acknowledged the issues and assured to take steps to bring remedy.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Comrade Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Prasanta Ghosh Organising Secretary attended the meeting called by GM/NWO South-II with Joint Forum. Representatives from AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU were also present in the meeting. GM informed that the meeting is being held in similar lines as had been called at Corporate Office to spread awareness and contribute towards BSNL’s revenue by taking advantage of the free night calls from BSNL to any network and withdrawal of roaming charge. He rolled out the statiscs of LL and BB services to show how the privilege announced by BSNL has enabled CTD to arrest surrender and improved upon new registration. The shortfalls and lacuna was discussed threadbare and sought suggestions/cooperations from union and association to exploit on the new schemes to the hilt. Assocition cited some issues and requested for a broader meeting with CGM and unions/associations. The minute of the meeting will be issued soon.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS, Com Biswajit Basu VP, Com NNV Prasad, attended the general body meeting of South Zone on 07/08/2015 at Ranikuthi Telephone Exch. At the outset, Zonal Secretary welcomed the new members and addressed the house on how frequent gherao by some outfits of contractual labours are subjecting the executives to untold harassment and humiliation and how Z/S took to legal and security recourse to control such bullying of executives. In matter of election of delegates for AIC in Rajasthan, the information on merit for considering the members for delegate led to debate and dragged on. The CS enlightened the house on the criteria and factors that needs to be taken into consideration for participating in any conference. The house became keen to hear to CS on latest issues and some in haste wanted to consider all names proposed in the house. The debate did not find a conclusion. In time constraint, CS addressed on latest issue of payscales of JTO/SDE and equivalent cadres, promotion to SDE under seniority cum fitness quota, agitation program for revival of BSNL etc.

Minutes of meeting with GM/CMTS on 17/07/2015

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS and Com Nirmal Sarkar, President  held a meeting with GM/ HR &Admin to discuss and seek redressal to some of the pressing issues affecting the executives.

GM, at the outset, briefed on ERP implementation and its status and how the same would rationalize the entire mechanism of account and HR to draw the benefits henceforth.

Thereafter, association drew his attention to sending of VCs for JTOs who are under purview of promotion to SDE under seniority cum fitness quota. Hundreds of JTOs are languishing in the same post for more than 16 yrs and many of them retired during the intervening period of unending court litigations. Association is taking a proactive role to see the stays get vacated at the earliest and wants to ensure nothing remains pending from Circle that could affect the issuance of promotion order on immediate basis soon the stay get vacated. GM said to be aware of the issue and already conveyed the section concerned to send the VCs in time.

It pointed to put up the list of longest stayees in different cadre on intranet to avoid confusion and also bring to notice any error that could give a wrong consideration for transfer. Association pointed to few request transfer cases pending since long and requested to consider the cases against mutual applicant, if any or following general practice. These executives are working in CMTS/Tx and other establishments for many years and deserve some change. Association also requested for few redeployment.

GM requested the association to see if mutual applicants for the posts are available and responded to consider the cases soon some substitutes are available. He also informed of seeking clarification from Corporate Office pertaining to circle stay concept..

In regard to forwarding of prayers of SDEs and DEs, those who joined from other circles, association requested to adopt a policy that ensures consideration based on longest stayee criteria. Many prayers from different GMs are yet to be forwarded inspite of the fact some executives working under the said establishment had joined long before the others whose prayers already reached the staff/Hq. The forwarding of prayers with proper substitutes would keep a high possibility of posting of substitutes from among the executives under promotion from both seniority cum fitness quota and LDCE qualified candidates. Association also requested to deal the cases on medical ground and those on the verge of retirement on priority.

GM conveyed the compilation of the prayers is under process and that a decision would be taken in consultation with CGM. However, longest stayee criteria would be considered.

Association pointed out for immediate review of delegation of financial powers for approval of amount related to medical expenses. The old criteria of reckoning on basic pay be changed to either on basic pay + IDA or consolidated amount so that a substantial number of cases gets settled under respective Area Managers and GMs within a stipulated time period. Association also requested to explore further means to rope in more number of hospitals under cashless scheme.

GM informed to have already sent the file on enhanced amount for delegation of financial power for medical expenses to CGM. In matter of including hospitals under cashless scheme, GM requested association too, to put some effort in this direction.

In matter of executives working as lecturer on promotion without DPC being held, association since long had have been advocating for grant of training allowance to these executives since they are discharging the duties of a lecturer. The concept of DPC, not held in time or the necessity of continuing with these lecturer were necessitated for administrative reason, Therefore, disallowance of training allowance tantamount to injustice. On the contrary, administration should ensure holding of regular DPC for such posts, well in advance. This association had earlier also cited instances in other training centres, where allowances are granted to such similarly placed lecturer. Moreover, the practice of granting training allowances for six months with further renewal on expiry of current term must be done away with. Given the deficit of manpower and the potential to earn revenue, the allowance be granted uninterrupted and without the rider for renewal.

GM agreed on the argument made and informed the grant faltered at the last instance since the noting of renewal was not in the file. The then CGM had asked for a redraft. Now the matter is settled. On doing away with the practice of renewal, GM said, he would discuss the matter at appropriate level.

Association informed GM of the ensuing AIC of SNEA/India from 04/09/15 to 07/09/2015 at Jaipur/Rajasthan and that this association would bring to fore the issues hamstringing the growth of CTD.



Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS and Com Tapan Chakraborty attended the general body meeting of Sreerampur Zone. Zonal body started with the issues related to members of the zone. Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary briefed on the development of zonal activities and highlighted the staff crunch and shortage of store that is badly affecting the works and how the existing executives are burdened with additional load. Zonal Secretary informed the house of the ensuing AIC of SNEA(I) at Jaipur from 4th 0f Sept to 8th of Sept 2015 and elected the delegate/s. Com Soumen Ghosh and Com Tapan Chakraborty informed about the latest developments on promotion to SDE under seniority cum fitness quota and how continuous court cases are eating into our time depriving many executives of their promotion. It was also informed how association is playing a proactive role to prepone the hearings to ensure the stay get vacated. Association also updated on the development following the agitation called by SNEA in May 2015 and that of Forum in April 2015. It dwelt on the restructured committee recommended on E2 and E3 pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and equivalent cadres and how other issues of uniform RRs of Civil and Electrical in the cadre of EE, anomaly in pay,CPSU are under consideration. It explained the misgivings in matter of MT recruitment and that SNEA was the only association since beginning to protest against External MT recruitment. It appealed to the member to focus on services and capitalize on free night calls and roaming charges. 


Com Dilip saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal. AGS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS, Subhra Nath Das, Z/S, Com Dipankar Chowdhury, Com K K Barua, Com Sisir Chatterjee, Com Gautam Chakraborty as representatives from CMTS met Shri Biswajit Pal, GM/CMTS to discuss on HR issues affecting work in CMTS, particularly in outdoor activities, service related matter, particularly in respect of non-finalization of tender for repair of power module, formation of more than one RF division, bifurcation of BTS maintenance South division, permitting the eligible executives for undergoing physical training to appear for online EPP exam, congenial interaction with the executives and management to instil confidence and better understanding , etc.

CS, after a formal brief on the aforesaid issues continued with the discussion, itemwise for early resolve.

Association pointed to overstressed workload for BTS maintenance team and suggested to rationalise it by providing extra manpower. GM contended that each team is consisting of SDE, JTO, TTA and TMs in which composition of numbers may vary slightly from team to team. He however acknowledged, a few more SDEs/JTOs would have been better but dearth of such executives is tying him down. However he assured to keep it in consideration. He added the internal team too also remain under work pressure. Association pointed to the acute necessity for one SDE in task force team involved with mini-link installation. He assured to deal on priority. In matter of BTS maintenance Division South, the division require immediate bifurcation given its large geographical jurisdiction. GM spoke of dearth of DE but agreed to the point raised and informed to see to the issue on priority.

Association pointed to 24X7 maintenance of OMCR which in all practicability does not serve the purpose of restoring service at odd hrs, particularly for faults pertaining to external domain. In maintaining OMCR for 24 hrs, the manpower being utilized is not getting effective return. Rather, a staggered duty could free some manpower to be deployed where it is required most. GM conveyed of constraints due to services like LI etc that call for immediate response and that, it is to be transformed into 24 hr NOC that entails many more services to be maintained. Association was in disagreeance and conveyed that since it is a requirement from BSNL CO, the matter would be taken up in the meeting with CGM.

Association reminded of the BSNL CO order regarding dissociating CDMA from GSM and bringing CDMA under CFA vertical. Though CDMA continues to work under CM vertical, co sharing the outdoor infrastructure for maintenance of BTSs, yet association is of the view, the implementation be strictly adhered to Corporate office order in this respect. GM conveyed – would discuss the issue with appropriate authority before taking any further decision.

The issue of non-finalization of tender for repair of power module leading to failure for recharging of battery was brought to GMs notice. GM informed that after a number of attempts, the tender is at its final stage and once it becomes effective the power module would get repaired bringing the service to further improvement. He added, meanwhile, new batteries got installed and further installation is in pipeline.

The leave applied by executives in maintenance, sometimes are not considered for pending critical faults. It’s true; presently the exercise of implementation of ERP, CDR, asset evaluation has further increased the workload pushing the executives to further stress. Yet, it is expected, consideration is given to deserving cases. GM asked for specific cases for consideration. Association, however suggested to delegate the discretion for grant of leave for down level rank and file and officers of the rank of DGM also should be alert and considerable too while granting leave. GM informed, executives do take leave and leave applied in time is normally considered. Association conveyed to be aware of the constraints but requested further in the light of work pressure.

Association raised the instances of not permitting the executives to undergo physical training for EPP on line exam. The executives remain badly busy with work and hardly get time to pour over training material. The physical training helps a lot to get the outline of the subjects involved.           GM responded positively to consider such cases.

In matter of forming more than one RF Division, association highlighted the necessity once again. It is always better for any organisation to develop alternative work force and make small divisions for efficient maintenance. The constraint of DEs and infrastructure is well known but keeping in view the future, the domain requires immediate priority for forming of at least one more division for the time. GM pointed to dearth of DE but informed that he is on the job to make more subdivisions for effective monitoring of RF optimization. Association informed to take up the matter at appropriate authority to discuss its merits and demerits and pointed there are executives with technical acumen who could handle RF division with active cooperation, if required, from present incumbent who is/are experts and possess enough experienced in this domain.

Association requested to forward the prayers of the executives in phases who joined from other circles and completed or  are nearing completion of two years in the present circle. Since, promotion to the cadre of SDE, both in seniority cum fitness and LDCE quota is to take place soon-- forwarding of prayers in time to Corporate office would definitely get consideration for posting of substitues. The practice once implemented would definitely bring trust on new incumbents to join their new assignment without hestitation or delay.

GM responded to consider the cases as is required.

The meeting ended with exchange of goodwill gestures and plan for further meetings on service matter.


CS and President met GM/Finance to discuss on ERP implementation and Asset verification.The discussion also dwelt on CTDs revenue and expenditure for the financial year 2014-15. GM informed that inspite of several constraints, CTD has decided to for ERP within deadline and appreciated all those involved in it for their contribution. He said, every aspect have been taken care of before its implementation. However, deficiencies/discrepencies, if any shall be resolved at the earliest following the implementation. Association also reminded the case pertaining to deduction from terminal benefit for refixing the 1st EPP of JTOs whose entitlement had got preponed  due to payscales of 2nd PRC from 01/01/2007. The deduction has taken place based on untenable audit’s objection. Association requested to resolve the issue since it will have wider implication over the time. GM assured to look into the matter at the earliest.

In regard to CSC and Claim Office, association proposed to explore means if it could housed in the same location belonging to the department, preferably in administrative premises at a vantageous location, to convenience office work/transaction etc.


A meeting of Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members, Zonal Secretaries and Zonal Presidents was held on 02/07/2015 at Telephone Bhavan to discuss on ensuing AIC at Jaipur from 4th September 2015( Pre-AIC) to 7th Sept 2015 at Jaipur and other issues cited hereunder.

The meeting updated on latest debate raging on MT recruitment, preparedness for Forum’s T U programme for reminding the authority for revival of BSNL as was assured following two days strike call on 21st and 22nd April 2015, monitoring the progress of the reconstituted committee for addressing E2/E3 std payscales for JTO/JAOs & SDEs/AOs and equivalent cadres, removing anomalies in pay, uniform recruitment rules for executives of Civil/Electrical , implementation of CPSU Hierarchy, proactive role taken by SNEAIndia to implead in JTO to SDE promotion linked stay in Ernakulum high Court for early hearing and disposal, effecting promotion to those who would qualify in LDCE. etc

The meeting informed the zones to participate in post card campaign for revival of BSNL from 10th of Aug 2015. It expressed serious concern on inordinate delay due to litigation for promotion from JTO to SDE under seniority quota and resolved to convey CHQ to ensure the promotion comes through as early as possible given hundreds of JTOs retiring every month. The meeting reiterated to recruit MTs from among internal candidates.

The zones expressed serious discontent in services related to CMTS, Trans and BB. Thousands of customers are surrending for poor service and appealed Circle body to take up the matter with CGM for stabilising the services. It took note of staff deficiencies in many units and called for review of HR  to provide manpower to the units most required on priority basis. The association also took appreciable cognisance for the progress on implementation of ERP.

In HR matter, besides deploying staff/executives in units required most, the executives, who had joined CTD from other Circles and completed two years of service should have their prayer forwarded to Corporate Office to make sure the they come into consideration for transfer against promotion/DPC that would take place in near future, Moreover, prayers on medical ground should be given special priority for out of turn consideration.

AIC/Jaipur- Zones are to send the names of the elected delegates by 15th of July 2015 following the rules as provisioned in the constitution of SNEA India. It is also requested to keep to the deadlines so as to enable Circle Body to apply for special casual leave in time for the period of AIC.

Quota/ payment due for diary and legal fund may be sent to treasurer SNEAIndia/CTC by 31st of July 2015.


He was in his nascent youth, agile and exploring, as is usual at this stage of life. There remained a promising life ahead with dreams of parents woven round the child to see him grow into a man of substance. But then, fate had something else in store. The budding life came to an abrupt end. It was a cruel blow for any parents to withstand.

Sushovan Das, a young man, who was into his first year of engineering and son of one our beloved comrade Subhra Nath Das, SDE/CMTS and Zonal Secretary of Central City Zone/SNEACTC met with a tragic end on the morning of 10th of June 2015.  We have no words to express this sudden and utterly sad demise of a child who was in the beginning of his youth and had a long and exciting journey ahead. 

With profound grief, we deeply mourn the untimely death of a beloved child of one of our dearest colleague and pray to Almighty to give enough strength to the family to withstand the irreparable loss. There is no word for consolation except to be with Subhra—through thick and thin.     


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com  Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Sankar Sanyal met GM/HR & Admin and discussed on the progress of the cases related to  Ajit Kumar Das Ex SDE/TM on change of DOB of his spouse and Shri Partha Ghosh/SDE/CMTS for change of contrutary account head from EPF to GPF. In matter of correction of DOB of Shri Das’s spouse, certain information sought from service book has been obtained and soon GM/HR & Admin would be in a position to take a decision. The case of changing from EPF to GPF in respect of Partha Ghosh, DGM/SEA has forwarded to CAO/FA to examine the case. GM/HR & Admin, in fact, intervened to ensure proper and expeditious process/forwarding of the file from all concerned section/s marked to, so that it enables him to take just and appropriate decision in this regard.

Association, once again urged upon GM/HR to consider forwarding of prayers for transfer to home circle or else( as the case may be) in respect  of SDEs & DEs joined from other Circles  and those who are close to completion of two years. GM is considerate about the issue and informed to take up the matter with CGM to take a rational decision in this regard. Association informed of ensuing DPC at Corporate Office and requested to send the prayers in time to get considered in the ensuing DPC or otherwise, the executives would get unnecessarily delayed. Moreover, some circles  have already forwarded the cases to CO and it would be discriminatory, if they are not considered in equal footings.

Association pointed to acute shortage of executives in certain sections due to large scale retirement and requested to provide either new incumbent or from those rendered free for closure of some sections.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President and Com Sankar Sanyal AGS met GM/Finance to resolve the issue of recovery of excess pay from superannuation of benefit on account of refixation of pay for 1st EPP due to audit’s objection. GM/Finance informed of time constraint and requested for some time before he expresses his opinion in this regard. Association pointed to requirement of PAN number of executives for opening of bank account in order to operate imprest or temporary advance fund. Individual PAN leaves room for accounting the amounts under individual head. GM/Finance informed that most circles working in this system, however, he would look into the matter and let know at the earliest. Association also requested to consider some local transfer cases on medical ground.

Shri Amit Bhattacharya assumes charge as CGM/CTD w.e.f 01/06/2015

Com Dilip Saha Circle Secretary, Com Shankar Sanyal AGS and Com Soumen Ghosh ,ACS welcomed Shri Amit Bhattacharya on assuming his office as CGM/CTD and wished a better chapter unfolds for Calcuuta Telephones in the coming years. CGM urged upon the association to work towards development and ensure recovery from losses incurred in last consecutives financial years. Association assured to extend all kinds of support in this regard and requested for some extensive meetings to present future plan and remedies for existing malaise afflicting Calcutta Telephones. Association also pointed out to put more focus on CMTS and Transmission besides others.

Letter to CGM/CTD on various service matters

CS/CTC writes to CGM/CTD on various service matters pertaining to CMTS, Transmission, BB and issues related to HR. it emphasized on considering forwarding of prayers sought on medical ground and also contemplate as policy decision for those who joined in CTD from other Circles. The issue of extending cashless treatment to more number of hospitals/nursing home has been strongly requested for. To view the letter click here.

Congrats to one and all !

CMD called for discussion on Charter of demands. After detailed discussions with CMD, DIR HR, ED(Fin) and Sr GM(SR) on all the issues contained in the notice and concrete assurances given by Mangement that issues would be resolved by 15th August 2015, CHQ has decided to Call off the Trade Union actions.

Click to view Appeal (SR)

MASS DHARNA ON 07.05.2015

All Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries and activts to make all out preparations for the Mass Dharna on 07.05.15 at CHQ/Circle/SSA HQs and make it 100% success. Focus on door to door campaign and gate meetings.

All the Executives are requested to join the struggle to protect the cadre from demotion to E1 and E2 scales and to settle other HR issues.


  • Standard Pay scales of E2, E3, ---- for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc upto SGJAG. No demotion of the basic cadres JTO and SDE.
  • Time Bound Functional Promotion between 4 - 6 years.
  • Settlement of Pay Anomalies, antedating etc.
  • First TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.
  • Upgraded pay scales w.e.f 01.10.2000 and amendments of RRs for Civil/Elect/Arch wings.


Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General and Com V.K.Tomar President of NCOA (National Conferderation of Officers’ Associations representing Central PSEs, after having conducted the National General Council Meeting at Guahati deliberating on next Wage Revision and issues that requires to be included in terms of references, had been Kolkata on their way back to New Delhi.

An informal meeting was called at a short notice, wherein Com Dilip Saha CS/CTD, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC Member, Com Bidyut Ghosh, treasurer, Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle secretary, Com P.K Ray, Com Jayanta Mitra, Com Debasis SenSharma, Com S Dutta of SNEA(I)/WB , alongwith representatives of GRSE, Tyre Corporation of India Ltd etc were present and took a strong note of Government’s covert/overt attempt to withdraw focus /wash off the responsibility from reviving the PSUs. The very decision by successive government to either disinvest or liquidate is taking tremendous toll on these govt entities, rendering thousands of employees/executives to uncertainty. The CPSEs (leaving the exceptions) are being subjected to unfair competition either by way of rendering service to meet social obligation or in the name of level playing field, compelling to incur huge expenditure on non-viable projects/services and pushing them into forced bankruptcy. The situation calls for greater unity among PSUs to stem the rot. In order to invigorate the Eastern Zone Chapter, SG/NCOA felt to forge a better coordination among representative of various PSUs. The meet also suggested fixing up a meeting to deliberate on the structure and status of different PSUs to foster better understanding and bonding to save the PSUs.


SNEA (I)/CTC is deeply shaken over the sad and sudden demise of Com Tarak Dutta, Vice President SNEA/CTC. Com Dutta, had been suffering from critical illness and was under treatment for last couple of months. True to his attributes, he was waging a strong battle to recovery. However, to our utter shock, Com Dutta passed away in the early hours of today. Let his soul rest in peace in heavenly abode and let Almighty give enough strength to the bereaved family members for the irreparable loss. SNEA/CTC lost a valiant soldier, who had always remained actively close to the activities of the association and contributed in a large way even after his retirement. The association equally shares the pain and sorrow with his grief stricken family.

Dharna on 07.05.2015

Comrades, start mobilization for the Dharna on 07.05.2015 and Relay Hunger strike from 19th to 21st May, 2015 for the settlement of following cadre issues.  Harder programmes will follow in case issues are not settled by that time.


  • Standard Pay scales of E2, E3, ---- for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc upto SGJAG. No demotion of the basic cadres JTO and SDE.

  • Time Bound Functional Promotion between 4 - 6 years.

  • Settlement of Pay Anomalies, antedating etc.

  • First TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

  • Upgraded pay scales w.e.f 01.10.2000 and amendments of RRs for Civil/Elect/Arch wings.


 07.05.2015         : MASS DHARNA  

19 – 21, May 2015: RELAY HUNGER STRIKE


SNEA(I)/CTC congratulate office bearers, activisits, members at all levels and wellwishers amongst citizens around for their active participation and support for the strike called by Forum of executives and non- executives associations on 21/04/2015 & 22/04/2015. In CTD, the strike was overwhelming and the days passed of peacefully with huge gatherings in each and every main building wherein speakers of various constituent unions/associations addressed and shared the concern of BSNL and resolving to fight hard to revive it. The spontaneous participations reflected the prevailing mood of the employees, the determination to bring back BSNL from the brink of disaster. SNEA(I)/CTC appeals to all, irrespective of ideology one possess, to unite together and be prepared for further struggle, if situation calls for.


Com Dilip saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal, AGS, and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met CGM/CTD in presence of GM/HR & Admin to resolve some of the long pending HR related issues which deserves immediate attention for immediate settlement. Association pointed to the case of SDE/CMTS who is to be brought under GPF instead of EPF. The official was working as JTO/Electrical as BSNL absorbee. Later, he got selected as JTO Telecom under outsider quota applying through proper channel. Since he became JTO/Telecom in BSNL, he was treated as BSNL recruitee instead of BSNL absorbee. Similar cases already settled was brought to the notice of CGM/CTD.

Case of Ajit Kr Das Ex SDE- A mere correction of DOB of his spouse is pending since more than two years. Association expressed dismay at not forwarding the prayers to corporate office for transfer to hometown, particularly those that are made on extreme medical ground. Association also expressed strong resentment for not taking appropriate steps in advance for renewal of agreements with hospitals for cashless treatment. The officials are being subjected to unnecessary harassment and too long a time is being taken to address such sensitive issues.

In matter of service, Association pointed to retention of some officers serving at crucial positions and suggested CGM not to release till replacements are provided. In matter of CMTS, association once again reminded for making more than one division in RF mntce and bring the team of RF optimization and BTS mntce team under DE/BSS as per Corporate Office order. CGM appreciated the issue and informed that he would discuss the issue at concerned level.

Letter Address to CGM/CTD First Page            Letter Address to CGM/CTD 2nd Page


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Prasanta Ray Org Secy/Circle, Com Achin Basu, Com Alok Ray Com Manas Basu, Com Pradip Biswas, com N Bagchi and others of NS Zone attended the convention at RTTC/Kalyani called by Forum of executives and non-executives association of Area BKP. Com Bhajan Sarkar, the convenor and office bearers of other participant unions/association addressed the gathering on various developments in BSNL and how govt policies are working detriment to the organisation. Com Dilip Saha CS/SNEA(I)/CTC deliberated on various issues ranging from induction at CMD/Directors as regular incumbent to non-refund of spectrum fee, hiving off tower business to subsidiary, making of BBNL at the cost of BSNL, non-imbursement to expenditure incurred for rendering services to rural areas etc. All the speakers appealed to the house to unfailingly be a participant to strike called by the Forum on 21st and 22nd of April’2015. The strike called is not for any financial benefit for staff but to ensure ways for revival of BSNL and make Govt pay the justified dues to BSNL.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar, President and Com Sankar Sanyal AGS had discussion on some pending HR issues with Sri S.K. Samanta GM/HR & Admin. The case of SDE/CMTS who was absorbee as an executive in Electrical wing had subsequently had applied departmentally and recruited as JTO telecom under DR quota. Unfortunately, he is being considered under EPF scheme instead of continuing him under GPF provision. The GM intimated to have gone through the matter and sought few information before finalization.

The case of Ajit Kumar Das Ex SDE/Tx for a minor correction of death of birth of his spouse is pending since long. All relevant documents asked for stand provided and there lies no reason for further delay. GM/HR is aware of the issue and informed to dispose off at the earliest.

Association pointed to cases of some SDEs and DEs those who have joined from other Circles but because of various self and/or family’s medical ground have prayed for transfer to home Circle. GM pointed to constraints in forwarding premature to which association once again reminded that these cases are on medical ground and should get considered on merit.

Association expressed concern at the poor progress in bringing hospitals under cashless treatment purview and how the affected BSNL beneficiaries are suffering. The existing agreements with hospitals that are on the verge of expiry need immediate renewal.

The matter of staff shortage as a whole and in particular in Area Srirampore was also discussed.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Sankar Sanyal, AGS and Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS met GM/Finance for redressal of unwarranted deduction from superannuation entitlements for invalidating the deferred option as provisioned in EPP exercised by JTOs/SDEs of CTD who were eligible in 2008 reportedly based on audit observation. Association pointed to audit observation as untenable, since the officers’ entitlement were preponed to 01/01/2007 due to implementation of 2nd PRC’s pay scales and the same was in tune with the provision contained in EPP. It urged GM to look into the matter at the earliest since such deduction will have a wider implication, given a large number of executives were fixed in the same manner. GM assured to look into the matter convey the same soon.

On revenue front, GM expressed dismay at declining revenue and urged upon executives to find some way to improve upon services. He observed, a general lack of vigour to set things right.

Association shared the view but pointed to some inherent deficiency in procurement of materials/equipments and non- finalization of tenders that are acutely adding to further service woes. Both the sides agreed to fix some time on discussion pertaining to development shortly.

Circle Secretary writes to CGM/CTD on EARS
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The CEC Meet on 7th & 8th of Feb 2015 at Deulti/Howrah was held with usual fanfare and solemnity. The spirit would have reached further heights had General Secretary and president/CHQ could have made it to the occasion. But for ensuing DPC from JTO to SDE and dealing the court stay at High Court/Kerela they got stuck.  

The programme started with hoisting of flag by Com Nirmal Sarkar, President followed with assembly of participants in the conference Hall.

The house observed a minute silence to pay homage to the departed souls followed with self introduction.

The house discussed in details the items notified and deliberated effectively to bring about positive changes in services and HR related matters in Calcutta Telephones.

The fact that Calcutta Telephones is dented with poor services and revenue has been observed unanimously by the house. It analysed the reasons in broad category namely the policy decision, shortage of materials/stores and lack of attitude among employees etc

CEC shared the pulse of thousands of JTOs who stand deprived of promotion  to SDE cadre even after serving for more than 15 years. Association is actively pursuing the promotion and also intervening in courts to get the stay lifted at the earliest.

CEC deliberated on the role played by the association in holding the last LDCE and intervening in court cases to ensure the candidates qualified in LDCE gets promotion. Soon after, Association took proactive role to ensure sending of APAR and VCs for promotion to SDE Regular under seniority quota. Inspite of active involvement, the lackadaisical approach of Pers section delayed the exercise to obtain VCs and APARs and complete the DPC leading to stay from Kerela High court. However, the LDCE slated for Feb 2015 will be held as usual.

CEC recorded the work accomplished by association to include JAOs (SC & ST) of 2010 for promotion to AO. Association is also strongly pursuing for diversion of CAO posts from management quota and for promotion to CAO regular. It also is keeping a keen watch and pursuing the issue of option related to JAO of 2010 and five increments for 2013 batches.

The promotion from DE/Regular to DGM/adhoc got delayed due to verdict pronounced by Apex court to uphold list No 6 & 7 in accordance to Rule 206. The direction entails for revision of list for the said promotion.

CEC fully support the Trade Union Programme call given by Forum of Executives’ and Non-Executives Associations and unions and called upon members to participate in Parliament March on 25th of Feb 2015 and indefinite strike from 17th of March 2015.

The house unanimously advocated for immediate finalization of various tenders, namely transport, microtunnelling, rigour, repair of power module etc for smooth development and maintenance of network/services. It also resolved to convey the CMTS authority to form at least two divisions for RF optimisation and expedite the exercise of ZTE BTSs along with redeployment of old BTSs. It also was critical on frequent local changes in staff deployment in CMTS set up without any efficacy. Rather, the staff and executives deployed are void of meticulous planning. The same gets evidently proved when one observes the plummeting revenue from CMTS over the months.

In matter of Transmission, the house decided to take up the matter with CHQ for procurement of ADM eqpt and optical fibre cable for overhauling the Transmission network. It also decided to strongly pursue with CGM/CTD for procurement of measuring instruments and evolve mechanism to restore faults at the earliest. The house also noted the constraints in seeking permission from civic bodies in and around Kolkata for laying cables and indiscriminate damage being inflicted to cables of Calcutta Telephones by various utility agencies. The situation calls for high level intervention to stem the rot.

The house took strong note of indiscriminate damage to copper cables too and how services are getting badly affected leading to surrender of connections. It resolved to convey the management to come out with alternate plan of cable laying to extend uninterrupted service to customers. The steep decline in Broadband connections and poor progress for GPON connection calls for immediate revamping of Trans network to bring the DSLAMs in ring topology and provide adequate fibres for GPON connection. However, the house expressed to urge upon CGM to implement AMC for GPON/RPR maintenance.

To add to the cart for complete maintenance, immediate availability of stores, viz TSF-1,2,3, 5, 6 ,7, higher pair cables etc  should get high priority.

In HR related matter, the acute shortage of staff/executives in various Areas was discussed elaborately and the house felt to float option to record the willingness of staff, If any, for further redeployment. The habitual delay in sending of APAR and VC needs to be rationalized. The house urged upon to make the administration sit periodically with concerned custodian of APAR and service book for quick disposal.

Members expressed concern at absence of cashless treatment in any major hospital for BSNLMRS beneficiaries. Management is to take extra initiative to include hospitals agreeing upon cashless treatment and thereafter reimbursing the same from BSNL.

In matter of attendance through EARS, it is concluded that punctuality in attendance is pre requisite to first step towards discipline. However, given the varied kind/nature of work involved, where a large number of staff is involved in outdoor work, final shot in matter of attendance should also rest with controlling authority. Moreover, since there are not enough computers/access to Medha  at various locations, particularly in remote RLUs, it is suggested to ensure such availability before full blown introduction. The house is of the opinion to do away with departure registering and make it for all hierarchy for uniform implementation. Till the matters are reconsidered or taken care of the intervening period may be made optional.

 The association will urge upon management to ensure the new equiptment reaches and installed in time so as to cut down on expenditure on AMC for old equipments. Quite often, it is observed, by the time new eqpt/battery reaches the site, the expiry date remain very close resulting in myriad kind of problems to seek redressal from vendors.

 A part of free calls  from the limited number of free calls in BSNL network  as envisaged in various plans may considered for calls to other network,

 One BTS at Club Town/Dumdum that got closed due to rent related problem needs to be reopened to cater to high traffic in that area.

 Immediate meeting with KMDA authority needs to be taken up for containing damage to optical fibre cable along Kalyani Expressway.

 Immediate work to be undertaken to save Dankuni Exchange on National Highway.

 A process be made to intimate the association representative on latest status on availability of APARs in various Areas/DGM establishments.

 BSS and optimization team should be under one DE and requires decentralization.

 Tender for AMC for battery under 200 AH be considered on Area basis since wide difference in quoted rates have come to notice on various occasion that could lead to objection from audit.

 The scrap committee assessing scraps and thereon submitting report should abide by standing guidelines to avoid future complication. Signatories to committees’ report should contain members from units other than the one where scrapping is taking place.

 Com Sankar Sanyal AGS addressed the house on various issues plaguing BSNL and SNEA India and Forum that had taken a call for revival of BSNL.


Due to work associated with DPC for promotion from JTO to SDE and to deal with stay granted by High Court Kolkata, General Secretary and President / CHQ have expressed their inability to attend the GB meet schedule to be held on 6th February 2015. So under unavoidable circumstances the said GB meeting stands postponed until further notice. Inconvenience caused to members and invitees is highly regretted.

04/02/2015 Meeting held with CGM/CTD.

From Association’s side,      Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Sankar Sanyal AGS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Prasanta Ghosh and Com Prasanta Ray Organising secretaries, Com Tapan Chakraborty Vice President and Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC Member.


from Management’s Side,   Shri K K Sapra CGM/CTD, Shri Amit Bhattacharyee PGM/HQ, Shri S K Samanta GM/HR & Admin, Shri Biswajit Pal GM/CMTS, Shri K C Ghosh GM/NWO-II, Shri A K Sinha, GM/S&M, Shri Kujur GM/finance, Shri M M Naskar DGM/Admin, Shri L.K Baidya AGM Staff-I, Shri R Sinha AGM Staff-II, Shri A K Chowdhury AGM/DPC and Shri M Sood SDE/Staff were present

In accordance to items submitted by association on various deficiencies in service in CMTS, Trans, Broadband, GPON, etc. discussion was initiated by GM/HR and Admin after a bout of self introduction. Here is a brief of discussion.

Management side elaborately pointed to the constraints and how inadequate no of BTSs are hampering the service. Moreover the recent swapping by ZTS has encountered some teething problems that need to be solved. Association pointed to the dismal action on optimization and that more divisions are needed to be taken care of. This has become more pertinent for complaint since BTS outage has gone down considerably and with no dearth of signal. Management side acknowledged the observation and directed to concerned GM on the proposition made in this regard.

In matter of Trans, Management expressed dissatisfaction on delay for optical fibre restoration. CGM informed of putting up requisition for ADM-16 equipment and optical fibre cable to overhaul the Trans network. Association pointed to bringing DSLAM and BTSs in linear chain and for purchase of instruments badly needed for field units.

The alarming decrease in Broad band connection was raised by association to which GM/NWO-II pointed to statistics of 40% of faults that are due to poor service and 30% of faults for Trans failure. CGM expressed displeasure and pointed to why the services that can be restored are lying for days. Of course the cause of trans failure is also an area to be taken care of.

In regard to GPON the target set is far beyond achievement. The promising area for high return is not taking off as planned due lack of optical fibre access. However, about 57 nos of housing complexes have been identified where GPON connection can be extended.

Association pointed to the precarious condition of Dankuni Exch due to widening of NHighway. The cable damage along a long stretch have disrupted the services in the area resulting in substantial surrender of connections. The matter assumes importance given the customers mainly belong to industries. Management assured to look into the position but pointed to non finalization of tender for Microtunneling.

Association reminded for rationalization of process for obtaining VCs and APARS to cut on perennial delay.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal Sarkar President, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Aparesh Ghosal CWC Member attended the monthly meeting of South Zone. Members made queries on services, BSNLMRS particularly in matter of no information on hospitals being removed from cashless provision and inordinate delay in reimbursement, latest version on staffing norms, attendance issue etc. Zonal office bearer briefed on the unit meeting held during the period to increase members and cited how zone dealt the critical case of intimidation to one of the JTOs besides other matters.

Com President expressed content for having an opportunity address before the members after a long period. He advised to hold such meeting on regular basis to have close interaction with the members as it helps both sides to get familiar with the members and their problems. He urged upon members not to bend under pressure and strive to provide better service.

Com ACS also exhorted to hold meeting on regular basis and deliberated on the issues taken up by the Circle Body.

Com Circle Secretary gave a brief clarification on delay in reimbursing the medical expense and assured to look into cause on absence of notification before a hospital is withdrawn from cashless agreement. He explained the organisational hierarchy in regard to interaction with different tier of administration and reminded that almost all the cases pertaining to the zone has been dealt by the Circle Body. He informed the House that zone had attempted to hold the meeting on two occasions but the same couldn’t be held for unavoidable reason. However, it is always preferable to have periodical assembly to the extent practicable. He noted the zonal role for their effort to increase member and advised in such drive the circle office bearers can be harnessed to reach out to various units.

CS briefed on staffing norms , membership verification, shortages in attendance system, latest position on JTO to SDE DPC under seniority quota, how the association is striving hard by intervening in court cases for early lifting of stay, agitation called by Forum etc. He appealed to members to attend the GB meet and on schedule of holding CEC meet on 7th and 8th of Feb 2015.


Com Dilip Saha, CS , Com Nirmal Sarkar, President, Com Sankar Sanyal, AGS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Prasanta Ghosh, Organising Secretary, Com Ketan Hazra, Zonal Secretary/HWH, Com S Samanta/HWH, Com Gautam Patra, Zonal Secretary/SRMP and Com Swapan Batabyal, Zonal President/SRMP had an elaborate discussion with Shri S. Banerjee GM/NWO/I on the deteriorating plight of both Area Howrah and Sreerampur. The work of various utility service/agencies have indiscriminately damaged both copper and optical fibre cables in these areas leading to severe disruption of service and mass surrender of phones.

The plight of Dankuni has been specially cited given the locality serves large number of industries and where due National Highway expansions the cables have been damaged. The situation calls for immediate laying of cables through alternative ways.

In matter of maintenance of AC/Apparatus, the same is being horribly ignored by Electrical Wing due to reported lack of fund. Immediate consultation with Electrical wing is required to sort out problems to save the Main Exchanges/RLUs etc. Association suggested for obtaining a comprehensive report from various DEs before proceeding for finalization. So also with Civil works.

The CMTS service also got badly affected due to damage to optical fibre cables. The matter is further worsened, since there is no tender for transport and microtunnelling impeding the work for smooth maintenance. This apart, Area Srirampur is under severe staff crunch due to large scale superannuation. Every month executives are retiring from field posts resulting in lookafter of multiple charges by existing executives who are indeed inadequate in number to manage the show. This obviously is telling upon quality of service. Association suggested for calling of option for Area Srirampur to meet the severe deficiency of staff on interim basis.

Association suggested integrating the DSLAMs that are scarcely loaded and save on energy and avoidable expenditure.


Com Dilip saha, CS and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS attended the monthly meeting of Howrah Zone. Asst Secy informed the members on ensuing General Body Meeting and CEC Meet at TI Hall/CTO Building and at Deulti/Howrah respectively and appealed all to be present in general body meeting to hear to latest developments on BSNL’s service and HR related matter.

CS expressed concern of unabated decline of mobile and broadband connections. He alarmed the house that unless a pledge is taken to reverse the situation, CTD will be in doldrum. He acknowledged that deficiencies and constraints being faced the field officers in respect of store and various tenders, yet appealed to go whole hog to reverse the trend of surrenders.

CS also appealed to be present in the general body meeting scheduled to be held on 6th of Feb’2015 at TI Hall/ CTO Building/Kolkata-1 by 3 pm to hear to GS and president of CHQ on burning issues related to BSNL and its survival. CGM/CTD has also been invited in pre GB session to inform on latest status and plans in the anvil of CTD.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal sarkar, President, Com Sankar Sanyal, AGS and Com Soumen Ghosh , ACS met GM/Finance to bring to his notice instances of pay reduction before fixation of pension based on audit objection. Association pointed to absence of any attempt from the section/dept to extend clarification or rebuttal to the audit for undoing some untenable observation made by audit leading to deduction of substantial amount from the entitlement. Executives are not being communicated in time in respect of deductions being made consequent upon revision of pension for audit’s objection.

Association presented two such two such cases and requested to take up the issue with audit to undo the objections. The executives concerned are in no way responsible for pay fixation and all the fixations were made in accordance to prevailing rules. Yet, while on the verge of retirement, it is regrettable that they woke up to shocking news of pay deduction, thereby reduction in pension. GM assured to see to the issue and communicate shortly.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Nirmal sarkar, President, Com Sankar Sanyal, AGS and Com Soumen Ghosh , ACS met Shri S.K. Samanta GM/HR & Admin to discuss the shortcomings of EARS( Employees Arrival Reporting System) in view of its reintroduction from 15/12/14. Association pointed to non-mapping of large number of executives in the system leading to non confirmation of attendance. A comprehensive review is required taking into consideration the varie nature of work entailed with the establishment. GM assured to take up the matter with appropriate authority. Association expressed concern over acute shortage of executives, particularly in Area Srirampur, Barackpore where officers are subjected to lookafter multiple charges long spells. GM expressed to his limitation but assured to look into the issue and find some means in consultation with the GM concerned. Association also reminded of the option floated on Medha for want of executives in Trans wing. It requested the authority to consider the option expeditiously and in practical perspective to meet the deficiency. The issue of sending of APARs for promotion to SDE (Reg) under seniority quota is pending since long. GM expressed severe disappointment over non-receipt of APARs inspite of several reminders over Medha and phone call to concerned controlling authority. However, around 12 nos are yet to arrive after sincere efforts of staff unit. Hopefully, the same will send shortly without further wait.