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Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal President met GM/HR & Admin to draw his notice on dilapidated condition of departmental quarters and how the same is vulnerable to living condition. There are complaints of chunk of debris falling from the ceiling, scalped plasters, cracked pillars & walls, etc. At any point of time, accident may occur endangering the lives in occupancy. It is learnt, some had represented on the issue but the same are not traceable as far as its sanction is concerned. GM/HR perceived the plight of the occupants and requested to provide details of those who represented for repair. He assured to take care of the issue.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Subhranath Das Z/S Central City Zone and Com Biswajit Biswas Organising Secretary Central City Zone attended the demonstration and gate meeting held on 21/12/2018 by AIBOC at SBI/HQ/Kolkata. Com Soumya Dutta General Secretary AIBOC and Secretary General of AIPCOC welcomed the solidarity expressed by SNEA and other PSU outfits. Com Dilip Saha CS/CTC/SNEA addressed the gathering on governments move to privatize banking and public sector undertakings, depriving the organisations from justified wage settlements, merger and acquisition of banks in the name of consolidation, outsourcing of currency management and other related issues. This diabolical intentions needs to be stopped without further leverage. The situation warrants for fortifying the unity and solidarity among all the organisation to oppose such moves. AIBOC profusely thanked SNEA for extending solidarity all across the nation. 


All India Strike on 21.12.2018 by All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) on various demands:

As per the call of AIPCOC, SNEA extends support to the All India strike by AIBOC on 21.12.2018. For extending solidarity and support, our activists at various places should participate in the demonstrations wherever possible.



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Central city Zone held its AGB on 18/12/2018 at CTO Hall. Members from all across the Zone attended the meeting. Following adoption of Zonal Secretary and Treasurer's report, Com Sankar Sanyal President and Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the house on latest issues and informed on their status. The discourse revolved around E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO respectively, Group Term Insurance, E1+5 increments for JTO/JAO 2010 onwards, status of 3rd PRC, additional 3% for SAB by March 2019, delinking pension revision from PRC, allotment of 4G spectrum, contribution towards pension fund on actual basic instead of end basic, status on CPSE Hierarchy, pending promotions, etc. CS appealed to stay united at this hour of crisis when BSNL is going through rough patch. The cash has drastically gone down and BSNL is going ahead for loan to the tune of Rs1000 crore for the time. Therefore, over and above the justified demand, its our prime duty to extend best of services to the customers and ensure revenue inflow. The situation demands for grit and determination to stay afloat in the competition and out do the others.

The office bearers elected for the next term are as follows--

President-- Bishnupada Jana JTO/CRM/MPLS                                                                            Vice President-1) SudipJyoti Dhar DE/ID&OD/Entally  2) Asta Pal SDE/MIS  3) Ashim Pal/SDE/HCU  Secretary-- Basant Kumar Singh SDE/MSC/Central; Organising Secretary--  1) Amaresh Raychowdhury SDE/BB/TB  2) Amit Sarkar  SDE/TM/TB   3) Biswajit Biswas JTO/BB/Wi-Fi; Treasurer--Saumendra Mazumder AO/CS-II;  Assistant Secretary---1) Mahua Rakshit JTO/CC/CMTS  2) Syed Kirmani Karim JTO/OMCR/CMTS 3) Soumya Ranjan Kar JTO/EB-I 4) Narendra Singh JTO/TM/Central  5) Kavita Kumari  JTO/LEA-I/CMTS

Circle Body congratulate the newly elected office bearers for the next term and wish all the best..


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Meeting held on 13/12/2018

Of late, there has had been a lot of curiosity and confusion too, amongst young members to know on the latest plight in respect of E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AOs respectively, E1+5 IDA payscales from 2010 onwards BSNL recruitees in the cadre of JTO/JAO, additional grant extended on SAB, implementation of 3rd PRC, contribution towards pension fund on actual basic instead of end basic, allotment of 4G spectrum, pension revision, etc. It is learnt that some groups are trying to confuse and mislead the executives on facts and figures thereby causing unwanted unrest and a virtual chaos. Since, XXX AIC at Ludhiana/Punjab of SNEA was over on 1st of Dec 2018, it becomes an automatic duty on the part of Circle body to disseminate the decisions and resolutions passed in the said AIC. 

An informal meeting was called at the instance of young members on 13th Dec 2018 at Hare Street auditorium to put forth the facts and clear any confusion that might prevail in the minds of the members on the above issues.

E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO respectively-- The AUAB  meeting held on 3rd of Dec 2018 with Hon'ble Minister of Communication, Secretary/DOT and others showed positive indication in resolving the issue of pension contribution on actual basic, allotment of 4G spectrum, delinking pension revision from PRC and 3rd PRC. There were queries on as to why E2/E3 IDA payscales and demand for increased percentage in SAB are not finding place in the minutes issued by DOT. Needless to mention that the  issues of E2/E3 pertain to some cadres and the grant of increased entitlement in SAB is within the framework of BSNL. 3% additional declaration by 2019 has already been declared by CMD. In as much as E2/E3 is concerned, the matter was taken in confidence with the convener of AUAB and raised by GS/SNEA in the said meeting. Hon'ble Minister has categorically felt and expressed in presence of Secretary, Additional secretary and other senior officers of DOT that the case can be well be resolved within DOT and given the nod to proceed. Perhaps no amount of facts can ever bring content to all sections of executives and there always remain rooms for further scepticism and arguments. There could still be people who would look upon it as hoax and may continue to disbelieve until and unless the demands materializes. Such mindset may require some time to wait for the end result. But as far as SNEA is concerned, we cannot afford to live in disbelief and wait for heavenly magic to achieve it; rather it is our trade union dharma to for struggle as and when the situation warrants. Having said so, this time AUAB did a splendid job by making Hon'ble Minister agree to constitute an institutional mechanism led by Addl Secretary/DOT for periodical updates on various issues. It must be noted that AUAB as a whole and constituent associations were finding it difficult to meet Hon'ble Minister for communication, Secretary/DOT etc these days. The institutional mechanism set up for the purpose has definitely kept open the window for communication. Meanwhile, even before the institutional mechanism got set up GS/SNEA and President/SNEA met Addl Secretary/DOT on 13/12/18 to brief him on E2/E3 IDA payscales and the misrepresentation made by DOT in its decision for denial of the pay scales. 

In regard to contribution to pension fund, it must be noted that BSNL has already paid in excess of Rs 3500 crore for making contribution on end scales. Now, that DOT has in principle agreed to review the case and it is learnt a positive note in this regard has already been moved, we can very well hope to see the case settled. The amount that would get saved and the amount due for refund will strengthen the chances to fund 3rd PRC.

Now, some doubts have been raised on probability of getting 3rd PRC mplemented. AUAB has to be given the empowerment and autonomy while discussing across the board with DOT. for 4G spectrum, there is a liability of close to Rs 13500 crore. If half the amount is borne by the govt, then half of the balance half to the tune of Rs 3500 crore(approx) calls for down payment by BSNL. The recommendation for 4G allotment needs to be circulated and vetted by Interministrial Group before obtaining final approval from the cabinet. On the other side, if the proposition for 3rd PRC with a liability of around Rs 2800 crore(approx) are sent together and simultaneously, in all probability the cabinet may reject both the propositions, bringing the whole issue back to square one. It has to be realised that BSNL at present is in deep loss and AUAB would be shorn of tenable argument to clinch the deal. That doesn't mean, AUAB lost its sight on 3rd PRC. The meeting did mention on wage settlement with the BSNL board and we are up on the issue to settle it. Its a matter of time to relaunch struggle, if needed. Some degree of instant decision at the best discretion of the leaders present in the meeting, always needs to be left with them. It must also be noted that almost all executives associations were participant to the meeting. 

In regard to pension revision-the principle of delinking the revision of pension from PRC is a prudent step. Herein, BSNL has  nothing to lose. On the contrary, the pensioners would get secured. Then again question comes, where is the security for BSNL recruitees? As already said, today, the entitlement to SAB is at 25%. It is further going to increase by 3% by March 2019. Balance 2% is to come up by next financial year as stated by BSNL. If some says, it is yet to come, then it must also be accepted the revision of pension is also yet to come. Adding to it, one must ackowledge that through constant persuasion by SNEA, GTI could get notified which also forms an integral part of family security. Again, one might argue who brought about GTI? As a matter of fact, perhaps, it is well known that SNEA/MP circle was pioneer in introducing the system. The concept only got extended to Corporate Office for all round implementation. SNEA being the recognised association, it had the privilege of being a participant in the discussion with LIC and SBI Life at the behest of management. There are some queries as to why the premium in lower age group is high? LIC/MP had fixed the premium on zero death basis. LIC/HQ find it infeasible to replicate that of MP Circle. Therefore, we cannot afford to waste time in the alleys of negotiation further. SNEA felt wise to start the GTI and review the deficiencies/queries in next renewal. Commencing it without further delay will only ensure the security of the families belonging to BSNL  

The meeting had an interactive session with some queries on fund related to PRMB, recording the cadre based issue in the minutes issued by DOT, violation of right to equality for non grant of E1+5, etc. It is worth mentioning here that given the status of struggle of E2/E3 payscales, it would not be prudent enough to raise this issue at this point of time. It will only loosen the firm demand of E2/E3 pay scales. Let not it be misinterpreted as though the association is not serious enough on this issue. The fact is, E1+5 was awaiting for HR plan approval for a long time. One has to understand that, meanwhile the call of strike has provided due weightage to the issue of E2/E3 payscales. Therefore, the situation calls for a different take for the time being. Once again, it is to mention that many unresolved issues are there pertaining to both executives and non executives cadres. We believe, so do AUAB, that it is not feasible to take up all the issues in one go, that too at the highest forum. Therefore, the issues that largely concerns all, find priority in first instance. Inspite of such constraints, it is appreciable to know that the demand of E2/E3 found its place in the discussion. We hope and believe, the best would come up for all. So let's stay united and firm in our commitment towards the cause. 

Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal President addressed the meeting.   


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal President and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR and Admin and discussed on--

1) release of Anil Kumar JTO/Central whose Rule 8 transfer is already approved-GM assured to intervene and provide substitute at the earliest. 

2) EPP in respect of recently promoted PAs, case of Gautam Karmakar and Dipankar Ghosh under planning - The PAs were accorded promotion from the cadre Stengrapher II on notional basis in accordance to Corporate Office guidelines. The pay fixation in respect of the said PAs also taken place. Unfortunately, the EPP entitled to the executives is yet to be effected. The executives have represented for their respective EPPs and DGM/NWO/Plg also brought the issue to the notice of AGM/Staff-I. Association provided the copies of fixation made in TN and Telengana circle in respect of similarly placed candidates as ready reckoner and requested for intervention for early resolve. GM/HR asked for some time to peruse the case and assured to settle the case.

3) The DEs who had joined CTD from other Circles and are close to completion of two years in CTD prayed for transfer to circles of their choice. It is learnt, the former CGM had sought some time to forward the cases. It is to be noted that most of these executives are on wrong side of 50 years and are finding it tough to look after the family and aged parents. The situation calls for early consideration of their prayers with intimation to corporate office to provide substitutes too. In view of the hardship being faced by these senior executives, the prayers may be considered and forwarded at the earliest. GM/HR intimated that he would take up the case with new CGM shortly.

4) It is learnt, a few number of SDEs and DEs are to join CTD. There is acute scarcity in many areas. Therefore, priority may please set in advance to avoid inappropriate deployment. It is also intimated that one DE in Area/SMP is in high need. This apart, almost all verticals are facing scarcity. GM/HR said to take up the issue with CGM/CTD and decide accordingly.



A delegation of SNEA/CTC met Shri Biswajit Pal to welcome and felicitate him on his new assignment as CGM/CTD. A brief discussion was held  on the present plight of CTD and how financial crunch and fierce competition in telecom sector is weakening BSNL. CGM expressed his confidence in BSNL as it is giving a stiff fight to its adversaries and continues to be in reckoning. He is optimistic to overcome the crisis with the support of all association and unions. Association, pledged its support and cooperation in reviving CTD and would go to last mile to secure the future of BSNL. Keeping in view the stake of large number of young executives besides others, it is incumbent upon all associations to put the best effort for survival. The delegation was led by Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Subhranath Das ZS/Central City Zone, Com Joydeep Sinha ACS, Com Asoke Kundu President/Central City Zone, Com K K Barua.


AUAB/CTD held demonstration and meeting on 26/11/2018  at 8, Hare Street office to protest against denial of 3rd PRC allotment of 4G spectrum. pension revision, contribution towards pension fund on actual basic pay and left out issues of 2nd PRC. The venue witnessed large gathering and representatives of constituent associations and unions addressed the crowd. SNEA/CTC was represented by Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS. 






Dr Manmohan Singh Auditorium

Punjab Agricultural University

LUDHIANA, 28th – 30th November, 2018




AUAB CTD meeting was held on 21/11/2018  at Telephone Bhawan and the following decisions were taken. This meeting was held in preparedness for indefinite strike from 03/12/2018 called by AUAB/New Delhi. The strike against denial of 3rd PRC , left out items of 2nd PRC, pension contribution on actual basic, pension revision , allotment of 4G spectrum.

1. At least one meeting will be held at the every Area. 2. Poster will be printed in Bengali(1000) and English(500) respectively. 3. A leaflet will be published for the employees. 4. Date, Venue and time are given below. 22/11/2018, Bidhannagar, 1200 hours. 24/11/2018, Barabazar Exch, 1200 hours. 26/11/2018,Ballygunge place, 1200 hours. 8, Hare Street, 1330 hours. 27/11/2018,Cossipore, 1200 hours. Alipur, 1300 hours. Dum Dum, 1330 hours. 28/11/2018,Satyabala Howrah. 1200 hours. Sreerampur, 1200 hours. 29/11/2018,Ranikuthi, 1200 hours. 30/11/2018,Barackpur Lalkuthi, 1200 hours. 01/12/2018,Telephone Bhawan, 1400 hours. And on 1st December gate meeting has to be done at all work spot. Sisir Kumar Roy, Convener ,AUAB CTD Circle.

SNEA/CTC was represented by Com Sankar Sanyal, President.


rally 14 11 2018 chq 3rally 14 11 2018 chq 1Rally 14 11 2018 2Rally on 14 11 2018 I


A massive rally was held AUAB/CTD &WB  in Kolkata. It commenced from the crossing of Bentinck street and terminated at Esplanade. Employees in hundreds representing various unions and associations participated in the Rally. The rally snaked through the busy thoroughfare of the city with activists chanting slogans against DOT/govt's policy to deprive BSNL of its dues. It was a show of vehement protest against DOT's apathy to implement pension contribution on actual basic pay, delay in resolving pending issues of 2nd PR, allotment of 4G spectrum, 3rd PRC, pension revision, etc. The rally congregated at Y-Channel/Esplanade where representatives of all unions and associations addressed the gathering. Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS addressed on behalf of SNEA/CTC


Rally by AUAB on 14.11.2018.

At New Delhi, Rally to Sanchar Bhavan will start from BSNLCO at 1 PM.

At Kolkata, from crossing of Bentinck Street and Ganesh Avenue to Esplanade Y-Channel

Since DoT is not agreeing to BSNL proposal for 3rd PRC with 15% fitment and going back from its earlier commitments, all the employees are requested to join the Rally. Public Rally and the participation will have big impact on the Govt and its decisions in the coming days.

Make door to door campaign today for the success of the Rally



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Members of AUAB/CTD turned in hordes to protest against severe apathy of govt in not implementing left out issues of 2nd PRC, contribution towards pension on actual basic, revision of pension, allotment of 4G spectrum and 3rd PRC. A large gathering sat in Dharna at Telephone Bhavan and slogans rented the air throughout the day. All constituents of AUAB/CTD addressed the gathering. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the gathering.

Members of AUAB/CTD turned in hordes to protest against severe apathy of govt in not implementing left out issues of 2nd PRC, contribution towards pension on actual basic, revision of pension, allotment of 4G spectrum and 3rd PRC. A large gathering sat in Dharna at Telephone Bhavan and slogans rented the air throughout the day. All constituents of AUAB/CTD addressed the gathering. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the gathering.


Members of AUAB/CTD turned in hordes to protest against severe apathy of govt in not implementing left out issues of 2nd PRC, contribution towards pension on actual basic, revision of pension, allotment of 4G spectrum and 3rd PRC. A large gathering sat in Dharna at Telephone Bhavan and slogans rented the air throughout the day. All constituents of AUAB/CTD addressed the gathering. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the gathering.


Employees gathered in hordes at the call of AUAB at Telephone Bhavan to protest against govt's severe apathy in implementing left out issues in 2nd PRC, pension contribution on actual basic, pension revision and 3rd PRC. There was a large gathering and slogans rented the air throughout the day. All constituents of AUAB participated in the program. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Dilip Saha CS/SNEA/CTC addressed the gathering.



As we all know, All Unions and Associations (AUAB)/BSNL, New Delhi served notice to go for trade union agitation in protest against not meeting the justified demands for long. DOT/BSNL is showing no indication to settle the same at the earliest. 


a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees. (b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension contribution by BSNL. (c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management. (d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners. e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.


1) Dharna at all levels on 30-10-2018.

2) Rallies at circle and districts levels on 14-11-2018.

In compliance to the call given by AUAB/CHQ, West Bengal Chapter consisting of AUAB/Calcutta Telephones held its West Bengal Telecom Circle held a meeting on 26/10/2018 at Telephone Bhavan to discuss on the modalities to be adopted to observe the program.

The followings are to be observed by AUAB/ Calcutta Telephones and West Bengal Telecom Circles

29th October 2018:--Gate Meeting in all Divisions. At 13-00 Hrs, a delegation of CSs in AUAB will meet CGM/CTD to intimate him on the notified Trade Union Program.

30th October 2018:-Dharna will be conducted from 12-00 to 16-00 Hrs at Telephone Bhavan.

13th Nov 2018:- Press Meet 

14th Nov:-018:- Rally to originate  from the crossing of Bentinck street and R N Mukherjee Road( Near Binny Shop) and terminate at Esplanade. 

AUAB/Kolkata appeals to all employees of BSNL to participate in the program and make it a grand success. It ought to be reminded that govt is dragging its feet on the above mentioned demands since Feb 2018 when Hon'ble Minister of Communication had give positive indications to consider the issues. Unfortunately, there has been no progress in this regard. The plea of BSNL losing revenue is being shown as the bane for denying the justified demands. AUAB believes its time to strike back. Further delay make push us to irredeemable situation. So, we strongly believe the employees will join enmasse to fortify AUAB.

The constituent associations and unions present n  the meetings are SNEA,  BSNLEU,AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA, NFTE. 



All Unions & Associations in BSNL (AUAB) has served notice today, to the Secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL for Dharna and rallies, demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018.


(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.

(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension

contribution by BSNL.

(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.

(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.

e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.


1) Dharna at all levels on 30-10-2018.

2) Rallies at circle and districts levels on 14-11-2018.




Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal President met GM/Finance to know the status on some long pending issues. Association reminded on incorrect payment of TA/DA  to JTOs who had undergone phase I training at Jaipur and at present working in under DGM/BKP. It also reminded of non payment of medical bill to Pulak Dasgupta DE/NSCBTTC for more than one year. 

The case of Partha Ghosh, SDE pertaining to continuance in GPF instead of EPF is still not resolved.

GM asked for the details once again and assured to look into both the cases. In regard to the case of Partha Ghosh, he said to have taken up the issue with DOT and would pursue the same after the present spell of holidays. He is optimistic to resolve the issue. 

Association wished a very happy Durga Puja and Dussehra coming ahead. 


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal President met CGM/CTD to wish him a happy and festive Durga Puja and Dussehra. CGM reciprocated the same to all and hope the sincere effort of all will definitely turn around CTD. He intimated on the grim financial condition in BSNL and listed out the extent of revenue loss in some of the big circles, including Kerela, AP , Maharastra. There is an overall dip of 23% in terms of remittances resulting in significant loss in cash flow. The concept of reckoning on ABF for the purpose of accounting has lost its efficacy. Its the remittances received that clearly reflects on cash flow.

Association spoke of immense pressure in field units, particularly in CSCs and CFA vertical where meeting targets has become a challenging task. The situation has drastically changed with the entry of Reliance Jio in 2016. Operational effort apart,  change in policy is also needed to revive BSNL. CGM, however is of the view that PSUs, normally should not expect of govt's investment; rather, it should set up its own mechanism to stay viable. He readily agrees that there is pressure in fields without which it will be hard to sustain. Association conveyed that the executives by and large have tuned themselves to changing demands and are delivering accordingly. But during these festive days, they look forward to a whiff of relief to be with family and friends and observe the rituals of this great festival of Durga Puja in West Bengal. A relief from constant attrition is necessary during festive days to start with fresh impetus.  CGM felt the sentiments of people of West Bengal connected to Durga Puja festival and echoed his sentiments too. He also expects, critical moments of demands also be responded and wished all a happy Durga Puja and Dussehra. 


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal President and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met Sr GM/HR & Admin to discuss on scarcity of executives in various operational Areas. Given the stiff target set to achieve in selling SIMs and other BSNL products alongwith services under CFA, Trans and CMTS domains, its becoming very hard to run the show in fields. The matter is further worsening over the days due to  substantial superannuation and in absence of recruitment in entry cadre. The situation warrants for judicious deployment of executives and staff to bring about near uniformity. 

Sr GM/HR & Admin sought information on units with acute shortage so that executives joining from other circles either on promotion or transfer can be considered for those positions. 

Association further reminded on non release of JTOs under Rule 8 transfer. Even though CGM/CTD approved  the cases of Rule 8 transfer long back, yet it is observed, some candidates are not being released on the plea of posting substitutes. It was reminded that during promotion to the cadre of JTO many were posted under different areas. The Corporate Office order also directed to release Rule 8 transfer cases  either against direct recruit JTOs or promotees. Unfortunately, inspite of approval from competent authority, local establishment are not releasing the concerned JTOs. 

Sr GM HR & Admin assured to  look into the case.




 glimpse 1                             glimpse 2

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Sankar Sanyal President, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com HareKrishna Fouzdar and Com Tapas Ghosh CS/SNEA/WB met Smt Sujatha T Ray, Dir HR at Oberoi Grand to get the latest status on some long pending pressing issues. Shri K C Ghosh PGM/NWO/CFA was also present in the meeting.

Com Dilip Saha enquired on E2/E3 pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO respectively- Dir/HR informed of DOT's wrong interpretation on payscales awarded to JTO/JAO and SDE/AO during formation of BSNL. It held it as a one time dispensation for BSNL absorbees and that the BSNL recruitees are entitled to E1 payscales which is uttrly incorrect. CMD instructed to take up the issue with DOT once again and  accordingly Dir/HR will send a clarification to DOT in this regard soon. However, she suggested association take up the issue with the highest authority of DOT. She felt, taking up the issue with Secretary DOT would be a better option.

On 3rd PRC--she said hon'ble minister was keen to see 3rd PRC comes up but over the last few months there is no initiation visible in this regard. The financial position of BSNL is plummeting over the days endangering the prospect of 3rd PRC. However, it is to be noted that govt has provided clearance to proceed on Wage Negotiation Committee but then the case in respect of executives is yet to get a clear signal. She also said that there is some activities palpable in preparing cabinet memo but nothing can be assured at this stage. Association informed of trade union program notified by SNEA to demand E2/E3 IDA payscales and 3rd PRC besides others.

CPSE Hierarchy-She said the draft is awaiting report of the committee meant to address on reservation. The matter needs to be examined to insulate it from legal implications in future. Management is contemplating for DPC to the extent feasible in various cadres and thereafter undertake the notification.

Group Term Insurance--Association insisted to finalize the policy without further delay. Dir/HR informed to be nearing completion the negotiations with the concerned agency. She hopes to complete the exercise soon.

There were other issues discussed in brief due to time constraint. She assured to discuss further next time. Association conveyed its sincere thanks for granting the meeting


Submission of delegate list by respective Zones to CS by 15th of Sept 2018 meant for AIC to he held on 28/11/2018 to 30/11/2018 at Ludhiana, Punjab. As per the decision of the meeting held on 06/09/2018 at Telephone Bhavan , all Zonal Secretaries are to hold General Body meeting for electing delegates to attend AIC/Ludhiana. The list of delegates so elected should be submitted to CS/SNEA/CTC duly signed by respective Zonal Secretaries by 15th of Sept 2018. This information hosted on website is in continuance of intimation conveyed over phone, WhatsApp and through sms to Zonal Secretaries by Circle Body. 


RELAY HUNGER FAST at BSNLCO by CHQ Office Bearers, CSs, CPs etc from 24th September, 2018 onwards: All the CHQ OBs, CSs and CPs of all the Circles and other activists joining the RELAY HUNGER FAST is to reach Delhi by 23rd evening or 24the early morning. The RELAY HUNGER FAST will start exactly at 10.00 AM on 24.09.2018. Return journey can be decided later.


Circle Conference of SNEA/Calcutta Telephones was held on 31/08/2018 and 01/09/2018 at SBIOA House, Bentinck street, Kolkata-69. The delegate session started with hoisting of flag amid chanting of slogans of SNEA Zindabad! BSNL Zindabad! The house then observed silence in memory of our departed comrades. After the welcome speech by the President of the house, the delegates were introduced to each other through self introduction. Circle Secretary placed an extensive report covering all activities and developments that had taken place during his tenure. The report was considered by the house and adopted. This was followed with adoption of Treasurer’s report after its due scrutiny by the august house.

The house welcomed Com A A Khan President/SNEA, Com K Sebastin, GS/SNEA and Com Padmanavan Rao, AGS/SNEA amid slogans and standing ovation. All the CHQ office bearers addressed the house touching upon the burning issues pertaining to E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and other equivalent cadres, pending promotion, the status on CPSE Hierarchy notification, 3rd PRC, Group Term Insurance, loss to post 2007 JTO recruitees, etc. Given the time constraint, house adjourned for the day and all delegates proceeded for Joint Open Session scheduled to commence from 4 pm at Moulali Yuva Kendra.

On second day, the delegate session started with discussion on organisational matter followed with service related issues. The executives working under CFA are loaded with multifarious work and are overly stressed. There was suggestion to transfer the work for ICB to accounts. The house emphasized to take special drive on FTTH connections and EB and called upon to build optical fibre network backbone. The house endorsed the developmental activities taken up by Calcutta Telephones but called for restraint on excessive pressure and intimidation. It expressed serious reservation among executives on delay in processing of medical and other bills, mainly in planning section. Almost all matters in planning section are alleged to be kept pending without any tenable reason. It took note of small issues like payment of TA/DA bills to newly promoted JTO getting curtailed on untenable ground and on recording of academic qualification achieved while in service. It took stock of the dearth in staff to maintain services and called for intervention with appropriate authority to ease building infrastructure.

The delegates unanimously called for immediate settlement of E2/E3 IDA payscales, notification for CPSE Hierarchy, implementation of 3rd PRC, 30% superannuation benefit, resolving pay disparity for post 2007 JTO  recruitees, E1+5 increments for 2010 onwards JTO/JAOs, Group Term Insurance, etc. The house held serious views on the above issues and delegates belonging to new generation held the isuue of E2/E3 IDA payscales as one of the main cause for discontent among new generation.                                                        

In the second phase of address by Com K Sebastin, GS and Com A A Khan, President, the issues were elaborately explained and latest status in respect of each item was conveyed to the house. The history of E2/E3 IDA payscales was brought forth and explained on how some forces are putting weird demand of cascading and retrospective  effect (from 01/10/2000) to derail the issue. The executives may be miffed at SNEA for the delay but there is no reason to shift allegiance when other stands nowhere close to meet skyhigh but impracticable demand framed on popularity plank. GS conveyed how at the intervention of SNEA, BSNL took initiative to take up the issue with DPE and how the same is gaining momentum in positive direction. DOT reportedly held discussion on 3rd PRC and conveyed instructions to prepare for its note for further processing. But the process to overcome cabinet approval will not be that easy. SBI Life is in its final stage to confirm on quotes and the matter is in its final stage. All employees upto 50 years are to get coverage of Rs 50 lacs. GS explained the demand for 3rd PRC and that for E2/E3 payscales need not be equated. 3rd PRC will benefit all. BR rcruitees will be credited with contribution on enhanced pay scale towards EPF and Pension Fund. The demand is a common one among both executives and non executives whereas E2/E3 is an exclusive kind of demand for executives. Non executives do have their respective demands and any attempt to include all will disturb the structured approach.   GS intimated on Apex court’s rejection of SLP filed by BSNL for pay fixation of JTOs officiating under FR 22 1 (a) 1 with FR 35 restriction. This paved the way for generalisation of the order. Com A A Khan, President made an inspiriting deliberation and urged upon new generation to take up the reins. He categorically believes that if SNEA fails then there cannot remain any other association to achieve it. Its SNEA that holds credibility of such struggle and is confident to achieve it. He believes, the young executives in SNEA have the prowess to bring the confused and directionless executives into our fold.

Following the deliberation by CHQ office bearers the exercise for formation of next body started.

JOINT OPEN SESSION on 31/08/2018 at Moulali Yuva Kendra—It was A joint open session of SNEA/ Calcutta Telephones Circle and SNEA/WB Circle. The house was packed with audience and the stage with galaxy of very senior officers from Circles and Regions. The session started by paying homage to our great leader Lt Com Sesagiri Rao who served at various level in SNEA and was the doyen of SNEA. Shri S P Tripathy CGM/CTD, Shri S K Garg CGM/WBTC, Shri Gautam Guha, CGM/ETR, Shri A Majhi CGM/ETP, Shri A K Kundu, CGM/Telecom Factory, Mr S Kujur GM/Finance/CTD, Shri P K Mahapatra GM/HR &Admin/CTD, Shri K C Ghosh PGM/NWO/CFA, Shri Pradip Gupta, GM/Tx, Shri Achintya Biswas GM/BA/East, Smt A Das GM/HR/WBTC, Shri Hari GM/HR/ETR, Shri A N Thakur GM/HR/CTD, Com A A Khan President/SNEA, Com K Sebastin GS/SNEA, Com Padmanabhan AGS/SNEA and Com Soumya Dutta GS/AIBOC graced the occasion and addressed the august house. The rich and informative deliberations by various dignitaries held the audience captive for more than four hours.

Following welcoming of the dignitaries by presenting flower bouquet, Com Dilip Saha, Circle Secretary/SNEA/CTC read out the keynote address to the house. Shri S P Tripathy lauded the keynote address for including all important items pertaining to CTD. He emphasized on his effort to connect customers and maintain reliable service. He spoke of his approach that devotes the initial months to develop a system and thereafter the system is allowed to work on its own. He is of the view to utilize the resources available with us instead of crying what is not there. He sees lot of prospect in FTTH and EB and that he always felt to drive the officers to deliver. He is of the view that if BSNL fails to deliver then the other operators are not going to wait.  He stated to have no grouse against any staff but in order to draw work, it is necessary to keep watch over the progress.

Shri S K Garg, having joined as CGM/WBTC spoke on the models adopted by Shri Tripathy. He spoke on drawing opinions and suggestions from associations and look forward to their support. He wish harmony exists in all unions and associations.

Shri Gautam Guha CGM/ETR drew attention to commissioning of Trans equipment, viz OTN, OCLAN, CPAN etc on major routes. He informed of restoring link from Kolkata to Kharagpur and extending OTN connection to Uluberia. All efforts had been taken to stabilise the service such that services enjoyed by the customers stay uninterrupted. He lauded the keynote address of the circle secretaries and hope to continue with its target in future too.

Shri A Majhi CGM/ETP considers OFC as most harmless object thus dealt without care by other agencies unlike power cable or gas pipeline. He spoke on the constraint in laying cables and apprised on future projects in pipeline.

Shri A K Kundu CGM/Telecom factory deliberated on productions in factory of various items.

Both GM/HR thanked the association for taking up issues with cause and proper justification.

Shri K C Ghosh PGM/NWO/CFA/CTD spoke of support from executives and how CTD strived to achieve targets in EB. He also spoke of serious endeavour in extending FTTH connections and sealing agreement with Cable TV operator for its expansion. He appreciated the positive outlook and steps taken by CGM in this regard.

Shri S Kujur GM/Finance spoke of his association with CS/CTD and Finance had taken effort on project Aiswariya and Samundra Manthan. The effort put on to hold Lokadalat turned effective in retaining customers.

Shri Pradip Gupta PGM/Tx addressed on pl;ans of transmission wing and the hurdles being faced in the face of damage by other agencies. He also spoke on plans for CPAN and VMUx installations.

Com A A Khan President –spoke on govt’s apathetic attitude towards BSNL. He cited govt’s dillydally on allotting 4G spectrum and not complying to tender agreements in respect to supply of equipments. He was all praise over Calcutta Telephones given its emergence as a new force in Eastern region.

Com K Sebastin GS/SNEA appreciated the performance of Calcutta Telephones. He highlighted the progress with respect to other circles in Eastern region. A general observation had grown over CTD and WBTC for delivering upto the mark. The service parameters and performance as a whole was in poor shape. However, over the last few years, CTD made a mark. GS expressed his gladness to see CGM/CTD acting like a professional business man. It is time to abandon old ideas and look forward to services extended in terms of business. He wished CTD all success.

Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) thanked all dignitaries and wished the best for CTD.

Com Padmanabhan Rao AGS extended the vote of thanks and called for implementation of 3rd PRC.

The officers in the auditorium who graced the occasion are Shri Srikant Pal GM/Tx/CTD, Com S K Deb GM/Cal SSA and Shri P K Sahana GM/ETR. Shri Deb briefed the house on WBTC’s effort to forge agreement with cable operators to extend FTTH connections.

The following Office Bearers were elected unanimously for the next term.

President -Com Sankar Sanyal-

Vice President-1) Tapan Chakraborty     2) Tapan Sarkar

Circle Secretary-Dilip Saha

Organising Secretary- 1) Prasanta Kr Roy   3) Hare Krishna Fouzdar    4) Sarnadeep Dutta

Assistant Circle Secretary-   1) Saumyendranath Ghosh  2) Subhranath Das 3) Sudeshna Pal 4) Joydeep Sinha  5) Bikash  Malgope

Treasurer - Asoke Kundu


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Prasanta Ray Organising Secretary, Com Subhra Nath Das Zonal Secretary Central City Zone, Com Amaresh RayChowdhury, Com Pulak Dasgupta Zonal Secretary/NS Zone, Com Tapan Sarkar President, NS Zone, Com Asit Chatterjee, Com Adak and others attended the congregation called by All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) as a mark for observing 50 years of Bank Nationalisation. Innumerable trade union outfits across the states converged at the venue. Scores of trade union leaders, professors, social activists, dignitaries addressed the session. Com Dilip Saha  represented SNEA/CTC and addressed the gathering in context of BSNL and its relevance to the concept of nationalisation. Com Soumya Datta GS AIBOC and Com Sanjay Das GS AIBOC/WB were the main organiser of the event.


Today 1A delegation of SNEA/CTC and WBTC met Smt Sujatha T Ray Dir/HR & Admin at Ballygunge Place in the intervening slot of Review Meeting as part of the official fixture. Com Dilip Saha CS/CTD, Com Tapas Ghosh CS/WB, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS/CTD, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E), Com Ankur Singh AO/ETP, Com Anisul Haq AO/TF, Com Tapas Mazumder, CAO and Com Madhuchandra Rakshit represented the said delegation. 

 After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Com Dilip Saha CS thanked Dir/HR for issuing the left out promotion order from SDE to DE during his stay at Corporate Office and made special mention of Shyamal Mondol whose promotion order to the cadre of SDE was missed at first instance and was getting badly delayed for its issuance. CS expressed his gratefulness for her personal intervention in this matter while he was seated at her office. Dir/HR looked forward to our queries to which we requested her to brief on latest status in respect of items under active consideration.

Com Tapas Ghosh CS/WB introduced the CAOs (L/A) under purview of promotion and wanted to know the hurdles for effecting promotion of 2003 & 2005 AOs inspite of sufficient and indisputable vacancy (regular) existing to accomodate them. Dir HR spoke of litigation in court and that next date of hearing is on 07/09/2018. But then, she is trying to see, if the dates could be preponed for early submission from BSNL. In as much as catch up rule is concerned, the same is not applicable for CPSEs.  Com Dilip Saha and AOs present, listed a figure of 670(approx) vacancy existing in the cadre of CAO and that 2003 & 2005 AO  promotees could hardly fill in 450(approx). So, apparently, there is no reason not to go ahead with the promotion. Dir/HR clarified that submission from BSNL is required before the management could go ahead with the promotion and that if the dates of hearing could be prefixed, there is likelihood of orders being issued by end of Aug 2018. 

Com Dilip Saha raised the issue on contempt of case at CAT pertaining to promotion from JTO to SDE and how the same is dooming the prospect of promotion of JTOs from 2000 onwards year of recruitment . Association also pointed to the alarming trend of filing  court cases on inconsequential issues. As is observed, in some cases, even though the outcome of court direction would not have any consequence on applicants' position, yet they file cases indiscriminately, perhaps with intention to stagnate the whole process.   Dir/HR took strong exception to such irresponsible and callous act of approaching court of law without giving second thought to its consequences. She felt, some sort of deterrence is required to rein in the preposterous action and management is seriously contemplating over it. She was reminded of around 6000 vacancies existing in the cadre of SDE and that effecting promotion upto the year of 2010 should not pose a problem. She assured to explore all means to promote to the best extent feasible. When asked, whether parity in promotion in all cadres can be expected in the coming days? She retorted, that accounts, under the existing system always have had a privilege, however, the matter of parity is under her active consideration. 

E2/E3 IDA payscales for the cadre of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and other equivalent cadres.:-- CS/CTD apprised her of the initiative taken by the association during this intervening period and as had been suggested by her in the last meeting in Kolkata. In fact, the letter addressed to Hon'ble Minister of Communication in recent past drew intervention from the appropriate authority to see the file return from DoP&T to DOT. Thereafter, DOT had send the file to DPE, reportedly with statement of facts considered to be incorrect. SNEA had already met Secretary/DPE and Advisor DPE to brief on the issue put the facts in perspective with DPE. The submission by DOT that E1A and E2A are meant for absorbees only is thoroughly incorrect. Association requested her to depute some senior officers to DPE to clear the haze. Dir/HR readily agreed to the proposal and said that GM/Establishment is already tasked with the job.

3rd PRC:-Dir/HR exhorted to meet Hon'ble Minister in this regard and apprise him of the situation. She said, Hon'ble Minister was very keen to go ahead with it but unfortunately, of late, no meeting could be held in this regard. She also informed that one or two unions/association had sought meeting with Hon'ble Minister but reportedly no confirmation has been conveyed in this regard. She is of the opinion, either the unions and associations meet the minister to know on its status or management could seek a meeting to apprise on its progress.     

Promotion from SDE to DE--Dir/HR informed that she is contemplating to effect list no-8. 

Promotion from DE to DGM--Dir/HR informed that around 700 vacancies are existing in the cadre of DGM. A further upgradation would be required to accommodate all eligible DEs till date. She informed the management has kept the matter under consideration.

Association queried on when management is deciding to implement CPSE Hierarchy-- Dir/HR shot back to know what SNEA is expecting of ? Association said that SNEA/CHQ had always been a proponent of CPSE Hierarchy and advocated for early implementation. The large number of promotion that had occurred indeed brought about a great deal of content but it has widened the notion of disparity too. Dir/HR replied that she would try her best to bring about parity in promotion. However, some court cases are to be taken care of before effecting promotion in some cadres. She believes, the notification could come out in Aug or Sept 2018--hopefully by then the decks would get cleared and left out promotions effected. She also made it a point that notification in respect of CPSE Hierarchy shall have retrospective effect.

Association had a cordial note of greetings and called it a day.



AUAB/Calcutta Telephones held day long demonstration at Telephone Bhavan to protest against non implementation of 3rd PRC, Pension revision, contribution towards pension on actual basis, etc. Huge crowd gathered at the venue and office bearers of all constituents addressed the gathering. Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the gathering on behalf of SNEA.


SNEA/CTC will hold its Circle Conference from 31/08/2018 to 01/09/2018 at Kolkata. Pre Conference will be held on 30/08/2018. Open Session shall be held jointly with SNEA/WB on 31/08/2018 from 3 pm at Moulali Yuva Kendra, Kolkata. All Zonal Secretaries are informed to go through the notice of Circle Conference and act accordingly.


Com Somen Ghosh ACS and Com Dilip Saha CS met GM/Finance and requested for his personal intervention on some long pending issues.

Case of Partha Ghoah SDE/CMTS-- The executive had joined as JTO Telecom as absorbee. He is to come under GPF category instead of EPF. GM/Finance said to know the matter well and that he would speak to Corporate office in this regard. He called up the concerned officer of CTD and instructed to follow up the case.

Medical Bill of Pulak Dasgupta DE/NSBTTC- The case is pending since more than one year. The executive had purchased a breathing equipment as prescribed by doctor. Thereafter, some objections were raised by accounts and the officer was asked to comply with clarification sought. The officer complied the same but unfortunately the impasse continues. GM/Finance assured to look into the matter.

TA/DA bill in respect of JTOs working under AM/BKP- The JTOs had been to Jaipur for Phase-I induction training. Even though Jaipur is Category A city, yet it was not considered for entitlement to TA/DA. 


Monthly meeting of Srirampur Zone was held on 13/07/2018 at Telephone Exchange Building/UTP. Members expressed helplessness over indiscriminate damage to cables by utility agencies, particularly Reliance Jio and how the same is affecting the network thus revenue. This apart, the members apprised on  shortcomings in some plans for selling BSNL product and how the prevailing market is turning inconducive over the days. Com Kousik Bhowmick addressed to the grievances and put emphasis on uniform distribution of staff. Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary highlighted on organisational ethic and that members must possess confidence in their association. It is not a protocol to respond to any other outfits. He cautioned all to remain vigilant against elements who out to destroy from inside. 

Com Dilip Saha  CS deliberated on latest development pertaining to DPC from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, AO to CAO, E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO & SDE/AO respectively, CPSE Hierarchy, 3rd PRC. He also drew attention to malpropaganda by vested interest to dent the credibility of SNEA. Instead of focussing on the unresolved issues they are more keen to criticize others.  CS also informed on steep decline in revenue in 1st qtr of 2018-19 and that time has come to take further challenge. He appealed to all to remain united in this crucial phase and not get distracted by opportunist forces.

Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secy(E) and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS also graced the occasion.


AUAB/ Calcutta Telephones held rally from Bentinck Street to Esplanade in protest against  non implementation of the assurance given by  Hon'ble MOSC to the representatives of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, in the meeting held on 24.02.2018, on the issues of effecting 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees, implementation of Government of India Rules on payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL, the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL and Pension revision to BSNL Pensioners. SNEA, one of the major constituent of AUAB actively participated in the Rally. Following the Rally, memorandum in respect to demands was submitted to JT CCA/Kolkata for conveying the same to Ministry. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS addressed the Rally at Hare Street venue.


It is learnt 79 eligible SDEs were there for promotion to the cadre of DE in CTD. Only 12 of such candidates appeared in the list. In early morning, CS/SNEA/CTC spoke to GS  enquiring on why  so many officers of CTD are missing from the list of promotion. He regretted over the missing names but informed that since the exercise was completed in very short time, perhaps cross checks could not be done. He however assured to look into matter by Monday and ensure the missing names appear in the promotion list. CS/SNEA/CTC  cross checked with CTD administration in regard to sending of screening report and VC. It is informed that few part CRs not available initially in respect of some candidates was updated and sent in time. CS pressed upon GS/SNEA to ensure all efforts is given for issuance of promotion at the earliest.

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met CGM CTD and urged upon him to intervene at his level with Corporate Office to enquire on the reasons for missing names in large number and ensure the promotion order in respect of such candidates comes out by next Monday. CS/SNEA/CTC pressed for instructing the concerned units to once again update by including all the missing information in respect of missing names, if any and same be sent by today. This apart, CS strongly suggested to send some responsible officer of staff section to Corporate Office on next Monday with all the information sought by Corporate Office. Its unfortunate that SDEs waiting for more than 15 years for promotion are facing such unexpected consequences. 

CGM informed to have already spoken to GM/Pers at Cprporate Office and pressed upon to look into the matter and  requested to do the needful for issuance of promotion order of missing candidates without delay. DGM/HR also reportedly spoke to Joint GM Pers to seek the reasons for such situation. CGM said to have already instructed DGM/HR and AGM/Staff-I/SDE/Staff to reach Corporate Office with all documents duly completed by next Monday. Association thanked CGM and  requested further to keep tab on the progress.  


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E) met GM/Finance and apprised him on promotion order issued by Corporate Office in the cadre of AO. 2226 nos of JAO got promoted to AO all across BSNL. Association requested GM/Finance to ensure the order is endorsed and VC obtained on immediate basis so that the JAOs can join by today. The urgency has been pressed, apprehending court stays that could derail joining thus promotion.  GM/Finance assured  to take care of the issue. 

In view of this large number of promotion, association requested to fill up the units with acute shortage of AO. GM stated to review the position and act accordingly.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met CGM/CTD to draw his attention on some pressing issues that calls for immediate intervention and also convey the constraints faced by executives in discharging their duties and meeting targets, particularly in external and marketing wings.

At the outset, association informed of the extensive work undertaken by Corporate Office for completion of CPC within a stipulated time frame for promotion in the cadre of AGM/AO/SDE etc. This exercise needs to be completed in a very short time as notification for CPSE Hierarchy is to come soon. Moreover, preparatory work is also on for further promotions in the cadre of  SDE/AO/AGM etc, close on the heels of the said notification i.e CPSE Hierarchy. In this regard, association requested for his personal intervention to ensure that all information sought in respect of executives under purview of promotion is sent immediately to Corporate Office.

CGM informed to have already instructed to the concerned units and confirmed the work is being executed expeditiously, so that information sought can be sent at the earliest.

Association drew attention on constraints faced by executives in discharging their duties efficiently and in fulfilling targets, particularly in marketing and external wings. The market has become fiercely competitive and inconducive too for disruptive network, mainly caused by utility agencies/local authorities, etc. Executives across all age groups are out in the field to take up the challenge. But unfortunately, there is a growing discontent and a sense of scare among many for the raw deal being meted out to them in not being able to meet targets on which they have no control.  According to them, it is very difficult, in fairly large number of pockets to fetch new customers—be it in mobile or landline or broadband or FTTH. They are not against hard work but they need to be heard of the difficulties they face and look forward to its redressal too. To some, who always believe to have worked honestly and sincerely in their respective career—the sound of dies-non put them in utter ignominy. Association is not against mild rebukes for betterment of the organisation; but then, genuine constraints need to be realised and addressed and all, perhaps cannot be assessed by the same yard stick. It is indeed a fact that executives under all verticals are getting overstressed in keeping with the increasing demands of the time. To add to the woes, a sense of humiliation has gripped many for the scare of being pulled up or ill treated on days meant for evaluation by the administration. Association feels, it’s time to put words of encouragement and give some space to individuals to prove their worth. Association extended its support for the drive taken to keep CTD in contention but requested to assess the situation on ground reality and for a cordial deal.

CGM gave a patient hearing and said, in his view there is a need to distinguish between good and bad performer. Given the stiff competition, there is hardly any room for relaxation. All the targets are set by Corporate Office after exercising due diligence and it’s our duty to meet the set targets, He is said to be aware of the stiff targets and the strenuous tasks being undertaken by executives under different verticals. His objective is not to humiliate or malign anybody but to keep up the pressure and evaluate the performances. However, if he finds some to be habitual non performer or  those who indulge in laxity, he comes down heavily on them. He also confessed to have reprimanded some executives without properly assessing the exact figure and felt sorry for it. He stated to be knowing many, including women executives who are doing wonderful job in marketing. He also admitted of the tough burden , the executives are shouldering nowadays and that in no way he wishes to be uncordial to them.

Association informed of the brewing irritation among the executives for staying in constant state of tension and their inability to bear further. Association reiterated that it is not against hard work but believes encouragement and empathy go a long way to induce positivity and vigour.

CGM assured to take into account the propositions made in right perspective and wish for best of relation between management and executives. He believes, the responsibility to save BSNL must rest with all and the sense of duty should be spontaneous rather than being pushed on daily basis. He thanked association for bringing to his notice the grievances of the executives and assured to look into it and extend decent deal.


A meeting was called by CGM/CTD with all unions and association of Calcutta Telephones to discuss on developmental plans and targets for the year 2018-19. SNEA/CTC was represented by Soumen Ghosh ACS and Tapan Chakraborty, Vice President. The details of discussions held shall be uploaded shortly. 


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Joint Secretary(E) made a courtesy call on Smt Sujatha T Ray, Director/HR on 21/06/2018 at Corporate Office/New Delhi. SNEA/CTC conveyed its special thanks to Dir/HR for being instrumental in bringing CPSE Hierarchy in BSNL. CS desired to know when could it get implemented given 1st of July 2018 being the last date as approved by BSNL Board. She informed to do it shortly but in the intervening period she is keen to see some promotions come up in various cadres. CS requested Dir HR to look into the issue of E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO respectively. She informed that the case is lying with DOT and would enquire on it. She expressed her appreciation on performance of Calcutta Telephones and wished the trend continues. CS expressed his desire to see she pays special attention to Calcutta Telephones, particularly in respect of human resources and allotment of fund for maintenance. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the meeting ended in a cordial note.


Smt Sujatha T Ray,Dir HR & Finance is in Kolkata, heavily preoccupied with her business schedule. It was conveyed that unions/associations could meet her around midday. However, due to some unforeseen engagement, Circle Secretary, SNEA/CTC requested for a meeting by day end to which she agreed. SNEA/CTC profusely thanked her for providing time in discussing some important issues and being instrumental in making CPSE Hierarchy see the light of the day. Association further thanked her for giving effect to promotion in the cadre of SDE under LDCE quota and according approval for promotion under seniority cum fitness quota too.

CPSE Hierarchy-- Association conveyed its gratitude to Dir HR for bringing in CPSE hierarchy for the executives career prospect in BSNL. A complex promotional system fraught with court cases got rationalised. A system that had opinion from diverse groups and multiple stake holders has come to an end. Beginning of CPSE Hierarchy is as good as effecting uniformalization and eliminating discrimination across cadres. Association also pointed to her prompt initiative in effecting promotion in the cadre of SDE under LDCE quota and according approval for seniority cum fitness too. 

Dir/HR- reciprocated with same warmth and wish CPSE hierarchy will provide requisite boost to the entire cadre of executives in BSNL's growth. As the revenue has gone down by about 18% in FY 2017-18 compared to FY 2016-17, it has become imperative for all to contribute towards growth of BSNL. At present, BSNL is facing cash crunch. There is a pressing need to earn revenue inspite of the fact that telecom business is on the slump. Disruptive and predatory pricing has wreaked havoc in last two years. She thanked Com K Sebastin GS/SNEA for his dogged persuasion in implementing CPSE Hierarchy. In fact none other had wanted the way SNEA did. On the contrary, diverse opinions from sundry groups with or without stakes were acting as stumbling blocks in its implementation. SNEA was very much over her to see the promotion in the cadre of SDE, both under LDCE and SCF quota comes through and is continuing with its pressure for promotion in other cadres too. viz, in accounts, electrical, etc. She is of the opinion that upgradation of posts in respect of some cadres is very necessary to effect promotion in one phase. But then, the committee framed by DOT, meant for evaluation of manpower is yet to submit its report. There is a likelihood of submitting the same by July 2018 wherein new verticals ( transmission, cmts, ftth, etc) are to be included for the purpose of evaluation of manpower. Since the work done by consultancy is not up to the mark, it is incumbent upon us to evaluate the manpower more precisely. So, based on report that would be submitted, management can take a call for upgradation, if needed. 

E2/E3 IDA Pay Scales for JTO/JAO-- Association pointed to its significance and how years are passing by without any result. The logicality for the said pay scales has had been elaborately presented on several occasions but the management/DOT had turned down the demand on one plea or other. By today's position there is very little financial implication, yet the administration is dilly dallying on the matter. 

Dir/HR- Its true SNEA is up with the issue since long. BSNL is very much in tune with the demand. In fact, the Board has endorsed the same. It's unfortunate that the file had moved from one nodal ministry to another without much reason. BSNL is keeping tab in its progress and at present the issue is lying with DOT. GS/SNEA had spoken in this regard and he is also tracking the file so that it reaches its finality. She is very positive of the issue but requested us to pursue the same with DOT.   

3rd PRC--Association reminded Dir/HR on 3rd PRC. In this competitive market, BSNL is struggling hard to survive. All employees are giving their best, irrespective of age, in keeping BSNL in the competition. It’s unfortunate, the officers under deputation are enjoying the benefits of pay revision while the executives/non executives are being deprived inspite of working in the same organisation. 

Dir/HR- is of the opinion that there is no reason to get demoralised. Hon'ble Minister of communication is having a positive gesture in this regard. At present the matter is lying with internal finance of DOT. What is surprising is that, very recently, DOT had sent some questionnaire on financial implication with respect to non executives and plans to generate revenue. She could not devote much time on the queries as she had scheduled programme in Kolkata. However, CMD had requested her to study the queries and submit a reply soon she returns to Corporate Office. She is of the view, such queries at this stage is not going to augur well since telecom business, as a whole is in down trend. She assured to do her best in this regard.

There were other issues to be discussed but could not take place due to her pressing engagement. She wished all the best for SNEA.

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) represented SNEA/CTC in the meeting.


Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met GM/HR & Admin and discussed the followings--

Sending of VC for promotion to the cadre of SDE under seniority cum fitness quota--Association explained the urgent need for clearance since many JTOs are waiting close to 17 years to get promotion. GM/HR replied to received most of the cases and instructed the AGM/Staff-I to send latest by tomorrow.

Rule 8 cases in the cadre of JTO---While few Rule 8 cases got approved in recent past, yet it is observed, some deserving cases are pending for a long time. Association requested to include those few cases, including those on medical ground and complete the list. GM agreed to consider the cases after consulting with CGM.

Phase-III training for JAOs--Some JAOs are to undergo Phase III training and it is learnt that they could be allotted to training centers in other circles. Association requested to accommodate the batch in NSCBTTC taking into consideration the inconveniences the trainees face at outstation centres. GM/HR accepted the suggestion and informed to explore the possibility by July 2018.



Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR & Admin to discuss on the following points-

Rule 8 cases in respect of JTOs- The matter is under finalization

Case of promotion to PA—GM/HR informed to have received the file and after due examination, he will take a final call on it.

FR 22 1 (a) 1 fixation with respect to JTO offtg-following court verdict, Corporate Office had endorsed the names of beneficiaries on last occasion. However, there were errors in respect   of names and HR number with regard to ten candidates. Now Corporate Office has made necessary rectification with respect 09 nos of candidates and endorsed the same. Association requested to endorse the order by CTD administration in order to extend the benefit to the entitled candidates.

GM/HR informed to have received the file and would endorse it shortly.


A warm reception to a large gathering after a long hiatus was held on 16th May 2018 at Telecom Factory/Kolkata - that's how the Annual General Body Meeting of South Zone/SNEA CTC began charting its course. Many veterans and dignitaries of adjoining circle stood witness to the conference and shared the joy of the gala event. Members and invitees flocked from all corners to congregate at the venue. Following adoption of Zonal Secretary and Zonal Treasurer’s report, the house transacted on issues related to policies and problems affecting the executives.  Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E) dwelt at large on status with respect to E2/E3 IDA payscales, 3rd PRC, Tower Subsidiary Company, etc and was critical on DOT's hypocritical policies to the detriment of BSNL. Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary spoke of his long time involvement with the association and appealed to youngsters to get actively involved in strengthening the association. Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WBTC briefed on the unified body that existed as SNEA/WB State Branch and how the decision to go for membership verification made it mandatory to split the organisation into SNEA/CTC & SNEA/WBTC. He narrated on historic 1st membership verification for executives in BSNL and how SNEA was determined to get it done. Com Dilip Saha CS/SNEA/CTC wrapped up the session by consolidating on issues related to membership verification, E2/E3 payscales, the role of government vis a vis the CPSEs, CPSU Hierarchy, pending promotions, full pension scheme to EPF beneficiaries, Term Insurance, etc.   Com Soumen Ghosh ACS,  Com Tapan Chakraborty Vice President, Com P K Ray, Com Srikant Awon, Com Jayanta Mitra and Com Mihir Bose office bearers of SNEA/WBTC graced the occasion. 

The House unanimously elected Com Debasis Sinha Ray, Com Dhiraj Biswas and Com Bhiti Prasad Das as Zonal President, Zonal Secretary and Zonal treasurer respectively.

                                  Congratulations to all elected as office bearers of SNEA/CTC/South Zone.
1 Debasis Sinha Roy President AGM/ADMN/S
2 Hari Pada Pradhan vice President SDE/EXT/NAP
3 Dipak Biswas vice President SDE/ADM/ALP
4 Smt . Debi Dhar vice President SDE/INT/JADV
5 Dhiraj Biswas Zonal Secretary SDE BLDG /RNK
6 Bhriti Prasad Das Treasurer SDE/EXT/ RSA
7 Debasis Mallick Organising Secretary JTO/PLG /JDV
8 Tarun Mistry Organising Secretary SDE/INL/RNK
9 Gaurab Das Organising Secretary SDE/EXT/BHL
10 Tridip Das Asstt. Secretary SDE/TM/NAP
11 Ashim Kumar Das Asstt. Secretary JTO/EXT/ALP
12 Subhendu Mandal Asstt. Secretary JTO/EXTL/HDP
13 Saurabh Adhikari Asstt. Secretary JTO/EXTL/PTL
14 Biswajit Das Asstt. Secretary JTO/STR/JDV
15 Tarak  Nath Khan Asstt. Secretary SDE/BB/KLG
16 Gautam Ghosh State Executive (O) SDE/INT/BLG
17 Santanu Saha State Executive (O) SDE/INTL/RSA


North Suburban Zone/SNEA/CTC held its general body meeting on 05/05/2018 at Lalkuthi Telephone Exchange. Members present expressed grievances over acute shortage of staff under different verticals and how seeking transfer has become an impracticable proposition. There is dire need for postings of executives in BRS division. This apart, members were critical on delay by administration of Area/BKP  in settling individual cases, particularly related to accounts. Executives representing NSBTTC provided constructive suggestions in improving the working of the training centre to earn substantial revenue. There is enough opportunity to reach out potential state institutions and corporate bodies to set up training programs.  In matters related to field, members expressed their difficulties in meeting targets in the face of stiff competition. But the overall mood spoke of taking up challenges amid all odds. Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) addressed the house on roll back of tower subsidiary company, E2/E3 IDA payscales, CPSE Hierarchy, pending promotions etc. Com Dilip Saha CS deliberated on the grim situation facing the telecom industry and how BSNL through its hard determination is still in contention. He elaborated on the causes for acute shortage of executives and exhorted to adjust to the worsening situation unless there is any sign of change in policy. It’s time to struggle and also to render service to customers since BSNL is sailing through choppy waters.  But then, there is no room to lose sight on anti BSNL policies being adopted by DOT with respect to formation of tower subsidiary company, denying the benefit of 3rd PRC on the plea of affordability, putting up flimsy objection on CPSE hierarchy, delaying in instituting Term Insurance, particularly for the social security of BSNL recruitees, etc. CS  urged upon all new comers to be more involved in associational activities to save BSNL. 


A warm reception to a large gathering after a long hiatus-that's how the Annual General Body Meeting of South Zone/SNEA CTC began its course. Many veterans and dignitaries of adjoining circle stood witness to the conference and shared the gala event. Following adoption of Zonal Secretaries and Zonal treasurers report, the house transacted on issues related to policies and problems affecting the executives.  Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E) dwelt at large on status with respect to E2/E3 IDA payscales, 3rd PRC, Tower Subsidiary Company, etc and was critical on DOT's hypocritical policies to the detriment of BSNL. Com Prasanta Ghosh Org Secretary spoke of his long time involvement with the association and appealed to youngsters to get actively involved in strengthening the association. Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WBTC briefed on the unified body that existed as SNEA/WB State Branch and how the decision to go for membership verification made it mandatory to split the organisation into SNEA/CTC & SNEA/WBTC. He narrated on historic 1st membership verification for executives in BSNL and how SNEA was determined to get it done. Com Dilip Saha CS/SNEA/CTC wrapped up the session by consolidating on issues related to membership verification, E2/E3 payscales, the role of government vis a vis the CPSEs, CPSU Hierarchy, pending promotions, full pension scheme to EPF beneficiaries, Term Insurance, etc.                                                                                                     The House unanimously elected Com Debasis Sinha Ray, Com Dhiraj Biswas and Com Bhiti Prasad Das as Zonal President, Zonal Secretary and Zonal treasurer respectively


All Unions and Associations of Calcutta Telephones met at Telephone Bhavan to discuss on ways to hold street corner meetings from 7th of May 2018 to 11th of May 2018 as notified by AUAB for protesting against formation of Tower Subsidiary Company and demanding for its immediate roll back. The programme is to culminate on 11th of May 2018 by staging dharna, demonstration and sending fax to Hon'ble Prime Minister, Hon'ble Minister of Heavy Industries and Secretary/DPE. 

AUAB/CTD decided to hold street corner meetings at Shyam Bazar More, Taratala More, Gariahat/ Jadavpur, Howrah/Hoogly at convinient location and at Dalhousie. The confirmation in respect of exact location shall be conveyed by convenor in time and the meetings will be held at closing hours. All Circle Secretaries alongwith members are to be present at the venue of the meeting. This apart, leaflet will be circulated among common men briefing on the constraints faced by BSNL from rendering efficient service.

All Zonal Secretaries may ensure to be updated with the programme and bring members to the location/s that fall/s under their respective jurisdiction. Circle and Zonal office bearers must be present in all meetings.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E) met GM/HR & Admin and discussed the followings:----

Acute shortage in various cadre---Due to superannuation, large number posts in the cadre of DE/SDEs are falling vacant, resulting in severe difficulty in maintaining services. Moreover, it is observed, the promotions in form of lookafter charges are badly vacating the substantive cadre. In view of above, the matter calls for meticulous examination in filling the vacant posts.

GM/HR assured to fill in acute shortage in the cadre of DE, following which he would go for filling in the substantive cadre rendered vacant due to aforesaid promotion without delay.

Rule 8 cases in the cadre of JTO--association reminded on the left out cases pending since last financial year. It was assured, the cases will be taken up without further delay.

GM/HR informed that the process for sanction has been initiated. Requested to wait for some time.

Untenable clarification in respect of treating city of  Jaipur under category A  for the purpose of entitlement to DA--JTOs working under DGM/NWO/BKP had undergone their Phase-I training at Jaipur, a city treated under category A for the purpose of entitlement to DA. The executives submitted their claim for reimbursement entitled long back. It is reported, recently the bills got processed but the entitlement to DA has not been considered under category A, unlike in other Areas and inspite of order from Inspection Circle treating Jaipur as category A city. This apart, Bivas Pal Ex SDE(LA), HR No-198309306 had retired 31/08/2017. He was entitled to fixation under EPP for E3-E4 in January of 2017. There is no official communication in this regard as to why Shri Pal was not granted the fixation.

GM/HR requested to provide a brief note on the issues intimated with relevant copies of the documents and assured to look into the matter. 

Non issue of appointment letter to JTOs who were promoted from the cadre of JE  in recent past. In absence of appointment letter, the JTOs are unable to get fixation as entitled under promotion. 

GM/HR informed that the file is under process and soon the order will be issued.

Large number of JTOs are waiting for Phase II training- More than one year has elapsed since their completion of field training, yet there seems to be no serious consideration in ensuring the officials accomplish it within the stipulated period of two years. Or otherwise, there will be complication in fixation/increments. 

GM/HR intimated that the file is being processed. The candidates will be listed in order of their seniority nearing completion of two years of stipulated time period. 

PA/PS case-- the cancellation order with respect to PAs who either had got transferred or promoted has taken place. Thereafter, there is no progress on this issue.

GM/HR--AGM/Staff is engaged in compiling the documents required for DPC in the cadre of DGM. Its going to be over in a couple of days following which the file for PA shall be put up for final settlement.




A tragic incident struck the family of Com Biman Pal, SDE/Mktg/South. Com Pal met with a fatal road accident on Durgapur Expressway( near Durgapur) in the early hours of 19th April 2018. We deeply mourn the untimely demise of Com. Biman Pal at a young age of 38 years. He was an active office bearers of South Zone/SNEA CTC and his contributions to association was immense in his own small ways.   He also contributed significantly as SDE/Mktg/South.

There is no words to express our grief and no amount of consolation can make good the irreparable loss. Let Almighty gives enough strength to the bereaved family to overcome the grief and bear with this agonizing loss. We pray for his soul to rest in Heavenly Abode..


All Unions and Associations of Calcutta Telephones assembled at Telephone Bhavan to submit memorandum to Governor, West Bengal protesting against formation of Tower Subsidiary Company and demanding for its roll back. The Circle Secretaries of AUAB marched to Governor's House and submitted the said memorandum. 

The office bearers and members of AUAB once again gathered at Telephone Bhavan and addressed on the developments that occurred and urged upon all to stay prepared for further battles. Com Soumen Ghosh ACS addressed the assembly  on behalf of SNEA/CTC. 


Bengali New Years Greetings to all



All Unions and Associations of Calcutta Telephones observed Day Long Dharna on 12/04/2018 at all Area Offices and Telephone Bhaban to protest against formation of Tower Subsidiary Company out of BSNL and demand for its roll back. All representatives of constituent unions/association of AUAB addressed the gathering, strongly demanding for roll back  of tower subsidiary company.  


All Unions And Associations of Calcutta Telephones held intense Lunch Hour Demonstration at Telephone Bhavan to protest against unilateral action of DOT to form a separate tower company carving the same out of BSNL. All constituent unions and associations expressed severe indignation against the govt's evil move to destroy BSNL. Employees are the main stake holder and how come DOT proceed without taking into confidence the service unions and associations. DOT resorted to half truth by giving an impression, all these days, that the company will be a subsidiary to BSNL. AUAB did not accept the proposal then; how come, govt thinks the same shall get accepted without a whimper. AUAB is resolute in its decision to fight the decision of the govt, tooth and nail to save BSNL. When substantial amount of business gets transferred to the new company at a hefty cost, it's natural, BSNL will not be able to fend for itself. Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the gathering as representative of SNEA/CTC.

glimpses of lunch hour demonstration

http://sneactc.in/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SNAPS-of-AGITATION-TOWER-COMPANY-2.jpg http://sneactc.in/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SNAPS-OF-AGITATION-TOWER-COMPANY-1.jpg



Mobilise LUNCH HOUR DEMONSTRATIONS today (27-03-18), in front of Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi, as well as at Circle and SSA head quarters, throughout the country. A memorandum, opposing the Subsidiary Tower Company is to be submitted to the Honorable MoS(C) at Sanchar Bhawan. Same memorandum is to be submitted to the respective CGMs and the State Governors, to be forwarded to the MoS (C). CHQ calls upon the Circle and District unions to successfully implement the call of All Unions and Associations of BSNL.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met GM/HR & Admin on the following issues--

Stenographer to PA promotion--- The issue is pending since long. Many circles have completed the exercise thereby promoting Stenographer II & III to PA against old vacancies that were erroneously shown as filled.  GM/HR informed that the cancellation of the order in respect of those who got promoted or transferred to other circle has been done. Now, the file needs to be put up with names of eligible candidates down the list for further process. He instructed the concerned office to put up with the file.

Rule 8 transfer in the cadre of JTO--A few left out cases are waiting for release. GM said that as informed earlier, the cases will be taken up after completion of this financial year.

TA/DA case of JTOs  under DGM/NWO/BKP for under going training at Jaipur-  The case has been taken up by the concerned account unit after official intervention. However, it is learnt that the entitled  amount as had been given in other Areas is not under consideration. GM asked to provide the relevant order and he would see to the details.

Medical cases related to indoor treatment--many cases are pending for disposal for undergoing treatment in non empanelled hospital. Most of such cases had occurred under compelling circumstances and the officials stand entitled as per CGHS rate. Association requested to see to the cases. GM/HR assured to look into the cases.

Posting of DR JEs-- The DR JEs were posted under EB purportedly to meet EB targets. Now, that the financial year is close to end, the JEs may be posted as per the first order to meet acute scarcity in areas, cmts, trans etc. GM/HR informed that the matter shall be  reviewed shortly.

Transfer case of Partha Sarathi Ray SDE(LA)/CMTS on medical ground.-- The official is suffering from serious medical ailment and has prayed for transfer under Area Alipur, close to his residence. GM/HR informed to be aware of the case and would  consider the same on medical ground.

Association handed over the copies of relevant orders in respect of waiver of excess amount paid to officials and that of withholding the recovery from retirees who had been benefited with one additional incerement on vertical promotion in the same scale. The case was discussed with Dir HR in the meeting held on 24th March 2018. GM/HR requested to give a brief of the cases and assured to vet the orders as is justified.



Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary (E) and Com Amaresh Raychowdhury met Smt Sujatha T Ray, Director HR & Finance on the sidelines of her official engagement in Kolkata. She too desired, association meet her and get briefed on the critical phase, BSNL is passing through, especially with respect to decline in revenue and the  task  to make the new tower company operational. As all knows, formation of tower company got notified in recent past  by DOT but the same hasn't been ratified by BSNL, till now. There is growing pressure from govt to start its operation but without any official fiat from appropriate authority spelling out its modalities. Way back in 2014, association had foresignalled about the imminent danger in the event the tower  company is carved out of BSNL. A substantial portion of business will get lost to the new company and parallel power will come into play to pose hindrance in rendering seamless service. Services hired from the new tower company will come at the cost of hefty payment by BSNL, thereby denting further, its revenue base. SNEA, in the beginning, individually, and later under the umbrella of all unions and associations has had been continuing with its  struggle against its formation  and resolves, not to relent till the notification in respect of formation of the  tower company is withdrawn. As was apprehended, govt has gone a step further by announcing it as a separate company and not a subsidiary under BSNL, as was assured, wherein CMD/BSNL would stay as undisputed chief executive of the subsidiary too. DOT is usurping the power of BSNL, unilaterally, with the sole motive to make it unviable in near future.

Dir HR did accept the arguments and apprehensions put forth by association and shared its concern for survival of BSNL. She too expressed her worry over the consequences of forming of parallal company and that too at BSNL's liability to start its operation. However, she requested not to resort to intense struggle at this juncture, since BSNL is struggling hard to stay in competition. Association reminded Dir HR on how the members across unions and associations are doing exemplary work , even on holidays, to turn around CTD. The employees, as main stake holder, possess the right to act/protest in safeguarding BSNL and would not succumb to any pressure tactic that puts the organisation in peril. It is indeed ironical that BSNL is being asked to pay the startup capital in crores to operationalize the new company when BSNL in itself is struggling hard to rev up revenue. The untiring effort, being put in by the employees, holds no meaning, if we fail to stop the calculated move of the govt to bankrupt BSNL. 

Dir HR, profusely appreciated the workforce of CTD in bringing about massive change in service quality and achieving targets. She requested to convey her thanks to all and wished CTD continues with the same spirit and gusto in future too.       

Association acknowledged the role of HOC and other senior officers in guiding the workforce but suggested, management be more participative rather than dominative in running its show. The stress of working under fierce competition calls for more liberal and inspirational ambience to take on the rivals in the face of policies not so conducive to BSNL.                                                                                     Association took up some of the long pending critical issues waiting to see the light of the day. Since operationalization of tower company is knocking at the door and posing threat to BSNL's existence, association felt to prioritize the agenda, given the significance it assumed. But then, the pent up grievances in all executives for being deprived of promotion, justified payscales, pay revision etc cannot be let go. A brief of discussions held on some items is reproduced hereunder.   

E2/E3 IDA Payscales for JTO/JAO & SDE/AO and other equivalent cadres--

Association--expressed grievances for undue delay in granting the scales. The issue has been unjustifiably referred to DOE (Deptt of Expenditure), perhaps with a sole intent to logjam it in complexities of bureaucracy. DOT should have ratified the recommendation of the Board instead of sending it to DOE.

Dir HR--The matter is being dealt by DOT on its prerogative. However, BSNL is pursuing with the concerned department to ensure the file from DOE is sent back to DOT. In fact, in recent past, DOT,  once again, briefed the issue to DOE. Soon the file returns, the matter will be taken up by DOT, hopefully to reach its finality.

CPSE Hierarchy

Association--a severe frustration has gripped the executives for being deprived of promotion for long. On one hand, numerous court cases have stalled the promotion and on the other hand, CPSE hierarchy based proposal is getting overly delayed for want of approval from DOT. As a result of this impasse, all executives are languishing in their respective cadres for years together without any promotion before superannuation. It seems to have  struck a dead end. 

Dir HR--This is absolutely untrue. In fact, keeping in consideration the interest of multiple stake holders with divergent views, it took some time to consolidate the proposal/s. After the board ratified the CPSE draft, DOT has put in some queries for its understanding. Though there was pressure from associations to send the reply forthwith but BSNL waited to meticulously examine the queries and reply accordingly to cut on possibility of further delay. The same has been sent to DOT. In fact, association should reach out to the members in apprising how BSNL is putting its best effort to see CPSE Hierarchy comes through. However, BSNL is also exploring legal opinions to see, if promotion can be granted, keeping aside posts under quota till the disposal of final judgement.

3rd PRC

Association wanted to know the latest status on 3rd PRC. An impression has gained round that Hon'ble MOC is keen to seek relaxation on affordability clause for its implementation and so employees has been urged upon not to resort to agitation. There was no movement on the issue inspite of total strike observed on 12th & 13th of Dec 2017. Later, however, following march to parliament by all unions and associations, things looked up in the meeting held on 24th Feb 2018 with Hon'ble MOC. 

Dir HR--as said, Hon'ble MOC has shown great keenness to take up the issue of relaxation in affordability clause to Cabinet. Following the meeting on 24th Feb 2018 with all senior officers  of DOT & BSNL, Hon'ble Minister directed to seek opinion of DPE. File in this regard has been sent to DPE for its view. In all likelihood, DPE may ask DOT to prepare cabinet memo for its placement. BSNL is keeping track in its progress but requested associations to be in touch with DOT too. Meanwhile, she strongly believes, BSNL will do its best with the support of unions and associations to gross up revenue in the intervening period.  

30% Superannuation Benefit to BSNL Recruitees.

Association wanted to know, over what period of time the full amount of 30% can be expected. The figure is  a mandatory feature in the provision contained in 2nd PRC and delay in its award  is adding to financial and social insecurity to BSNL recruitees.

Dir/HR-as you know, BSNL is in financial low over a period of time. Inspite of such critical situation, BSNL granted 25% till date as part of commitment made. At this stage, the company is embroiled in some issues related to tower company, 3rd PRC etc that entail outflow of revenue. In view of above circumstances, the matter hasn't been  in discussion.  The issue is not out of attention rather it is well under consideration.

Pension Revision

Association- the pension revision of BSNL retirees is regulated under Rule 37A and revision of the same should be at par with the principle adopted for retired central government employees. It should not be linked to revision of pay in BSNL.

Dir/HR--BSNL is also of the opinion, not to link pension revision with the pay revision of BSNL. However, associations also must pursue the issue with DOT. Hon'ble MOC, in the aforesaid meeting directed DOT to initiate the case. She observed, too many associations of retirees have come into existence. It is desirable, all such associations consolidate under one umbrella body to meet the objectives.  

Withdrawal of additional increment on vertical promotion in the same scale

Association-the additional increment as contained in the provision of EPP had the concurrence of DOT. Then, how come the same is being withdrawn by DOT citing its untenability due to objection raised by audit as per provision contained in 7th CPC. This is utter injustice as the excess amount is being recovered from the beneficiary while retiring.

Dir/HR- This should not happen. There is court directives to withhold recovery. She guess, some circles are yet to endorse the order. She directed GM/HR/CTD present to vet the order for withholding such recoveries. If any clarification is required, GM/HR may get in touch with her office.

DOP&T order, endorsed by DOT based on dirctives of Supreme Court, not to recover excess payment from officials during retirement, if the same hasn't been done with one years from his/her retirement that may have occurred due to erroneous fixation or any other reasons thereof. The excess amount so paid shall be sent to DOT for waiver. 

Association--many officials had their fixation in different circles while they were under transfer. Sometimes, the interpretation for applying the principle of fixation vary from one official to another, resulting in either under or over payment. Once a fixation is approved in a circle, it is presumed the same is correct and review of the fixation, so made, doesn't arise until retirement. The order envisages for waiver of the amount paid in excess by DOT but same has to be put up with proper facts and figures for consideration. There remains a strong possibility for fixing the officers/officials responsible for fixation and maintenance of service books of the affected officials. Moreover, the circle administration is also not sparing the custodian of service books from being fixed. Inspite of the order mentioning for waiver, some lower courts and circles are fixing the officials responsible for  fixation and maintenance of service books by recovering the excess amount from the alleged officials.  It is indeed a cause of concern, since the officers, for no fault of their own stand liable for recovery of the amount from their pay. 

Dir/HR--readily accepted the injustice inflicted on the officers/officials concerned as custodian of service books. She immediately directed GM/HR & Admin to see to the case and take appropriate action. She also requested the association to hand over the copies of the relevant orders to GM/HR & Admin/CTD and asked him to get in touch with her, if things stay without resolve.

Association expressed its content in having a warm and candid meeting. Dir HR appealed to keep the service and growth of CTD in tact and assured to meet again in her next meeting. 

glimpses of the meeting with Dir HR & Finance

http://sneactc.in/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SNAPS-WITH-DIR-HR.jpg http://sneactc.in/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SNAPS-WITH-DIR-HR-2.jpg  


Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS met GM/HR & Admin to discuss on some pending issues and requested for early resolve. 

Rule 8 Transfers in the cadre of JTO--association reminded to initiate processing the left out cases. The cases are being contemplated to be taken up following the end of financial year.

Posting of Kuntal Mondol as SDE under Area/BKP--association expressed its disappointment over posting of com Mondol, as the officer had joined CTD on completion of hard tenure and quite justifiably looks forward for  convenient posting. Association requested for modification as and when new incumbent arrives. In last phase of postings too,  following arrival from tenure circles, few officers got posted far from their respective residences. Administration is requested to take view of the hardship faced by these officers, particularly in view of the fact that they had joined after completing hard tenure. GM informed to keep the matter under consideration. 

Delay in payment of leave encashment and fixation  in EPP-case of Shyamal Basak(Ex SDE) and Bibhas Pal (Ex SDE) respectively--- Shyamal Basak SDE/LA had retired from HQ since last six months but unfortunately the amount due, in lieu of leave encashment has not been paid to him. As on earlier occasions, the file shuttles between HQ and Corporate Accounts on the ground the officer was in the substantative cadre of JTO on the day of retirement. Association requested to end this blame game and come out with a firm order categorically stating the unit responsible for the job. Administration informed that the case of Shyamal Basak is under process. Bibhas Pal had been awarded EPP on Jan 2017. He retired in Aug 17 from Area/BKP. Inspite of order prevailing, the fixation benefit for his EPP has not been awarded till this date. The case merits immediate attention. GM assured to look into the case.

Confirmation in substantive cadre-- case of Jayanta Ghosh Dastidar JTO- discussed the matter in details. it is informed the concerned unit is already seized with the work.

Non Settlement  of TA/DA in respect of JTOs who had undergone Phase-I training in Jaipur under Area/BKP.--case of Sushil Kumar, Rahul Kumar, Avijit Biswas and others-- The aforesaid officials have joined on promotion as JTO under Area/BKP and submitted claim for TA/DA as entitled. Unfortunately, even after elapse of several months, the claims have not been resolved. Administration informed to inquire into the issue for early resolve. 

Non settlement of medical bills in respect of those who had undergone treatment in unempanelled hospitals/Nursing Home- Many bills are pending settlement thereby depriving the affected executives of the amount they had incurred on treatment. Association requested to go by extant rules for entitlement instead of keeping the cases pending for long. It was informed the cases will be examined in phases for settlement. 





Howrah Zone of SNEA/CTC held its monthly meeting on 24/02/2018 at Shibpur Telephone Building. Members spoke of severe inconveniences being faced by them due to indifferent attitude of Area Administration. Grievances poured out on acute shortage of staff and how a large number of  JTOs/SDEs are looking after several charges under strain. Area Head is averse to accept logical suggestions, be it in matter of deployment of staff and/or improvement in services. Files, be it pertaining to staff amenities or material procurement for commissioning services are getting stacked up in Area Office resulting in unwanted delay for executing  scheduled works. In some cases, it is observed that by the time file/s arrived to the originating unit, the rates of items increase, resulting in seeking reapproval on prevailing rates thus prolonging the process badly. Even the pressing need of materials required for GPON connections are not getting due priority. Members pointed to scarcity of modem and on delay in sending bills to draw the charge of Rs1150/- against  modem installed. It has been observed, a section of customers, after using for a month or more, avoid paying the amount on one pretext or other and express willingness to surrender the service.  Other demands included for posting of JTO at CSC/Domjur and SDE at Belurmath. The house decided to hold the next AGB in April 2018.

Com Dilip Saha, CS, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) and Com Soumen Ghosh ACS addressed the house on various development at Circle and CHQ level. The deliberation touched upon the latest position on 3rd PRC, E2/E3 IDA payscales for JTO/JAO & SDE/AO respectively, CPSE Hierarchy, pension revision, contribution towards pension fund on actual basic pay, rolling back the formation of tower company, stagnation of promotion in various cadres due to court cases etc.


Meeting with Hon'ble MoSC

Meeting between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications and All Unions and Associations of BSNL.  A meeting is held at the Sanchar Bhawan today the 24.02.2018, between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL. Together with the Minister, Secretary, DoT, Special Secretary, DoT, Joint Secretary (Admn.), DoT, PS to MoSC and OSD to the Hon’ble Minister, CMD BSNL and Director (HR) BSNL were present. From the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, Com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO, Com. N.D. Ram, GS, SEWA BSNL, Com. Ravi Shil Verma, GS, AIGETOA, Com. Mallikarjuna, President, BSNL MS and Com. S.D. Sharma, GS, BSNL ATM, participated in the discussions. The representatives of the AUAB heartily thanked the Hon’ble Minister for taking out time to meet them. Detailed discussions took place on the memorandum submitted to the Hon’ble Minister, the details of which are as follows:- 3rd Pay Revision. So far, the DoT has been maintaining that BSNL employees are not eligible for 3rd Pay Revision. In today’s meeting the Hon’ble Minister agreed that the issue of 3rd Pay Revision of BSNL employees would be processed and would be taken for the approval of the Cabinet. He directed Secretary to take up the matter personally with Secretary, DPE. This is a great achievement. We have broken the stalemate that prevailed in the Pay Revision issue. At the same time we have to be vigilant, till the final approval is given by the Cabinet. Formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. The AUAB representatives expressed their apprehension that in the name of formation of the Tower Company, the 66,000 mobile towers of BSNL are being snatched away from BSNL. They also pointed out that the decision of the Cabinet that, the Subsidiary Tower Company would remain under the control of BSNL Management, has been violated, through the appointment of an IAS officer as the CMD of Subsidiary Tower Company. They further pointed out that even BSNL Management was not taken in to confidence in the appointment of an IAS officer as the CMD of the Subsidiary Tower Company, which clearly shows that the Subsidiary Tower Company would not be under the control of BSNL Management. Hon Minister was non committal and the reply given by the Hon’ble Minister in this regard is not satisfactory. The AUAB has to find ways and means to ensure the rolling back of the Subsidiary Tower Company. Pension Revision. The representatives of AUAB strongly argued that pension revision should be done to the BSNL pensioners. It was pointed out that the BSNL pensioners and the Central Government pensioners are covered by the same rules. They argued that when pension revision is settled for the Central Government pensioners, the same should not be denied to the BSNL pensioners. The Hon’ble Minister assured that needful action would be taken to settle this issue and directed Secretary to take necessary action. Calculation of Pension Contribution. It was strongly argued that pension contribution in respect of BSNL employees cannot be calculated on the basis of maximum of the pay scale, when the same is calculated on the basis of actual basic pay, in the case of Central Government employeeson deputation. It was pointed out that as per the DoP&T order issued in 19.11.2009, pension contribution of the Central Government employees is being deducted on the basis of actual pay only, w.e.f 01.01.2006. The Hon’ble Minister directed the Secretary, DoT, that this issue should be settled as per Government orders. Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL. The AUAB representatives pointed out that it will be extremely difficult for BSNL to compete with the private operators, without providing 4G service. They strongly argued that the proposal of the BSNL Management, for the allotment of 4G spectrum by the Government, should be accepted. The Hon’ble Minister replied in the positive and assured that needful action would be taken and spectrum will be allotted to BSNL. Reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58. The AUAB representatives strongly argued that the retirement age of the BSNL employees should not be reduced from 60 to 58, as a measure for the revival of BSNL. The Hon’ble Minister told that the government is not having any proposal to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58. Left out issues of the 2nd PRC. The AUAB representatives pointed out that this issue is lingering on very long time and needs to be settled. The Hon’ble Minister stated that this issue would be looked into by the Secretary, DoT. At the end of the meeting, the Hon’ble Minister stated that the representatives of AUAB could meet him again, as well as the Secretary, DoT, in continuation of today’s meeting. The representatives of AUAB heartily thanked the Minister for his positive response to most of the issues. After the meeting with the Hon’ble Minister, a meeting of the AUAB was held in the FNTO’s office. All the General Secretaries expressed their satisfaction with regards to the progress in the issues. They also expressed the view that all these have happened only because of the united struggles and massive mobilisations by the entire Non-Executives and Executives, for which they deserve appreciation.    We are extremely thankful to CMD BSNL to impress upon Hon MoSC for arranging the meeting 







As per the call of All Unions and Associations of BSNL the march stared from Eastern Court building of BSNLCO compound. More than 5,000 comrades from nook and corner of the country to participated in the SANCHAR BHAVAN MARCH. Before the commencement of the March different Central trade unions leaders of CITU, AITUC, INTUC etc i.e. Comrade Shri Tapan Sen, Hon MP and General Secretary/CITU, Shri Vidhya Sagar Giri, Secretary/AITUC and Shri Zile Singh, President/INTUC Delhi addressed the gathering and extended the fullest support of Central Trade Unions for the struggle of BSNL employees.

The March was stopped by Delhi Police at Parliament street Police Station near Sanchar Bhawan. The comrades even tried to break the barricades and march towards Sanchar Bhavan. It become very difficult for the leadership to control the comrades who forced to break the barricade and the police. Finally on the assurance of the police that they will arrange a meeting with Secretary Telecom, March culminated in a peaceful manner with a meeting which was addressed by all the GSs of all Unions and Associations. GS/SNEA, veteran leaders Com G L Jogi/Chairman and Com V A N Namboodiri addressed. About 1000 SNEA comrades from RAJ, PB, UPW, HR, MP, KRL, J&K, BR Circles participated in the March along with the comrades from Delhi and BSNLCO.

The GSs of all the Unions and Associations of BSNL were escorted by the Police to Sanchar Bhawan to have the meeting with Secretary. However, Secretary directed Police to take all the leaders to meet Special Secretary(T), DoT as she was busy in preparations for the tour to Barcelona, in the evening. All the leaders took strong objection to this and categorically told that we will meet only Secretary/DoT, otherwise all the comrades will immediately reach Sanchar Bhavan, for which DoT establishment only will be responsible. SS(T) is the person putting all the hurdles on BSNL related issues and taking anti BSNL stand, we told the police to inform them. Sensing the danger, after some time, Secretary agreed to meet the leaders in the Committee room.

In the presence of Police, Secretary/DoT along with SS(T), Jt Sec(A) and Director (PSU) attended the meeting. At the outset all the leaders expressed their serious concern that Secretary is not granting meetings to discuss the issues. Earlier Secretaries granted us meeting as and when required to discuss the issues. We protested against the negligent attitude of DoT administration towards the issues of BSNL and BSNL employees. Detailed discussion took place on various demand:

Implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefits: Secretary tried to justify the DoT action citing Cabinet decision and DoT is not in a position to implement it in violation of Rules. We categorically told that BSNL become loss making due to the Govt and not because of the employees and this was publically admitted by the former Telecom Minister in the Parliament. After BSNL started expanding the network, last three years BSNL recorded improvement and profit. Affordability clause is only for the Executives, not for non executives but for Non-Executives wage negotiation as per DPE guidelines not started. In the DPE guidelines, affordability clause is not there, even then DoT did not issued guidelines for wage negotiation even after repeated reminders from BSNL. This is dual stand. DoT become anti BSNL, we complained to secretary.  

Rollback of Tower Subsidiary: We expressed our apprehension that it will lead to disinvestment. The recent developments established that. The CMD of the Tower Subisdiary and the Board of directors were decided without the knowledge or approval of BSNL Board, how it can be possible? It is told that there will be Joint venture (JV) which will lead to disinvestment. BSNL is earning about 500 Cr this year from tower sharing which will go away. In the future BSNL mobile expansion will be under threat as the JV will demand rent for all the BTSs which will be a huge money. Secretary and others don’t have any reply.   

Pension revision for the Govt pensioners from BSNL: We questioned why pension revision is not happening as it is not linked with profitability or affordability of BSNL. Officers of DoT did not have anything to answer.

The other issues settlement of let out issues related to 2nd PRC and No reduction in retirement age from 60 to 58 years and no VRS also briefly discussed.

Secretary explained that the issues are already in her knowledge but she is not the final authority to decide, a political decision is required on 3rd PRC. Hon MOSC called a meeting tomorrow to discuss all the issues and we have to wait for the directions from the Hon MoSC.

After the meeting with Secretary, all the GSs met CMD/BSNL and DIR(HR) BSNL Board and apprised about the discussions took place with Secretary/DoT and others. CMD informed that he along with Secretary will attend the meeting tomorrow with Hon MOSC.






DoT reply regarding various demands of Unions and Associations of BSNL once again establishes the indifferent attitude of the Govt/DoT towards BSNL and its employees. We have to respond it organizationally, in every possible manner.:

Make all out efforts to make the SANCHAR BHAVAN MARCH ON 23.02.18 a big success.

Reach BSNLCO by 11.00 am




DoT reply regarding various demands of Unions and Associations of BSNL:

DoT categorically rejected all the demands of the employees of BSNL. Even the issues like Pension Revision for the retirees who retired prior to 01.01.2017 also denied linking it with pay revision. In fact pension has to be paid by the Govt, not by BSNL. Pensioners has to seriously consider legal remedies at the earliest for the pension revision.

This once again establishes the indifferent attitude of the Govt/DoT towards BSNL and its employees. We have to respond it organizationally, in every possible manner.

Make all out efforts to make the SANCHAR BHAVAN MARCH ON 23.02.18 a big success.

Reach BSNLCO by 11.00 am

DoT reply?


Meeting with GM/CFA/ East held on 14/02/2018 at Salt Lake----It was an introductory meet after assuming his charge as GM/CFA/East.  A general discussion was held on service matter, business viability and constraints in human resource to run the show. GM expressed serious concern over declining business and staff constraint in operational area. Association expressed on lack of established system to consolidate business and make the brand occur. The pressure exerted by authority, indeed increase services to customers but fails to preserve long term objective. The policies framed are acting to the detriment of BSNL and mere hard work cannot be a lone substitute to turn around the company. Work in haste, sometimes makes officials vulnerable to scrutiny for not adhering to laid down rules. Every organisation has to have a system secured, functional and feasible to deliver effectively. 

GM expressed, the time is critical and to balance by rationalizing the system and also deliver our product in time is turning out to be challenging.  He expressed on his constraint and compulsion for pulling human resource in area of acute shortage from among the existing pool and sought cooperation in this regard. 

 Association also discussed on absentee records being asked for the strike days on 12th & 13th of Dec 2017 and on severe inconvinience faced by some executives for being posted far away from residence. He informed to consider the requests soon there is a little improvement in situation.  

Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E), Com Prasanta Ray Org Secretary, Com Sajal Chatterjee Zonal Secretary, Com D Poddar CE Member, Com Shyamal Chowdhury and Com M Dasgupta represented SNEA/CTC



SNEA/CTC welcomed a large and enthusiastic group of young JTOs at CTO/building who are poised to infuse huge energy in the activity of the association. This group had innumerable queries and suggestions in their mind for clarity and welfare of the organisation. There were suggestions to include some new entrants for inputs on E2/E3 payscales for JTO/JAO &SDE/AOs and other equivalent cadres, seeming observation of decline in intense of struggle with respect to E2/E3 payscales, keeping confidence in SNEA for ultimate deliverance and revealing the vested groups who are deliberately misinterpreting, inculcating confusion and derailing the process. CPSE Hierarchy is on the anvil and by virtue of consistent struggle the target of 30% superannuation benefits is closing its gap, gradually. Com Shivdhar, Com Debasis Mullick Com Hare Krishna Fouzdar, Com Anjan Bhattacharya, Com Biswajit Biswas, Com Sujoy Mahinder, Com Sanjay Yadav, Com Abhijit Biswas and others with all honesty had put forth their queries, sought clarifications, extended suggestions on issues recorded.  

Com Dilip Saha, CS explained in details the causes for delay in achieving our demands and how CHQ is relentlessly working to see it happen. The case of E2/E3 payscales has been deliberately sent to DoPT /DoE instead of DPE to see it gets delayed further. Inspite of negative intent of DOT, association is playing a commendable role by keeping keen watch on its progress. It ought to be kept in mind that large disparity in pay among JTO/JAO is also to be settled without further delay. Now, coming to promotion, CPSE Hierarchy is awaited for Board's scrutiny before final approval. It has to be ensured that DOT and independent representatives in Board are thoroughly detailed by BSNL before its consideration. Many executives are awaiting promotion for last more than 18 years and any further delay in its implementation will be highly demoralizing. The target for 30% superannuation benefit is well on the course. It took a lot of time to consolidate the issue among all stake holders. Irrespective of profit/loss of the organisation, association did force its way in increasing the contribution. This apart, it would not be wise act to keep silent on 3rd PRC. Its a well known fact that BSNL, being a 100% CPSE is defined to meet social obligation at subsidized rates. It is mandatory for BSNL to serve NOFN, LWE and other non viable projects in meeting government's objectives. The core business of BSNL is getting overlooked. The entire obligation is bound to make the organisation profitless. So, citing profitability cause to deny the benefits of 3rd PRC to BSNL employees is nothing but a mockery of interpretation and a travesty of justice. Its time to ride over petty differences and face the hostility with sheer grit and determination. It is this young force that will keep the flame of BSNL burning. In matter of local issues, there were suggestions to make quarter allotment online and enroll executives in JETCCS having permanent residence in other states. Association informed to take up the issue with the concerned platform.

Association conveys its unqualified appreciation to the young and spirited members who made this congregation to happen and come out with pertinent views on various unresolved issues.  It also feels proud to learn that many who could not turn up was badly engaged with office related work. This speaks of the sense of responsibility among the young members and how it enlightens an association. 

Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E), Com Prasanta Ghosh Organising Secretary, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Tapan Chakraborty, President addressed the house.  


Forum of All Unions and Associations/Calcutta Telephones observed Satyagraha on 5th of Feb 2018 at Telephone Bhavan. AUAF/CHQ held five days of Satyagraha from 01/02/2018 to 05/02/2018 at Corporate Office. Forum of Calcutta Telephones decided to observe the  first and the last day of Satyagraha at Telephone Bhavan to draw the notice of Circle Head on sheer injustice being meted out to employees of BSNL by denying the benefits of 3rd PRC, pension revision and by forming tower subsidiary company. Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) and Com Dilip Saha CS addressed the gathering, criticizing the decisions of DOT/management for depriving the entitled dues and forcefully taking away a large chunk of business by way of  formation of tower subsidiary company. 


Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, Com Dilip Saha CS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretary(E) met GM/HR & Admin to remind him on promotion of left out stenographer to the cadre of PA in accordance to Corporate Office order. Association expressed displeasure on such inordinate delay and made cogent demand to settle the matter without further delay. GM acknowledged the delay occurred and requested for further time as he is busy with some critical court related cases. 

In regard to introduction of bio metric system for attendance, association had a preliminary round of discussion on some constraints/clarification, particularly in respect of those who work in fields. GM informed that the registration exercise is  not yet completed. Around 560 officials have registered till day and left out is expected to get completed soon. The system of attendance has been started in Telephone Bhavan and shall be implemented in other main buildings soon. The matter of relaxation or unscheduled duty shall be discussed after its trial run.  


All Unions and Associations Forum of Calcutta Telephones observed the first day of Satyagraha at o/o CGM/Telephone Bhavan. A large gathering sat through the day. Representatives of constituents unions and associations while addressing the assembly exposed the government/management's evil strategy to collapse BSNL. They remonstrated against formation of tower subsidiary company, non implementation of 3rd PRC, etc. Com Soumen Ghosh, ACS deliberated on behalf of  SNEA/CTC.  Next observance of Satyagraha shall be held on 3rd Feb 2018 at Telephone Bhavan.


To, All Zonal Secretaries, Office Bearers and Activists---make extensive preparation for the Satyagraha and Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018, in coordination with the leaders of all Unions/Associations. Conduct door to door campaign and joint meetings in all the Exchanges/offices and make all the employees to participate in this do or die battle to protect the company, settle 3rd revision and other issues.


SATYAGRAHA for 5 days from 30.01.2018

Indefinite Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018

March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018 

Charter of Demands-----

(1) Settle:-

(a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.

(b) Settle pension revision.

(c) Settle leftout issues of the 2nd PRC.

(2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(3) No reduction in the retirement age to 58 and no VRS.




All Unions and Associatons of CTD met on 10/01/2018 to review the present position of CTD  and took the following decisions--

  1. On 24.01.2018 a copy of notice of ensuing agitation programme called by AUAB/CHQ will be served to CGM/CTD.

  2. A letter signed by all CSs of AUAB / CTD will be given to GM (Hr & Admin) regarding  the information of status of attendance of employees during 12-13 December,2017 strike.

  3.  On 30.01.2018 and 03.02. 2018 (beginning and end day of Satyagraha at New Delhi) Satyagraha will be observed at CTD. In the intervening period  demonstration programme will be arranged at work spots in CTD.

  4.  Work to rule will be strictly followed . No extra initiatives will be taken beyond office hours.


A meeting at a short notice was called by South Zone at Russa Telephone Exchange. Com Dhiraj Biswas, Zonal Secretary/South Zone could not attend due to sad demise of his father. Members expressed on severe inconveniences faced in absence of periodical interaction among members. Some local issues could not be attended or resolved due to lack of information and coordination. A section of members expressed deep frustration and annoyance at being humiliated and maligned by Circle Head for not being able to meet targets. They cited that all areas are not equally potent in respect of commercial business and so it has become a herculean task to sustain unbearable pressure. The overall ambience is discouraging for all to fight back. 

Association assured to take up the issue with the management very shortly. and deliberated on latest developments at CHQ. Com Dilip Saha CS , Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Biswajit Basu Vice President attended the meeting.


Com Dilip Saha CS, Com Soumen Ghosh ACS & Com Sankar Sanyal Joint secretary(E) met Pr GM/NWP P&D/CFA to know on latest  position in regard to installation of NGN switch and Wi Fi Hot Spots. The project of Wi -Fi Hot Spots is virtually functioning without revenue and needs a relook. The present decline in revenue has also become a cause for worry. PGM admits the competitive market is creating abnormal pressure on individuals but then there is no option left for survival of the company. Association cited shortage in manpower and time has come to make some radical changes. In order to tide over the declining revenue, PGM /CFA has been assigned with the target to raise 30 crore by way of selling scraps. Association is also of the view that time calls for hard work but the targets set out to be realistic in achieving it. 

PGM was reminded on some long pending transfer prayers which could not be materialized due to want of human resources. Now that some executives are to join CTD, efforts may please be taken up for settling these cases. 


Com Dilip Saha CS , Com Soumen Ghosh ACS and Com Sankar Sanyal Jt Secretay(E) met GM/HR and Admin to remind him on pending Rule 8 cases. Association also requested to consider the case of promotion of the then stenographer II & III to PA pending, since long. Similar cases in other circles have already been settled. Discussion was also held in regard to shortage in manpower in many areas. The management should immediately review the HR position to meet the shortages.

GM informed that few left out Rule 8 cases shall be taken into consideration shortly. In regard to PA promotion case, he requested for some time since he is preoccupied with work related to HR meeting at Corporate Office. 



North Suburban Zone held its monthly meeting on 06/01/2018 at Telephone Exch/Lalkuthi/BKP. Zonal Body conveyed their sincere thanks to Circle Body for settling the case of Dipak Baul/SDE/BHT and that of Siben Mazumder SDE/Lecturer/NSCBTTC/Kalyani. The JTOs who assumed their charge very recently on promotion expressed grievances on non payment/ delay in getting amenities entitled to them. DGM/BKP is said to be dragging his feet on not issuing the posting orders in respect of some JTOs inspite of distinct order existng from HQ. Some senior executives have also expressed deep frustration on humiliation being meted out to them in meetings with Circle Head. This is causing unwanted tension and depression  among many.

Com Soumen Ghosh ACS, assured to look into the grievances and settle the same at the earliest. He also deliberated on various issues related to Circle and conveyed sincere thanks to make the strike held on 12 & 13th Dec 2017, a grand success. Com Prasanta Roy, Org Secretary appealed to stay united in this hour of crisis, particularly when the govt is bent upon to wind up PSUs. 

Com Sankar Sanyal Jt secy(E)--updated the august house on discussions and decisions taken in last CWC meet on 15th & 16th of December 2017 at Bhubaneswar.